2010 Montauk Monster Discovered! Silver Sands Beach, CT.

montauk monster 2010

It’s my honor and pleasure to announce that a Montauk Monster discovery was made this weekend by Linda Ingmanson on Silver Sands Beach in Milford, CT. Linda and her husband were walking on the beach when they found a mutated creature that bared resemblance to the Montauk Monster of recent years.

I received an Email from Linda Ingmanson on Sunday morning (10/3) explaining the details.

See below:

montauk monster real

I had a brief phone conversation with Linda yesterday afternoon to verify her story and learn more about the details of her discovery. She noted that the creature was bloated, stocky, and looked nothing like anything she’s seen before. Linda said that the creature had an odd “sweet smell” which puzzled her as the Montauk Monster is notorious for smelling like “rotten garbage”. Linda and her husband did not attempt to remove the decaying carcass from the beach as they feared that it may be diseased.

montauk monster real

I did not have a chance to make a trip to Silver Sands Beach to see the beast with my own eyes. I encourage all interested parties in Milford, CT to search for the rotting and bloated carcass and inform authorities.

montauk monster silver sands

We may still have an opportunity to bring the remains to a laboratory for testing before the mutated beast is washed back to sea. This may be our only chance to determine what the creature really is; drawing a possible link to the other carcasses that have been discovered with respect to origins from Plum Island.

The search for the Montauk Monster is officially on!

Kind regards,

Nicky Papers

29 Responses to “2010 Montauk Monster Discovered! Silver Sands Beach, CT.”

  1. Hector Nicassio says:

    Man, it looks like a rotting hybrid porkchicken from the year 5,000. What the hell is that?????????

  2. Jobu Danish says:

    Awesome news!! Nice photos too! … and strange that it is sweet smelling …

    Perhaps if living ones are found, they could be raised as a food source … “Montauk Monster – the sweet meat treat!”

  3. sarah thompson says:

    Well im in the UK so cannot go check it up .
    Theres got to be a link with Plum Island …..I hope someone did manage to retrieve the carcass so we can get to the bottom of this mystery.

    That carcass looks like semi pig , but the head/skull is not like a pigs.
    Hybrid or a mutation i think
    Thanks for the story .

    Please someone in USA update if any more news

  4. Pat... says:

    It is not mutated. Stop referring to is as mutated. It is simply a decaying dead raccoon.

  5. Tia says:

    Wow! I’m excited that another one has shown up. Totally bizzare, yet wayy cool at the same time. Can’t wait for the next update!

  6. Chimpazilla says:

    Wow… It looks like it’s been “mutilated” like some of the cattle that are found… head skin removed, feet removed, and holes where genitals and anus should be. The edges of the holes appear to be cut precisely, same as the cows. Very freaky indeed.

  7. Punx Phil says:

    That appears to be a groundhog.

  8. WhiteRoseMaiden says:

    … all of these that don’t look like dead otters, wild boar, or possums just look like dog corpses that are missing half of their teeth. I’m sure that there are irresponsible dog owners out there who take their labradors for boat rides and get wasted and don’t even notice that the dog isn’t on board until they go back to dock. These people are not likely to come forward about allowing their dog to drown in the ocean. I worked as a vet tech for two years and have seen several X-rays of dog skulls, and the very first “beaked” picture just looked like exposed bone from the nose with the upper teeth missing.
    I’m not saying that there aren’t strange things out there- as I think that there are. But these are just dead animals. Recognizable dead animals.
    Keep looking. Never give up! But don’t be a sucker either.

  9. louis cataldi says:

    what the hell is that ugly thing but what about the human mutated body that was found

  10. Raul says:

    wow this stuff is so cool!!!!

  11. Zenoah says:

    I almost want to say it’s a canine of some sort, but I could be wrong. Whatever it was, it seemed to have lost its front paws. Its back feet, I have no idea what’s going on there…
    Whatever this is, it’s quite an interesting creature.

  12. daniel rich says:

    does anyone else think it as a resemlance to a sea otter

  13. Troy21324 says:

    dead turtle -_-

  14. Donna says:

    I totally agree with WhiteRoseMaiden’s comment.

  15. TheMontaukMonsterSpecialist says:

    that is not a otter its a Montauk Monster its a mixed animal from the science house in my asshole
    its a fucking animal…

  16. Laura says:

    it must be resemlance sea otter

  17. Chai says:

    its a pokemon !!!! lol looks like a PIG

  18. sophie says:

    its a skunk whos hair decayed in the sea just like the ‘monster’ in panama. -__-

  19. montauk hater says:

    ew……. it’s like a rotten huge chicken gross………

  20. JLA says:

    Actually, I’m pretty sure the first guy got it. It’s a skunk. Check this out:

  21. Tiffy says:

    omg wth is that thing?!it’s creepin me out!!alot of bony places.it bares a resembalence 2 an otter,but looks like a raccoon hybrid.freaky.the scariest think i saw is montauk monster #3.it looks like a husky dog.poor thing 8(

  22. You guys are idiots says:

    Come on guys, I know a lot of the conspiracy theories are very likely fact; but investigating the carcasses of dead bloated animals? You’re going to catch something. You guys need hobbies…

  23. hi there says:

    it looks like a sheep to me

  24. MESSENGER says:

    hi , could it be possible that this beast – sea rat – hybrid racoon – etc. could be *** the beast of the sea *** spoken in the bible ??? i watched nat. geo. special today 8 – 6 -2011 on montauk – monster and found it to be something looking differant than these photos , with *** FINGERS *** like a human on it*s front paws , teeth like a dog , with a gargyole like head , a racoons head comes to a point – like some of the pictures posted here !!! the beast of the sea in the bible was to be slain – killed – destroyed , is this the *** CARCASSE *** for the world to SEE ???? out of the SEA ???? food 4 thought peace

  25. Agent Fox says:

    Wow… Its just dogs or other canines that lost their lives in the sea. The bodies ar fat because of being in the water so long and the fur withhered with decay over time. Im most of the pictures, you can actually tell what the dog would have looked like.

    Just sayin…

  26. rene hörter says:

    was ist das Mutierte ein Wasser teufel kann mann es Nennen ja so nennen wir es alle mal Okay ? Stellt es in( YouTube Den Wasser-Teufeln vielen dank

  27. Bob Chase says:

    I just viewed pictures of dead Nurtia that washed up on a beach on the Gulf after the recent hurricanes. There is a strong resembelance there.

  28. KiraNJ says:

    I think it looks like a waterbloated possum