BREAKING NEWS: Montauk Monster found at Gurney’s Inn

Just in time for 4th of July weekend, the Montauk Monster has made its return to the shores of Long Island washing up at Gurney’s Inn. (Oceanside resort located in Montauk, NY) The initial discovery was made by PJ Monte and friends while walking on beach property owned by Gurney’s Inn. (July 2nd 2009 at 6:15 PM) The dead and bloated carcass washed up during an elegant oceanfront wedding. With gorgeous views of the Atlantic Ocean it’s no surprise that the Montauk Monster decided to crash the party!

As for the wedding party, the carcass went undetected as PJ Monte and friends moved it to a different location and the photography session began shortly after. Now you are probably wondering how once again I made it to the eye of the storm to cover the breaking news. Allow me to give you the play-by-play.

While on Facebook this evening, I saw an update on PJ Monte’s wall indicating that he found The Montauk Monster as he uploaded photographs to his Flickr account. Yours truly, (Nicky Papers!) is connected to PJ through mutual friends. (God bless social networking!) Within 10 minutes of PJ’s wall posting I was able to get in touch with him by phone and explained that I was interested in covering the story. PJ graciously accepted my wishes and invited me to come out Gurney’s to check it out for myself.

With excitement, I rallied out to Montauk to once again get an up-close-and-personal encounter with the Montauk Monster. Upon arrival at Gurney’s Inn, PJ introduced me to his friends and his father Paul Monte. (General Manager, Gurney’s Inn) Paul Monte led the way as I was taken to a remote part of the property to witness the beast again with my own eyes.

The monster was removed from an ice-filled enclosure and laid out for all to view. The stench this time was so horrific it triggered my gag reflex and I was forced to take a step back. PJ and the crew lifted their shirts over their noses for relief from the rotting stench.

Sure enough, we were all looking at a very similar creature that has now washed up for the fourth documented time by photograph. For those who’ve doubted my discoveries, (Geraldo Rivera, Doug Kennedy) please note that I was with company who have openly revealed themselves and are willing to discuss this incident further.

After the viewing session we loaded the carcass back into the ice-filled enclosure for safe keeping. PJ Monte had to make an early exit as he was on his way to a party that evening in the Hamptons. My discussions with Paul Monte continued with his assistant Kon in an office located on the premises. Paul Monte agreed to run the pictures taken earlier that evening by his son PJ Monte as a exclusive.

What’s most disturbing about this discovery is that PJ and Paul’s last name is Monte sharing the well-known nickname for the Montauk Monster, “Monty”. Is this a coincidence or possibly the coming of the apocalypse? In a private conversation with PJ Monte, I mentioned that I had a premonition that our paths would be crossing by the way of the Montauk Monster. Being that this was the first time we had met, I think he was slightly freaked out by that remark. Nonetheless, I had to get that off my chest.

Additionally, the couple who contacted me in May (Monster found in Southhold, NY) made claims that while the dead carcass was in their backyard, (in an ice-filled cooler) the wife had terrible nightmares. They still wish to remain anonymous as the husband disposed of the carcass on a boat ride to Block Island to put his wife at ease. In fear of public humiliation, they wish to keep their identity unknown.

I’m still convinced these creatures are washing up from Plum Island. What do you think?

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231 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Montauk Monster found at Gurney’s Inn”

  1. Kelly says:

    I was there the night they found the monster and I also have very explicit photos of the same “Montauk Monster”… They are VERY REAL and TRUE…. When will the media and government DO something about it and acknowledge what is going on at Plum Island????

  2. Steve says:

    Dang. have the authorities, or any scientific authorities had any contact with you? or anyone who has this beast?

    are they really playing that there interest isn’t piqued?

  3. p says:

    its so weird, i got a feeling to look at this site 2day n its right after a new one was found, creepy

  4. josh9123 says:

    I have a feeling that this very picture is a goat or a lamb becayse og the skull the fur and the legs but the first pic ever found realy looked like a montauk monster but this is a goat or lamb

  5. Rich Brandon says:

    I think it’s a goat.

  6. brianna says:

    to me i don’t think it is a mixed up animal experiment or a raccoon i think the third one is a goat.

  7. edistheman says:

    do a video next time it defiantly will get more attention that way. (but its probably hard to do so one second thought just stick with the pictures)

  8. AG says:

    Question. If this is “real” why hasn’t anyone who have “found” these so called monsters turn it in to authorities or to science to find out what this is and claim the discovery? This seems like a fake and that none of the 4 found are real.

    Why would someone want to store it. if you can get there in time to take photo’s, then I would think that someone who would want to research this should also be able to get there in time as well to pick up the “monster”.

  9. Lago says:

    Anyone thinking this is a goat should go to school and sign up for some basic biology lessons as soon as possible…

    It is not an ungulate. It is a carnivore for certain.

    At first inspection, this appears to be, no surprise, another raccoon…

  10. joey says:

    it looks like a goat. im not saying that i think its fake but every time you see one the facial skin is gone anybody notice that

  11. Jasper says:

    Just get a fucking autopsy or DNA check of something! Its not a goat look at it’s feet. its not a raccoon cuz of size and dogs aren’t that fat.

  12. Keith says:

    So why are the police ever called?

  13. Cnidaria says:

    This one looks very staged.

  14. Dan says:

    Looks like a dog.

  15. Smiller says:

    i am more convinced that this is a german shephard dog. the second picture gives a little more detail and i see that the back legs has paws, not huffs. and the size of it looks bigger than a goat.

  16. Evan says:

    Whats up man i’ve been following this story for about two days now and i think that someones behind this montuak monster thing…people keep on calling it a racoon……UM HELLO its washing up on the shore.. Unless somebody went on a boat with a dead racoon.. and yeah you get the picture.? And the last two dont even look like racoons? So thank you for helping find the truth to this whole thing. and i hope you read this

  17. pete says:

    it looks like a fd up bear

  18. Joe mamma says:

    Well the first one two guys said they found a dead raccoon, lit it on fire, put in in an inflatable floatie duck toy and pushed it out to sea then two weeks later it showed up… the other thing looks like a goat.

  19. Joe mamma says:

    Then again plum islands could be experimenting and the guys could have said they made the monster for publisity…

  20. Kelly says:

    To who ever is running this site, please contact me so I can mail you my photos of this thing for people to view… I have 4 of them..

  21. Kelly says:

    Can you access my e-mail address without me posting it to just anyone and everyone???

  22. Codien says:

    There’s no way that this ‘creature’ in this picture has anything in relation to the first discovery. Look at the creatures head, this one has a long face while the first discovered hasa small head.

    There is of course no coindence that these animal dumpings on beaches are connected. My theory is these animals have been dumped into the water from Pet burial services. You know those people that take your dead pets and cremate or bury the animals.

    Which would make sense why this picture looks like a dog; a german shepard dog.

  23. cynie says:

    Like “lago” says its not a goat if you zoom in you see that its misses its cutting teeth and front teeth so it looks like a goat but look closly and you see the holes of the missing teeth in the jaw its clearly a carnivor could be that people are trowing these animals in the water you know how sick some people are i dont know what is going on there. but it looks like some people trying to be funny or something

    greetz from the netherlands…

  24. cynie says:

    could be fighting dogs that lost a battle and died and that the people had to get rid of them maybe thats why the skin of the skull is al rapped off…. its just a guess

  25. dude says:

    i think its an evil scintest that make expireance on racoons so they phisacly change and then he just throw them in the oscean

  26. MB says:

    Do you people really believe this? All this is is fun with animal corpses. Lame.

  27. Nicole says:

    ok… i really dont think that, that thing is part raccon. and also dont think its a sheep i think its a dog…. but i know that its not a monster. its probably just a lab tested creature. ok now i know that its made of many animals…. the animals could possibly be dog, turtle, a type of a bird, a fat cat, and some sea creature that once lived. thank you and please look into my fun facts!

  28. Nicole says:

    i should know that its not a raccon because there was a tree in front of my house with many raccons in it… and i stayed up all night looking at them and my dad trying to get them out of the tree cause everyone was afraid of the animal cause of its rabbies!

  29. amanda says:

    i think that this one is from plum island, because they do testing on live stock and this looks like it could be a cow or something like that, but it looks completely different from the other ones

  30. Hendrik says:

    i saw the pictures and the videos from that ” monster ” who was found at the beach.

