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Hi, I’m Nicky Papers. I’m the founder of Montauk-Monster.com. I’ve lived in Suffolk County, NY my entire life. The reason why I’m dedicating my time to provide the world with information on the Montauk Monster is because I was vacationing in Montauk with friends during the week that the beast was discovered. Montauk is a wonderful town full of great restaurants, fishing, and surf. While staying at the Ronjo Motel, a guest informed me that a “weird creature” washed up on shore. He directed me to where it was located on the beach where I saw the beast up close.

Upon first glimpse, it looked like a dead dog. Looking closer, it resembled something that I’ve never seen before. The creature was decomposing in the sun as there was a slight stench in the air.

Honestly, I didn’t think too much of it the day I saw it. I had a brief conversation with my waitress that night at Gosman’s Dock. She also had heard the story from one of the bus boys working there.

Little did I know that what I saw that day would be on the news, be the topic of dinner conversations, and become an internet sensation. Since I saw it up close and personal, I will try my best to uncover the truth about the “Montauk-Monster”. Please check back frequently as the discovery continues.

Warm regards and best wishes,

Nicky Papers

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  1. Eric Ison says:

    What you are looking at is a humouse. Half human, half mouse. The patent to create this was put forth in the courts long ago. It was said so that no one would ever attempt it, but we know that is a lie. If you can imagine a rodent and a human mixed together you would have traits of both expressed. Look at the skull. It’s like almost human but still retaining a rodent type look. The nose because it mixed traits of both human and mouse is not elongated but stunted like a beak…etc etc.

  2. Murh44 says:

    I have to say, this is truly unbelievable. It is amazing. And it is NOT a raccoon or an opossum, because it has a beak. FYI.

  3. Emily W. says:

    Hi. I’m a Long Island native born and raised in the west south shore of the island closer to the city than to montauk but never the less the moment I heard about this and saw the pictures I was interested I always been fascinated by science and this is basically in my backyard(kinda). So I haven’t really scrolled through the comments but I know of plum island of the coast of Long Island towards sufok county and actually where this thing washed up. This is supposibly by talk a place where animal testing goes on and “supposibly” where lime dieseas originated. I always wonder why if you get bit by a tick in ny they make you get tested for limes and new someone who’s brother had it and didnt know until he had unexplained seizures. My bf moved to South Carolina and has been bitten by a few ticks and they don’t have that type of worry down there. Ok I know off topic kind of because I believe if this isn’t a water bloated decomposing opossum which I’ve seen because one drowned in my pool and it was after the summer and it was there prob a couple months kinda looked like that thing but wasn’t very big and it was bloated because of decomposing and the water absorbed. I never like to assume things until I have the facts but I’ve talked with friend and family about this thing and we all seem to agree if its not a opossum or some known rodent is it because of animal testing or genetically engineered animals at plum island? Idk just food for thought.

  4. Dino says:

    Everyone should re-read bob jerk’s comment. I wad just about to post the same. He is on point. These “monsters” are decomposing sea otters.

  5. Jesse says:

    Damn autocorrect. Country* not county. Noticed that right after posting that.

  6. Jesse says:

    I can’t help but to think, unlikely as it may be, it seems like something a desperate government would do for an increasingly overpopulated county, especially considering how the government already is about labeling GMOs… Crazy thought: what if this originated from, say, I dunno, Long Island Animal Testing Facility? Consider that over 85% of all foods in your local Walmart are genetically modified. We’re already dependent on GMOs based on that alone. What if this is the government’s fucked up method of creating new food source? What if they’re actually unbeknownst to the public, using this ‘monster’ as they do any other chicken, pig, or cow? What if I’m half these photos, the creature isn’t actually bloated from decomposition , but rather, buffed up like most factory farmed chickens are with steroids and such? Imagine seeing a chicken in place for the creature here that was intended for the slaughterhouse. One might think it was actually wild due to the nature of discovery, contrary to it’s abnormal size and composure. It’s not THAT far out of an idea. Especially when you consider in growing population rates, advancements in genetic engineering, secrecy of what goes on in the Long Island facility, plus how fucked up our society is when it comes to properly labeling food for GMOs, free range, grass fed, et cetera. Imagine. What if you’re unwittingly eating this ugly ass thing. We already know the government hasn’t a conscience when it comes to being honest , or simply hiding the ugly truth. Landfills, pollution, or how many extinctions we’ve caused each year. America hides the ugly truth. Factory farms aren’t publicised, nor are any GMOs for that. Their secret testing bases aren’t publicised by anyone but the conspirators. Why would this be?

