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If you have any additional information about the Montauk Monster please e-mail: Any pictures, stories, or commentary would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,

Nicky Papers

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  1. Hi Mr Papers

    I was wondering if we could get an image of the montauk monster to run in our gallery of strange animals. We would of course credit you an link back to your site.

    If this is acceptable could you please confirm that the photo(s) you are providing have been cleared for AOL’s use and does not infringe any third party rights by replying to this email with the following statement:

    I hereby represent and warrant that I or my organization, __________, either owns the copyright in the attached image(s) or has a license that allows us to provide the image(s) to AOL for use on your Strange Animals gallery. I represent and warrant that use of the image(s) by AOL will not violate the rights of any third party, including without limitation the rights of any people seen in the image(s). I further represent and warrant that I have the full right and authority, including corporate authority (if applicable) to sign this statement.

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  2. katja says:


    I have photos of exactly the same animal, which i found this year in january on the shore of Hallandale Beach, Florida. When i found it, the animal seemed so strange to me that i took some photos. And all the people were walking by and wondering what the hell it is. Then one lady came by and she said that it’s probably a Raccoon. And this explanation seemed logical to me. Now i’ve found this photos of montauk monster on the internet and i’m even more sure that it’s a raccoon.

    But if you are interested in the photos, i can send it to you.

    Regards, Katja

  3. Tara says:

    What I can gather out of what I see from the photos…I believe that the animal testing center had done experiments with canines and that mutated them…and I’m not sure how the animals would have ended up dead, but I think the mutation plus the decomposing process, would have made them look like that, I really don’t think there is such thing as “monsters”, there must be a scientific reason for these animals ending up dead, and mutated on shore.

  4. Gomes Elijah says:

    the creature is no racoon or a relitive it is a ancient creature in greece known as a hell hound it must have found a way to stay alive these many hundred years look up hell hound and make a comparicen

  5. Gomes Elijah says:

    these thing can adapt so if a picture was taken posibly a year ago it will change they are getting closer to looking like real gogs back the they had longer fingers yes fingers so watch out!!!

  6. Rachael says:

    I have searched for answers to explain the strange carcasses found on beaches. The latest “Third Montauk Monster” found is obviously a racoon in the advanced stages of decomposition. If you google images of a racoon skull they match identically to the “Montauk Monster”. The most tell tale sign is the teeth. Their shape, number and size is identical. As for the other two, I googled Monk seal skulls and it was an identical match, especially the sharp incissors in the back of the mouth. How it washed ashore in New York I have no idea, but it very well could have come from a zoo. Some zoos are now dumping their dead animals into nearby rivers and lakes. I have to admit the pictures are very intimidating and creepy. Once you consider my facts though, they become gruesome. These are animals that have been dead for a long time and have washed on shore. And you already know the bloat comes from decay and is increased by the water. Please do your research and discover the real truth. Unless you like leading people on in a game of chase and speculation. I was very intrigued and got goose bumps when I found your website and pictures and followers. We all need something mythical to belive in sometimes, don’t we?

  7. WebOne says:

    You can find me on facebook

    By my understanding so far — a Montauk Monster is a cloven footed creature that has washed ashore having lost its face/snout and the and possibly the meat tissue from its forward paws.
    The animal could have lost this when Orca Whales found it (the dead body or even killed the creature after it was washed off short in a flood or tidal wave) and used the carcass as a toy for play.

    The head is showing the skull and the feet are showing the internal bones.
    At least that is what I have gathered from what photos I have seen

    On home page of the Website ->

    The first animal picture seems to be a bore – I can not see if it has hooves or cloven feet so it is possible that this is a large rodent – similar to those found in African or Australian wetlands.
    But as I said before there isn’t enough picture to help identify it.

    The second animal is a wild cat – I am rather certain on this – I suspect it is or was a Black Panther based on the color of its fur.

  8. Jordyn says:

    Hello Mr Papers,
    I have a few points that you should think about concerning the Montauk Monster.
    It is not a racoon. When I took a close look at the photo of the most famous Montauk Monster I noticed that it has a very large tooth in the middle of its lower jaw, which racoons certainly do not have and which could not be caused by any illness. (Looks suspiciously like an egg tooth, actually.)
    The monster’s skull shape is also very different to that of a racoon’s. For example, the skull of the MM (Montauk Monster) is narrower, and the eyes not situated where they are on a racoon (Also not able to be caused by a disease.) Lastly on the subject of anatomy is the beak. I understand that an illness could have changed the shape of the upper jaw, but it is virtually impossible for it to have grown a beak because of the disease. Beaks and other beaklike appendages are caused by evolution, so this creature’s species must have had a beak for hundreds of years, if not thousands. This makes it a creature so far unknown to humans.
    Secondly, the lack of concern surrounding the MM. Nobody seems to care except the general public. Why? Is it a government coverup? A genetic experiment turned wrong? Throw some accusations out there and see what you reel in. If nobody’s going to make it public except you, take it a step further. Make sure everybody gets it.
    Thirdly, you should reach out even further. If anybody knows anything, make sure you know it too.
    Please contact me in regards to your response and other matters.
    Stand strong on your point always.