    I´m sorry for must to say that, but your “MONSTER” ist only a large, death giant turtle without the shild.

    It´s not a monster, or an alien^^ (but it looked like so, because it´s to decayed)

    The long fingers are normal for turtles and the skull looked very identic with a giantturtle.

    But nice, funny homepage^_^

  31. jules says:

    That is a dead dog. I work in a vet’s office and that last one looks very much like a dead dog, or some other smallish mammal. Yeah, pretty sure that it’s a dead dog

  32. the first one actually did look like a monster or some unknown thing but this one looks like a dead husky or some dog of sort…like come on the fur,the paws … if you actually think this ones a monter this time they finally caught your eyes…cuz last time the second looked like a pig..this one looks like a dog…the first one to me is the only mystery here…like c’mon!!

  33. Megan says:

    I looked up Plum Island and they seem to be big about preventing and finding out about animal disease, mostly for house pets and farm animals… Could they be dumping possible test subjects?

    By the way Hendrik and anyone ELSE that thinks the first original Monster was a washed up sea turtle with out the shell is WRONG! Do some research, Turtles and tortoise’s shells are infused with their spines. If that was a turtle with out the shell you’d see a bunch of guts and innards.. not skin. Real turtles and tortoises have skin attached to their shell they can’t go in to their shell like the old cartoons show… look it up people.

  34. Brix from China says:

    this is very interesting. the world is full mystery.
    there are lots of animals that are waiting to be discovered. it might just be a new species or something. the one in Panama is more interesting coz it resembles like human. but others look like a cow. i will read more on this!

  35. Nonna says:

    It looks like a wolf :S

  36. kay says:

    thats a dog…..

  37. Josh says:

    At first, I thought this was a German Shepherd, but looking at the skull of this thing, then a German Shepherd, both in profile, the face of this mystery corpse is more angular, even though the fur looks like a German Shepherd’s, and so does the rest of the body, albeit a tad bloated.

  38. Dagan says:

    It would make sense that these are just deformed animals being washed ashore from Plum Island. Whether or not it is from disease or experimentation, they obviously resemble some distorted versions of certain animals. The fact that these are government related would also explain the lack of media coverage and local authority investigations.
    To be quite honest, its not all that mysterious haha There are regularly discoveries that baffle modern science and in many cases I wouldnt doubt that half of them are unnatural (from cause of human intervention).

    think about it… sloth without hair can occur from disease.
    Experimenting with DNA is a way of finding cures to many diseases so it would totally be understandable to see a buttload of weird looking creatures.

  39. sami says:

    i think that the third one is a dog but the skull its strange like its plastic and the sekond is a pig but the first one is strange i think its not a racun because its to big and hi has a beak

  40. M-E-E says:

    my friends and i are also wondering why their isn’t any scientists on scene including the press, police, archeologists , and the public. tell you the truth if there isn’t as much publicity as i would of expected it could be a hoax.
    anybody who agrees e-mail me @ thanks


  41. johny lubutowitz says:

    people…. for god sakes… get it together…..the picture posted here is a friggen dog. for christ sake. its a dead give away. but the previous picture is something to inquire about… the decaying corpse is very strange.. it does not resemble anything i have ever seen.. its sure as hell not a dog…. or a racoon it may be a turtle without its shell but its beak is to pointy… with teeth…. turtles do not have teeth…. and is it so had to believe ( for those shallow minded people) that there is somthing that we(the OH so superior) humans have not discoverd that is all!

  42. Axl says:

    i think it looks like a mutated cow,dog,and a raccon with a fossil beak i think somebody spilled a chemical in the ocean that MUTATED THE SEA CREATURE and some sea creature ate it and messed up there DNA.

  43. Lilly-Anne says:

    Folks, come on – all that monster tallking…sounds more like wishes for something interesting than reality. Ok, those bodies look disturbing, but do you even imagine what nature and rotting process can do to any remains after a few days? Especially when lying in water full of fish?
    The first “monster” disappeared – maybe because parts of it were faked.
    And the fact that no public or governmental institutions really pay attention to all of that… – maybe it is simply not important enough to care about. All that talking about Plum Island and a secret lab…sounds like a version of “Lost” or Hodgin’ s conspiracy theories in “Bones”. 🙂

  44. Rubes says:

    The first one is a racoon. If you search on Google images Montaulk monster it comes up with an image compairing a racoon skull, A live racoon and some other things. I haven’t seen the second and I’m not sure what the third is. Maybe some sort of dog. Probablly a german shepard or even a small wolf.

  45. alex says:

    think this is connected to the creature they found in panama???????

  46. Vaz says:

    Looks like a scietific experiment on animals gone wrong…..
    where the fuck is all the scientist?…

  47. Stephanie says:

    OMG you people are idiotic….IT’S NOT A GOAT. IT HAS TOES. And for the people saying it was a scientific experiement gone wrong, WHY THE HELL WOULD IT BE WASHING UP ON THE SHORE? PROFESSIONAL scientists are the only people accessable to those kinds of labs, and PROFESSIONAL scientists wouldn’t wash away their experiments….I’ll have to agree Dagan and Megan, though…

  48. alvaro says:

    It looks like a dead cow to me.
    Besides, the skull seems clean compared to the rest of its body. I guess it’s fake.

  49. Jayme says:

    Okay I have an idea about these things I have seen all the pictures and videos, 1st off these could be anything, second off everyone screaming about the size does anyone remember that when you die and are not found for a while you bloat up and you body can get to 3 to 4 times the size it was when you were alive? 2nd off, this thing was in water as well, if you remember being a kid and swimming during the summer your feet and hands get all shriveled, after longer periods of time you body if I recall correctly starts to suck up liquids, so, if this was indeed a land animal that was then put in the water death liquids and the water factor in for the LARGE size of these things. Also if anything take the skulls to an animal bio-chem type person at a college I don’t think they would charge anything if you say hey I’m a new student and was told to come to you with this, do you recognize this skull, or if anything take the pictures and or videos, take tissue samples too and prolly you would get an easier answer then going to some DNA place where you would get charged tons of money, they could use this “animal” for helping students identify animal remains. Give it a try, can’t hurt.

  50. Rissa says:

    I Need some mystery in my life soon i might go to plum island explore

  51. Shane says:

    That’s… just a dead dog that’s been decaying for awhile. Why have people been getting excited over this thing again? Some poor family lost it’s dog, and you’re all pining over the corpse. You should be ashamed…

  52. Alex says:

    At first, i thought this was a water bloated german shepard body. Looking closer the head looks too angular, mabe a mutated dog?

  53. kayte & robert says:

    ok for the idiot that said this is a dog sence swhen did they grow beaks were on earth!

  54. pual says:

    am i the only one who thinks hisits teeht dont looke some crnivores?(dont complan about my spelling) it could be a dead sheep or goat or something thar drifted to the coast

  55. Katy says:

    dude this is a cow

  56. Maggie says:

    That’s just a dog that’s been decaying for awhile. Look at it closely, look at it’s teeth, the way it’s legs are layed out. Its just a dog, stop freaking out over something that isn’t. To me it looks like a german shepard who’s hair isn’t there anymore since its well, decaying. Look at its ears. Its paws.

    Sorry guys, just a dead German Shepard.

  57. Maggie says:

    and it looks like it might of been pregnant.

  58. Pete & Repete says:

    I think this thing IS A MONSTER! And Pete thinks its an ALIEN! But that dude on you tube is right- WHERE IS IT? It just seems everyone swept it under the rug too quickly- which makes me VERY suspicious!

  59. I thinks its a monster. Pete thinks its an alien. But whatever it is its messed up looking! We need to get the guy from destination truth out to check it out!

  60. Carissa says:

    whats with all these things washing up? the 1st 2 i have no clue as to what they may be, but its possible they’re from plum island. the 3rd looks like it could be a dog, who knows. hasnt someone taken the body in for testing? like take dna or hair samples to see if its a known animal. i do like the idea of new and unknown though. kinda like big foot and loch ness, and all the other myths out there

  61. Carissa says:

    now that i think of it, they did get ride of the bodies fast….maybe its the government doing weird experiments, or some creep screwing around with things, kinda like frankenstien. who knows.