  7. raquel says:

    The idea of the nutria (swamp rat) looks plausible.
    (Although I’d never heard of them before)

  8. me says:

    ich denke das diese komischen tiere ganz klar mutationen sind.

  9. Dianne in Australia says:

    Identical ‘thing’ found in Wales UK this week …


  10. dreamgirl says:

    hi Nicky, i saw ur show last night (1/30/2013) on the Smithsonian channel. as soon as i read the show description i couldn’t wait to watch. this topic has intrigued me the moment i saw it in the news years ago. it amazed me how quickly the media pushed this aside and no one ever spoke of it again. i believe it’s a governmental experiment. there’s no way it’s a raccoon with a hooked beak. that “conclusion” on the show was disappointing to say the least. i’m not buying it. the main question, which oddly was not the focus of the show, is WHERE IS THIS THING? WHO TOOK IT AWAY? WHAT HAPPENED TO IT AFTER ALL THE PICS & MEDIA ATTENTION? so, no one saw anyone remove this creature from the beach??!! tell me something!

  11. Piet says:

    Has anybody ever considered it may be a bear?

    Most extra photo’s on the main page of later corpses are certainly bears, the tufts of brown hair and large size confirm it. It is not hard to imagine a bears from up North dying at sea, drowning whatever, and washing up on Montauk, being at the end of a peninsula. Floating dead at sea, they WILL lose most of their fur, that’s not an issue.

    Now, the original photo is tricky. There IS some brown hair at the “monster’s” throat if you look close. I see only a few problems, 1 being the longish tail, the other being the smallish size (in comparison to the fly on the shoulder). It may be a bear cub. With respect to the skull, no problem. The lower jaw is half buried, you can only make out the right half, which sports a canine. The nose is already decayed, giving the upper jaw a beak-like appearance. The legs are somewhat too thin perhaps. Oh well, take it into consideration.

  12. Jessica says:


    It looks like Nutria -

  13. […] Papers is the founder of Montauk-Monster.com, a site devoted to “uncovering the truth about the original “Montauk Monster.” Over the […]

  14. Mystress says:

    With all these animal bodies that are washing up, why has no one taken the frakking bodies to have them examined before they disappear? Doesn’t that make sense considering that as humans when we find something dead that is unusual we throw rocks at it to make sure it is dead. Then we find a stick and poke the crap out of it. Then we try to move it around so we can get a better look at it. Then we take pics of it if we can to try to figure out what the heck is it. I don’t get why no one has taken these animals to a vet or facility some place to determine whether or not these are dog’s, raccoon’s, dog-rats, cat-dogs, and so on…..

  15. Terry says:

    I live in Miami and we never see animals decompose like this. It’s so strange

  16. Bob Jerk says:

    I know exactly what animal they are:


    It washes up from the ocean, due to bloating – the skin stretches quite far before breakage so it is very elastic as is found in an aquatic creature, it has: 10 front toes with thumbs and 10 rear toes (no dew claws), a rat tail ¾ the length of the rear legs, small upright ears, enlarged and meshing upper and lower canine teeth, teeth between the canines that are sharp for catching and tearing (only two pair along the bottom), short opposable front toes with retractable claws, a long body compared to the legs, the legs are all doing the full splits so the hip joints are very flexible, it has thick brown hair over ¼” long.

    It is not a Manatee and Dugong because they have flat semi-circle tails and no rear legs.

    It is not a raccoon because they are never over 55 inches long (this is the record) and have 3 pairs of lower incisors and no opposable thumbs.

    It is not an Opossum because they are never over 40 inches long and have 50 teeth including 3 pairs of lower incisors.

