Beast snapped on a beach near Galveston Texas

On March 20 just past, student Jacob Trevino reported, “Me and a couple of friends traveled to stay on Galveston Island (Crystal Beach to be exact) for Spring Break. We were driving along the beach listening to our friends tell us about this “thing” they saw while running along the beach earlier that morning. So we went to go see it. I saw it, and had no clue what it was. It had a beak, webbed feet, and looked like some sort of “ocean rat.” It was washed up along the beach along with tons of jellyfish. I took photos only to realize that later on that I’ve seen this thing before on a various website post. I wish I got a few better photos.”

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  1. ... says:

    Why can’t we live with the fact that we haven’t explored every little nook and cranny on this massive planet, and that there could possibly be creatures we haven’t yet encountered? New species are discovered frequently and just because this creature is ugly, why does that make it a monster? If you put everything in perspective the evidence weighs against the possibility of this animal being real… but IF it is fake, why would you go about making a fake website? Just like my disposition towards people pushing religion on me, I find it hard to believe things without cold, hard evidence.. but then again, who really knows until they see it themselves? But nevertheless, there are amazing animals walking our planet today to cherish and learn more about, so why waste our time flipping a shit over some video of a bunch of teenagers poking at a corpse which we don’t know is real in the first place especially when there haven’t been scientists devoting any research whatsoever to this “new species”. My final verdict is that it is indeed fake.

  2. Restless says:

    What’s so special about a dead opossum?

  3. Justin Timberton says:

    This is an opossum.

  4. I says:

    this is definitely a opossum.

  5. Delphine Denoncourt says:

    @sexybanddork hahahaha!!! not dislike once you think you just Could be in which shallow which you simply just like somebody for their looks??? lol he is really good with acting…

  6. Glaw says:

    Its a Nutria. they get real big and have alot of teeth. they have infested the gulf coast.

  7. @..... says:

    Well “…”,
    Whos too say it isnt made by humans. Like a geneticaly enginered animal made from plumb Island. No scientist have been aloud too test on these variuous creatures being found. These bodys when get called in, Get taken but NEVER show up after wards. Its a conspiracy. Go watch Plum Island on youtube – Conspiracy theory with jesse ventura then Belive what you will. But dont butt out EVERY far out explination by just saying its a animal weve never found. Fact is weve found Most land creatures, The ones we dont really know about are from the ocean. Deep down below. And no one of these animals found have had gills. I belive theyve ALL been dumped awhile ago into the lakes and stuff but I strongly belive they originated from places like Plumb Island. Interested in my theory? reasearch it for yourself…

  8. mya says:

    This is definetly an opossum.

  9. Theresa Miller says:

    It is a opossum which looks like a fossil. Batteries.

  10. AWynn17 says:

    That’s definitely a possum. Just saying. If you look at all the other pictures of the Montauk Monster, this looks nothing like it. It was also found in a completely different part of the country than the original.

  11. DOM MACALUSO says:


  12. lol says:

    god it’s a dead opossum

  13. AleXutZu says:

    lol this is an animal dead, i saw the documentar and montauk monster is a oposum

  14. ny rangers says:

    Their testing animals at the plum island animal disease center that’s where they inject ticks with lyme disease that started during war when German scientist did it

  15. me says:

    has anyone else noyiced how every montauk monster is found near the beach

  16. boris says:

    that is a giant dead rat 😐

  17. boris says:

    or it is a opossum 😛

  18. don't freak out says:

    Looks more like a Nutria than a ‘possum. Webbed feet, a tail that is almost the same length as it’s body, and a “beak-like” appearence from its large gnawing teeth. Plus, Galveston, TX- in the U.S. Nutira are most common in the Gulf Coast area.

  19. Jordon Hamby says:

    It’s a fucking raccoon. Here, the scientists even drew you a picture:

    Also, el chupacabra are coyotes with mange.

  20. Brian says:

    As far as the Galveston pictures…..crazy thought, it “might” be a dead Nutria…they’re like a big rat, plenty of Nutria in Louisiana. Possible that they made it to Galveston. Some people keep them as pets.

  21. robinskylynn says:

    Probably some lab doing experiments on animals, and dumping them in the ocean. I have seen many different animals (from different states) on this and the “Montauk” site. The one with the beak and flipping you the bird looks like a turtle that doesn’t have its shell. One looks like a pig. Yes an animal can do the splits if its bones were broken the right way. (Or out of the sockets) yes there are wonderful beautiful deep sea creatures unknown to us. (Have you seen the transparent sea cucumber? look it up, really really cool) make-up co.’s, pharmaceutical co.’s, have always preformed weird experiments on animals. Now were into gene splicing, cloning, who knows what they could be. Kind of reminds me of the movie “the island of Dr. Meroe.( is that how you spell it?)

  22. kilonikon says:

    tihs is the legendary kilonikon monster this is inpossible

  23. donald trump says:

    guys, its a possum, ive seen one that was dead in water before, and it looked EXACTLY like that

  24. Rocknrere says:

    What exactly are racoons doing on the beach? getting a tan? surfing? these are inland terrestrial creatures not typically found on the beach. there is no reason for them to be there. nutria sounds more plausable.