  9. Joseph says:

    hi i have looked up this monster in images in bing and i saw one that showed it was a racon mutaded

  10. Joseph says:

    hi i was looking at the monster and it was raccon mutaded if you want to see the image then pleas email

  11. jobob says:

    Its a turtle without its shell. There is hundreds of different species of turtles in the world. Look up turtle with no shell and educate yourselves.

  12. izzy tijero says:

    really not trying to make just comparing the MM to a cartoon i saw with my cousin “Full metal alchemist” there was an episode where this scientist use his own daughter and dog to make a “chamira” which is two unlike creatures mixed and it looked a lot like the MM just minus the beak if i find out the name of the episode ill post a comment bout it alog with a link to the video if there is one.

    again really not trying to make fun just a theory

  13. steven says:

    On the first episode of Wild Case Files, scientists proved the Montauk Monster was a racoon in advanced stages of decompostition. If you look at photos of racoon skulls and compare them with pictures of “montauk monsters” you can clearly see the resemblance.

  14. Jay says:

    Are you serious? First of all, anyone who buys your mile long string of B.S. is as gullible as a four year old. Try doing more with your life than blogging about dead animals that wash up on shore. Is your life so boring you honestly find interest in this? To be honest it is quite humorous how many followers a pathetic, unaccomplished low life like the person hosting this website can stir up. But on the other hand its sad. Hey here’s a tip: take a dead animal (any of your choice will do) put it in a pot of warm water, then leave it to fester for about a week. Come back after that time and badabing! You got yourself your very own Montauk Monster. You people depress me. Just when I finally convince myself the world isn’t going to be ending in the next few years I come to the realization that it doesn’t matter. Cause the intelligence of America is.

  15. Jay says:

    Really? You take the post down? Guys for real, give it up. THEY ARE DECOMPOSING ANIMALS!!!!! Why is it so easy for you to believe their monsters? What are you Nicky? Like five years old. Seriously, get a life man. Or maybe start small and go with getting a girlfriend, then go for the life thing. And stop taking the posts you don’t like down. It’s childish. Though it doesn’t surprise me. So is believing in monsters.

  16. Mike says:

    Question…why do you all keep publishing pictures of abused dogs, either pre- or post mortem?

  17. isabella says:

    I love this show! I never would of known it was a raccoon! It always has me guessing.

  18. I wish getting over a broken heart can be so easy as following a few steps.. but its not…

  19. kedson luiz gapski says:

    and I know the site is real and the Canadian government are in the same foot I know I’ve seen a montauk-monster in my short life here in Brazil shape12 year-pr-piraquara he looked like a wolf green gooey unfortunately he is dead I threw him to the neighbor that the Tacoma fire. he was like issohttp: / / q = TBN: ANd9GcSqaLyRP39Hbm9txC-S3zMrgtxgHsBI1pGTUG8GUSXBnRY0A

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  21. Patricia says:

    I found your site and read the articles. But there are a few things that puzzle me.
    The first thing is that all the articles about plum Island are no longer to be found on the net, the links are dead.

    The second one is your “picture taking”. On no picture is there any kind of measurement. Would it be so complicated if you drive out there to aquire a cheap tape measure somewhere an put it into the picture? Or at least give us the sizes of those animals?
    Because it would be a lot easier to get clues on what they could be if we would know the size of them. But with only sand arround its very hard to guess.

    And still one thing. If you are acutally traveling there, why aren’t you taking samples? I mean this would solve all the mysteries. And even if DNA-Testing would be to expensive, bringing hairs to a university near your and ask if someone wants to take a look on them or habe a zoologist take a look on the pictures would be absolutely cheap and easy to do.

    This is what realy puzzles me. There are a few things that would make find out what it could be a lot easier, but they are never done. From Size and if possible weight it would be easy to determine what kind of animal it can’t be. And if you would as a biology class on university they could use it as a practical lesson in identifying animals. Would solve the mystery.