  62. GOD says:

    it’s definitely not a dog, nor a cow. if you look at the skull, you’ll see that the teeth are set back pretty far from the tip of the ” beak “. it’s funny how people keep saying it’s a dog & how some poor family is probably missing there’s. did they happen to lose 4 dogs all in the same area? let’s be realistic here. it could be a new species of some sort. cool pics, cheers!

  63. Jennfer says:

    Personally,I think thats its a preorstoric animal from B.C.I think that drowned,and then finally washed up on shore.I also think that there is more of them.

  64. Mitch says:

    its probobobly a dog, but its not like the first one, the first one had a beak this one is not believable.

  65. Alli says:

    They all look like they could be cows. Plum Island runs tests on animals, right? This would make logical sense.

  66. Dennis says:

    this one it does look fake i mean look at the skull is this one real like the others?And it does look its shaped like a cow

  67. Celestial says:

    I think the goverment or whatever is doing tests on animals trying to cross bread animals half bat/cow/raccon/pig and what not but there deffinitly something fishy behind it

  68. victor fay says:

    ok my take on this is there working on gen slicing at plum island and mutation resulting in failure causing these monsters after the failure they dump them trying to hide it from the media but with the hie tides the waters drag the body’s of the dead beings to shore and when the waters gone it reveals the dead monsters im going to look back at the dates of the sitings and cross them with the hie tides of each year and get back to every one.

    P.S im only 14 and if every one opens there eyes to the broad perspective new things can become possibilities and new answers appear keep that in mind

  69. lol i m no expert at animal genetics or anything like that and i dont have a clue about what the thing is BUT!!!

    i can tell you that it is no monster and it did not wash ashore naturally because

    1. most animals when dead, will float belly up. The bacterias in the stomach/intestine go out of control and starts breaking down the body. their by-product is carbon dioxide gas… the gas builds up in the stomach and intestine. And so the dead body floats like a balloon belly side up. as presented from the corpse, the underside of the carcass seems to be bitten by fishes as well underneath the throat and leaving patches of hair onto of the animal where it most likely faced up to stay out of the water and fishes. ( i m guessing that the animal was purposely drowned)

    2. its front teeth were definitely pulled out or cut out to leave a straighted line like that. if it were bacteria infection that caused the teeth to fallout, there would be marks left on the jaw bone to indicate such. (i m guessing the hoaxter pulled the dogs teeth because the canine teeth will give it away)

    3. it just look like a dog to me thats all

    anyways my 2 cents

  70. Caitie says:

    OMG! they found it on my B-day!

  71. Caitie says:


  72. Sam says:

    People who saids it’s a dog are you stupid? That thing is too big to be a dog and at the rear it looks like a cow. Dont just guess at least predict it.

  73. Katie says:

    In my opinion it is some kind of dog that spent some time in the surf after it died. I base my reasoning on these points:

    1) if this “monster’s” skull is compared to several species of dog skulls it has several key similar points of reference i.e. canine like molars, nose and jaw shape and while the front teeth are missing it obviously had inlarged canines
    2) even in its bloated state the positioning of the limbs indicate that the animal would have had all four of its limbs positioned underneath it, in a manner similar to a dog
    3)when visually comparing the “hand” bones to to the skeletal front paw of a dog, it is within the parameters of similarity
    4)due to it having fur it is reasonalbe to infer that this is a land based animal
    5)There is no point of reference in the pictures to have any true comparison to determine the size of the animal, but that being said dogs come in a variety of sizes, breeds, and mixes

    All in all, I can’t really confirm or even really deny what it is. I can only state my opinion. But I recommend in the future, when taking a picture of something you want to try to identify later, try to get something else in the picture to use as a size reference, be it a ruler or even just a pen.

  74. Stella says:


  75. whawhahaha its a cow u fags

  76. Isa says:

    IT ISNT A BEAK. its the skull thats protruding after the skin decayed. retard

  77. prof DR.bearbrewer says:

    deam u all suck
    it’s just a zee-lion crossed with a cow and somebody put a skull in front of it!
    and if it is real where is every body?
    why do i have to do so much research for things they don’t existence!
    the oly thing i wanna tell is: sarcoptic mange can create apparent monsters!

  78. prof DR.bearbrewer says:

    or it could be michael jakson!??

  79. commentator says:

    looks like a dead cat

  80. Koji says:

    Pokemon catch them all!

  81. tianna says:

    that is a dog totlay a dog

  82. alexa says:

    its a fuckin cow! if yall dont kno what it is then u are a retard !!!!

  83. Unknown says:

    its a dog not a cow you fucking retards

  84. niko says:

    it’s a dead dog look at the claws and the head

  85. Miranda says:

    Everyone keeps saying all this weird crap, when no one really looked at it!!!! It can’t be a sheep….no wool…or a dog…just look at those huge claws….a cow? R u joking!!! Theirs no horns, no utter, and no hooves!!! Seriously people!!! I don’t want to sound mean, but…… we have some stupid theories!!!

  86. Theata says:

    did anyone else remember that the ice caps r still melting and creatures and things were frozen during the ice age? it could have been a prehistoric something. don’t always jump to its a cow or a dog because of its shape and size

  87. mljoyce says:

    Looks like a dead dog thats been in the water a while…

  88. Shaine says:

    why are no scientist looking at this creature to see what it is ???

  89. Jen says:

    It’s a pony.

  90. L0L…crazy ass monster 🙂

  91. Silver says:

    I´ts a dog, even a fool can see that!
    But people just has to pretend that its a monster just so that they can spread roomers. Its ridiculous! A poor dog mix who has been in the water to long! There are logical explanations fore everything surrounding this corp.. However the first one can be made in fotoshop ore just a weard animal. i´t doesn´t have to be so dramatic!

  92. Al says:

    I’m sure this is just a canine that died and fell in the water. I say “canine” because this is not necicarily a domestic dog. I mean any responsible owner wouldn’t leave their dog out to die.

  93. Ryan says:

    I reckon they are trying to make something in Plum Island, but they fail and so dump the unsuccessful products

  94. Jackson says:

    Guys,its a mutated dog or some random stuff, but scientifically , its not a monster .If monster existed , why only appear now? Based on scientific explanations, it could just be a mutated animal or a deformed animal.

  95. Rigel says:

    It is possible that its not just a racoon because its like a mixture of some animals for example:the Liger which is a Half Tiger and a Half Lion or an Okapi It is half zebra,half horse,and half giraffe You can see more here on: might also be possible that a male/female Animal have __(u know)with another male/female animal to equal up to just 1 animal that is a half of them each my the DNA’s on the 2 animals that have __.Thats wat i thk

  96. T-ravis says:

    The first ones, i have no clue. They seem way too weird to be a bloated dead animal, an ordinary one anyway. The parts are just shaped weird i guess. but this one, i’m not sure with not knowing the size and all, but it really looks like some bloated cow or dog to me. This one just doesn’t have that freaky mysterious vibe I guess. Definitely still weird though..

  97. cole says:

    what i truly think is it could prolbaly de sum sorta cow but its pretty hard to tell because the faciall meat is gone its the same as the seconde one but the skull looks like a cow skull

  98. jake says:

    to the person who said it looks like a dog. open up ur dam eyes. it’s clearly a cow with retarded fur and front leg. if u look closely in the belly area it has a stupid dam retarded looking utter.

  99. dnalswl1 says:

    it looks like a cow in the back and a dog in the front.
    and its ‘paws’ look strange, don’t you think? maybe its because of its decay…but whatever plum island is, i say this thing is mutated.

  100. Jake says:

    it looks like a dam cow. the people that said it looked like a dog…open up ur fackin eyes. it has a dam utter. stupid dumbasses….

  101. WillyMakit says:


  102. Eve says:

    It just looks like an abused dog or half eaten dog, that has been in the water for too long, or something x.x no big deal

  103. Gero says:

    It’s a dog… i found some kind of this “Monster” in my Italian Vacancies… The water dismantled its fur and the “head” or the skull is the result of hungry fish… the pitbull i found was beaten to death by his owner as he lost a dogfight, an this f**kin’ animal teaser (Is it teaser or torturer? I’m from germany sorry) threw it into the Lago di Garda… nearly one week later i found the “monster” while i was fishing…

  104. Angelaa says:

    that is not a dog you retards ; its not a cow either ; its to big / wide , and its arms are too big to be a dog . it is too small to be a cow , and that thing has claws ; cows have hooves .cows ALSO do NOT have fur like that ..and what the fuck would a COW be doing on a beach . ?actualy not just one cow but four ? stop talking about some poor family , that lost a dog , because it is impossible , that four people lost the exact same kind of dog , on the same beach and it died the same way, or one family lost four of the same dogs ; on the same beach in the same way.. think for a minute people. and also if it was a dog or a raccoon , or a cow . or anything normal , they would have told everybody on the news or wherever the fuck . but instead ; they hid the body , and completely swept it under the rug.. it could be something that mutated .. but how could they make the same mistake three times ? and why would every mistake wwash up in the same place. Seems pretty fuckie to mee .

