The Clapsadle Carcass: New Pictures Exposed.

This is a exclusive.

It’s been a few weeks since the “Clapsadle Carcass” emerged on the beach in New London, CT. Upon discovery by the Clapsadle family, very little has been discussed as to where the beast is or who is performing the research on it. It seems apparent that these monsters are real and being handled accordingly by authorities.

I was able to get my hands on some rare pictures of the “Clapsadle Carcass”. This beast looks much different from the original Montauk Monster pictures that were discovered earlier this summer. Loren Coleman of has appropriately named the bloated carcass. (Alliteration baby!) Seriously, what a great name for it?

An active member of member (sausage1) felt the same:

“I love this story for two reasons. First, we have explanations ranging from sheep to raccoon, from big cat to various sea mammals, which must say something about pinning an animal ID down when the circumstances are just slightly out of the ordinary. Second, the name “Clapsadle”. What a great name! The next time someone sees a badly coiffured mendicant after a night on the pop and says ‘I tell ya it was bigfoot!’ you can say ‘aw, Bob, have a day off, will ya, stop clapsadlin”

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What could this bloated creature be?
Clapsadle Carcass

Clapsadle Carcass

Clapsadle Carcass

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92 Responses to “The Clapsadle Carcass: New Pictures Exposed.”

  1. Geovana says:

    Well,regardless of what your opinion is of what this cruteare is,it is a mystery. I personally think there is some experimental testing going on somewhere(and not just because I have been watching FRINGE lately;) But,it possibly could be a turtle without a shell,but if this is the second one in less than a year,what are happening to turtles out there that they are losing their shells? Raccoon?Dog? Pig? Okay,well,why are they showing up in this condition and from where?I just hope this one wont magically disappear like the first one ..

  2. liiii says:

    it is a raccoon

  3. scott says:

    its a water dog

  4. Michael says:

    I think its a Raccoon

  5. Elmo0 says:

    I have no clue what this thing is but it look very gross and eww but it does sort of look like a sheep because in the 1st picture it looks like the skin just came off the skull

  6. mike says:

    I think that our goverment is crossing alien animals with our own

  7. michael says:

    in my opinion it looks a lot like a three-toed sloth.

  8. Chinese says:

    It’s just a big mess of meat and bones.
    Everything alive in this world dies, like this kind of psychedelic
    animal, so i dont care if is a dog, a seal or a dinossaur.
    It’s just dead meat for vultures!
    But it would be amazing to see an animal like this alive.

  9. scar says:

    this is crazy what is this

  10. richie says:

    well the pictue is a sea lion a male one it had indivudal flippers in front and back they can walk on color is faided due to the sun “of course”

  11. Terance says:

    im pretty sure its a sheep. what i keep wondering whenever these pictures show up you never see the feet or hands. you can usually tell if its a barnyard animal or whatever by its feet. i bet if you look closely it has hooves

  12. 666 calls you says:

    THAT ONE IS OBVIOUSLY A SHEEP! it even has still most of its wool!
    they probably replaced its skull with something else so everyone would wonder…

  13. juli says:

    @ emily:
    i think it’s from monsanto

  14. Emmet says:

    I think the second one was a pig, and the third one is a sheep. They’re all very bloated ofcourse and most of the skin/ fur has fallen off, but I’m pretty certain.

  15. shayne says:

    it’s a headless pig carcass and a bear skull.

  16. aira says:

    wtf r u retarded! raccoons arent that big!!! that thing is huge!

  17. Mizz Jamezsterrr says:

    wellll…. i think that it is just a big fat FAKE….
    but thats just me…

  18. Emily says:

    your all very clever…
    1:that isnt a sea lion, they have flippers.
    2:there isnt any sheep wool so i dont know what your talking about
    3:sheep dont have fangs.
    4:and its ass is way too big for a dog and a racoon.
    There is an animal testing facility along the coast, and where did you think all their dead patients go? the ocean. and the animal is bloated, being dead does that to you. and i have reason to believe that this animal has been sliced and burned and had done what you cant even imagine (thats animal testing for you.) So get a DNA test, get some professionals and stop making stupid guesses…sheeps and goats? with fangs? yeah i’ll believe that when i see it.

  19. jackie says:

    it looks like the head of a bush dog shoved into the body of another animals body.

