Christina Pampalone: Releases New Pictures.

Christina Pampalone of East Northport has released new pictures of the Montauk Monster. She was kind enough to release two new pictures for Finally, new pictures have emerged. This is the tip of the iceberg and a exclusive.

This picture below is new, has not been seen before, and will hit the media tomorrow.

montauk monster

Below is a close-up of the Montauk Monster. This photo has also never been seen before.

montauk monster

This picture is the original picture taken by Christina Pampalone

montauk monster

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75 Responses to “Christina Pampalone: Releases New Pictures.”

  1. Theory says:

    Anyone ever think about all these weird creatures washing up on shores all over the world have something to do with the ice caps that are thousands of years old, huge chunks of glacier fall off everyday.

  2. Fernando says:

    monster of Montauk is a Brazilian tapir.

  3. not buying it says:

    I agree with seraph on the pig theory. This looks like a wild boar that has been dead long enough to bloat and appear to have bluish skin…I would wager the skin is nearly black on the other side, where the blood has pooled due to gravity. This fur looks coarse, like a pig or wild boar would have, and those lower incisors could easily be lower tusks of a male boar (and there are definitely male parts on this thing). The haunch even looks like that of a pig and I would be at all surprised if the feet, which are conveniently hidden by the sand, have hooves. I’m guessing the missing fur is an indication that this animal was quite ill when it died and had lost its fur as a result. Definitely has pig ears and I imagine the nose, if it were intact, would also be snout-like. The tail is slender, like a pigs, and their tails actually do not curl on adults–so the tail laying prone behind the animal also supports this notion. Yes, it’s gross, but hardly a monster.

  4. seraph says:

    well its a animal. duh. It might be a pig cant be a bulldog because its bottom cannines potrude way to far out the mouth might be a mutation of a pig but dog you gotte be dumb if you think a bull dog has that type of shaggy fur and color their mainly brindle,white with brindle spots, white , or blondeish brown . and they are a short straight hair breed. but whatever it is its a carnivore all the teeth are to sharp to eat plants . but its a mystery

  5. Jade says:

    people,cant believe our country made this creature by experamental bio-hazards instead they are being allowed to expand inland ,to test out , how many more animales,or people can or will be afficed. if some one who has as little education as I can see it ,kansas will be there first inland geniepigs

  6. arv says:

    it’s pretty much obvious that the montauk monster you’ve talking is on a bull dog..

  7. Keziah says:

    Excuse me … I just threw-up in my mouth … a lot!

  8. Brenda says:

    The first one from last summer looked like a mutilated racoon. This one looks like a mutilated domestic dog. The key word here being mutilated. It really doesn’t matter what type of animal it is, It’s clearly an animal, and clearly mutilated in some manner.

    There is someone out there with a sick mind, mutilating animals for attention. This is the beginning of a serial killer. All serial killers start with animal cruelty, abuse and killing. Proven fact. If we continue to give this cult attention, the culprit will move on to bigger targets for more attention. What needs to be done is the person responsible needs to be found, and quickly, before he or she has any more victims.

    I personally don’t want to read years from now, about a serial killer, who admits that his early work was the Montauk Monsters. Are the authorities even concerned about this? I’m sure that I’m not the only one who has thought about this.

  9. Yvonne says:

    after seeing these pictures i do believe that this is a dog that probably has some kind of disease and got bloated

  10. Allie says:

    And of course people are selling the pictures! Would you rather do one thing for free, or the same thing for money? It’s like paparazzi photos, of course everyone is selling them.

  11. WHOCARES says:

    Thats a freaken pig or a dog -.-

  12. lowlikebeingstoned says:

    This is a dog, clearly. The discoloration and bloating are from sea water.

    another thing to note: no flies/maggots or birds….. Beaches typically have a slew of insects such as “no see-ums” And seagulls? They may not have finished the carcass but, there would be evidence of consumption.
    and if this “creature” washed up on shore. where are the tide lines? kelp/seaweed? The sand is too smooth as if it were dropped on the spot rather than brought on shore by tide waters.

  13. Cat says:

    I got no problem with the quality of the photos, I have a $300 Canon and get much better quality shots with it. I also carry it almost everywhere and would certainly taken shots of such a thing seen on a beach I was at. My problem is that it is obviously a dead boar or maybe a big dog. I have no doubt about this at all. This is not something new, just a dead (Earth!) animal.

  14. gangsta shIt! says:

    this is probably a bull dog..

  15. Ashley says:

    If this thing were a seacreature, wouldn’t it have gills and scales? Not hair and without gills? If someone said this already, I’m sorry. But really…
    It’s a hoax.

  16. Brian says:

    Well to be honest i think this is just a boar or even a domesticated pig what its doing in the water i do now know but seems to be trying to gain something from this encounter. Take a look at what the author wrote for the “newer” montauk monster pictures. He is willing to SELL the corpse for profit. And also i dont think we have to worry about chemical warfare to be apart of this ordeal to be honest if another country wanted to send chemicals to america i think they would choose a more dealdy desise than just swine flu because remember most of the people in mexico that have been infected and died dont have insureance or the means to get drugs to counter act the flu. But then again this does have erie similarities to other creatures. The snout seems to be broken or at least missing a small portion if you disagree please say so i am intrested in feed back from other people.

  17. James says:

    I’m not sure about the earlier specimens, but this latest find is a dog (likely a Pit Bull). The shape and position of the teeth are almost identical to that of several Pit Bull skulls I found with a quit internet search.

  18. Dave says:

    It’s easy to compare these photos with a photo of a dog skull. Matches perfectly.

  19. Jill says:

    just for the record, a turtle cannot be shell-less. The shell is integrated into a turtle’s skeletal system, and the top half of the shell is integrated straight into the spine[google “inside turtle shell”]. So that is ruled out, because if it were indeed shell-less, there would be gaping, noticable wounds.

    i think this one was planted, because if you look at the sand that its on, its clean, dune sand. There is no trace of a water line or tide line anywhere in the vicinity, and it looks like that sandy area never gets wet. So how can something like that just wash up?

    If this isn’t a hoax, which i think these photos are, i’m willing to say its a pit-bull puppy, if you look at the second photo, theres a fly in it which can scale the size of the body, and the teeth are relatively sharp and not ground down or decaying. the face screams pitbull/amstaff/mastiff/bulldog or any mix type.

  20. jenn says:

    google rocky point monster…and you will find the photograph I took last year.

  21. Josh says:

    I’d say it looks more like a boar than dog.

  22. JESSIC says:


  23. nicky says:

    This is a rotting dog. The beak-like thing is just the exposed skull. That’s about it

  24. just lookin says:

    Yeah, it was once a healthy, solid animal and it’s been drowned. That is what is so sad. It is very well-muscled in the torso and legs, which is consistent with the form of a dog. It may have been an abused, fighting dog, which would explain the problems/injuries to its muzzle and the binding (?) to its forelegs. Dogs can swim quite well, but not with their forelegs bound! In the olden days, t was common practice in some backwoods places to drown cats and puppies that you didn’t want… Animal cruelty is a crime for good reason.
    As the economy gets worse, many more animals will suffer and be abandoned! Adopt a terrific pet at a pound today!

  25. sigridur says:

    i think that’s some kind of a pig or something :’)
    or not a pig , but it’s close to being a pig , can’t remeber the name…
    uhm its like pumba in lion king ! :D
    yeah, i think so.

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