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Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

Our official Montauk Monster store is up. We have t-shirts, hats, and intimate apparel for sale. We will have more items up shortly. Please check out the store and support us in our quest to find the truth behind The Montauk Monster.

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Official Montauk Monster Merchandise

Unfortunately, Monty wasn’t able to run for Vice President this year. He wishes the best of luck to John McCain on election day.

The Latest From Rita.

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

Rita, a long time reader and active contributer in comments section of many posts, sheds new light on the whereabouts of the Montauk Monster. In a response to Hippy; (see below) Rita claims her family has the decomposed remains of the Montauk Monster. Please take the time to read Rita’s previous comments as they seem to provide factual information.

Rita, thank you for your support on this site. If you wish to make further statements I will be happy to post them for our readers.

“To Hippy:

Been a little busy but thanks for asking where I have been. To answer your questions no I am not seeking forgivness from my parents souls as most would only do that if you did somthing wrong or lied, in which I did neither. My family owes me nothing because we know the truth and they still have the remains. Definately NOT pitching a movie, have more important things to do than pitch a low budget, straight to DVD movie.

There are pictures but can not be posted under a confidentiality agreement from the lawyers representing the family and the other parties involved in this whole thing. Sometimes people should just have a little confidence in others and in the end the truth comes out.”

Rita: We have confidence in you, but what is the truth?