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The Moscow Monster?

Monday, October 6th, 2008

Monsters are popping up everywhere! Prior to the discovery of the Montauk Monster, the carcass of a creature had washed up on the shores of Sakhalin, Russia in 2006. The carcass of the creature appears to be reptilian, however it still remains unidentified. According to the people who found the creature they claim it’s not a fish due to structure of the bones and teeth. Additionally, it’s not an alligator or crocodile because it has a skin that contains hair or fur. Once again, the creature is not available for public viewing. It has been taken in by Russian Special Services for further examination. People are referring to the creature as the Moscow Monster.

Weird stuff! It kind of looks like a dragon to me, what do you think?

Moscow Monster

Moscow Monster

Moscow Monster

Moscow Monster

New Monster Sighting: New London, CT.

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

Beastie’s Back! Just when the Summer of 2008 has come to an end, it’s come to our attention that another monster has been found at Ocean Beach Park, in New London Connecticut. It was found by the Clapsadle family while walking on the beach. They were kind enough to take pictures to share. There certainly is a resemblance to the Montauk Monster as the snout looks the same as the beast that washed ashore this summer in Montauk, NY. The proximity of Ocean Beach Park is much closer to Plum Island than Montauk, so now there is a stronger likelihood to confirm that this may be the result of a genetic mishap.

Clapsadle Carcass

Clapsadle Carcass

Michael and Mitchell Clapsadle (above) are pictured standing over the carcass of the beast they discovered while walking with their parents, (Tom and Bobbette Clapsadle) at Ocean Beach Park in New London. The family said the creature attracted their interest because of its striking resemblance to the “Montauk Monster” that washed ashore this summer.

The Clapsadle family claims that the carcass did not emit a foul odor as the “Montauk Monster” found this summer did. Of course, this can be attributed to the hot sun beating on the animal, but the pictures above indicate there is a strong linking between the two.

Ocean Beach Park Manager, (Dave Sugrue) jokingly mentioned that he’s seen “CIA guys” walking around the area where “Montie’s brother” was found. Sorry Dave, but when the CIA is involved the nature of the discovery escalates. It’s really not something to joke about.

Mysteriously, the whereabouts of the creature are no where to be found.

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Christina Pampalone: Releases New Pictures.

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

Christina Pampalone of East Northport has released new pictures of the Montauk Monster. She was kind enough to release two new pictures for Finally, new pictures have emerged. This is the tip of the iceberg and a exclusive.

This picture below is new, has not been seen before, and will hit the media tomorrow.

montauk monster

Below is a close-up of the Montauk Monster. This photo has also never been seen before.

montauk monster

This picture is the original picture taken by Christina Pampalone

montauk monster

Jenna Hewitt: New Picture Released!

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

A few days after the first picture was released to the media, Jenna Hewitt came forward with another image of the Montauk Monster. For all those people who were skeptical about the first picture, the 2nd confirms that Montauk Monster is real. When I viewed the monster myself, I saw it at this angle.

Some people think that the first picture was altered on Photoshop. What about this picture? It’s the exact same specimen at a different angle. It was taken at the same time of day and the markings in the sand are the same.

I believe that Jenna Hewitt has more pictures of the Montauk Monster. She probably has a memory card full of them! I’m sure more will surface in time as she’s waiting for the right amount of money for the release of the next.

montauk monster jenna hewitt

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The Montauk Monster: Up Close and Personal.

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

The first time I read about the “Montauk-Monster” in Newsday I was not happy with the quality of the picture. It was in black and white and the size of the image was distorted. I had to do my own due diligence and hop online and find a better quality image.

Jenna Hewitt, 26 came forward with this picture. I will post movie clips of exclusive interviews with her shortly. When I made it down to the beach that afternoon I did not see her or any of the friends she was with. Though I only spent a short time examining the creature, I did not see Jenna Hewitt at the scene that afternoon or her taking pictures of the monster. It might have been done before or after I made to the beach.

If only I got my hands on the new Apple iPhone 3G a few weeks earlier! Unfortunately, my BlackBerry doesn’t have a camera phone. There were weird pimples on its back and an odd piece of fabric around its hoof / claw. I remember this very distinctly. This picture is the real deal.

Below is an accurate representation of the Montauk Monster.It was approximately 2.5-3 feet long. To compare it to another animal it’s safe to say it was about the size a small dog. It did not resemble a dog or pitbull because the eyes and snout (or beak nose in this instance) did not look like anything from the canine family.

This is not a dead dog or raccoon. What do you think?

montauk monster

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