  20. mike says:

    the real picture of the montauk monster was the body carcass of a prehistoric animal that’s body was able to withstand the pressure of the water for all of these years

  21. doug says:

    it looks like it s been drinking kool- aid

  22. mikey wright says:

    it bit me and i kicked it and it died

  23. John says:

    It is a seal.

  24. Richard Smith says:

    It’s a Sea Lion Dogs have to holes in the bottom jaw absent in the photo. But the sea lion skull matches perfectly (also the side incisors are far too sharp for a dog)

  25. TJ WAYNE says:

    A sheep or goat? I don’t think so. Neither has such canine teeth. They are grass earters with flat, dull, square teeth. This animal is a meat eater. All meat consuming animals with the execption of humans, have long sharp teeth in sets, like this animal. Look at the close-up shot of the head and teeth. I give you all credit, without the jaw and teeth, is does look like it could be either of the two. The skull is a little short from snout to ear as well. It has a very unusual look and it is not due to decomposition. Where is this carcass? Or has it disappeared as well.

    You know, the more I look at it, I think it’s a hoax. The skull of another animal inserted in the headless carcass of a goat. The head is the only part that is pure skeleton, while the rest is fully fleshed. Usually the soft underbelly is the first part to be hit by scavengers. With the eyes the exception, the head is not first choice for a good meal. There is a big glob of flesh in the neck area which could easily cover the trick. Also the head seems way to be out of proportion with the rest of the body even with the bloating of decomposition. There is no way to see from a picture if in fact the skull and spine are one piece or two.

  26. This is a racoon! just search for images of carnivoran mammlas and those of racoon skulls, pay attention to the teeth and skull shape. It´s just obvious!

    I can´t believe you people in the U.S. are so easy to fool!

  27. matilda says:

    It looks like a mix between a bear, racon and a sloth. I don’t know if I believe it’s real, but it seems real enough. :)

  28. caribbean lady says:

    it looks like some one doing voodoo or something on animal body parts

  29. caribbean lady says:

    it looks like some one doing voodoo or something on animal body pats

  30. Who IS sssssssshhhhhh says:

    That looks like my girlfriend.

  31. Knowitall says:

    first of all, this is not a sea mammal such as a seal or sea lion…they have flipper structures which are at the terminal end of the animal, no tail as shown in these pics. *note* the tail itself in the photos, short thick and maybe 4-6 inches in length(guestimate of length due to angle of pics) it has 4 separate legs, you cant see the feet portions with any clarity. this isnt a bear nor a dog, nor a pig. its not a wombat, tasmanian devil or an alien hell beast…this is an apparent composite critter, the body of a sheep, hence the wattled neck(which certain types of sheep have) to which a raccoon skull has been attached, go to any anatomical sites for any of the aforementioned *creechtures* and compare the teeth arrangement and slope of skull..skull is spot on with a young raccoon. so you have a waterlogged sheep which washes up on shore and, Ah you say…how said sheep got into the ocean, glad you asked. sheep are a routinely transoceanic transport, a variety of countrys export them to other countries around the globe…said seafaring sheep herders do also have sheep die during these voyages…what to do with a sheep carcass if your a lonely seafaring shepherd? Um…NOPE…dont even go there..ya toss em over the side. and im sure its possible that out of the millions of sheep transported from places like new zealand, australia, etc to destinations all over the globe each year, its quite possible 1 or 2 might escape predation and float up on a beach somewhere isnt it? then its discovery by some smart alec who wants to hoodoo john and jane q public, adds a nicely cleaned raccoon skull to it,and drape it with some handy seaweed, take some pics of it (and for gods sake, not too many or too close or from all angles)presto changeo, VOILA’!! then ya got what we have here…a whole lotta crap guaranteed to stir up the local population of conspiracy theorists…yada yada and yada my work here is done, thanks kind peeps..have a nice day :)

  32. puddle says:

    its either a sea-lion, seal…or other carnivorous water dwelling mammal. its skull tells all.

  33. smiley :) says:

    also, the first pictures i am convinced that it is a raccoon. ;)

  34. smiley :) says:

    ok. now for the people who think it’s a freaking sea turtle, your wrong. number 1, turtle’s spines are in their shell. if you took a turtle out of its shell, it would die. you would have to rip it out. also, these pictures are deffinetly somewhat real. im guessing that the head was replaced, though. and just wait until it decays, then try to identify it by it’s bones.

    the first montauk monster or the second one had to be a fake. these pics don’t look like the one that started it all. so there. that is wat i think.
    (the head is a dogs. poor puppy. :( )

  35. Ed says:

    I know what it is…..a sea turtle that lost the shell.

