Montauk Monster 2.0 (New Pictures!)

It’s been quite a week for us here at! First, I’d like to thank our loyal readers for providing many thought provoking comments about their theories of what the Montauk Monster might be. At this time, we do not have conclusive evidence as to what specific species the bloated carcass is. Yes, there are skeptics out there. Many ask does this even exist? Is this a hoax? Could this be viral marketing?

Please understand that the pictures below (new!) show angles in addition to the shots widely seen earlier this week. I can assure you this is not a hoax as I witnessed the beast with my own eyes and took the photographs below. Additionally, there were three other people present with me when we came up-close and personal with the Montauk Monster. In regards to viral marketing, the only thing that has turned viral is the questions and concerns around what’s washing up on the shores of Long Island, NY. If “Montauk Monster Mania” is the bi-product of deep questioning about the creatures origins, (read our comments section!) so be it. I think we all have a right to know what’s going on here.

Please review our discovery below:

I still believe that the creature shown above has origins from Plum Island. This is the third occurrence documented by photograph. (Monty 08’, The Clapsaddle Carcass, followed by Montauk Monster 2.0) All beasts have striking similarities. Much like Chupacabra sightings being more frequent in Latin American countries, the Montauk Monster (mutated and bloated carcasses) are being discovered more frequently around Long Island, NY.  In my opinion, the link behind the washed up beasts is Plum Island.

I encourage you to read this article that I found regarding the spread of disease in relation to Plum Island.  Please note that this article was published before our discovery. (Swine Flu Paranoia)

Please understand I’m not trying to point the finger at Plum Island for the Swine Flu epidemic.  Being that animal viruses and diseases (many foreign of nature!) are sometimes not fully-contained in Plum Island’s facility, it’s a fair argument to say that Swine Flu may have leaked from Plum Island.  Additionally, if deer have previously had success leaving Plum Island on a swim to land (carrying ticks with Lyme disease) it’s certainly possible that another “animal” can do the same.     

I’ve taken into consideration that studies at Plum Island are designed to protect the US as “Beastie” might have been created for research purposes against potential viruses or disease.  The proximity to Long Island and the security (contracted!) on  Plum  Island are my only concerns.  Read the down and dirty here.

Everyone has their theories about the Montauk Monster. Some say a “turtle without a shell” (seriously!?) while others claim a cross breed between a pig and dog. Either way, it’s been established that we’re unsure of the species and origin of the Montauk Monster and this matter is certainly worth the time to investigate.

Did this beast come from Plum Island? Comment here.

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43 Responses to “Montauk Monster 2.0 (New Pictures!)”

  1. Jayne says:

    In all honesty, this looks like a bloated sheep. I’ve been researching this so-called “monster” only today, but having been reasurred that diseases can could animals to bloat and deform, then it’s the only conclusion I can come to.

  2. anonymous says:

    This thing looks just like the largest member or the rodentia family, the capybara. Google it if you don’t know what it looks like.

  3. David says:

    It’s a member of the Tapir Family, possibly a Malayan or Mountain Tapir. Google it and look at the pictures and you will see the similarities in the feet and head, minus the fleshy snout that must have decomposed already.

  4. Alisa says:

    It’s a bloated dead raccoon. Compare the skull…

  5. Arrin says:

    Its nothing more than a bloated sheep that has died.

  6. dcarly says:

    I don’t really care what it is so much as I cannot get over the fact that the first creature’s feet were tied together. Why hasn’t there been more discussion on that? Some human, somewhere, (perhaps Plum Island personel) knows what that creature is and was able to get close enough to it to tie its front feet together and drown the poor beast at sea. What was the motive? Why wasn’t the cloth used to tie it not investigated more? – I say track down the sick individual who thought is was a great idea to bind and drown this poor thing and we will have our answers.One question lingers… Wouldn’t Plum Island have a more humane way of disposing of creatures they have no use for? Forget the “they tried to swim over” rationale nothing can SWIM with it’s front legs tied together!

  7. Mary Jo Davis says:

    I took pictures of this creature on Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida on 1 June 2009, please forward an email address and I will send them to you.