  105. raya k. says:

    you know, when decomposition takes place anything can happen.
    maybe it’s just a normal animal we see in our everyday life, but just can’t recognize. my so far assumptions are 1st Montauk monster: sloth, 2nd: i’d say some kind of giant seal, otter etc. don’t know anything about the 3rd yet, just think about it. still hope it’s not something out of the ordinary, need a little excitement in my life you know.

  106. mohamed says:

    it is dead cow and thise is body that bactiria eat it :d :d

  107. Ashley says:

    It looks like a goat mixed with a freaking cow if u sen the tails in the other ones it looks like a cow’s tail maybe they are trying to cross breed a goat and a cow???

  108. Carol says:

    It’s a dog, why doesn’t someone look into where these dead dogs are washing in from instead of trying to turn it into the next Bigfoot hoax?

  109. Jennan Kellogg says:

    The jaw on that one looks kind of stange. I’ve never seen anything like it. Have you noticed that all of these “monsters” are in New York? (That just grabbed my attention.) Why is there so little press involved? Do the just not care and rare brushing it off as hoax? I mean come on you would expect this to really big new, wouldn’t you?

  110. cody says:

    Itis most definitly a dog if you look closley towards the snout of the creature you can see an indent into the skull where the k9 tooth shold be. As for its paws they were porbably knawed on by small to medium size fish. and the deformity was probably from birth .The way the carcass is mangled and shaped is from broken bones and such. I am a veternarian and i see dead dogs that have fallen or been dumped ito the river wash up and look very similar if not almost an exact match to what this dog looks like here.

  111. pete smith says:

    IT IS NOT A COW NOR A DOG NOR RACCON -i saw all the erick with nok and the first one looks nothing like 2 and 3 because 2 and 3 had there heads like riped off and 3 had one hind leg gone but the idiot scientist r like ohhhhh its just a raccon but forgive me if im wrong butt dude its to huge to be a freakin raccon it also has weird fingers like they were squishy like but a cow has hooves and a dog has paws and so doesa raccon and it it has one ripped up leg and does not have an udder doent have a tail and i have never seen a dog that color before and that long hair

  112. Ed says:

    This one looks more like a actual animal like a dog little bit more then the first one, and the second one just look at the skull and actually look at other skulls its a dog skull its not like the first one more like someone is pulling leg man.

  113. henry says:

    maybe a dog weird~

  114. rob says:

    You guys need to relax … first of all this mistery is easy to unfold … anything left in water for more then 2 days or so will bloat up to double or triple it’s size decomposition is normal … and it looks like what i said above.
    I believe it’s a dog that has been killed and thrown into the ocean … what does matter tho is that you guys are retarded and thinking it’s a monster and not coming up with a reasonable explanation. Rather jumping to such drastic conclusions.
    Take some anatomy classes and some fucking classes on how to not be retarded.

    Nonetheless I am done.
    And this is ridiculous lmfao.

    But for all you kid’s out there, it sure is a monster it came from the deepest of waters couldn’t handle the upper levels of water and it died of to much oxygen LOL.

  115. Adrian Garcia says:

    i think all you guys are wrong it it niether a cow or a dog i know for a fact and proof that its a raccoon
    if you click this link –> it shows a real raccoons skull
    after yu click the link pay attention to the teeth of the look at the pic you guys call a dog , cow , monster….the back teeth are the same as the pik of the real raccoon skull..but the some of the front teeth are missin…now if ya dumbasses would pay attention ya would of figured it out that its a raccoon…no monster just a dead washed up (prolly got munched on by fish) bloated raccoon!!! point proven

  116. samuel yakubov says:

    that is so wired and ? it is a alien or a mutated creature.

  117. feen says:

    washed up dog. big one too looks like. we need to focus on the sumbitch pushing all the dogs off his boat.

  118. Figgy says:

    Looks like a mutated cow, guess the aliens were done with it, kinda just dropped it in the water, let a few fish take a bite and hey it just kinda set landfall at the beach…that sounds like some mafia shit right there, them aliens gangsta for real! LMFAO xD. Now for the location…hell they just like that spot, that’s why them ppl was having the wedding at that spot, its a likable spot, them aliens wanted a nice scenery when the was having their way with our livestock 😛

  119. Paula says:

    it’s a dog. Look at the sockets for the canine teeth. The ‘udder’ jake, is actually its bloated abdominal organs. Haven’t you ever field dressed an animal? sheesh.

  120. Yuki says:

    Scientific approach:

    Fact 1: If you go analyze the particles all around the creature you can see that it’s about 1 feet, maybe 1,5 feet tall, not much bigger and certainly not smaller.
    Fact 2: All creatures that live on land and die in water and remain there for a while bloat up. You’ll get 2 to 3 times your current size if it happens to you. That’s why for example drowned humans need to be checked on jaw and dna to be sure it’s a specific person, simply because they’re unrecognizable.
    Fact 3: If you look close (just click on the picture and zoom in) you see that the paw is bloated and has toes and nails as well as that the creature has a canine headstructure with the jaw and teeth.

    Conclusion: It IS a racoon or anything like it. Stop throwing a fuss, it’s clogging the internet and makes people hope for miracles that aren’t there.

  121. mugatea says:

    dudes. you are STUPID! stop bloody arguin over what it is! for all you know it could be some dead mutants that wer made in a government lab or somethin. actually thats a pretty relevant or whatever the word is thing cos that might b why theres no press stuff and all round it cos its government shiz or maybe its a mental geneticist whos not very good at lookin after thier creations. just a thoyught. although it COULD be a large dog lahh….theres a zillion possible answers and 299,9999,99999,999999,999999,999 and so in – are wrong .

  122. ryan dobbin says:

    this one looks like a dog. the skull and jaw bone gives it away i dont no about the other two monsters from before but this one is definetly a dog

  123. peterpebbles says:

    Whatever it is, it looks like it suffered to me….terrible!!! One monster is weird enough, but, another and another….these things are experiments!!! Scary to me…something this unexplainable is just not right!!!

  124. Demoslihun says:

    It looks like a dog to me. Everything looks different dead and half eaten. I agree, who is dumping these in the water? This animal looks stocky like a pit bull.

  125. Intellectialist says:

    Ahem, This is merely a racoon, as one of you remarked “its too huge to be a racoon” anything in the water for more than 3 days will bloat to a possible triple or most likely double it’s size, and dogs have paws yes, cows have hooves yes, but racoons actually have fingers, the skeletal “paw” of a racoon, is exactly the same as the skeletal structure of a babys hand, the fur makes it look bigger and less human. Adressing the matter of the skull, the keiniens and insicors may be missing but the molars, which i add are coninsidently similar to that of a racoons in shape, are in the same exact place.. And again remarking to the pure size of the beast, there is the high chance of them taking the shot in a specific place to make it look larger than it actually is, lastly that flap of skin is most likely muscle that has been bared to fresh air after it’s bloatation causing it to in a sense deflate, it’s leg probably eaten by fish. Or it could also be the after effect of the animals organs strentching it’s skin leaving a thin skin like flap there. Thus your mistery has been solved..

    Any remarks or arguments against this will be irrelevant as i have used nothing but whole, true facts. These facts ARE true, nothing said or done shall prove this wrong, no experament nor words will change the arguement displayed, you will only waste your precious time to be proven wrong. There is no excuse for stupidity..

  126. Jo says:

    I agree it’s a dead dog. Probably the result of dog fighting. Are there any Dog fighting houses near there? They probably threw the dead dog in the water to get rid of evidence and it washed up. That would explain why there’s been more than 1 found. My guess is, there will be more. “Sad”

  127. Snoopys Shoes says:

    Look at a Transylvania Thylacine, a marsupial, thought extinct.

