“The Ugly One” – Canadian Monster Stirs a Buzz

This creature was found by a pair of “dog walkers” in a Northern Ontario creek last week. As I’ve been following the story closely and gathering the facts, a few questions still remained unanswered:

1) Why have the “First Nations” (Canadian community) taken an active role in learning more about the creature as US citizens have let the Montauk Monster remain a “mystery”?

2) The creature was found by “two nurses” who work for the Canadian Federal Government. They posted the picture on their community website where it later went viral. Why put your job on the line?

3) If this creature was never meant to be discovered, (especially by government officials!) shouldn’t this have been swept under the rug?

4) Where is the animal carcass? Once again, “the monster” has disappeared.

Members of the Canadian community claim: “No one knows what it is, but our ancestors used to call it the Ugly One,” the Kitchenuhmaykoosib website says. “Rarely seen, but when seen, it’s a bad omen. Something bad will happen, according to our ancestors.”

More importantly: Monster Season Has Officially Started

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    45 Responses to ““The Ugly One” – Canadian Monster Stirs a Buzz”

    1. Pat... says:

      Dead Otter

    2. Escocido says:

      Dude, that the otterest dead otter I’ve ever seen.

    3. Linda says:

      This clearly looks like a wild pig. Sometimes things left in the water for a long time shed hair.

    4. KC says:

      This is almost definitely a ferret or a weasel. May even be an otter. Whatever it is, it looks as though it’s been dead for quite a while.

    5. wildgirl says:

      That looks like a decaying river otter. Take a closer look people.

    6. Faith says:

      Does anyone else think that this looks like an otter?? Maybe it’s just me, but almost all of these “monsters” look like one animal or another that have been modified by man, NOT nature!! Are we really becoming so naive that we would believe something like this?

    7. Kayla says:

      First of all, First Nations is not a Canadian community. It’s what aboriginal peoples in Canada are called, rather than Native-Canadians. Second, it’s believed that the carcass was that of a mink.

    8. Peachy says:

      Okay well i kinda think it looks likes a dog but it most likely is a dead otter….

    9. Sarah says:

      This is most definatly a river otter, it looks like someone just cut its hair, and then shaved its face and whiskers.

    10. Kat says:

      Looks like a dead otter to me…maybe fish ate away its hair.

    11. Sam says:

      This is an Otter! And Linda I cannot believe you think it looks like a pig! I thought Otter the moment I saw it

    12. jackbum jj says:

      Hate to break it to you, but thats definitively an otter.

    13. Al says:

      I don’t think this is an otter. the top front teeth are too small, the bottom fronts appear to be too big. It doesn’t have the long tail of an otter, if it even has one, and it’s head appears to be a tad too short.

    14. Al says:

      I don’t think this is an otter. It’s front teeth are too short, it’s bottom front teeth too long, it’s head is a tad too short, and it doesn’t appear to have the North American River Otter’s long tail, if it even has one at all.

    15. DragonGoddess says:

      Yeah, that is most definitely an otter that has been dead for quite some time and not this canadian creature everyone is claiming it to be.

    16. Syrth says:

      I believe in monsters as much as the next person but that is clearly a river otter suffering from mange.

    17. raya k. says:

      it’s just a decomposed giant otter….

    18. Wolf says:

      I’m almost certain that is not a mink, The teeth, nose, and face are not mink-like at all. I’ve been around ferrets a lot which are anatomically almost identical to minks, and this looks much more like an otter. The nose doesn’t look very much like an otter nose, so it could be some sort of otter hybrid.
      I can say with all certainty that it is not a ferret, I have pet ferrets and none of them look anything like that, or any ferret I have ever seen.
      It is probably some sort of mustelid though.

    19. juan says:

      It reminds me of one ofthe characters of Ice Age possoms (I dont think that how you spell it)

    20. steve says:

      its an otter of course might of course its face dont look rite how would your face look if it was pressed agenst a rock it would be scrunched too

    21. nugget says:

      that is deffinetly an otter dumbies. R.I.P little otter

    22. kyle says:

      otter with mange got similar pictures from wildlife studies otter!!!

    23. Autumn says:

      Dead otter for sure, and regular decomposition can explain the hair loss… Also just because the two work for the federal government does not mean that they are government officials, at the most they’d be bureaucrats.

