Jenna Hewitt: New Picture Released!

A few days after the first picture was released to the media, Jenna Hewitt came forward with another image of the Montauk Monster. For all those people who were skeptical about the first picture, the 2nd confirms that Montauk Monster is real. When I viewed the monster myself, I saw it at this angle.

Some people think that the first picture was altered on Photoshop. What about this picture? It’s the exact same specimen at a different angle. It was taken at the same time of day and the markings in the sand are the same.

I believe that Jenna Hewitt has more pictures of the Montauk Monster. She probably has a memory card full of them! I’m sure more will surface in time as she’s waiting for the right amount of money for the release of the next.

montauk monster jenna hewitt

Chicago Tribune Montauk Monster

Geekologie’s Article: Turtle Without a Shell?

Scientific American’s Opinion of The Monster

The Montauk Monster and the best cryptids of all-time

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41 Responses to “Jenna Hewitt: New Picture Released!”

  1. Albert says:

    This is definately a tortoise without a shell. I dont care what you say, I’m studying to become a marine biologist

  2. Mallory says:

    Better study a bit harder, Albert, because turtles most certainly do not shed their entire shell, no matter how long they’ve been dead — Not without their spine popping out as well.

    Good luck becoming a marine biologist, buddy. 😀

  3. dev_masta0 says:

    how is it a turtle it deosnt have a beake and looke at its hands plus it wouldnt look tht way becuse its shell wouldnt have come off with out messin up its back

  4. Brian says:


  5. robot says:

    Albert are you blind? do tortoises have hands grow fur or have tails? NO! ok guys this is nothing more than a beaver!

  6. steve says:

    Its a dog! hasnt anyone ever seen a dog carcass decomposing before, Its amazing how many stupid people there are. Marine Biologist whatever! Turtles that have canine teeth? get a grip dude

  7. Heather says:

    I believe this Christina persons pics are the fake ones. They look nothing like the original and did this Christina person pick this monster up and turn it over??

    I happen to know Jenna Hewitt and have seen the pics on her camera. She has two pictures, thats all!!

  8. shannon says:

    Poor Albert! From this picture it is 99% obvious that it is not a turtle without a shell. The new pictures confirm that 100% because about a quarter of the animal is still covered in fur. Clearly this is a decomposing, bloated dog with some sort of damage to it’s nose. And as for the new pics, I think it is quite possible that someone WOULD turn this over to get a better look and if you look at the sand around the red skinned ones you see that the sand has been disturbed, so perhaps the Christina ones were taken first and the Jenna ones taken after it was rolled.

  9. Jeremy says:

    yall all are crazy this is just christina and jenna just trien to be on tv and become famous its probably just made out of clay or something but its obviously not a turtle.

  10. tay says:

    umm wow…. it is a dog it looks like but nooo turtle!! but my quetoin is y is the pictures soo different and idk if this is a doq or wat but som1 culd of easliy put too way differnt breeds or sumthing and let them “breed” and possabily got freaked out by wat this THING looks like. and dumped it into the water…obulously niether of these to r rite….and its rediculous with all of you fighting and complaining about how hes not rite and shes not rite……its stupid…and im not saying im rite but i mean realy look at it and tell me it doesnt look like a dog bloated up because of being in the water 2 long… just saying i think these 2 girls r waisting their time saying all this crap about 1 another.i mean those pictures do look different but who knows i mean we wernt there to judge it. and i think this jeremy dude is rite…they r just tryina gte on t.v. because they want money and to rub it in each others face…and yeah its stupid…and why they do these things i have noo clue but 1…..they probably r jealous because they kno they r both probaboly wrong but they wannah win juss to rub in the other ones face… i mean reali is it worth it!? well this chikkah is outah hea!!!

  11. Jamie says:

    Its a bloated coon carcass. In the close up photos on the other sites you can see the guard hairs of a coon on the front left leg. And I have a question for the biologist, how many tortoises have you seen with canine teeth and floppy ears?

  12. jj solari says:

    it looks like michelle obama. let me check with maxim magazine to be sure. they’re the experts on her.

  13. vikki krupp says:

    To Albert,You say you are studying to be a marine biologist? Well, you will need tons more schooling. First..a tortoise? At the Beach? Come on now… .turtles live in the water not tortoise’s
    Next… look at the mouth… you see fangs and teeth… neither a tortoise or a turtle have any teeth. You are not very smart marine biologist student….HA!

