Terrified Teens Beat “NEW” Montauk Monster to Death in Panama

As the summer season has officially ended, the Montauk Monster (and another weird creature?) has apparently migrated south for the winter. According to reports in Panama, a group of teenagers discovered a bloated, hairless, and rubbery animal (or alien?) corpse that has a striking resemblance to the the still un-identified Montauk Monster that was discovered on Long Island, NY beaches on multiple occasions.

The group of teenagers spotted the creature crawling out of a cave while playing in the town of Cerro Azul just north of Panama City. The group of friends feared for their safety as the creature approached them. To ensure their safety, they attacked the beast with sticks and rocks. After beating the creature into submission they threw its lifeless body into a pool of water to make sure it was dead after drowning the body.

The teenagers shortly returned to the area of the drowned beast with a camera to take pictures of the corpse. Later that day, the pictures were posted on the Central American country’s Telemetro television station.

Speculation has now reached levels where people are saying that the creature may be from another planet. I am not sure what type of creature it is, but one must remember that it was initially discovered coming out of a cave. The color of its skin (light colored pigment) indicates to me that the creature dwells in the dark or under water as it does not have color from the sun. It appears bloated much like the Montauk Monster, but what ‘s most disturbing is that the teenagers said it was alive when they found it.

Once again, the million dollar question is: Where are the remains of the bloated corpse? Studies on this creature could provide us with many answers, additionally giving people the proper protocol to adhere to when cryptids are found in the wild.

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68 Responses to “Terrified Teens Beat “NEW” Montauk Monster to Death in Panama”

  1. Sunsneezer says:

    It’s a sloth.

  2. kay says:

    Uhh that’s a sloth.. what is wrong with people. The only questionable “monster” was the montauk one. The rest are dogs, and that one is definitely a sloth

  3. johnzbaby says:

    i really have no idea what this would be it look like a sloth with no hair.we need answers NOW!!!!!!!!!

  4. johnzbaby says:

    what up homiezzzz?thtz mi brother!!!lol

  5. Matt says:

    I agree, it’s body, arms and facial features look almost exactly like a sloth. Perhaps some undiscovered, cave-dwelling hairless member of the sloth family?

  6. Sasquatch says:

    yeah, it’s pretty clear that it’s a sloth. you can tell by it’s claws.

  7. Tristan and hailey says:

    Tristan would have boxed it suck that the kids killed it ummm creepy shit fuckin cool man

  8. Reader says:

    Agreed. Note the long, single claw in the upper left photo. It’s a hairless sloth.

  9. Hawk says:

    Someone gutted a sloth and dumped the body. Want proof?

    This video is of a real sloth:

    This video is the “alien”. Note in the footage near the tail, there is a large opening. Obviously where the animal was eviscerated and had its skin removed:

    Please either remove this or mark it as mystery solved.

  10. Lonell says:

    This is so very , very sad . This could have been a deformed ( not likely , but still possible ) human . An even if not , was it threatening these kids ? ( Probab;y not ) , could they have not run from it ? This is an abomination the rues that society imposes upon us – we profess TO BE ADVANCED of those who came before us – how can we say that when we KILL those who do not fit into our preconcieved notions of what is right ? He may have had the KEY to love and peace – who knows ? Treat others as you would have them treat you – Christ –

  11. Lonell says:

    Treat those as you would have THEM TREAT YOU – What about his Mom , Dad, sisters , brothers, mate ? Who knows , I would say by looking at it , that it has the capacity to love and to reason – – . what about that ?Would YOU want to be beaten to death to be found by your loved ones?