  128. Bree Czech says:

    et does not ave an utter, mammals ave fur, underr tht they ave a layer off skinn “hide”, th “udder” ish jus et’s insides commin out from decomposision.

    et has th skull off a canine.
    et has long thick fur.
    pointed ears.
    muskular legs.
    not a cow.

    also, et’s fur, wolves ave th same thick long fur, normally tht same color tuu.

    an th angle they took this photo from, an th distance, et cud jus b a dominat wolf tht has bloated up from th bakteria inside et tht decompose et, an th gases tht built up inside cuz they wernt released b4 th animal died, an wen sumthin dies in ocean, et bloats tu 2, sumtimes 3x et’s normal size.

    or, this cud jus b a very very large type off wolf.

    i saw one photo off th montauk monster earlyer, et was pettymuch jus an oversized pitbull wiff long teeth.

    this aint rockit science.

    exkuse ma spellin, am not from amerika.

    but rely, ‘m 16, i bet all ya’ll who comment on this b4 me ahre grown edukated adults.

    but i also bet ya’ll ahre amerikan, no offenses, but amerikans lik tu belief in wat ish not ethikal or righht.
    they thrive off fear, see a large decayed dog, ooohh et simply MUST b a monster!
    no, et’s not a monster.
    yu can sleep wiff both eyes closed now amerika, Czech saved th day -.-


  129. No Im right says:

    No Jake, your a Jackass it’s totally your biological mother. Yes, that’s right you were adopted. Sorry to break the news!

  130. Andanism says:

    Everyone saying it’s a cow and not a dog, are fucking retarded and they are making total fools of themselves where everyone can see them.

    That’s not an udder, that’s it’s stomach about ready to explode.
    When a body has been in water for 2+ days, it swells up to twice, maybe three times it’s size. The organs also swell up, making it expand and look like an udder because the top layers of flesh have seriously ripped open.
    Take some fucking science classes and look up some dogs.
    This is definitely a canine. It appears that some of the teeth were missing, but there are many reasons that dogs would lose teeth, just like people. They’re not bullet proof, either.
    Cows don’t have fur like that, they’re not that fluffy.
    It appears to be a German Shepard or a Husky crossed with a more common breed. More likely a German Shepard cross, though.
    Poor thing got dumped into the water and eaten by fish.
    Now everyone thinks it’s a cow or some sort of monster!

    I can’t speak for the other ones, I have only seen them once, and I never want to see them again.
    But this poor thing is definitely a dog.
    Seriously, you guys need to sit down and think about it, and stop making yourselves look like idiots for the sake of arguing.

  131. Zary says:

    If it is a monster…..
    I think it is a mutated cow?Cuz obiviously there is white and block mark over it…The weird thing is…Why there are fur on some black mark?
    If it is another thing……
    I also think that it is some animal that we never seen before.But they got some part of cow or u can also say some part from dog…
    Like those extincted animal such as a eagle with tiger back?(Bet you guys seen it before)And a Zebra with horse back?

  132. jack says:

    looks like a fuck up dog

  133. jack says:

    first its mix with some other thing its dog and something with the mix and it got att by some shark or some thing

  134. Phoenix says:

    I agree with Adrian, its a bloated raccoon. Its not a cow, sheep or dog, all you have to do is look at the teeth. Four teeth are missing three premolars and one incisor for meat eaters. Last I remember cows and sheep didn’t eat meat only plants. Teeth of dogs are not like that at all. Also i’m pretty sure everyone here knows cows and sheep do not have claws/toes, they have hooves. This animal has claws of a raccoon, just look at the back leg.What ever everyone wants to beleive it is the teeth don’t lie, those are raccoon teeth.

  135. ajrik says:

    if its a raccoon its a bloody big one

  136. caelan says:

    thats a dead dog

  137. ian says:

    i think it has cow hide and some other animal parts put together ppl do this a lot and do it for publicity and i am not saying it is fake nor real but you would be able to tell if you just took some skin test and inside test and dna if there are not doing this what are they doing with this “thing” i mean if come on use your brain ppl !

  138. ashley says:

    its defiantly a freaking dog. i mean someone probably killed it or something and threw it into the water and now its all gross.

  139. Zion says:

    sorry to say, but i think its fake because it just looks like a dead cow with its ear snipped and the flesh of the face cut away.

  140. Johanne says:

    What is the fuss about?? It’s a dog or whatever missing the front of the face… why are people so bored so they make a monster out og this?? Get a life…

  141. Anni says:

    I have read FAR too many rants on these comments and to the people who are criticizing the others who say this creature is abnormal SHUT THE FUCK UP! At least we have an imagination! Sure it is probably a raccoon or a dog or whatever but life is better when there is a bit of mystery in it so stop fucking ruining it for the rest of us!

    Jeez! -.-

  142. parish says:

    if its a raccoon than wat the hell is it doin in the damn ocean plus diff color fur. they all look weird as hell. we got such smart ppl these days. think outside the box not init

  143. Marissa says:

    This is no racoon, Coon’s have huge fucking canines and this doesnt, so dismiss it as a ‘Coon. Oh hell yes it comes from Plum Island, there are reports of people doing experiments on humans and animals alike at Plum Island and I have no doubt in my mind that this came from there.

  144. Nerd1234 says:

    I personally believe this is my mom after getting drunk

  145. Jidge says:

    Its an anteater that fell into the water and was carried by currents, probably trying to get at an ants nest on a seaside cliff. If you dont think its probable then go look at one on youtube and look at the skeletal structure of one.

  146. dedam says:

    it’s manbearpig… I’m serial

  147. Paul says:

    I for one believe that these things are washing up from Plum Island. Plum Island Animal Disease Center (PIADC) is a United States federal research facility dedicated to the study of animal diseases. It is part of the DHS Directorate for Science and Technology. It’s no secret. A lot of animal experiments are said to go on there as well. It doesn’t EVEN look like an ant eater.

  148. Mia says:

    I personally think it is a dog that was tossed into the ocean at some point near Montauk to dispose of. Now since there have been more than one appearance it sounds to me like someone is up to no good. Who knows why they may be throwing dogs in, but it appears that they are doing it regularly enough that they show up on Montauks beach. Many of the carcasses probably don’t make it to the beach as they decompose at sea and sink. It could possibly be some experiment gone wrong on Plum Island and was dumped at sea to dispose of. Who really knows? Who REALLY cares?

  149. Caitlin says:

    I think the second 2 are fakes due to the publicity of the first ones. i do agree that it has similiar features of a cow but size wise even though the picture doesnt show it well iw would have to be fairly small like maybe even smaller than a calf. Plum island is a god possibility but then again they are probably disposing of bodies properly due the fact that so many people have a problem with animal testing ( i for one do) i cant really say what it is but it definitely is interesting. all i know is in the last picture the skull is way too clean compared to other parts why is the skull so clean considering body fat content. i honestly believe that the last 2 “montauk monsters were placed i mean rally look at the difference in the creatures

  150. Cody says:

    Uhh i don’t think its a dog The Front end of its jaw is too far away from the teeth the Front kinda looks like a Beak SO i would say its a really messed up version of a Griffin

  151. Jon says:

    Cody i would have to disagree with you mainly because if you zoom in on the photo you can see holes in the skull where teeth should be. personally i think it is a canine animal, it might be a little bloated due to the water and little fish eating at the paws and face. i would have to see it myself in person to givea better judgement

  152. Emily says:

    I dunno, but one things for sure- never again will i read stuff like this while eating…

  153. amanda says:

    Personally im very spiritual, i believe this us a dormant hellhound and it will not be awakend until its time

  154. Beverly Bieber says:

    this ugly thing is not freekin real cuz u guys think it is an alien or of course a “montauk monster” think about the time that u asked daddy to check the closets for monsters, and when u asked mommy to take time to break her back looking under ur freeking crib. monsters arent real this is a freekin spam u should shut up and start looking at this video “freekin sick real faeries xD idk if thier real but watch the whole vid bcuz its notttt a dragon fly it has arms and legs watch it!

