Jenna Hewitt: New Picture Released!

A few days after the first picture was released to the media, Jenna Hewitt came forward with another image of the Montauk Monster. For all those people who were skeptical about the first picture, the 2nd confirms that Montauk Monster is real. When I viewed the monster myself, I saw it at this angle.

Some people think that the first picture was altered on Photoshop. What about this picture? It’s the exact same specimen at a different angle. It was taken at the same time of day and the markings in the sand are the same.

I believe that Jenna Hewitt has more pictures of the Montauk Monster. She probably has a memory card full of them! I’m sure more will surface in time as she’s waiting for the right amount of money for the release of the next.

montauk monster jenna hewitt

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