BREAKING NEWS: Montauk Monster Truths Revealed (Splinterheads!)

This article is a exclusive.

A reliable source named “Tonya” has come forward with new truths about the Montauk Monster and Rachel Goldberg. After viewing the video posted below (Plum TV) it’s clear that the three girls (Jenna Hewitt, Rachel Goldberg, and Courtney Fruin) are bluffing. Additionally, why do the “original” Montauk Monster pictures look drastically different from the higher quality ones that were submitted by Christina Pampalone? It appears the first bidder (Jenna Hewitt + crew) came to the media first and were awarded the release of the pictures. What I’m proposing is that we are looking at pictures of two different “creatures”.

Let’s talk about the viral marketing myth. It’s been claimed that this was a marketing stunt for both Cloverfield 2, (could make sense) and the Cartoon Network show “Cryptids are Real”.

Newsday has done a great job covering the Montauk Monster, but did everyone forget about the article regarding “Splinterheads” (new movie about carnival subculture) that’s being filmed in Patchogue?

Newsday: Splinterheads Article

In the article linked above, the producer Darren Goldberg is quoted saying how he “grew up in Manhattan and spent summers in Amagansett.” (Amagansett is the next town over from Montauk! Google Map.) “Tonya” made further claims that Darren Goldberg may be related to Rachel Goldberg.

Please see pictures below:

Darren Goldberg Splinterheads Darren Goldberg
Splinterheads Producer

Rachel Goldberg on Plum TV

“Tonya” stated that the original pictures of the Montauk Monster were a stage prop from the Splinterheads movie set. “Tonya” also mentioned that there will be a scene in the movie where the Montauk Monster will be revealed.

Could this be a possibility? Could this be a marketing scheme? Absolutely! The creature was mysteriously brought to somebody’s backyard and it has never been seen again. In Newsday’s “Splinterheads” article, Michelle Isabelle-Stark says: “For Suffolk County’s economic development office, the arrival of the cameras and crews is welcome news.” Not only is it great for the pride of community, they’re using a slew of local vendors for food, hotels, rental cars and lumber.” The Montauk Monster adds fuel to that fire and will support economic growth in Eastern Suffolk County, despite rising gas prices.

Also mentioned in the “Splinterheads” Newsday article, they are seeking additional capital for the film. It looks like they got the additional funding as Rob Schnieder (big budget baby!) has just been added to the cast. It didn’t hit yet, but has appeared on Jason Rogel’s (cast member) page.

“Tonya” also said there may be more pictures (new angles) to be released on (The Official Splinterheads Blog)

“Tonya” may have cracked the case on the first set of pictures, but what about the others that were released by Christina Pampalone? What I saw a few weeks ago most resembled the original pictures posted by Jenna Hewitt. I was the victim of a copy-cat scam or a viral marketing maneuver. It’s obvious now that Christina Pampalone’s pictures are the real deal. So where is the Montauk Monster now? (the one with the blue-ish tint) I think the government is holding the truth because this was the result of the horrific genetic experiment at Plum Island. What do you think?

If anyone has any additional information or is an eye-witness of the Montauk Monster, now is the time come to come forward. Please e-mail:

IMDB: Splinterheads (2009)
IMDB: Darren Goldberg
Newsday: Montauk Residents Proud of their Monster.

Yahoo! Personals

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33 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Montauk Monster Truths Revealed (Splinterheads!)”

  1. Albert says:

    Wow, those are some interesting facts. If you look at the dates of the Newsday articles they coincide with when the Montauk Monster was discovered in Ditch Plains.

    Also, I live in Patchogue where the film is being shot right now. This actually makes sense to me.

    The “blue dog” in the later photos does not appear to be a marine creature after all! So it looks like Jenna Hewitt’s pics are FAKES!!!!!

  2. Curtis says:

    I agree this could be true.

    But is Rachel really Darren’s brother?
    If not, he should hit that….from the back. Fo sho.

    Splinterheadz looks like its gonna be real big.
    I cant wait to read more about it, I’m a huge movie buff.

    Curtis aka Streetz

  3. lizzie higgins says:

    that’s crazy!! it seems like another studio is trying to copycat the prop from splinterheads. look that this bad one that i found on ebay.

  4. Nathan Myers says:

    Such a fuss about a dead raccoon.

  5. The plot thickens! Man, I didn’t see that coming. I’m still not sure that it’s a hoax, though. I’ve looked at the pictures again and again, and it sure seems real to me. Yeah, there’s some coincidences with the film, I suppose, but this is starting to sound like the 7 degrees of Montuak Monster! Look like there’s going to be alot of more info coming out on this, before we know for sure. Keep us up to date!
    P.S.- When is Splinterheads coming out?

    Dave Marquis

  6. j says:

    they aint related….noone knows any “tonya.”….and for first set of pics are def real. Also, it was found at surfside not ditch

  7. Mary P. says:

    I’d like to ask, who is Tonya??? I heard it all, Cloverfied 2….Cryptids are real…. but this actually makes more sense. So what’s splinterheads about anyway?

  8. jaysen-nati says:

    what’s a movie about carnival subcluture got to do with a decomposing dog-pig-beast? maybe there’s images i missed, i am behind a stupid firewall at work.

  9. Uncle Billy says:

    Hey look what I just found…

    I feel bad for Darren Goldberg, i hope its not his sister cuz shes hot… I can’t wait to see this movie when the MonTaUK MonSTeR is revealed!!!!

    -Uncle Billy.

  10. Jim McMillan says:

    Thanks to the link to Gotham News, Uncle Billy.

    And congrats to this website, which keeps the interest alive, for a few more days at least, in the beastie.

    I shouldn’t feel too bad for Darren Goldberg. As Barnum said – any publicity’s good publicity. (I should really look that quote up.)


    Gotham News

  11. j says:

    they arent brother and sister u fucking morons

  12. Jim McMillan says:

    ‘they arent brother and sister’

    The movie’s website says otherwise. Mind you, who knows? Maybe they’re hubby and wife.

  13. PT Barnum says:

    A sucker born every minute. ET phone home.

  14. News says:

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  17. Blue Movie says:

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  18. Ben says:

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  19. tocai says:

    The Montauk Monster is REAL!!!!!!!!!!

  20. john says:

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