  8. JD says:

    Found in Hampton Bays, NY on 6/5/09
    how do i post the photos?

  9. ben says:

    How come you were able to find the carcass still left on the beach 1 year later? lol, why hadn’t someone got rid of it. I agree with the capybara idea does look a bit like that or something of that sort, still nice to think that theres something else we’re missing though ey

  10. Rumaldo says:

    I seriously think that this unknown species is a racoon. I went to just to watch some videos (nothing to do with this monster!) and I saw Nalt’s video about the monster and I got interested. I called my sister over to the computer and I started telling her about it. We started researching. We compared the skull on Google and we came to a conclusion:it’s probably a racoon.

  11. doug says:

    its a dead raccoon that got lit on fire and put out to sea on a pool toy by some drunks in shelter island hah

  12. dusty says:

    victory is mine!!!!! im old greg!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Chandra says:

    How can you say this is a sheep look at this thing people it is the work of plum island they are doing experiments on these poor animals and the goverment is giving them the money to do this!!
    this is not something from nature it is man made, plum island needs to be shut down they are doing nothing for us but bringing disease and crazy looking creatures!! where do you thin swine flu came from!!! plum island.

  14. Jerry says:

    One of my friends who works in the movie business says that it’s some viral marketing campaign for this movie they’re making about Chupacabras

  15. avalina says:

    thats fake its a fucken dead ass bloaded sheep that somthing got a hold of

  16. Theresa says:

    If you want to contact someone who will take your story seriously. Contact Michael Christopher Carroll. He is a local Long Island Attorney who has done extentsive research on Plum Island. Read his book, “Lab 257” which interviews several people who have worked at Plum Island.

    Michael Carroll can be contacted at

  17. sean says:

    is most deff form plum island theres no dought in my mind

  18. sean says:

    Chandra you are 100% right

  19. Cato says:

    Whatever you do don’t let anybody from SUNY Stony Brook see it or anybody like that. They will say it’s a dog or whatever…they will say ANYTHING…they will nevar admit the TRUTH about Plum Island Building 257, as PROVED in the Army Chemical Review, volume LXVII, number 37, page 546. It mentions the “genotype morphology” of haploid R1B. They are MORPHING natural genes to create new species, not just mutations of old ones. We have had enough of the SLANDER against genuine researchers by so-called “experts”.

  20. Lyndsey says:

    omg, holy shite, i found skull exactly like that one at the beach near me! no fuckkin shite.! it was the same dimentions and everything, i looked up every site, but with no prevail i threw it out. Same diamater dimentions.. freaky, but i think it is just a raccon, or whatever. but, it aint a sheep, nor dog. Sheep have different eye shaped eye sockets and not the same legs.

  21. Lyndsey says:

    omg, holy shite, i found skull exactly like that one at the beach near me! no fuckkin shite.! it was the same dimentions and everything, i looked up every site, but with no prevail i threw it out. Same diamater dimentions.. freaky, but i think it is just a raccon and yet they have shorter snouts, or whatever. but, it aint a sheep, nor dog. Sheep have different eye shaped eye sockets and not the same legs. The skull resembles a shrew, and it being a dog isnt right for they have no resembeling cartilage aarond base of snout.

    i think, that this is some freak from hell, or hoax. no animal seems to explain it.

    i will do further research.

  22. Ashley says:

    well if people are saying that it’s a bloated sheep, i don’t find it reasonable. this is because: are there any wild sheep in distance to where the monster was found?
    if so, then there is a possibility.

  23. Al says:

    them things is good in bed! naaa jk

    it’s fucking man-bear-pig!!!!

  24. Andi says:

    I think most of the images are of a washed up pig, due to the size of the creature, and the markings on its body. The tied up one however looks more like a dog, just the limbs of the creature resemble a dogs paws.

