The Monster of Missouri – (NEW SIGHTING!)

It’s come to my attention that a hideous creature has been discovered in St. Josephs Missouri by a woman walking her dog. I had let our subscribers know about this discovery by e-mail before disclosing this publically. I strongly encourage you to subscribe to my free newsletter to learn about these happenings before the media does!

I’ve dedicated my time to learning more about the creatures that have been washing up on Long Island and more recently Canada, (“The Ugly One”) the latest “Missouri Monster” is one scary looking creature!

The head is elongated much like an alligator or crocodile, yet the body is very muscular (holy biceps!) The creature was found on land (dead) in the classic Montauk Monster “crime scene” pose.

As the person who took this picture would like to remain anonymous, I continue to wonder what this creature is. People frequently ask: “how do you find out about these things?”, “why didn’t the people call the police?”, and “are you making this stuff up?”

As we head into our third season, I’d like to address the following points:

1) This blog can be found easily on search engines. I’ve received hundreds of e-mails from people around the world that have found “weird creatures”. I use my discretion when selecting which images I choose to feature and appreciate all legitimate tips and correspondence submitted by my readers.

2) In all seriousness, what are the police going to do? For whatever reason, the finders of the dead animals generally think that carcass is worth something. (i.e. sell the remains on eBay?) While the finders may have dollar sign eyes, “new media sources” are the one’s cashing in. Having a slow news day? Cash in on cryptozoology!

3) No I am not making this stuff up. (The Boy Who Cried Monster?) As an independent journalist who has been featured on numerous legitimate and well-known media publications, I take pride in covering this story. For students that use this blog for research projects, I have a responsibility to present the facts in a way that’s truthful and unbiased. Just because it’s entertaining, doesn’t mean that I have a hidden agenda.

In closing, I would like to thank my audience for remaining supportive since 2008 and providing feedback and insight to one of the greatest mysteries of our time.

Warm regards,

Nicky Papers

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34 Responses to “The Monster of Missouri – (NEW SIGHTING!)”

  1. Azmath Sultana says:


    Very informative site………….thank you.

    After I viewed the pictures , I was reminded of the movie of shaggy dog – II.

    It was concerning the animals which were being used in research, for mutating them…………………….Does such a thing really happen in our laborartries, away from public eye……………I wonder………..
    Good day.
    Keep up the good work!


  2. Pat... says:

    I have already explained this. This is an opossum. There is no doubt of this. I have dissected the heads of these animals before and this is no guessing game for me.

    The huge bicep is a pure illusion made in the mind of the viewer who makes the claim. The “Huge bicep” can clearly be seen as continuous above with tissue that has dried into beef jerky and is now being pulled forwards as a dried thin layer. Considering this as an accurate representation of how the tissue was in life is ludicrous and shows an extreme lack of familiarity in some basic aspects of taphonomy.

    I can give a pdf of the points that show this is an opossum, or I can make a video and post it on Youtube. Just ask…

  3. Tyler says:

    Dude that’s an opossum.

  4. Al says:

    I would say dead, bloated horse, but horses don’t have sharp teeth… I really don’t know what this is.

  5. Smiller says:

    So where is the carcass now?

  6. Frankie says:

    Idk if u know this but u said they moved their animal research From plum island to Manhatten kansas right. Well i was looking on a missouri map and saw there is a rive that can connect Manhatten to St. Joseph. Its a long distance but it may be possible. idk which way the current flows on that paticular river.

  7. l says:

    Well it is weird a new creature just shows up from no where. Too bad that all of them were dead.

  8. nameless says:

    its a pig most these “monsters” are just mutated animals ure second picture looks just like a mutated dieing lion the montauk moster that was beaten by teens now that dosent look like an anime unless it was like a nake baby camel or something

  9. Levi says:

    No brainer for this one. It’s a cooked mostly eaten dog. The teeth are the give away. Isn’t dog an indian food!

    The other stuff is more bonafide, none of it is surprising. This kind of thing is going to become far more common. As well as ufo sightings

  10. jimmy says:

    oh wow this sure is big!(saracasum) dude its all fake they probably put a pig in the back and and oppasum in the front and make it look like its real then they put it in a costume its all stupid!