  155. kathi korbel says:

    it just looks like a dog…..or raccoon or sum other kinda reg animal…

  156. GO says:

    Plum Island ON Q!!! for sure!!! What the fu*k happend out there thes are r first clues…

  157. O.G says:

    Plum Island NO Q!!! for sure!!! What the fu*k happend out there thes are r first clues…

  158. lauren says:

    YOUR ALL RETARDED. im an artist, my boyfriend is an artist and a well rounded DIGITAL artist… that shits is PHOTOSHOPPED like no other. props to you nikki papers, you know your shit.

  159. lauren says:

    Dude…. looked up canine skulls on youtube, totally looks the same. And…. Just so you know, whoever the hell posted this crap. PLEASE STOP MAKING POSTS ON THE INTERNET ABOUT SICK PEOPLE WHO LEAVE THEIR DEAD DOG IN A BAG FOR A MONTH THEN PHOTOGRAPH IT ON THE BEACH! AWESOME! Honestly, i know you people are super stoked on your little geeky alien hunt, but you gotta stop. People are sick in the world, dont help. Also, photoshop is an amazing tool nowadays, you can really put skulls, teeth, and idiotic witch hunts together fairly easily. Anyone ever heard of liquify? or a polygon lasso? or even a correct feather. damn… I heard about all this shit a year ago, its people hoaxing you hard…. real hard…. rofl fucking copter.

  160. lauren says:

    also, guess what. im still convinced your an idiot.

  161. danielle says:

    if you look at a skull of a raccoon i compared them and its definitely a raccoon the skull is almost exactly the same as a raccoon especially the teeth

  162. johnathan burgess says:

    wtf thats so freaky and cool at the same time

  163. Heather says:

    This is creepy…. Have there been any discovered in 2011 ? I dont know if they come frm plum island. Or if they are coming from the atlantic. Do they have anything to do with the mass sealife deaths? kindof makes u wonder what is actually out there. They look like a cross between a pig and a rat to me

  164. Tommy says:

    That’s a canine. You can see the fingers on the front paws and as Jon said, it has space for teeth on the front of the skull too. The only thing I find to be a little unsettling is the shape of he skull, as it seems to be too straight on the top, lacking the classic “stop” dogs have, which defines their snouts. The thing here is that this may vary with the breed and we do not have any kind of size comparison to say which creature (if known) it could be.

    But yes, this is nasty.

  165. shelly says:

    i think this is some kind of large breed dog from the shape of the head and jaw structure

  166. Cody B. says:

    i think it is fake……..the bone looks too clean …..teeth are removed…..very similiar to a dog….. jugeding by the bone structer it looks to be the canine family…..what i think somebody wanted to get rid of a dog….killed it threw it in the water…where fish later ate part of its body…..then it washed up onto the shore

  167. Kimberlee says:

    Ya Know… To me it kinda looks like someone threw a rug over some dead animal and stuck a skull under it to look like the head. It also looks like some of the hair may have been glued on the pelt… I would have to see it n person to make better assumption. Skinning a cow without salting the under side and throwing the smelly hide over some object may do the job and solve the mystery of the Montauk Monster… Who knows… 🙂 Weird… Hmmmm?

    Kimberlee Darling

  168. sophia says:

    it kinda looks like a pigish animal due to the bloated body but i do agree that it is a canine due to the canine teeth

  169. justin says:

    any idiot thats states this is a cow, or dog clearly doesnt have any knowledge or concept of common sense, the fur and skin is nothing like that of a cow, its not an anteater if you look at the actual jaw structure and if you basing it on fur? which people have been, thats not quite anteater fur ahah along with the fact ive never seen a dog where its jaw and gumline was so far back and incased from the front of its mouth. OPEN UP YOUR MINDS PEOPLE, look at home many species weve discovered that are similar to others yet are diiferent creatures you wouldnt find a lion on the street and call it a tiger because one thing is similar….

  170. Mike says:

    They are obviously dogs, probably dumped, bloated by the water, face either removed or eaten.
    I’m assuming the Montauk Monster is similar in reality as the
    antelope-rabbit of the American southwest.

  171. Daniel Williams says:

    It’s interesting that most of the people that have left comments about this ‘Montauk Monster’ tried to pass it off as the corpse of a dog and in fairness it has similar features.

    This is what I would like to suggest that as the Planet Earth changes (evolves) so do the creatures that live on it and in it. We are entering a new spiritual age for humanity and as we evolve the Planet that created all that live on it changes too.

    There will be many new creatures in the seas and on the Earth.

    Also since many of the inhabitants of Hollow Earth have left the planet due to HAARP and our nuclear testing, the creatures that live inside the Earth (prehistoric animals even dinosuars) will begin to emerge and we are seeing some of them even now.

    One must accept that we do not ‘know’ the planet we live on and more will be revealed.

  172. mark says:

    looks like the carcuss of a german shepard dog

  173. mark says:

    someones german shepard dog

  174. Bob says says:

    I think that is you momma

  175. Bob says says:

    I don’t know what it is maybe a experiment gone wrong

  176. tamara says:


  177. Robyn says:

    Honestly, There are various equations to this picture. yes, it could be Photoshopped to look like something “weird” but honestly? you have to ask yourself this. Where are the pictures coming from? Honestly if it was real, wouldn’t the people who found it be talking? Posting and wanting to know what it is? Especially if this is the third account of this “monster” showing up especially on a beach. But there is only one person talking about it.

    whoever the hell said this was a raccoon? Needs to shoot themselves in the head. This is NOT a raccoon, The bone structure does not match in any way of that as a raccoon. it could be a mix breed of some sort. And yes, it could be a dog, like “jon” described. the bloating could be from the water, and the decay from the water as well. it depends on how long its been there and how it died.

    Honestly I don’t think its anything to worry about, its either someone playing some kind of hoaxes to get attention or there would be some kind of authority checking into the matter. And every time we see one, or hear about one, they are dead. So until this “unidentified species” comes to life, I wouldn’t worry.

  178. kiwi says:

    All the people who are saying that the skull looks canine haven’t looked closely enough. There are clearly teeth for grinding in the back of the skull. It’s an herbavore, whatever it is. Like a goat, or a horse. The whole thing seems like a compilation of different animals anyway.

  179. Jacob says:

    It looks like someone is a good taxidermist ;). To me it looks like the skull of a goat/dog with the front teeth knocked out the body seems to be a bigger species of Canine and the fur looks like that of a canine that lives in a colder climate originally. It has the thick, long fur and looks to have an undercoat as well. Maybe some sort of mountain dog? If it is real, sweet. If not, the people trying to copy the 1st monster need to learn to make a beak 😉

  180. Neico says:

    Nemyslím si že je to pes ani žádné jiné zvíře..samozřejmě nemůžeme tvrdit konečný soud,nějaké zvíře mohli ožrat ryby a zohavit oceán,ale spousta lidí to odsuzuje protože se bojí a je to jejich tvrezní.co když to ale není odsud?

  181. K says:

    new world order scientists doing mind control experiments by placing a herbivore jaw on a dog and using electronic stimulus to control brain functions. Top secret experiments in the furtherance of controlling humans through RFID chip implants.

  182. release date says:

    Wow! This could be one particular of the most useful blogs We’ve ever arrive across on this subject. Actually Fantastic. I’m also a specialist in this topic therefore I can understand your hard work.

  183. george says:

    yea that may have the jaw of a canine but the skull of a racoon. but you dont know if this is a monster that may just coincidently have these present like features of animals. for once why dont people actually believe that theres something out there waiting for us to discover. it also has a posibility of being photoshopped. all im saying is that i know that there are extraterrestrial beings out there.

  184. jamie says:

    i don’t really know what this is but you can tell that it doesn’t belong in water i have heard that people have been saying that its a raccoon but by the shape of the skull and the way the remaining paw looks it definitely isn’t they need some people to take a look at that i live nowhere near there but i wish i could take a look p.s. look at the holes in the skull that isn’t caused by fish and water

  185. james says:

    ohh that’s Weird,their head look’s like a bird’s head,and their bodies are desame with dog’s body.VERY WEIRD.Is it a true Monster???

  186. james says:

    ohh that’s Weird,their head look’s like a bird’s head,and their bodies are desame with dog’s body.VERY WEIRD.we can’t say that it’s just a accident,that it’s Not MONTAUK it’s a dog,NO ,because we did not know all living thing’s that god has created in this World,So It’s A Very Big Mystery not just for me,but for all of Us!!.