  14. Cedric Rhodes says:

    Ok keep studying , a tortoise/turtle has an exoskeleton as well as an endoskeleton but the two are integrated thusly it’s impossible for a turtle to come out of it’s shell , stop using cartoons as educational fact. My semi-educated guess would be canine.

  15. Vonqueuqe says:

    I dunno. This one is tough.
    but you never know. ??
    i could be anything

  16. yaya guardian says:

    this is not a dog people!!!!!!!!!!!!…………. this is not a sea turtle ….. racoon maybe……. ok but think about this i really think this is scary!!!!!!!! MAYBE ALIENS DO EXIST!!!!!!!!!! ….. X-FILES

  17. Alleigh says:

    I don’t really think it is a dog. But something of the canine species. Not a racoon. It looks to large. So not a turtle. No flippers, it has teeth, and it has ears not holes. Not a tortise for the same reasons. Not the same feet, teeth, no shell, and they would never loose a shell in a whole without beeing ripped out and having their spine protruding. It looks like some sort of primate based solely on the primative hands. It looks in pain as it had washed up. If you look closley it has a cloth or seaweed or maybe just fur wrapped or tied to it’s front right limb. Plum Island animal testing?

  18. Alleigh says:

    I am sorry tay, but you’re spelling mistakes are really bugging me. Question, could, possibly, right, ridiculous, wasting, and chica. Really please try to spell correctly. It just rubs me the wrong way.

  19. Sin says:

    I think it could be a raccoon. If it was in the water for sometime I think it would bloat up and it would be decomposing so the fur would fall off or something. Mutated raccoon? haha I don’t know. In another picture it kind of looks like its half dog, half pig or something. Its supposively around 2 feet long. Whatever it is, its friggin ugly and I’d never want to come across it in person. lol

  20. Mike says:

    I think Albert has gotten the point, he was too hung over or tortoise day in biology nevertheless its definitely not a turtle or tortoise or a racoon it was aprox. 3 ft long. canine species is as good a guess as anything but examine closely at the appendges they are more finger like than paws, also it has more of a snout indicating pig natured facial structure. the frame of the rear portion leads me to believe it stood on its rear legs. the proportion of the body adds to this.
    Here is a conspiracy theory for you to munch on: Plum island is a research and development facility just off montauk beach. There they study the effects of diseases on animals and vaguely make reference to the gentic alterations of animals. Also the current patterns would have carried it straight to montauk beach. What if this is gentically engineered and escaped. It would explain why homeland security was brought in to secure the island……. lets ponder that.

  21. Paul says:

    Alright, it seems that most of the body is not that out of the ordinary but the most extraordinary and mysterious part of this carcass is the head with the beak and teeth. People are saying it is a coon but the only problem would be that even coons do not have a bird-like pointy beak. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was an undiscovered animal or maybe by the stretch of my imagination, an alien ship landed, their pet fido went out for a stretch and took off and drowned in the waters and the aliens could not save it or find it and decided to leave. LOL…

  22. whatever says:

    well ive been reading your comments and a couple of you are right the corpse are diffrent the first one no one really knows just theore. second one is a pig you can tell by the ears and fur and feet do submit another comment if im wrong

  23. Misty says:

    Okay, not that I’m some kind of experts on decaying animals, but clearly these pictures are of two different creatures. THe one that’s lighter in color(more of a blue-ish tone) is clearly a dog. It doesn’t have a beak at all. Just an exposed nasal cavity. The other creature in my opinion does not resemble a dog. If you look closely at it’s feet, it doesn’t have paws. Its feet look something more like a water animal would have. It would have helped if the photograhers could have taken more photos. What the hell?….One photo of the whole body at a distance. That alone is fishy. Why wouldn’t they take photos of every angle. pick up it’s foot and snap a shot, turn it on it’s back and snap a shot, etc. It makes it seem as though they want us to believe this is some odd unknown creature, but that it really isn’t, and they are taking advantage of the photos that make it seem that way. Somebody out there does know what this creature is. Or the alternative is that it is an undiscovered animal. Why has there not been more news coverage since. I know someone did an autopsy on that thing to figure out what it is. So why have we heard nothing more since?….??????