  11. JACK JONES says:

    This is of interest i wouls like to be on your maillig list.I LIVE IN eldon ,mo central mo

  12. No brainer for this one. It’s a cooked mostly eaten dog. The teeth are the give away. Isn’t dog an indian food! The other stuff is more bonafide, none of it is surprising. This kind of thing is going to become far more common. As well as ufo sightings

  13. Amber says:

    First off it’s St. Joseph, not plural, and I happen to have been born and raised here. We live in an interesting area because of the plains, river, woods, and bluffs all meeting where the city is located. We have a very rich wildlife population that doesn’t seem to care that there is a city here. It is not uncommon to find deer and fox wandering not only our parkway system, but neighborhoods as well. We have even had cougar sightings in recent months around Northwest Missouri as the animals migrate back after decades of maintaining territory farther to the north.

    We have a very large opossum population, and that’s exactly what this is. You can tell by the shape of the head, the form of the teeth, as well as the color of the residual fur. We actually have some people around here who feed them, so growing to above average size is not atypical. As a matter of fact my boyfriend has one that lives under his deck that weighs at least 30 lbs. and is well over two feet long not including the tail. It’s just super healthy from eating all the birdfeed.

    Whoever this lady is that sent you this picture either a) is not a native local, b) grew up under a rock, c) is just a bloody idiot, or d) all of the above.

    We have a vibrant conservation program, and an excellent resource in the Remington Nature Center that focuses on local wildlife…perhaps it would be in her best interest to do some research through either one.

  14. miku says:

    this is stupid that isint a monster there just making it upi dont even know why they do this

  15. miku says:

    that is sad if that is a dog who the fuck would do that to a poor dog only a syco

  16. klubal says:

    looks like a dog

  17. bob says:

    that is definitely a dog.

  18. Michelle Lee says:

    it looks llke a baby pig or boar

  19. whitney miller says:

    First of all its not a dog, cat, oppossom, or anything like that being a person that knows every animal out there and what their habbits are i can say they are all wrong. If you really want to know what it is take blood or tissue samples and compare them with the other animals they have blood work and crap like that, i can honestly say that its probably a sea rat they get that size and look exactly like that plus they live right by the ocean. So people can say this is all lies and anything they want but i know for a fact its not, i will argue with anyone about animals because ive studied them for so long that i can tell you what an animal is from a mile away. Thats the fun of being a vet and having a family that teaches you about vets and animals i can tell you anything about them without being wrong. SO GO AHEAD PEOPLE THINK ITS LIES, THAT ITS FAKE, THAT PEOPLE JUST WANT ATTENTION, BECAUSE YOU ARE WRONG!!!!!!!!!! Thats what i have to say to everyone that think they know what it is just by looking a pics i can tell you, you are all wrong.

  20. whitney miller says:

    nvm it wouldnt be a sea rat.

  21. maddie says:

    its not a monster, or an alein. its not a opposem or horse or dog or raccoon. its just its self. u would think the people would know by now! i think this is a whole new animal we just now discoverd. it could b like dolphins or whales… it is a mamal that can hold its breath for a very very long time. if we went and searched that area in the ocean, we may find at least 1 or 2 more montauk monsters. it should b re-named. i know i wouldent want to b called a monster!

  22. maddie says:

    i have 5 things to say,
    1: its not a monster, dog, opposem, horse, turtle, or raccoon. its just its self.
    2: if u dont believe mi, it could b a mamal like a dolphin that can hold its breath 4 a long time.
    3: if this is all true it should b re-named . i know i wouldnt want 2 b called a monster!
    4: if we send more pepole out we may find at least 1 or 2 more of them.
    5: u pepole should know this by now… i hope sum 1 else said this so i know im not the onley 1…
    hope u agree with me!!!!!!!!!! :}

  23. Andrew says:

    Come on peoples it is clearly a racoon the tail the ears the fur and most importantly the dead giveaway the feet all raccoon 100% positive and proven

  24. TheSennaj says:

    very very creapy…..
    the montauk monster returns from his grave…..


    ps:no a am not m.j. that returns from his grave ok?

  25. gigi says:

    ok, seriously? this dog looked like it got baked, like somebody lit it on fire

  26. Mike B says:

    I can’t believe how far this story has evolved. It’s a testament to the power of the internet to turn something so innocent into something sinister. The first “montauk monster” was a decomposing dog, probably a Mastiff or Pit Bull, that had been decomposing in the water and being eaten at by fish and other sea life. Think about it. A dead dog in the water is probably going to float with the feet and snout dangling below the surface where they are easy targets for hungry sea life. The fur layer detatches and sloughs off and when it washes up on the beach you are left with a very mutated looking creature. The other pictures displayed on this site are just badly decomposed animals of various, natural origin. A couple were clearly just large rats. If you don’t believe me, take a recently dead dog or other animal and throw it into a pond that has fish and turtles in it for a few days. Maybe tie a rope to it so it can be easily retrieved. Check it each day and see how it looks as it decomposes and is eaten at by the fish and turtles. It may be disgusting, but it will be eye opening. “Life, the ultimate biodegradeable material.”

