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BREAKING NEWS: Montauk Monster Truths Revealed (Splinterheads!)

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

This article is a exclusive.

A reliable source named “Tonya” has come forward with new truths about the Montauk Monster and Rachel Goldberg. After viewing the video posted below (Plum TV) it’s clear that the three girls (Jenna Hewitt, Rachel Goldberg, and Courtney Fruin) are bluffing. Additionally, why do the “original” Montauk Monster pictures look drastically different from the higher quality ones that were submitted by Christina Pampalone? It appears the first bidder (Jenna Hewitt + crew) came to the media first and were awarded the release of the pictures. What I’m proposing is that we are looking at pictures of two different “creatures”.

Let’s talk about the viral marketing myth. It’s been claimed that this was a marketing stunt for both Cloverfield 2, (could make sense) and the Cartoon Network show “Cryptids are Real”.

Newsday has done a great job covering the Montauk Monster, but did everyone forget about the article regarding “Splinterheads” (new movie about carnival subculture) that’s being filmed in Patchogue?

Newsday: Splinterheads Article

In the article linked above, the producer Darren Goldberg is quoted saying how he “grew up in Manhattan and spent summers in Amagansett.” (Amagansett is the next town over from Montauk! Google Map.) “Tonya” made further claims that Darren Goldberg may be related to Rachel Goldberg.

Please see pictures below:

Darren Goldberg Splinterheads Darren Goldberg
Splinterheads Producer

Rachel Goldberg on Plum TV

“Tonya” stated that the original pictures of the Montauk Monster were a stage prop from the Splinterheads movie set. “Tonya” also mentioned that there will be a scene in the movie where the Montauk Monster will be revealed.

Could this be a possibility? Could this be a marketing scheme? Absolutely! The creature was mysteriously brought to somebody’s backyard and it has never been seen again. In Newsday’s “Splinterheads” article, Michelle Isabelle-Stark says: “For Suffolk County’s economic development office, the arrival of the cameras and crews is welcome news.” Not only is it great for the pride of community, they’re using a slew of local vendors for food, hotels, rental cars and lumber.” The Montauk Monster adds fuel to that fire and will support economic growth in Eastern Suffolk County, despite rising gas prices.

Also mentioned in the “Splinterheads” Newsday article, they are seeking additional capital for the film. It looks like they got the additional funding as Rob Schnieder (big budget baby!) has just been added to the cast. It didn’t hit yet, but has appeared on Jason Rogel’s (cast member) page.

“Tonya” also said there may be more pictures (new angles) to be released on (The Official Splinterheads Blog)

“Tonya” may have cracked the case on the first set of pictures, but what about the others that were released by Christina Pampalone? What I saw a few weeks ago most resembled the original pictures posted by Jenna Hewitt. I was the victim of a copy-cat scam or a viral marketing maneuver. It’s obvious now that Christina Pampalone’s pictures are the real deal. So where is the Montauk Monster now? (the one with the blue-ish tint) I think the government is holding the truth because this was the result of the horrific genetic experiment at Plum Island. What do you think?

If anyone has any additional information or is an eye-witness of the Montauk Monster, now is the time come to come forward. Please e-mail: [email protected]

IMDB: Splinterheads (2009)
IMDB: Darren Goldberg
Newsday: Montauk Residents Proud of their Monster.

Yahoo! Personals

Plum TV Interview: Rachel Goldberg, Courtney Fruin, and Jenna Hewitt.

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

I’ve analyzed this video dozens of times and certain things do not add up. First, why does the first set of “monster pictures” that Jenna Hewitt took, look so much different from the second set that was recently posted by Christina Pampalone? It’s been a couple of days now, so where are the whereabouts of the Montauk Monster? Is the government trying to cover up the truth? Was this in fact the product of a genetic mishap from Plum Island?

Please study the video below carefully and read the girls body language. Also note; all three girls are wearing sunglasses during this interview. (the eyes tell the truth.) This video could be our best indicator to unlock the mystery of Jenna Hewitt’s Montauk Monster pictures.

Movie Breakdown:

0.00-4:05: Rachel Goldberg is sitting closest to gentleman interviewing them. Also she is the first one to speak up. It appears to me that Rachel has taken a lead position on this interview. Perhaps she is the key to the answers, not Jenna Hewitt after all.

0.47-1:01: Courtney Fruin gives it up by laughing! This could be the best indicator that this may be a hoax. Courtney can’t keep a straight face or hold herself back from giggling when asked to describe what she saw. She breaks eye contact and smirks. Courtney, I wouldn’t enjoy swimming next to the Montauk Monster either.

1:33-2:32: Jenna Hewitt nervously sips her beverage multiple times. It becomes her crutch during the interview.

2:32-4:05 : Once again, Rachel Goldberg takes the lead on the interview straight to the end, not Jenna Hewitt.

And there you have it, the proof is in the pudding! There is something shady going on here. It still doesn’t explain what actually did wash ashore. That is still a mystery. If anyone has anymore information about the girls in the film; especially Rachel Goldberg, please e-mail [email protected]

Jenna Hewitt: New Picture Released!

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

A few days after the first picture was released to the media, Jenna Hewitt came forward with another image of the Montauk Monster. For all those people who were skeptical about the first picture, the 2nd confirms that Montauk Monster is real. When I viewed the monster myself, I saw it at this angle.

Some people think that the first picture was altered on Photoshop. What about this picture? It’s the exact same specimen at a different angle. It was taken at the same time of day and the markings in the sand are the same.

I believe that Jenna Hewitt has more pictures of the Montauk Monster. She probably has a memory card full of them! I’m sure more will surface in time as she’s waiting for the right amount of money for the release of the next.

montauk monster jenna hewitt

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The Montauk Monster: Up Close and Personal.

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

The first time I read about the “Montauk-Monster” in Newsday I was not happy with the quality of the picture. It was in black and white and the size of the image was distorted. I had to do my own due diligence and hop online and find a better quality image.

Jenna Hewitt, 26 came forward with this picture. I will post movie clips of exclusive interviews with her shortly. When I made it down to the beach that afternoon I did not see her or any of the friends she was with. Though I only spent a short time examining the creature, I did not see Jenna Hewitt at the scene that afternoon or her taking pictures of the monster. It might have been done before or after I made to the beach.

If only I got my hands on the new Apple iPhone 3G a few weeks earlier! Unfortunately, my BlackBerry doesn’t have a camera phone. There were weird pimples on its back and an odd piece of fabric around its hoof / claw. I remember this very distinctly. This picture is the real deal.

Below is an accurate representation of the Montauk Monster.It was approximately 2.5-3 feet long. To compare it to another animal it’s safe to say it was about the size a small dog. It did not resemble a dog or pitbull because the eyes and snout (or beak nose in this instance) did not look like anything from the canine family.

This is not a dead dog or raccoon. What do you think?

montauk monster

Check out some additional info below about the dead monster found in Montauk, NY:

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