  36. retrieverman says:

    I did some comparisons of the skull. I think it’s a raccoon. The premolars are exactly the same, although it appears to have lost its first premolar. It’s a fat one that has been eating well through the winter, and it has been water-logged and rotting for a long time. Because it is so well fed, it probably has eaten things that have caused its small first premolar to rot and fall out. And older wild animals often lose their teeth anyway.

    It’s an older animal from the raccoon that was the original Montauk Monster. It’s also in a much more advanced state of decomposition.

    I also thought it could be a bear until I noticed that this animal’s photo really closely. If you can get a higher resolution of that first photo, it has a tail– a long tail.

    That tail tells us this isn’t a seal.

    A 3 foot long raccoon with those proportions is not unheard of, especially in areas with lots of people. A raccoon living where there are lots of people will not have to hunt for its food, and it can get quite portly. In fact, the largest raccoon on record was 61 pounds– about the size of a typical female golden retriever.

  37. Jenii84 says:

    Personally I think it looks to be like a bear. But someone who know’s about animals should study it and not waste everyone’s time guessing.

  38. […] Here’s the photo of the original second animal. It is only 3 feet long, and it has a tail. […]

  39. Bi-Polar says:

    Folks, I have no degree, no experience in the paranormal (other than my ex-wife) and have never been trained in forensics.

    I have however seen decomposing bear cubs, and I am convinced this is a decomposing bear cub. I have no scalable reference as to the teeth size in the conspiracy theory, and it is truly a conspiracy to me, when the carcass of a dead animal is placed on the sale block.
    To request money for this “beastie”, is horrific in and of itself. take the damn thing to a taxidermist, get its nasty ass out of ice and have it mounted as a conversation piece.

    Get over the “beastie” “monster” and “devil” terminolgy and call it what it is. “dead animal” “carcass” and “smelly” would work, but quit with the hype and conspiracy, paranormal, beastie crap. As for the profiteering off this…..jeeeesh! get a job…. who is paying for a bloated ass nasty carcass and admit it?

    Polar or brown bear cub, very young and very dead. thats it……

  40. Beau says:

    I agree with the raccoon theory. In this picture: You can see unmistakable likenesses between Mr. Montauk (both encounters) and a raccoon.

    The main problem that people are experiencing with your picture is lack of scale, which sprang theories of Sheep, and Large breed dogs/grey wolves. For instance, during the movie captured at night, the stick used to move the beast showed a better scale of the situation and easily debunks theories of larger animals…

    Furthermore, the condition of the corpse is a direct result of putrefaction and water bloat (which can expand the corpse by roughly 2-3 times its normal size in most extreme cases), common with all once living creatures being submerged at least partially for some time. From the looks of it, it has just entered the “black” putrefaction stage (the body cavity ruptured and released abdominal gasses into the rest of the corpse), meaning it could be anywhere from 10-20 days dead. I expect that the limbs of Mr. Montauk were dangling in the water and bobbing more so than the bulk of its body, and became a luring meal for whatever passing carnivorous fish or animal happened to pass presumably explaining the uneven rate of decay on the head and appendages.

    I suspect that although the whole thing being “kept on ice,” the level of infestation by insect larvae and decomposition is pretty absolute, and will not keep its figure for more than a week or two. Which means unfortunately, we will never fully know exactly what this creature is… beyond the theoretical plane that is.

    Lastly, to fend off nay-sayers, this is not an official dissertation; this is a theory. A theory that many people have already mentioned for that matter. I do, however, have 3 years of medical school, and a degree in forensic pathology to back me up (you’ll have to take my word on that one ;) I suppose I am more of an “if I can see it, its real” type of person in any case. For now, this cryptid remains as its namesake suggests… a mystery.

  41. Oklahoma Girl says:

    the skull is definitely a raccoon.. freakin idiots! compare the teeth

  42. carol says:

    Obviously it is NOT a sheep or a cow, to anyone who knows animal physiology. Sheep and cows don’t have upper incisors, for one thing.

    That looks like a dog skull if ever I saw one. Dog skulls vary widely in shapes – from that of a greyhound or a borzoi to that of a bulldog. But their dentition is the same.

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