Buy Official Montauk Montauk Monster Merchandise!

Our official Montauk Monster store is up. We have t-shirts, hats, and intimate apparel for sale. We will have more items up shortly. Please check out the store and support us in our quest to find the truth behind The Montauk Monster.

Please check out our store:

Official Montauk Monster Merchandise

Unfortunately, Monty wasn’t able to run for Vice President this year. He wishes the best of luck to John McCain on election day.

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4 Responses to “Buy Official Montauk Montauk Monster Merchandise!”

  1. clare says:

    OMG!! Are all the Montauk Monsters dead??Did Obama really touch that!?

  2. stacy says:

    clare its stacy your older sis. GET OFF THE INTERNET!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. well i honestly think that the first one is a bloated rotted raccoon because the beak is where the mouth rotted off. i could be wrong but it could be a experiment gone wrong or something. i dont know.

  4. Da-BOSS says:

    clearly theres more then one montauk monster if there so many corps found , so maybe just maybe it might not be a an made creature , being from a first nation commuinty i have never seen a creature such like this .