  22. Robert Smith says:

    Animal smugglers…………………………………………..

  23. Robert Smith says:

    They try to tell us that one of the animals is a racoon????? I dont think so…

  24. rod swalling says:

    I agree with jobob. It looks like a turtle without a shell.

  25. Juan says:

    There is something that looks like these creatures washed up at Sachuest Point in Middletown Rhode Island. The smell is atrocious. My buddy sawed the head off it, which was the only part of the body that was decayed. Even though it was only the skull, the smell of it is unbearable.

  26. Alice says:

    I think it’s a South American Bush Dog. It could have drifted down via the Amazon. Also it’s got the same features like webbed feet, ect.

  27. Frank Mendoza says:

    I will try and make this short.
    I live in Tucson, Arizona, USA. I was scanning the channels when If I remember correctly I stopped on this 2 year old show “Do you believe “.
    They showed to tapes of the same subject. One incident happened approx. 60 miles southeast of here along the border wall. A family of three were trying to cross the border illegally. Parents in thirties and appox. a ten year old daughter with a new camcorder she had just received for her birthday from family members already here. This monster also resides in Mexico, Arizona, and Texas. Hispanic name of this creature is “Chupacabre”—-blood sucker. It chased them leaving two puncture wound on side of neck with ALL blood removed from the parents according to the autopcy report, girl hiding in tree when the Border Patrol just happened to come by. The two border agents put the girl in the back seat of their four door. One agent was scanning the area he heard it still their in the bushes—he called for his partner and they both proceded toward when all of a sudden it made some strange noises. So the agents emptied their 40 Glocks into the bushes and ran back to their SUV. 4 Months later on they both quit.

    Texas–these last few years a woman living on a ranch north of Dallas. Same animal was draining the blood of her cattle. I beleive she shot one and is on a vengence to rid herself of these creatures but to no success.

    The “Chupacabre” comes with long front canine teeth with holes in center to do its work.

    They showed one captured in Mexico by a rancher. It was a tiny one, probably a baby one about 6 inches overall in size. They were keeping it in a Mason jar and died within a few days good footage of it on tape.

    Hope this info may be of help to you.


  28. Jashin says:

    all i can say is it does look like a turtle and things like that but the only way to know what it is, is to have blood sample, skin sample, hair, and bone. If it is a turtle the mystery is solved. If it proves to be something else then the mystery goes on. I am in full support of a scientific survey of the creature(s) to put all speculation to rest once and for all.

  29. Jamie says:

    on the real i think its the government doing their “little experiments” ive known some ppl that have witnessed them testing some sick and bizarre stuff

  30. David C Harmer says:

    I hate to tell you this, but I’ve seen a number of these animals.

    They are quite common as I have seen a number of them in Peru. Believe it or not, the pictures look like dogs I have seen there. This is one that has probably drowned at sea and partly eaten by some sort of aquatic life.

    The breed is a full sized hairless Chihuahua. Most of us in this country are familiar with the miniature Mexican hairless variety as they are cute and quite popular. However, the full sized, hairless variety have probably never made the stage here in this country as I think they are most likely one of the ugliest breed of dogs around. I thought they looked almost like a variety of over stuffed pigs. I mean, it is a really a sad looking species of an animal, some what gray in color with a few hairs sprinkled over its body, a long tail and short pointed ears. Trying to recall from memory,I would guess that they stand about 14 to 16-inches tall at the top of the shoulders.

  31. barb says:

    cnn has footage of an unknown animal walking thru floodwaters from the huricane….looks like it could be the same kind of animal.

  32. Mike Tracy says:

    The original story of the montauk monster showed a dead groundhog or marmot but most likely a groundhog you could tell by the rodent type incisors. The other pictures here aresmall dogs or raccoons they have canines

  33. Mike Tracy says:

    The original story of the montauk monster showed a dead groundhog or marmot but most likely a groundhog you could tell by the rodent type incisors. The other pictures here are small dogs, raccoons also an otter. They have canines

    Google, images (groundhog skulls) you can see the likeness of the original monster

  34. shawn says:

    i have pictures of one of these that i saw on hampton beach nh at the begining of this yr

  35. Katherine says:

    Today is 9/17/11. I was at the beach doing a cleanup and i came acros a creature that had a turkey shpaed body kind of plump and its ski on its head was completely eaten off and its body was a weird reddish color. I went up to a man and asked him what it was. He said it was dead seal and i know it wasn’t. I know what i saw today.