    It is not a dog because dogs: do not live in the ocean or have aquatic skin, have 8 rear toes (or 10 IF they have dew claws), have flat teeth between their canines for incising and snipping, have no opposable toes, and cannot lay in FULL splits.

    It is not a cow because cows: have utters if female, and have 3 pairs of incisors between their lower canines, and they have only 2 “toes” or hooves per foot.

    So what is it?

    It is a Sea Otter! The Sea Otter is the ONLY animal fitting everything in the photos: it is the only otter with a short tail, weighs up to 100 pounds, grows up to 6 feet long, aside from seals – the sea otter is the only carnivore in the world that has 2 pairs of lower incisors rather than 3 pairs, and every other feature you can observe from internet photos.

    See this Otter Skull for further proof:


  17. Jim Speiser says:

    Just curious, is it large enough to be the corpse of a manatee or dugong?

  18. Geri Gray says:

    Hi, I see by your website that many photos have been sent. I live at the Jersey Shore and while walking in Asbury Park I spotted this gross anomal which washed up on shore. I grabbed a few photos and then left quickly never really thinking about it again until I watched the History Channel show Aliens and Monsters this week and they spoke of the Montauk Monster. I googled and found your site. How can I send the photos to you or what should I do with them. I, like another couple on your page, wanted to get away from the strange thing that laid on the beach. It smelled and I assumed it must have been a rotting and bloated dog.

  19. Jade (my own nickname) says:

    i happemd to hear about this on a show called aceiiit aleins (can’t spellll or type o my phone) i have juust heard about this demon of llegends that resemble a photo on here. i am so creepped outby this!

  20. Rahchelle says:

    this thing gives me the crips,I hope I never see one up close or I just might
    drop dead!But I’d really like to know where it came from.

  21. Shadow says:

    Some unknown beast… this is cool… I’ve studied mythology and mythical beasts. This interests me… such a cool thing, maybe its some unknown water mammal that lives to deep in the ocean weve never seen it..?

  22. braydon dustin harrell says:

    i hear that the first montauk monsters body mysteriously dissapeared.does this mean it is still alive

  23. Mbirl132 says:

    Look, iv’e heard of this, and Iv’e never seen one up close, but I can tell you this. They are experimenting on humans. They take cruise ships and then fill them with the people they call. Im not making this up, because me and my friends had an experience I will never forget. They experement on people there… I don’t care if you beleive me or not, but If you look close at the pictures, it has a bodly form. Just take a look for yourselfs, and you will see. Message me if you want my story… I will let you know.

  24. luke says:

    if you look closeley, ther is a FLYon the upper back next to the neck!(the fly looks like a black dot.)

  25. luke says:

    If you look closeley it looks like the montauk monster is flipping you off!and it cant be a racoon because it’s TOO BIG!!!and if you go to the front page, go down a little and you will see a creature that looks like a cow! if you dont agree that it is a de-composing cow, look at the tail!if you still dont agree because it washed up on a beach, than an experiment went wrong at plum island, and the scientists didn’t tell the cops and three montauk monsters went loose in the ocean, drowned, andwashed up on the beach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Martin says:

    Something washed up on the shore of Milford, CT today. I have pics and video. I call it the Milford Monster.

  27. Raven says:

    I really don’t doubt that it’s a real corpse, and decomposing corpses do tend to look like many things and are the biggest candidates for being called “monsters”, but what exactly is a “monster”? It’s a beast type animal that has no name or classification, so technically this is a “monster”, but so was every animal until we learned about it and named it. This corpse does have some very interesting features, but what concerns me most is the amount of fuss this corpse has stirred up, yet it doesn’t seem to be important enough to get someone down there to get some basic DNA lab results to stop bickering. And where is this corpse now?

  28. Jessica says:

    I believe it is a raccoon or possum decomposed. Especially with the long thing tail and finger-like front legs.

  29. shawn says:

    listen i have seen this thing myself up close and ill tell u know it is no dead dog or racoon. this thing is def differnt from any dead thing ive ever seen. i call animal control and waited there just to tlk to the guy and he had no clue either.

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