  12. suthers says:

    eye witness acounts say the monster crawled out of the sea and ambled over to the teens. to me this is no sloth it has the face of a british seal arms claws and sharp teeth sloths eath vegitation they have no need fore sharp teeth. sloths can stand on there hind legs and walk bet they only do so when threatnd. so unless the teen posed a threaght to it it would not walk over to them. and also if it was a sloth how could it have lost its fur we wouldnt lose our hair no matter how long we wear at sea but seals and sea lions do when first born seal pups have fur up to the pion they start to swim as soon as a seal enters the watter there fur starts to come off becaus they dont need it. and there would not be a sloth 4 a 100 milse if it did enter from the sea it would have washed up dead. i belive that this is no ordenary creature and thet ppl should look out 4 these things and if it dose pose a threaght to you or others do the right thing and do what the teens did no the beach kill it or capture it fore further examination. there are things out there we still have not descoverd this could be one of threm

  13. click me says:

    I wish that I would have seen this in person because it doesn’t look like a freakin’ sloth to me…

  14. tracey says:

    i would be terrified if i seen one of those damn things alive. shit i would beat the fuck out of it too

  15. Sina says:

    It’s a sloth, just look at the claws. Why the hack would someone beat a sloth to death and skin it? Sick ppl, whoever did that …

  16. tripmom says:

    Looks like a sloth to me…the claws, long arms, the face, and IT HAD FUR. After an animal dies, it bloats and the hair comes off exactly like in the picture. This animal was not coming out of a cave alive like the teens claim – they lied. It was already dead.

  17. B says:

    have you seen this?

  18. Sott says:

    That looks nothing liek the montauk monster

    if its a new speicies im naming it the cave sloth

  19. Yeoman-X says:

    Please, a punishment for those kidzz. Not normal azz human being to beat life out of tha creature?!!!! What a ignorantzz

  20. Annabelle says:

    “Looks like a sloth to me…the claws, long arms, the face, and IT HAD FUR. After an animal dies, it bloats and the hair comes off exactly like in the picture. This animal was not coming out of a cave alive like the teens claim – they lied. It was already dead.”

    I absolutely agree! I live in the countryside and here you can often see dead animals if you go to forest, seaside and places like that. Dead animals ain’t pretty, they look very odd and if an animals corpse is very bloated/rotten its hard to say what animal it has been. These are just “normal”, dead animals, not monsters. People get absolutely too exited about this, I mean, haven’t you guys ever seen a dead animal?

    And hey, this “monster” was found by TEENAGERS. It is very very very possible, that the kids just found an dead animal and thought it would make a cool joke. So they made up an story about it crawling from cave and so on. I think that in an situation like that, unknown scary-looking animal comes crawling from a cave, pretty much anyone would try to run away instead beating it with a stick. I mean, to hit the animal you have to approach it. Because if you don’t know if the animal is so dangerous and aggressive that alive it will threathen your life, it’s not probably a good idea go near it. And if the animal really is THAT dangerous, it probably can kill you even if you have a lousy wooden stick as a weapon. So I don’t think the story is very logical…

  21. fuck says:

    fuck u of all. maybe people craved off the sloth or something destroy him then throw river and pic that sloth then show them that its true? wtf i dont believe in monster! it was fake dude… trust me. people just play like destroy animal then pic them… learn it out of shit.

  22. Phoenix says:

    Looks like a long dead three-toed sloth from the skeleton structure and teeth. You can see the skull is small and round with small teeth here: http://www.valleyanatomical.com/catalog/images/R%20S344-ThreeToedSloth.jpg
    And its the only sloth with a long flexible neck, seen here: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2589/3767882254_c75c5be38d.jpg
    Its really hard to say definitively without a look at the whole body, but from the photos available I’d definitely say three-toed sloth.

  23. Dumbass says:

    Jar jar binks is dead….

  24. lilg says:

    its a ground sloth complete look at this link http://facstaff.gpc.edu/~pgore/students/f97/southwell/sloth.gif also it was found in the cave which is a ground sloth

  25. cbme says:

    omg suthers… tonight ill be praying for u…..

  26. Shaun says:

    It does look like a species of Sloth. Whether or not the teens should have beaten it to death is a different story. From the pic of the mouth, there are no decernable teeth to speak of, so unless they feared to be gummed to death; I think they may have over reacted. I would have been taken aback too, but I think knocking it out would have sufficed. It doesnt look to be too dangerous, but then again I wasn’t there when it approached the teens….

