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The Montauk Monster: Up Close and Personal.

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

The first time I read about the “Montauk-Monster” in Newsday I was not happy with the quality of the picture. It was in black and white and the size of the image was distorted. I had to do my own due diligence and hop online and find a better quality image.

Jenna Hewitt, 26 came forward with this picture. I will post movie clips of exclusive interviews with her shortly. When I made it down to the beach that afternoon I did not see her or any of the friends she was with. Though I only spent a short time examining the creature, I did not see Jenna Hewitt at the scene that afternoon or her taking pictures of the monster. It might have been done before or after I made to the beach.

If only I got my hands on the new Apple iPhone 3G a few weeks earlier! Unfortunately, my BlackBerry doesn’t have a camera phone. There were weird pimples on its back and an odd piece of fabric around its hoof / claw. I remember this very distinctly. This picture is the real deal.

Below is an accurate representation of the Montauk Monster.It was approximately 2.5-3 feet long. To compare it to another animal it’s safe to say it was about the size a small dog. It did not resemble a dog or pitbull because the eyes and snout (or beak nose in this instance) did not look like anything from the canine family.

This is not a dead dog or raccoon. What do you think?

montauk monster

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