      And it was already said, but First Nations is not a canadian community, its a descriptor used to describe aboriginal peoples, instead of calling them “indian” or “native american” (which are both considered derrogatory in Canada). There are also Metis and Inuit communities…. Americans really need to do more research before publishing ANYTHING that has to do with Canada…

    24. laila says:

      it’s a DOG!!! it’s a dead dog who’s been laying in the water for a while.. i’we look’t at the different pictures of the “Montauk Monster”… moast of the “monster’s” look’s a lot like DOG’S!!!! someone out there, some totaly sick persons are killing/drowning dog’s and other animals… it’s not a monster!!!!

    25. Troy21324 says:

      thats a dead otter lolol

    26. amyjoe says:

      Its a freakin badger

    27. amyjoe says:

      its a badger

    28. Tara says:

      As stated before, there are many problems with this article: i.e. “First Nations” is the preferred term used for aboriginal peoples in Canada, not a Canadian community. Also the fact that these “two nurses” work for the government does not necessarily make them government officials, but bureaucrats in the government, and would therefore not risk losing their job over posting such an image.

      Other than that, when I first saw this creature, it struck me as a dead otter or fisher. A fisher would be my better bet of the two because it seems to match the anatomy of the decomposing creature more, especially with the teeth. If the animal was waterlogged that may explain why its difficult to identify, but speaking as someone who is highly interested in cryptids, I don’t think this is anything out of the ordinary in the least.

      As for the body disappearing, depending on the amount of time the carcass was left alone and the wildlife in the area, it could have very well been scavenged.

    29. rayjuggalo says:

      i think its another legand like4 bigfoot that was there but our dumbass scientists never found like aieins they no they r there but they dont wanna idmit it

    30. rayjuggalo says:

      that is no otter iv compared a otter 2 it there are many defects

    31. Greg says:

      As soon as I saw this photo I immediately thought of a river otter. Bacteria has started the decomposition process. Totally different from the beast washed up in Long Island, NY in 2008. Which I have to believe is a true “monster” or better yet, some thing which has been genetically altered.

    32. phoenix says:

      i assure you this is an otter, just look at the resemblance and the bone structure, http://www.jupiterimages.com/Image/royaltyFree/72967141 . and as for the legend of the gly one, the ugly one is supposed to have a half human head

    33. albert einstein says:

      This is the government operating secret dna altering tests and these decreped animal corpses is the remants of these manical exprements

    34. LJK says:

      Definitely an otter that has either lost the hair through either mange or decay whilst immersed. Seen both instances myself.

    35. miku says:

      i think it is just an otter that is losing its hair but dum ass scientist need to fucking figure this out i mean why arn’t they doing anything. I also agree with the person that said they just shaved its hair and whiskers it dosint look anything like the montauk monster

    36. miku says:

      i think it is just an otter that is losing its hair but dum ass scientist need to fucking figure this out i mean why arn’t they doing anything. I also agree with the person that said they just shaved its hair and whiskers it don’t look anything like the montauk monsterand i looked at the the canada pics and the montuak pics and the montuaks pis the animal has a weird head and on the canada pics it dositn and i didint find out about this until yesterday so don’t judge . 😀

    37. lil many says:

      it is a otter go to this website (http://www.anglersnet.co.uk/News/dead_otter_lincolnshire.html) it looks a lot like a dead otter. go to the third picture. 😀 😮

    38. Brendan says:

      also lil many, it isn’t an otter you fucking tool. Look at the face, it has incisor’s which are for predators which otter’s aren’t. Also the paws aren’t webbed, this creature looks mole-like and since its eyes are white and nose is big im partial to the idea that it lived underground.

    39. Heather says:

      Looks like an otter! And ppl think its a monster. Psh.

    40. mle says:

      This is a wolverine
      First Nations=Nataives or Aboriginals

    41. Me says:

      Heather hit the nail on the head. It’s an otter, not some unknown mythical animal.

    42. Rainsauce says:

      This….is an otter.

    43. Tsucass says:

      I’m a taxidermist. This is an otter,folks. It’s not losing hair, it’s just piebald, aka a partial albino. It looks like it took a blow to the face and that’s most likely what killed it. And yes,otter are predators.

    44. david says:

      it’s funny how it looks like one of the two rat/otter animal like in the movie «ice age»

    45. wow! says:

      Yea um that’s probally a otter or something similar that has adapted to is environment or someone was breeding something and used an otter .. its a proven fact that if u breed one thing with another take the hybrid and breed that with something else and u have a while new hybrid.. common sense ppl