  27. jonah says:

    The kids are lying. The sloth had been dead for days. Being in the water caused the hair loss and the preservation of the body.

  28. Dennis says:

    Looks like a mutant but it is just very weird I mean look at the skin looks like seal skin or a white frog,and the belly is exageratted like it was obese,does anyone think this cod be an alien that crashed into the ocean and its body got preservd?

  29. Dennis says:

    A Sluth?whats a sluth??Can anyone tell me whats true or real?Whod anyone tell me stuff about these things

  30. Sceptic says:

    It might have had fur when it crawled out of the cave but when they beat it and threw in to the water that would have striped it of the fur. because the photos were taken when they returned. They might have not known what it was. it also could be doctored notice the absence of full body, hand, foot, and leg shots i think some teens might have just wanted to get some T.V. time

  31. Isa says:

    it is my professional opinion that this is a sloth. i am 99% positive. it has the face, tongue, arms and legs, body, neck, and claws of a sloth. plus, its PANAMA. guess what lives there. sloths. sloths are competent swimmers, which explains why it was near water in the first place, but i don’t think its likely to have been in a cave, since they spend most of their time in trees. and to whoever said its a ground sloth…..those went extinct over 10,000 years ago and grew up to 17 feet tall. everyday ordinary sloths are just freaky looking. especially when theyre decayed and bloated and hairless. to whoever said its neck is too long to be a sloth, true some sloths have one less neck vertebrae than most mammals, but other species of sloths have one extra. the species that this one would be. which explains the neck, but anyway, heres one picture of the panama “Monster” where you can clearly see that it is a sloth:
    you can see the claws, and the shoulder better in this picture then in the more popular ones. see? sloth.
    some people feel like the kids wanted to get some publicity from it and took a sloth out of the wild(if you know the area you know how common sloths are) and shaved it to make it look like a monster. it looks more like it was already dead when they found it though and had been bloated and whatnot from being in the water. if only the body had been kept we know all the answers to the mystery of what all these animals were, but alas. it can never be that simple.

  32. KILL KI KILLY says:

    I think all people in panama should be executed at once and people who can’t spell also. And anyone else we fell like killing . Especially people that think that this is a sloth.

  33. burpie says:

    …it’s icky.

  34. funkytomo says:


    I love a good monster mystery as much as anyone , but common sense must prevail!

    This is a sloth , im 100% on that. Look at any sloth videos on youtube and then imagine it hairless. Also i think that the “monster” didnt come at the teens at all , and they prob didnt kill it ( well i hope they did not because that is sad) . I think the teens have found it dead and bloated already , the hair loss has occurred from it been in the water for a while. Its interesting that in the “panama monster” vids on youtube , they keep the claws and full body shot out of view . Once you see this animal whole it is obvious its a sloth , see link here


  35. Someone says:

    I believe that’s a sloth that’s been decomposing for quite a while. I thought the story about the kids actually seeing it alive and beating it to death was just a load of crap added for drama, because I really can’t imagine that thing already being half-hairless while alive.. and approaching people.

  36. mirandaaaa says:

    it a sloth with no fur come on now use some sense

  37. hello says:

    it has nipples 😮

  38. wtf says:

    wow 🙂

  39. Jess says:

    Dude. What a bunch of jerks. Even if it was a mutated sloth or something, they really had no reason to beat it to death like that. Does it really look like it could hurt someone? It doesn’t even have any teeth for Odin’s sake.

    And hell, what if it was some kind of endangered species? Way to go kids.

  40. justin says:

    this cant be a sloth look at the face and body if it had been skinned they did a fucking good job at skinning it ( note no cuts on the carcass ) also if this is a sloth where is the hair sea water would not destroy the hair besides it would have to be in the water for a long time for the hair to be gone and dont you think that sharks would have taken a bite or two out of it ……sloth my ass

  41. not a sloth says:

    it’s not a sloth

  42. sharp says:

    Wow! I’d truly prefer to know if you happen to be that wise or if you happen to be copying this data.

