The Moscow Monster?

Monsters are popping up everywhere! Prior to the discovery of the Montauk Monster, the carcass of a creature had washed up on the shores of Sakhalin, Russia in 2006. The carcass of the creature appears to be reptilian, however it still remains unidentified. According to the people who found the creature they claim it’s not a fish due to structure of the bones and teeth. Additionally, it’s not an alligator or crocodile because it has a skin that contains hair or fur. Once again, the creature is not available for public viewing. It has been taken in by Russian Special Services for further examination. People are referring to the creature as the Moscow Monster.

Weird stuff! It kind of looks like a dragon to me, what do you think?

Moscow Monster

Moscow Monster

Moscow Monster

Moscow Monster

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37 Responses to “The Moscow Monster?”

  1. Maggie says:

    Looks like a seahorse 😮

  2. bloody says:

    i belief it’s a lost chain of a crocodile….or even a legendary creature like dragon……judging from the skeleton,it has a skull like a crocodile,those fangs and teeth are alike with crocodile,but,crocodile or alligators lower jaws aren’t like that……….
    alligators have a teeth locking holes in their lower and upper jaws…..this carcass din’t have those holes…from the structure of it’s tails and backbone….it more resembling a prehitorical creature…..such as…dinosaurs….

    so?is this creature is a prehistorical survivor?

  3. madison says:

    i think you have to run out to sea to see where it came from.

  4. Lago says:

    It is a beaked whale. I am not guessing. That is simply what you are seeing.

    By the way, if you do not really know anatomy, you probably shouldn’t just make things up.

  5. drexalparks says:

    why would the skeletons head be pointing towards the ocean even if washed up on its side I can’t see how the tail would end up 180 degrees from the water. a beaked whale is a good guess, though I do not believe that it is a whale, the jaw of the beaked whale is quite different from the bottom jaw of tis creature. ( realizing that it has no legs to speak of, it does knid of look like it was attempting to make it to water. from the bush in the back of the shots.)

  6. Fox says:

    It’s a whale. The skull structure makes it obvious. As for the direction it’s facing, it was obviously decaying for some time, and corpses in the ocean do not last long. A sizable whale corpse will only last a few days. By the time it washed up on the beach, the corpse was light enough to just come in on the tide and land whichever way it was deposited.

  7. Betty says:

    Agreeing with Fox, it’s definitely a whale. Don’t know what kind. I know that the minke whale is very common in that area, and a young one would be about that size. The one discrepancy being that minke whales feed on baleen and therefor have a very different jaw from the one in this picture. Then again it’s not hard to stick a conveniently sized jaw of another animal underneath. The skull also has a similar look to some sort of large land mammal, maybe herbivorous or omnivorous. the jaw is less pronounced than say a caribou though. Just my two cents. 🙂

  8. andrew gilbert says:

    its a crocodile you morons look :p

  9. smiley :) says:

    haha! you no wat it looks like? one of those dinosaur models!!!!!
    u no… at the museums! 😀 and i am staring to agree that it was trying to get to water. it just doesn’t make sense that its head was laying on the wood. things that make you go hmmmmmm…

  10. phantom says:

    pfft, you really think they got crocies in russia?

  11. Tiffany says:

    I agree with Manda…. Falkor… most definitely Falkor!!

  12. lavasox says:

    i live in FL, so it looked like a gator at first to me. but then i noticed it looked a little more… serphent like. i doubt it’s a whale because, even though there is the front flipper that is visibleinj the 1st pic, there isn’t a rear flipper bone. whales have a bone near there rear that is from a four legged amphibeous ancestor… this does not.

  13. lavasox says:

    it may be a seal or something… idk

  14. aira says:


  15. Sina says:

    It actually looks like the small version of a Basilosaurus-skeleton ( ) Basilosaurus gave living birth and that one is the size of a baby actually. On the other hand it could just be a young modern whale. I’m not biologist enough to judge on that.

  16. Terry Craig says:

    DEFINITELY a Beaked Whale! Just go and look up “beaked whale skeleton”.

  17. Shade says:

    I am sorry, but this cannot be a whale, the “beak” is too wide and too short, even with the adding of the skull. It’s teeth are too perfect to be a fossil, unless it was kept in perfect temperatures *that oceans can sometimes offer* if this thing was even real, and furthermore, it could just be a prehistoric thing, i doubt that that is actual hair, if it was recently deceased at that point, it is hypothetically possible that prehistoric creatures still live in the world’s oceans, I have conducted a study on a recently found giant crocodile, yes I am a marine biologist, no I will not share my identity with you, the crocodile we found was fresh, rotting, and thirty five feet in length, hard to believe, yes, plausible, yes, in the media? no. So it is possible that this is a prehistoric creature that has managed to survive, we may never know, but it’s nice to think it’s a monster isn’t it? It’s the skeleton, if it’s dead, then it’s not indestructible and if there are more of them, then we can protect ourselves, but let’s pretend okay? If it’s not harmful to us, then why bother looking into it?

