MonsterQuest: Devils in New Jersey

Airing tomorrow 2/25/09 the History Channel will be featuring a special on the Jersey Devil. For this episode rumor has it there the Montauk Monster will also be featured as supporting evidence. A bit piece was created and a reenactment featuring Christina Pampalone. (Montauk monster photographer the of 2nd set of pictures) In any event this should be an interesting show for all our friends in the New York Tri-State area.

MonsterQuest : Devils in New Jersey
Airs on Wednesday February 25 09:00 PM

For over 250 years a frightening winged beast has been menacing the residents of New Jersey. The Jersey Devil is described as a winged half-bird half-horse, with hoofed feet and reptilian tail and a penetrating scream that echoes through the forests of New Jersey’s Pine Barrens. During one phenomenal week, over a thousand individuals were terrorized: a trolley car was attacked, schools were closed and panic gripped the area. Wildlife experts claim however, that misidentification with a known animal may be responsible for the encounters, but recent witnesses who see the beast are scared for their lives–and say the scientific evidence will prove there is a monster. MonsterQuest launches an unprecedented expedition for the Jersey Devil and sends sixty men into the forbidding forest while detectives meet the witnesses to discover the truth behind the Jersey Devil.

Do you think the Montauk Monster is related to the Jersey Devil?

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4 Responses to “MonsterQuest: Devils in New Jersey”

  1. Nicky Papers says:

    If you missed this on the History Channel, check your listings! It was very informitive and DID show the reanactment with Christina Pampalone finding the “monster” producing the 2nd set of pictures. I wish there was more on the original pictures/origins of that beast. (Jenna Hewitt, Rachel Goldberg, and Courtney Fruin) That would explain the mystery that’s still at large.

  2. andrew gilbert says:

    i watched it and they said it was a boxer. i have been studying cryptzoology for 18 years and it isn’t what you are thinking of. the new photo and film is strange though…

  3. Patrick F says:

    It sure looks a lot like a pit bull.

  4. suzanne says:

    are there any photos of the Jersey Devil