    The sad thing is that everybody is out there taking pictures of decomposed animals and posting them on the internet claiming they are some mutated monster. They never recover the body because they know full well that it is an ordinary animal, but the picture will get them their 15 minutes of fame.

  27. sam says:

    wow peaple.thats a canine.look at the teeth and shape of the head.its alittle obvious that this is a dog

  28. Chris says:

    These are very obviously decaying animals. Normal animals, like mouse, raccoon, dog.

  29. matt says:

    i live in st joe and do alot of hunting around the st joe and the surrounding area and trust me we have no crazy monsters here this pic looks like something all hunters find a dead dog or coon or possum..come on people if we had a monster dont you think someone would have pics from deer cams or hikers..hell it’s not like we have big timbers like oregon or alaska we farm everything we can in northwest missouri there is only a few big tracks of conservation believe what you want but I’m from the show me state and i don’t believe it until i see a monster first hand…

  30. Date Masamune says:

    Like Mike B said, just a dog. Most of the things posted here are dogs or opposums. Death isnt pretty, you guys ever watch “Bones”? Doesnt what some of those dead humans not lok human anymore? I work at a veterinarian hospital so I’ve seen alot of canine teeth, and yes, dead dogs. It’s the reason you don’t see living “Montauk Monsters” because when they are alive, the are dogs, racoons and other common animals. The original Montauks interest me alot but alot of these are clearly dogs. Someone please bury this poor dog and give it proper respect.

  31. brett says:

    hm…this is very interesting. i do not believe that this is an opossum or a raccoon. the teeth dont match up. the head is far too long to be a coon. as for a dog? i see no elongated teeth on the top jaw, only bottom. this could be due to decomposition or the corpse being messed with by other animals, but this shows none of that. it looks more like an opossum than anything…but i do not think it is. thank you

  32. taiwo says:


    The mantauk monster isn’t neither hoax not natural. Judging by my observation, the enigmatic creature is ingeniously fabricated by a secret science organization responsible for genetic, mutation, cloning, forging human or animal fetus either by artificial insemination or general scenario of test-tube baby operations.

    Here’s my suggestion, the illuminatti scientific department have succeeded in cajoling the masses as to think the mantauk creature possesses a nature trend, while in real sense, it’s a successful multi cross breed of several animals put together. For instance, notice it’s body structure, having the shape and chubbiness of a pig, beak feature instead of an entity we can easily describe to be a pair of nostril and lower jaw of a flesh eating canine, feet of probably a giant rodent- not to speak of having pig-like pair of ears with a funny looking tail to go with it. In addition, we can see part of it’s worn off fur.

    It’s within this hypothesis, I say, the chubacabra in their most scary forms share the same scientific history as the mantauk monster along with other bizarre creatures which happen to pop up from nowhere.

    But I’ll rather not cross the line by putting sa-squatch (bigfoot), together with cousins and nephews like yeti, missouri monster/ momo etc and mermaid/merman under such scientific escapade.

    Wait a minute, what if crossing the line makes more sense than restricting ourselves? What if sa-sqautch and mermaids also had scientific explanation? What if they too are successful cross breeds? That makes all the reason why they are abnormally rare even though they are not being hunted.

    All I can say about the creature up in the picture is that, it’s dead and rare which might, in all cases, dance towards a scientific (illuminati) explanation.

  33. Anonymous Cheesy Guy says:

    What is the size of the carcass?

    If this is the only carcass that has been found it is likely a hoax. The animal is not fossilised so it is not prehistoric.

    Has a creature like this been seen alive, anywhere near this place where the carcass was found or in the city or state?

    There are a lot of strange mysteries in this world. Perhaps they are just undiscovered animals, it is incorrect to call it a ‘monster’.

  34. Jayden says:

    Have you considered that this so called “ugly one” is simply a skin infected dog? I mean infections like that happen with other animals such as pigs. I mean come on people you can se the fur of the animal in the top right corner of the picture. Not that I am saying that this is not a monster but the Chandra of it being one is highly unlikely .