  18. CHA says:

    The creature, what ever it is could have been perfectly preserved in the sea bed for thousands or millions of years. To be honest, anythings possible so why discard the crazy ideas when there the among best ones.

  19. ricky says:

    this aint no fuckin whale or croc yal are fuckin stupid its a fuckin skeleton of a prehistoric animal but it was one of the few who survived all dese dam years yal quit being pussies gosh its just another dinosaur which some how survived and there possibly millions more who knows humans cant survive in water to find out so let them fuckin die on dere own so we dont have to go and risk our lives to do it

  20. reaper j says:

    its a Basilosaurus da i ve checked it out plus ive seen the 3d scan of just the bones its a 88% matches the Basilosaurus so i agree with sina

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  22. Jacqueline says:

    … look up pictures of an Orca skeleton.

  23. Derp says:

    Its clearly a cetacean, not a prehistoric creature or anything like that. The dentition is definitely that of a toothed whale or dolphin. You could easily extract DNA from that tooth and you would surely find that it would be known cetacean DNA.

  24. nomesswitme says:

    its an edited picture obviouslly pplz

  25. Hannah Loves Whales says:

    This is 100%, without a hint of doubt in my mind, the skeletal remains of a male beluga whale, (The remains are about 4-5 meters long, the average length of this particular species) who are indigenous to the coastal waters of Russia. Looks like it was in the mid-stages of decomposition when it washed ashore. The ‘hair’ could be explained in a number of ways. It could possibly be a large, long-dead colony of bone-eating worms such as osedax mucofloris. Fibrous tissue is also usually the last to decompose, and when baked in the sun for a period of time, tends to have the look of ‘hair’ to the untrained eye.

    Everyone wants to believe that there are creatures passed over by time and natural selection that still exist in the deepest and darkest corners of the world. While I agree that not every species has been discovered (obviously), I don’t think a creature such as the Basilosaurus (Basilosaurus died out over 33 million years ago during the Eocene–Oligocene extinction) could survive for millions upon millions of years. Without the ability to transdifferentiate (Something virtually all vertebrates lack), a life span over 250 years is impossible.

    Shade, I’m surprised that a ‘marine biologist’ would label a subject as a ‘prehistoric thing’. How very scientific of you! You are laughable. Where did you earn your degree? Did you print out your diploma at Kinko’s? That’s cute.

    A couple more notes: There are no published 3D imaging scans of the ‘Moscow Monster’. The spacing, the size, and the length of the teeth on the specimen are completely different then a basilosaurus, not to mention a basilosaurus skull is about 4 feet long on average, and this one looks about a foot and a half. So where’s the 88% similarity? Sorry, reaper j, you’re full of shit.

    See for yourself, and compare:

  26. jack says:

    well i agree it may be a basilosaurus, since the coelacanth has lived since before the mesozoic era. i also believe Bigfoot is a living gigantopithicus.

  27. stacinpa says:

    It sure does resemble a beaked whale slelton,I googled it after everyone said to

  28. lil many says:

    dang ricky stop with teh cusin >.< i think it is a….. over sized eel not sure maby mutated eel. 😮 😀

  29. Brendan says:

    i assure all the people who are reading this comment, that this is not a basilosaurus yes it may be a dinosaur but it isn’t a predator you can tell by it’s jaw, the teeth are flat and the jaw muscle indentations are small.

  30. CanineCarivoreCarnival says:

    Nobody can know, it is covered up too much by all that black and grey skin or whatever, so stop saying you know exactly what it is you stuck up little buzzkills. Some people are just randomly guessing what it is to have fun. Any one of you could be exactly right or way off, it doesnt matter. People are just having fun and you guys are ruining it. So hitch a ride on a hearse, maybe they will let you ride in the coffin! Have fun!

  31. Marik Ishtar says:

    This is most likely NOT a alligator, crocodile, OR beaked whale. Type in beaked whale skeletons, and you’ll see the rib-cage is completely different. And as the people who say it’s a crocodile or a alligator, the black skin/fur type stuff on it obvisously not ANY of those! I don’t know exactly what it is, but I’d say it’s Nessie 😀

  32. Nernums says:

    its likely an Orca skeleton looking at its skull and comparing what we can see, how flat it is, its lengthy neck, legless back half.

    If theres truely fur or hair there, the Durodon is a better candidate than the basilosaurus which people keep mentioning, because unlike the basilosaurus (which has a small head in relation to its body) the Durodon was believed to have fur.

  33. Miranda says:

    Lookes like a gothic version of a Fraggle Rock character

  34. Saddamy but says:

    It is a beaked whale. I am not guessing. That is simply what you are seeing.

    By the way, if you do not really know anatomy, you probably shouldn’t just make things up.emm-equipment

  35. Maddy says:

    You guys have NO imagination!
    Can’t you see it’s SCP-682?

  36. Aliens!!!!! says:

    It’s falcor from never ending story.