  187. samantha says:

    It has a head of a bird so it looks like a dog cross with a bird it almost looks like a griffen of a move but it is not and with all these people saying that it is a raccoon i think it something else of the uknown and also calling it a hellhound it can’t because how would that even exist you only see that in movies.

  188. brad says:

    definitely a racoon skull, you can see where the incisors and other front teeth were removed… here is a pic of a racoons skull. Make your own judgments but the similarities are there.

  189. DNA says:

    DNA a hair sample. Today’s technology will answer all your questions about this.

  190. john doe says:

    man all you people are stupid it’s a dog you can tell just by looking at and just because their is some fur missing doesn’t make it a monster f***ing retards

  191. me says:

    It is a goddamn cow.. -.-

  192. Fang says:

    Dont get me wrong Im all for new species and what not but this particular photo is a no go for me. I have yet to look at the others though so what I say does not apply to them. Now im sure some have gone against this but that is a canine. I work in a groomer shop and have seen a fair share.

    The back paw is a dead set for a canine paw. The back molars match with canine omnivore molars witht he two peaks and wide sides. The bottom jaw as well as the snout and the bridge of the nose match with a small canine jaw and the actuall canines and incisors have fallen out but their sockets would match those types of teeth. Also the person who mentioned the gum line being to low, I would like to address the plaque residue that would put the gum line mutch higher than you may think from the bare skull.

    Along with the subject of bones the legs bend in the same manner as well. The elbows move back and though this common for manny mammals it is valid for my point. I wish you had taken a picture of the other side, a view of the thigh and hips would have been helpful. But from what I can see the hips and spine as well are canine in nature.

    Further the fur looks canine as well, and believe me i have seen a lot of wet dog hair. At first the markings look like a cow but many dog or canine species have spotting like that on their skin despite what pattern appears on their fur.

    And when a body is drowned it floats and decays at a different rate in a different manner. This animal’s gut has even decayed and their is paling and bloating of the worn flesh. Though I have to admit the highly bleached skull set against so much remaining skin tissue on the torso is concerning. I am curious as to what may have caused that though I am sure the sun on the beach is powerful especially if the body’s breaching was rough enough to pull of the possibly loose and thinner flesh on the head.

    Now if anyone would like to call me out, go ahead. I honestly believe that nature defines what is possible and who says there isnt a new creature unseen around there, but this particular case is one of mistaken identity. Drowned things even humans are hard to deffine and alarming and I just want people not to exagerate and misID. Maybe you will find a new animal but this is not it. Respect the dead and give them a true name not a myth that titles them “monster”.

    Oh and I have one bit of advice. If you find something like this again take a sample and send it to a lab. Who knows it may show that you did find something and if not, well at least you know. And if you really want to find this ‘creature’ dont give up because one body isnt what you hoped, k? Keep looking out but proove your beliefe with evidence not vauge and misID bodies, its far more satisfactory in the end.

  193. Becky says:

    I know what it is!!!
    The skull, I would professionally guess looking from the picture (assuming the creature is the size of a medium – small dog), is a badger skull with the front insicors and canines taken out. Although this skull looks very.. plastic… to begin with. Much too white to have been ‘eaten’ or ‘washed away’. It would have to be chemically bleached to get that colour.
    Then, looking at the fur/skin combination, it certainly looks gruesome, but definatly not realistic. Again, if the ‘fur’ was to have been picked at or somehow rubbed off, the skin would have more pigments or ‘fleshy details’. It looks like the lining of a cows intestine :/ And if the excuse ‘it might be it’s skin with random patches of fur’ – look down at your body. Your hair is specifically there for a reason. There are no ‘random’ blothes on your body without good cause. The same applies to other mammals. They are furry EVERYWHERE (Except for those ugly hairless dogs due to human selective breeding) for a reason.
    Oh, and I love how the flesh ‘connecting’ the body to the skull is rounded – no open wound or evidence of there ever being any scavenging in the face – almost as if it healed over once it was dealt with 😉
    So, in conclusion – either it a hellhound from hell that collapsed from natural causes (Somehow, unlikely) or some college students felt like mixing up some meat and buying a plastic skull over the internet and had some fun 🙂

  194. Seth says:

    When I first saw the pics I was thinking it might be something real, but…. well look at the skull. It’s too white. If you’ve ever seen a naturally decayed skull it’s never that white more yellowed (even if it were in water). Although this would have been awesome if it were real there are just too many anomalies the skull color being the biggest.

  195. Jake says:

    Its obviously just a prehistoric dog that got messed up and washed up on the beach

  196. Dani says:

    It’s deffinately not a racoon, ya they can get pretty big but not like that whoever says it’s a racoon they are blind. As someone mentioned the body does look like that of a dog but the weird thing is is the beak like thing which if you look closely in comparison to what seems to be ears at the top of the head, no eye sockets are visible only the bone structure. Not just that but it’s clean and the only part where the bone is visible. I say to really determine if it’s real take pictures from ever angle not just from one side and a little above, analyzation to be best accurate doesn’t work like that and to make this seem more legit should have been done with more care, nice attempt though.

  197. YA Righ says:

    Ok soo yall must not be country folk.. Other wise u would notice that its a dog.. Yes a dog.. How do i know.. First off look at the head.. yes the face is missing but notice the teeth how they are pointed now look at ur dogs teeth and compare.. Notice it has jointed toes that are only jointed in 2 places. Again like a dog.. Its not a damn raccoon…. its a dog that was possible washed over in the ocean and was killed by a shark or some other sea creature or it died and was munched on by sea creatures. If u notice the back legs were ripped off.. and they fur is missing almost all over his body.. It’s a dog not a raccoon or a Montauk monster. Beside if it was why doesn’t it look like the other ones?? Again its a dog..On the second picture u can see his second leg.. Again notice the toes and a K-9 tooth..

  198. Nichole says:

    look at the skull…now look up pics of a bare cow skull…its a fucking cow….

  199. hope says:

    the therd montauk monster is a dog or more spasific a german sheperd the first montauk monster is a raccoon but im not sure about the second one though

  200. hope says:

    when somthing dies the color of the skin whitens plus u dont know how long the animal has been dead if salt water is left on skin or bone it graduly bleaches it to the poimt were it will look like that plus ur hair graduly falls leaving bald spots

  201. william says:

    Okay. The first pic clearly has a beak and leathery skin, while the supposed third pic is clearly a cat that has decomped. You can see the skull and the “creature” has teeth and multicolored fur.

  202. Kristi says:

    anyone take into account that this guy supposedly has been the first to capture all the montauk monsters?

  203. Martina says:

    It looks like a goat to me.

  204. JEremy says:

    it looks like cow mixed with a fox and also mixed with a horse!! ooo its a _____?>>>???

  205. Amber says:

    I think it IS a dog…maybe it was horribly mutated. Maybe after being born mutated it was found to NOT be resistant to mange. It may have died from another disease and was set to be buried. The tide could have come in and made quicksand out of the place where the creature was buried or washed it out….something to dig up the dead body using waves. Since the scientists thought it was taken care of they wouldn’t go looking for it…

    If you’ve ever seen some of the mutations humans go through then you’d realize that either through genetic experimentation or even selective breeding or radiation mutation a dog CAN be altered to look more raccoonish…think about genetically crossing a chihuahua and a raccoon. you can do it in a petrie dish and if you find a suitable surrogate mother you can have it born. Who says it has to live very long?

    These are all things to consider…it’s possible that these creatures developed in the wild and haven’t been discovered yet. new species are being discovered every day.

    also: cows and goats have hooves. not paws. derp.

  206. John says:

    If you were actually interested in this animal, you would take your balls out of your back pocket, put some gloves on, and show us this god damn thing at many different angles. Then after you got extensive visual documentation on it, you would bring it to a COLLEGE PROFESSOR who specializes in mammals or whatever category of academia this would fall under, and have him tell you wtf it is.

    The very fact that you never seem to actually DIG IN and really intensely investigate this thing, is evidence for anyone with an I.Q. over room temp. that this is all just a bunch of horse shit. If someone really found something like this, you REALLY think they would just LEAVE IT THERE? No, they would take it, bring it somewhere, and try to get credit for finding a new fucking species. You, sir, are full of shit. You know it, and I know it.

