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More on The Bayview Beast.

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

Denise Civiletti has provided us with more information on “The Bayview Beast”. I would consider Denise a credible source because she interviewed an expert on mountain lions and performed her due diligence to write an article for a Long Island publication, “The Suffolk Times” in October of 2008.

Please see Denise’s comments below:

“The Suffolk Times first published this story on Monday Oct. 20. Unlike Newsday, which relied on interviews with officials and records, we went to the site and spoke with two eyewitnesses who saw this big cat on three different occasions, and we saw the places where the cat was seen. The guy who didn’t want us to use his last name really is named “John.” (We have his name but withheld it on his request.)

Newsday did a great disservice by making light of this sighting and likening it to the bloated carcass of a raccoon or something that washed ashore in Montauk and caused a big media sensation — your “Montauk Monster.”

In my opinion, this big cat is real and it’s probably an abandoned pet— yes, pet! Don’t make light of this! This is not uncommon. Stupid people illegally try to domesticate wild animals like this all the time. Then, when they can’t handle them, or when the novelty wears off, they release or abandon them. It’s inhumane. And potentially dangerous. This is no joke.

I interviewed one expert on mountain lions (aka cougars, pumas) this morning who said it’s not impossible for this to be a female puma living in the wild, but he thought it more likely it is an abandoned pet.”

See our story at:

The Bayview Beast: Southold, Long Island.

Saturday, October 25th, 2008

On October 17th 2008 at 9:00 AM the Bayview Beast was spotted strolling across a lawn and into the woods in a neighborhood in Southhold, Long Island.  A resident who goes by the name of “John” (he wished to withhold his last name) is quoted saying “I pulled up into my drive-way and I could see it plain as day, walking across my neighbors lawn.”  “John” is the gentleman that reported his sighting to police authorities. 

In the police report, “John” described the cat-like creature to be 5-6 feet long (holy guacamole!) not including the tail, and resembling the features of a mountain lion.  Southold Police authorities feel they ” may be onto something” from the report and descriptions given by “John” as Southold Police Chief, Carlisle Cochran Jr. commented on Friday.  Chief Cochran further explained that he “doesn’t think it’s running stray in Bayview,” and “has to believe that it’s somebody’s pet that just gets out once in a while.” 

A spokeswoman for the state Department of Environmental Conservation said investigators have yet to see any sign of mountain lions.  They haven’t found any tangible evidence of scat, feces, or any sort of animal remains.  Additionally, spokeswoman Aphrodite Montalvo further claimed that mountain lions haven’t been native to Long Island since pre-Colonial times. 

Unfortunately, “John” doesn’t have any pictures of the beast.  I found Chief Cochran’s theory to be funny. “Hey, it’s just a pet that gets out every now and then, no problem!”  Chief, we’re talking about a 5-6 foot (not including tail, of course) “mountain lion” roaming the streets of Long Island.  Being that the state Department of Environmental Conservation is performing further investigations, the the Bayview Beast may be real, as “John” now isn’t the only person who feels we have probably cause.  Chief, in all seriousness do you think that somebody is housing a 5-6 foot “pet” in a residential neighborhood in Southold?  (It’s great with children.)   I’m sure “John” and the other neighbors would have noticed the owner walking the beast with a leash on asking wondering what the heck it is.

But hey, it’s just somebody’s pet that gets out once in a while right?  Maybe the 5-6 foot beast took a walk into town to enjoy a cup white chocolate mocha at Starbucks and read Newsday?  Chief Carlisle Cochran really believes that this is not a stray animal and has been domesticated on Long Island.  (I stick by my story!)

And the question still remains, where is the Bayview Beast now?          

Newsday Article: 10/25/08

BREAKING NEWS: Montauk Monster Truths Revealed (Splinterheads!)

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

This article is a exclusive.

A reliable source named “Tonya” has come forward with new truths about the Montauk Monster and Rachel Goldberg. After viewing the video posted below (Plum TV) it’s clear that the three girls (Jenna Hewitt, Rachel Goldberg, and Courtney Fruin) are bluffing. Additionally, why do the “original” Montauk Monster pictures look drastically different from the higher quality ones that were submitted by Christina Pampalone? It appears the first bidder (Jenna Hewitt + crew) came to the media first and were awarded the release of the pictures. What I’m proposing is that we are looking at pictures of two different “creatures”.

Let’s talk about the viral marketing myth. It’s been claimed that this was a marketing stunt for both Cloverfield 2, (could make sense) and the Cartoon Network show “Cryptids are Real”.

Newsday has done a great job covering the Montauk Monster, but did everyone forget about the article regarding “Splinterheads” (new movie about carnival subculture) that’s being filmed in Patchogue?

Newsday: Splinterheads Article

In the article linked above, the producer Darren Goldberg is quoted saying how he “grew up in Manhattan and spent summers in Amagansett.” (Amagansett is the next town over from Montauk! Google Map.) “Tonya” made further claims that Darren Goldberg may be related to Rachel Goldberg.

Please see pictures below:

Darren Goldberg Splinterheads Darren Goldberg
Splinterheads Producer

Rachel Goldberg on Plum TV

“Tonya” stated that the original pictures of the Montauk Monster were a stage prop from the Splinterheads movie set. “Tonya” also mentioned that there will be a scene in the movie where the Montauk Monster will be revealed.

Could this be a possibility? Could this be a marketing scheme? Absolutely! The creature was mysteriously brought to somebody’s backyard and it has never been seen again. In Newsday’s “Splinterheads” article, Michelle Isabelle-Stark says: “For Suffolk County’s economic development office, the arrival of the cameras and crews is welcome news.” Not only is it great for the pride of community, they’re using a slew of local vendors for food, hotels, rental cars and lumber.” The Montauk Monster adds fuel to that fire and will support economic growth in Eastern Suffolk County, despite rising gas prices.

Also mentioned in the “Splinterheads” Newsday article, they are seeking additional capital for the film. It looks like they got the additional funding as Rob Schnieder (big budget baby!) has just been added to the cast. It didn’t hit yet, but has appeared on Jason Rogel’s (cast member) page.

“Tonya” also said there may be more pictures (new angles) to be released on (The Official Splinterheads Blog)

“Tonya” may have cracked the case on the first set of pictures, but what about the others that were released by Christina Pampalone? What I saw a few weeks ago most resembled the original pictures posted by Jenna Hewitt. I was the victim of a copy-cat scam or a viral marketing maneuver. It’s obvious now that Christina Pampalone’s pictures are the real deal. So where is the Montauk Monster now? (the one with the blue-ish tint) I think the government is holding the truth because this was the result of the horrific genetic experiment at Plum Island. What do you think?

If anyone has any additional information or is an eye-witness of the Montauk Monster, now is the time come to come forward. Please e-mail: [email protected]

IMDB: Splinterheads (2009)
IMDB: Darren Goldberg
Newsday: Montauk Residents Proud of their Monster.

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