  43. somepeopleareidiots says:

    It is a sloth, the kids didn’t beat it they just found it in the water, when corpses decompose in water all the hair comes off the body and it becomes bloated.
    It isnt a “cave dwelling sloth” SERIOUSLY!
    Some species of sloth are endangered, but in countries like panama and costa rica kids will cruelly treat sloths, trust me I worked with sloths for a month.

  44. sophie says:

    it was just a sloth whos hair decayed in the sea as would any mammal whos body was left in the sea

  45. lil many says:

    for all: wow…………………… i love animals weird or creepy (take this as example) i think its so saddd that “thing: might of been pregnant .-. 🙁 i feel so bad now DX why did those teens do that i would of taz it because i carry one when i go hiking (for bears and stuff) then i would call police so they could study it i would be freaked out and might run away though and leave it but that is what i would do 🙁

  46. lil many says:

    monsters are kewl 😀 🙂 😛 :'( i feel sad for it. dum teens (that kill the monster) i wonder if it was four paws on ground or two paws 0.0

  47. lil many says:

    :O wow i just said that o.o

  48. lil many says:


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  50. MaNU says:

    u cant blame those teens i would be freakin scared too if a creature like that would approach me AND i definitely dont think its a sloth cuz a sloth has a bigger head…

  51. Tiffy says:

    omg that thing is WEIRD.i saw this on youtube!it was creepily scary,and idk what it is.it looks like a human,and the bump near the far side looked like a nipple.idk what it is,but keep me up 2 date with these strange creatures.

  52. Tiffy says:

    i live near California,and my BFF found one of these.not the same 1,but ugh this is scary!!!!

  53. Tifnaa says:

    Omg!! this thing Is TOTALY FREEKY !!!! It Looks like a sloth. or an alian. OMG! ARE WE BEING TAKEN OFER BY ALIENS?

  54. mitchel says:

    It was just a sloth!!!!!!!! People calm down! Hahaha.

  55. lukus says:

    a sloth.. haha whatever! you people are blinde, its proberly some goverment experiment that escaped…. the worlds a fucked up place people.. man made?

  56. Mr.DoctorGenius says:

    Don’t be stupid…anyone ever hear about PHOTOSHOP? All it would take is a creature that looks somewhat like this, and you could change their body form, appearance, attributes, etc. My art teacher could make this in a couple of hours.

  57. John1207 says:

    Very nice site!

  58. Me says:

    It’s a sloth, nothing more.

  59. MochaMouse says:

    this could be a fake too it could be photo shopped or make with some type of clay or even a movie prop

  60. MochaMouse says:

    it could be a fake too, it could be photo shopped or a movie prop

  61. shadow913 says:

    The poor creature in photo is none other than a sloth! There is no doubt about this one at all… poor little thing. They are normally good swimmers…

  62. William Barreda says:

    It looks a lot like a sloth to me.

  63. Debbie says:

    Sorry everyone, but it’s just a sloth, very common in panama. It was must likely sick when the boys found it.

  64. rainee says:

    it is simple……where are all the marks from the beating???? stones and sticks?? these boys found the dead sloth in the water that is why it is bloated and has no hair. that is why the head looks a bit out of scale. boys will be boys! and what a magnificent story they have told.

  65. Ethan Rosca says:

    iT IS A SLOTH!

  66. Kat says:

    Definitely a little Slothy. When I first saw this I was kind of freaked out then the more I looked at it I realised, that’s a sloth with no hair! Come on people Sloths are pretty creepy anyways then take away the hair? Of course it looks like some weird creature! I’m glad to see that it is indeed a sloth. Those of you saying it has too small of a head or whatever, the body is bloated of course the head looks a bit small.