  24. wtf we found one in jordan says:

    wow we also find one…..but it was all white………..! we all run away
    and the next day we didnt find it….!

  25. Dani says:

    It is definatley not a dog, not a racoon, not a turtle. The traits the animal has is not anywhere related to any of these. It is definatley an animal we have no information about. I think the best way to find out what the animal is and where it came from is to run tests on the new carcass that has just been found. The only negative thing is that the two carcasses are very different.

  26. i'm right says:

    This is clearly a genetic mutation. It’s probably a lot of what you guys are saying all rolled into oneexcept the turtle/tortoise idea..WTF?? Probably started out as a dog. My guess, mutation, and the one to blame is Dr. Moreau.

  27. Beachbound says:

    It’s a poo poo head!

  28. Bingananus says:

    I bet someone that lives in Asia can tell you if it is a dog or not from the cuisine and other abuses they do to dogs there but everyone turns a blind eye to but if you’re black in the usa you can get lynched for mistreating dogs…sorry im off subject

  29. Amy says:

    That is not a dog or a tutle. Look at the hands/feet. I believe the racoon thing more than anything I have read so far. Take a very close look at the front feet. They are more like tiny hands, like that of a racoon,possum (my spelling is a bit off tonight) I wouldn’t rule out some type of monkey even. I have been around dead animal carcasses alot in my life and I have also raised many wild animals and have seen first hand the decomposing nature of dogs,turtles,racoons,and most any domestic animal you can think of.
    In my opinion yes it is similar to that of a racoon corpse. Not knowing how long the animal has been decomposing or if it is in the surf makes it harder to determine what exactly it is.

  30. cc says:

    People, we really have to be open to the fact that this may be a whole new species of animal that we are just now discovering or possibly one that we thought to be extinct. It clearly resembles a couple of different species; but does not entirely look identicle to any of them! This body shape and size paired with this unusual looking beak is truly curiously amazing; and with the color variation between the first two carcuses, I would definately not think it would be a turtle.

  31. cajunmom says:

    I can undrestand how it could be mis-identified as a nutria, but I live on a bayou in southern Louisiana, and there are tons of nutria here. I have problems with them messing up my flower beds. They have big front teeth, like a beaver (to eat roots of trees and other vegetation). These teeth are a very bright orange. (like orange soda). In all of the pics that I’ve seen here, those teeth are not that of a nutria.

  32. john o'shea says:

    god damn it its my missus (ex missus) cause she is one ugly son of a bitch these days and im pretty sure id rather wake up with that than her oh no its not her the monster thing doesnt have enough fur on it to be her my bad

  33. marcjeremi says:

    what is wrong with you people its a F&?*&ing turtle with out a shell , people have to stop this none sense , selling turtle shell its not nice i have seen how its done it brutal .
    and for you dom doms that think its a montauk monster !!! wow jesus insted start a club for stoping this nonsense of turtle abuse . kids think its funny to snap the off the turtle shell so you dom doms can go around the web posting this ..

  34. Donnie Hoyle says:

    Wow, it’s amazing what you can do with photoshop these days!

  35. Al says:

    Here’s what it’s not: A raccoon, a turtle/tortoise, rodent, a dog, a sheep, or a sloth. I think it’s a… (I can’t believe no one’s guessed this yet) BEAR WITH AN UNUSUALLY LONG TAIL AND FINGERS! According to the flipped over pictures, it had light brown fur when it was alive. perhaps all of it’s thick fur fell off and only a bit of it’s underfur remains. Also, it’s backside is a bit bigger than it’s front, not uncommon in bears. Also, we know that it can’t be a raccoon because it’s legs are too long in proportion to the body, but this looks about right for bears.

  36. James says:

    wow you all fail..thats obviously a project scientists are working on trying to create a gryphon. you know, the mythical creature or its an area 51 project that is gonna help in warfare to save humans form dying more and let those fight for us. god ur all stupid.

  37. rocket says:

    Don’t you people know anything about genetic manipulation? Ever heard of a liger? did you ever stop to think that this poor creature is a result of a nazi dna experiment? look at it, it was most likely ALL of those animals made in some test tube lab by insane military nazi scientists. I wouldn’t be surprised if the sickos even put some human dna mixed with it. nice try on the guessing game though.

  38. cj says:

    this is crazy

  39. cj says:

    its mouth it looks like a eagles beak

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