  207. lily says:

    i think its a buffalo that got ate bye something

  208. Grim says:

    ok first of all on the third one. no disrespect to anyone. but. the skull looks like it is made of plastic. secondly just in case i was mistaken. from the body structure it appears to be an abused dog. the stomach is ripped open. the right hind leg has been amputated. the toes on the right front paw have been seriously deformed or adjusted. my guess is that this one is a dog. look very closely at this picture of the 3rd one and a picture of a dog. notice the simular charictiristics of the two. as i said in the begining. i mean no disrespect to the photographer nor to anyone affiliated with this website. that is only my opinion. i will not and can not say if it is real. i can only say what i can see

  209. Tobias says:

    I don´t think that it is a racoon, but it can be an animal there is mutatet by radiation and it leavs to another thing. Why is there only found dead montauk´s? And if it is caused by radiation why does they look like each other? It can be a start of a new species. Hwo knows?

  210. aleks says:

    First off its a damn dog. The skull is real, and if its not people are retarded and have too much time on their hands to find skulls from one dead animal or a fake skull and then find a decomposing body of a dog and place the skull precisely inside it. And those are not spots, the white is skin, some of the fur has simply washed away. Look more closely. DONE.

  211. Nano says:

    I could write afew hundred paragraphs on why its fake, as real as some parts of it look, but there is a real obvious and stupid reason that shows its fake. If it were real, would we only have one picture of this specific corpse? And wouldnt the scientists be reaserching this thing? Even though if it was real all reserch would be done in private, but scientiss would definatly give some confermation of how fake it was if it was real to keep people from being nosey. AND THINK ABOUT IT! if it was a dog or raccoon or something or even a myserious monster creaure, Do you see anything that proves its adativity to water in his picture? if they all washed up in the same place it would mean they lived there, right? so that takes away the posiblity of an island were it lives that just happens to be undiscoverd. And for anyone with an ‘alien'(losers) claim, it resembles to many well know creatures to from someplace else. Its obiously a fake photo, along with the rest.

  212. JAMES says:

    at first i thought that it was a chupacabra but i took a closer look and thought it was a fox or wolf but then realized that it must be the montauk monster for the idiots out there who think thats a raccon get you f***ing eyes checked

  213. bailey says:

    it looks like the mouth has severely decomposed a as opposed to the rest of its body. It is some sort of animal we know of, we just can’t tell from the pictures. I think it is a dog with some sort of disease. Its not it to the pictures of the chupacabra it is what had happened to wild dogs with a severe case of mange.

  214. Jason says:

    I, for one, agree with John. in my opinion this “new monster” looks like a dog.

  215. Jack says:

    From the shape & size of the creature, it’s likely too say that this thing that might have been a regular animal isn’t any more, but there’s also a chance that it wasn’t a regular animal too begin with considering the physical anatomy of the creature, I believe that this thing should be considered as one of two things. it should either be classifeied asa a genetic mutation, otherwise known as an experiment gone wrong, or the second option could be that this creature is a failed B.O.W, but at the moment those seem like the only two options

  216. sam says:

    the skull looks fake,its to white and clean.also thats defininatly a dog.the body structure is that of a dog which must have been seriously abused

  217. Jimmy-boy says:

    Definitely some kind of dog. googled ‘dog skull’ and found immediately many very similar skulls. there’s a lot of species and this is probably one of them. If you’re thinking “that doesn’t look like any dog I’ve ever seen!” that is because it’s dead and bloated, and has lost a lot of it’s skin. Dead creatures exposed to water and possibly other creatures feeding off them will look very bad very fast. The fur fits(if it covered the whole body), the skull is almost identical to several types of dogs, and the paws are also very similar, just feel your dogs paws and feel it’s skeleton, identical.

  218. TheMontaukMonster says:

    i am the 4. Monster . You think we are Monsters ? No no we are´nt Monsters. We live at the ground of the ocean .

  219. noaheadshot says:

    the skull looks plastic and 2 get a skull that white uve got 2 boil it cuz bones yellow this obviously fake

  220. Ginger Kay says:

    Look at the skeletons of the capabarra…a water rodent species that has gone wild in the southern part of the us. It has adapted too well to its new envirnment. It came from argentina . Someone brought it here to breed and sell ,I think for meat. Then let them loose on purpose or not. Capabarra(not sure of the spelling)in argentina have hairy coats….maybe these are mutated or toxin created branches of them???

  221. xistinme says:

    its blatently a dead dog. look at the feet you mongs

  222. Sian says:

    I am not a scientist. but it might be that face, feet/hands, and genitals of this dog may have decomposed first or have been eaten first by bacteria or other small organisms living in the ocean. Thats why it looks so funky.

    Well what is it?
    Is it just a dead dog that might have drown or is it an animal carcass from plum island?
    I dont see any mutation to this animal at all.

    I just find it curious that the ears are still there while the face hands and genitals seem to have been removed, almost appear to be cut off. Is there some creepo out there who would do such a grotesque thing to mans best friend? or is it just natural decomposition?

    I dont know. but it probably just decomposed that way.

    I am very interested in plum island.
    and if any of you are also then check out this video on youtube

    it seems pretty legitimate.

    But for all of you who are asking wheres the police and scientists, they are probably doing their jobs and not interested in dead dogs.

    I dont think this is fake but I dont think it is a monster.
    I think it is a dead dog.

    I really hope its real and natural, not that some weirdo did this for attention.

    Also bones can be bleached naturally. and salt water probably helps. doesnt look fake at all.

  223. right says:

    the skull is definitely a sheep, the body is probably a sheep as well. the skull has no flesh or meat on it at all, but the body is still completely covered in hair… gimme a break.

  224. kuu says:

    i thought it was a sheep as well, but the skull has some teeth missing. blah blah, words, words.

    then i looked for as much foot as I can. it has stumpy paws, and some of the toe flesh rots off.

    then it is at a bad angle. I can’t see the back feet well.

    and the biggist thing, is the hair. that is not sheep hair

    and the eyes are to close to the snout to be a sheep.

    it is another raccoon. the forlimbs look to short for a dog.

    the body is wide and chunky.×361.jpg here is a roasted raccoon coon skull

  225. kuu says:

    yarg. right. that is right. the legs are to long for a raccon.

  226. JAY GREGGORY says:

    Its a raccoon u fuckin idiots. u r just a perfect example of simple minded fucks. this world is deffinately at a decline for common sense, ur ancestors would be so proud that u can simple identify the unmistakable color of the fur or even the skull type and body shape. for all u people who didnt think it was amonster ur a little smarter then the rest but ur still fuckin idiots…its a cat…its a dog…go to fuckin school u dumb fucks. andto the fuck head who made this video grow a god damn pair and go outside once u stupid mother fucker. hope u r the smartest one on here… andu idiots that think this fucker has a beak…the nose is soft tissue much like the feet, decomposing first and much faster due to the salt water, the skull becomes exposed, jesus christ u fucking idiots lol

  227. katymon says:

    Oh and the nose isn’t short and broad enough to be a cats, and it isn’t the shape of a dog’s either. It’s neither of those fucking things. It’s a damn freak and several of them have been washing ashore in the last few years.

  228. omar says:

    This jaw is for a Herbivorous animal, this is a normal goat with the face skin taken off.

  229. Banana says:

    Easy, that’s a raccoon dog. Domestic dogs and wolves do not have that kind of dentition. The molars have only two points, whereas dogs’ teeth have three. Compare the back teeth of the carcass to the teeth of the raccoon dog’s skull here: Now, look at the teeth on this dog skull and notice the difference: The molars are completely different. Here is a link to a living raccoon dog to compare the fur of the carcass with: Also, for those of you claiming that it’s a goat must be missing somehow that the animal in the photos distinctly has non-retractable claws. Last I checked, goats had hooves. Oh, and herbivores do not possess teeth like this animal. Goat skull: The general shape of the goat’s skull is vastly different from that of the carcass. So conclusion: this is the carcass of a raccoon dog

  230. ... says:

    Do you conspiracy nuts realize what happens to a corpse in water?



    It’s a fucking Raccoon, the Montauk Monster has already been disproved, and they preformed a necropsy on the Panama Creature, which turned out to be a Brown Throated Sloth.

  231. Dealer says:

    New photographs, above, have been published of the Montauk Monster, which allegedly washed up on a beach in Montauk. These photos are by Christina Pampalone.