  36. Abby says:

    Okay, so i saw the wildcase files documentary about the monster last night and they concluded it was a raccoon. Um…last i checked, racoons don’t have beaks?

  37. Dominic says:

    Strange…i don’t think this is a racoon nither i know what creature is it but it has no fur so no racoon….the one death on the beach in america can’t be at least…

  38. CeCe ate all the cookies says:

    I do not believe that the montauk monster is real. A little boy probably, pulled a trick on the people in Montauk. Some people say it’s real some people say it’s not real. No one is really sure, The creature was only seen once, maybe twice.Maybe it was a trick of your eyes. Some people just think it’s real and then their eyes trick them. Maybe the Montauk Monster was just a sick or dead lonely sad animal that was lost. Alot of people told me all these different things about it but, I have to be sure to know.

  39. Steven Ancel says:

    I know that many people seem to believe this montauk monster was real, but I dont. I wish i could, it would be amazingly interesting to discover something new in the world.

    montauk monster #1: though it looks crazy, its simply a snapping turtle without its shell.

    montauk monster #2: it looks like someone may have planted this monster. it gives the appearance that someone took a carcass of an animal and stuffed legs and a head onto it. give it a look and youll realize what i mean.

    montauk monster #3: give the look of a hog that has been in the sea for a very long time.

    now, please say im wrong, once again, i’d love to have something new in the world. 🙂


  40. shawn says:

    i posted on here befor that i have pictres of the same creature from hampton beach nh. i would like to share these pics with you (Nicky Papers). If u r interested please contact me. I am very courious about this whole thing and have been thinking about it tryin to get spome sort of anwsers. The pics that i have i am willing to let u have them and use them as u see fit

  41. Nina says:

    is anyone actually testing these findings and taking samples of skin teeth or hair, and conducting or pursuing research? or are you all snapping pics and updating facebook, claiming these to be ‘great finds.’ I’m sorry, I am genuinely interested in this, like im sure the majority of you are, but for heaven’s sake try science man!! that would make this site 110% cooler and attract even more traffic. Hell, half the people in the midwest haven’t heard of the ‘montauk monster.’ So please, since youre lucky enough to live near a shore, take samples, etc or at least call someone and stay with the carcass, ’cause if it is truly a monster, it might mysteriously ‘disappear’ within a moment. Thank you!

  42. Kelly says:

    No racoon’s don’t have beaks, but their skull looks like they have beaks when THEIR FACE HAS DECOMPOSED!” Oh god natural selection isn’t happening fast enough.

  43. Ally Halbower says:

    dear papers,
    i am strangely confussed and curious about this creature.
    for one: where is the press behind this story? let alone the scientist there has to be some type of medical reasoning for this creature. or is it just an ecxperiment that got away?
    two: where is the body of these creatures? one was taken from the sence and brought back to a locals house, but then it was stolen. to me that sounds like the government doing what they do best.
    i believe that there could be a way that the government has managed to hide this amazing creature.

    lastly. i would like to thank you for at least trying to get the truth out there. and when i come to long island i hope to see it for myself. and get some medical answers behind it.
    what is this creature?

  44. Cekma says:

    Possible connection to the montauk monster?

  45. Outlander says:

    These poor creatures must come from some where maybe they have been experimented on , watch it we may be next…

    They may also be creatures that haven’t been seen before because we are so busy looking at the stars.

  46. Angie says:

    Good evening!
    I just so happened to stumble upon the “Montauck Monster” Images while surfing the internet for interesting animal facts. A few days ago, I was reading about a supposedly extinct species of shell-less, toothed, prehistoric turtle, called Odontochelys semitestacea, which looks strikingly similar to the “Monsters” that are washing up on the beaches. I believe that these creatures could possibly be the same species, or a close relative of the shell-less turtles. Unfortunately, I have absolutely no proof of this, and my remark is simply based on inference, and the visual likeness of the physical structures.

    My sources for information on Odontochelys semitestacea are as follows:

    I Have an Avid interest in Biology, And I would appreciate any discussion about my inference! Feel free to contact me at

  47. Brian says:

    Got this pic from a friend last week in Montauk

  48. Helmi says:


    I found this page which inside an article related to Montouk Monster, please refer Monsters of the Sea by Richard Ellis, picture D on page, same and almost look like these carcass in your picture.


  49. STEVE GARBOWIT says:

    Once while fishing on the Long Island shore of west haven connecticut i found a dead wolverine. I am sure thats what it was, very odd and how did it come to be there? Anything
    can get washed up from ocean.

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