Terrified Teens Beat “NEW” Montauk Monster to Death in Panama

As the summer season has officially ended, the Montauk Monster (and another weird creature?) has apparently migrated south for the winter. According to reports in Panama, a group of teenagers discovered a bloated, hairless, and rubbery animal (or alien?) corpse that has a striking resemblance to the the still un-identified Montauk Monster that was discovered on Long Island, NY beaches on multiple occasions.

The group of teenagers spotted the creature crawling out of a cave while playing in the town of Cerro Azul just north of Panama City. The group of friends feared for their safety as the creature approached them. To ensure their safety, they attacked the beast with sticks and rocks. After beating the creature into submission they threw its lifeless body into a pool of water to make sure it was dead after drowning the body.

The teenagers shortly returned to the area of the drowned beast with a camera to take pictures of the corpse. Later that day, the pictures were posted on the Central American country’s Telemetro television station.

Speculation has now reached levels where people are saying that the creature may be from another planet. I am not sure what type of creature it is, but one must remember that it was initially discovered coming out of a cave. The color of its skin (light colored pigment) indicates to me that the creature dwells in the dark or under water as it does not have color from the sun. It appears bloated much like the Montauk Monster, but what ‘s most disturbing is that the teenagers said it was alive when they found it.

Once again, the million dollar question is: Where are the remains of the bloated corpse? Studies on this creature could provide us with many answers, additionally giving people the proper protocol to adhere to when cryptids are found in the wild.

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