  25. mr ????? says:

    well your all wrong it the 1st picture is of a racoon that had been used for rabbies testing the second picture is a 2 and half year old steer named buddy who also died of the result of test of a cure for the mad cow infection,there are things going on at that reserch center on plum island they are right up there,cell reconsruction to changing genes and the steer that died he was put on whats called a dumper barge they fill the dead in this 300ft barge that has a bottom that opens downward underwater and this way what you cant see won’t hurt you’ they wait every 3 monthes if you watch the local shipping radar off the point you will notice a couple of barges that remain on both sides and as i said once every 3 monthes they are dumped out in the ocean about 25miles out always late at night thats the reason for the change over to homeland control they knew problems would happen it was just when, and to answer another statement you bet your ass that the swine flu was started there on plum island what,I mean stuff that night mares are made of are just a boat ride away and the messed up thing is they are not doing to keep us safe ,,,they are doing so thay can bring a small counrty to there knees by killing off all of there food supply meat and milk not to mention if rabbies is worse now why do you think that is???? how do I know all this??cause I do lets just leave it at that….hope that clears up some of this ,sleep well……

  26. Annette H. says:

    That looks like Nubian goat to me.

  27. Bryan says:

    So what happened to the body of the 4th carcass? you conviently left that out of the story

  28. sai says:

    My thoughts are that this creature is probably canine genetically, resembling the whippet/greyhound variety. The skull seems to suggest it is more of that variety rather than a sheep. Whilst I’ve taken all plausible skulls into consideration, my deductions can rule out that given the elongated nature of the skull, its not sheep or a racoon.

    I am also taking into account that majority of animal cruelty or negligence in the city is predominately domestic and the animals targeted are mostly cats and dogs, I would have to further deduce that this creature is possibly a whippet or a greyhound that washed up after being drowned.

  29. michael says:

    that aint no alien, or monster…
    thats jux some damn turtel dat lost his shell…
    but if not where is the body…? are there more…?
    has the pigs themselfs seen the body…? well that’s
    all i have to say bout it….

  30. daniel says:

    lookin like E.T. no phone home,
    got fuckedd up da ass
    and left for dead…

    or if a monkey raped da turtle,
    and da turtle raped da horse and
    had a baby

    ha ha ha ha ha
    im high

  31. Oscar says:

    I think i found out what the Montauk monster is.. Whach this video

    In my opinion i think that the Montauk monster is what this video calls a cow of the sea.. take a look and tell me what you think..

  32. Oscar says:

  33. Savannah says:

    okay first of all, notice how the body is only partially decayed, now take a look at the skull, which just so happens to be fully decayed and spotless white, which would not be plausible.

  34. toolshed says:

    Okay, I don’t know where to begin. You sick morons, I hope you get some screwed up disease playin with animal remains,

  35. Vernon Kaschubowski says:

    They all have somthing in common.I mean they all lost all their skull skin.

  36. Al says:

    Usually what I do is compare it’s teeth to that or what I believe it is, but since this creature has no bottom jaw, I can’t very well do that.

  37. Brent says:

    that’s not a hoax, I think it’s a mokey or something

  38. Adam Smith says:

    Yeah, just wanted to let you know for future reference that an after death examination on an animal is called a “Necropsy” not an autopsy.

  39. Kate Virra says:

    To clear everything up why so much is top secret . You all have every day chemicals being applied to your body . Be it shampoo, mouth wash, colgne, the clothes that you wear that were just washed with bleach or tide soap. Lets not forget your multivitamins prescription medicines and that cell phone strapped to your head. This place test all kinds of hazards at a fast pace on animals that are unfortunate to be abanded by owners or left behind to survive on their own by their birth mothers. If you have seen a human ear being grown on the back of an lab mouse. Your in for a surprise if you can even have the slightest glimpse of whats going on while your reading the words that Im writing. If you can think of it the experiments are probably failed or still on going. For a profit human tissue from inmates from a prison around the corner have been volunteerly collected for such on going experimentations for several years and is still on going till this day. The so called Montauk Monster was meerly a mistake that Plum Island denies to of had any human and animal engineering but the photos and the disection tell us otherwise. The stuff Human Growth hormones [HGH] is a product that was injected in these animals. Just think if human testing is on going there as we speak.

  40. Lela says:

    The snout and eye sockets are so similar to a mantee. The body shape resembles one as well. I don’t know it is easy for one to hoax the world through the internet. I refuse to believe anything.

  41. Clement says:

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