Montauk Monster Kidnapped! (New Video)

I hope everyone has enjoyed their Memorial Day weekend. As we now move into the summer, (monster season!) I encourage Long Islander’s to keep an eye out for any unidentified beasts washing up on the coasts of Long Island. If you find something that resembles the Montauk Monster (bloated, beak skull, leathery gray skin, and weird patches of hair) e-mail us, and we’ll investigate the situation.

Please review our latest video below that was uploaded to YouTube this evening. Please be advised that the film contains graphic content and might not be appropriate for children. As I’ve mentioned previously, the couple who contacted us insisted that they take the Montauk Monster home with them. As we started snapping photo’s it became a “finder’s keepers” situation where the couple believed that the dead carcass could be “worth something”.

Upon reaching this decision, the husband ran home and got an empty box and lined it with a white garbage bag to place the beast into. I very liberally used the phrase “kidnapping” twice during the video clip. I’ll admit I was being dramatic and this was technically a “monster-napping” as there were no children involved. More importantly, the carcass had been taken into custody by the couple and no authorities were contacted.

The couple took the bag with them, placed it in their trunk, and put the bag containing the carcass into a cooler full of ice upon arriving home. Please review the video below and witness our farewell to the Montauk Monster.

Would you take this creature off the beach if you found it? Comment here.

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