Montauk Monster Kidnapped! (New Video)

I hope everyone has enjoyed their Memorial Day weekend. As we now move into the summer, (monster season!) I encourage Long Islander’s to keep an eye out for any unidentified beasts washing up on the coasts of Long Island. If you find something that resembles the Montauk Monster (bloated, beak skull, leathery gray skin, and weird patches of hair) e-mail us, and we’ll investigate the situation.

Please review our latest video below that was uploaded to YouTube this evening. Please be advised that the film contains graphic content and might not be appropriate for children. As I’ve mentioned previously, the couple who contacted us insisted that they take the Montauk Monster home with them. As we started snapping photo’s it became a “finder’s keepers” situation where the couple believed that the dead carcass could be “worth something”.

Upon reaching this decision, the husband ran home and got an empty box and lined it with a white garbage bag to place the beast into. I very liberally used the phrase “kidnapping” twice during the video clip. I’ll admit I was being dramatic and this was technically a “monster-napping” as there were no children involved. More importantly, the carcass had been taken into custody by the couple and no authorities were contacted.

The couple took the bag with them, placed it in their trunk, and put the bag containing the carcass into a cooler full of ice upon arriving home. Please review the video below and witness our farewell to the Montauk Monster.

Would you take this creature off the beach if you found it? Comment here.

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11 Responses to “Montauk Monster Kidnapped! (New Video)”

  1. Cristina says:

    Out of curiousity, does this couple live in Southold/on Founders beach? I happen to live in Southold, I even work at Founders in the summers as a beah attendant, and I was so excited/amazed that another montauk moster washed right up on a beach I often spend my summer days! I’d love to talk to you personally about this, maybe we can ‘kidnap’ the monster back! >:)
    My email is:

    Did you happen to this see this?

  2. anon says:

    I am thinking. If people want to prove this monster is not a raccoon, dog, pig, whatever…. Why not take one of each dead animal(road kill would be a good choice for the racoon) and put it in the ocean in a cage, anchor it, and let it rot for 2 weeks and see if resembles the montauk monster? It would be a good scientific way to examine it’s true identity.

  3. brianna says:

    to me the first one looks like a dinosaur that has been in the water to long and then been washed up on shore years later

  4. AJ says:

    I agree with Anon. That is a good way to tell. But we dont know how long the monster was out there. I am really intrigued by these discoveries. However Since it could be something normal, we shouldnt get our hopes up too much.

  5. tracey says:

    i swear to fukn god if that bitch killd my cat i would be the fk outta her and kill her i cannot stand someone who is like that.but iif i dont see a video then its not real lol

  6. Ray LaMot says:

    Hey what is wrong with you all?
    It’s soooooo easy to see what it is, it’s a GOAT !!!!
    Come on, can’t you see it?
    I’ll bet there is an Indian restaurant close by, right?
    Maybe a Food Stand from Kenya, this was to be a dish for obama and he didn’t show, he didn’t have any CHANGE!!!!!!!

    But for real it’s a goat, the first or one of the pics you could see stubs for horns….
    Now, what have I won?????
    Ray Lamot Lamot11@aol
    visit and.
    for the truths in today’s problems

  7. Rissa says:

    Soon im going tosearch all islands in search 4 the montauk monster and prove its not a goat

  8. Maggie says:

    I would have.
    Especially if i wanted to examine it in the light to try and figure out what it was.

  9. Dennis says:

    well about this creature i whod say it’s an alien,because no earth creature cod have that shape and did you saw its images?Its belly its just huge like it was obese or something and the arms are so skinny if its not an alien or mutant made in a lab i do not know what it is but its still intresting

  10. Wilson says:

    Well, I’ve been quite interested with your reports on the montauk monsters. I’ve seen all the pictures, from the 1st to the 3rd. Well I do hope you guys realise that these might be just some experiments. From the !st to the 3rd, all the monsters are totally difference. I mean they do have their beaks but look closely, their beaks are kinda different. The 1st M.M’s (montauk monster) beak was kinda small, the 2nd M.M has already rot and we can’t really identify and finally the 3rd M.M. The beak of the 1st M.M and the 3rd M.M was slightly different in size and shape. Next, I would like to bring to you the attention regarding the death of 3 M.Ms. The first one looks like it was dry to death even though is found on a beach, the 2nd one happens to rot, and the third one only had it’s head “rot” till left skull… now focus on the first and the third… the third one suppose to “rot” yet still have some hairs/furs left while the first had none of the hairs/furs that it suppose to have… If possible, I hope that every one chose to believe that it might be an experiiment involving both humans and animals… The head of the bird, upper body of a human & lower body of a beast… Well these are just my guesses from how I view it… Rather than calling it Montauk Monster I think the name Homuculus would suits it better…

  11. Cel says:

    okay people. These are obviously dogs. the variations in the skulls could be explained by this because all dogs have different snouts. then look at the fact that the eye sockets are placed right were a dog’s would be. Now consider that the fact that this dog has a huge belly is because of the fact that its waterlogged and all its organs have shut down and started to decompose. This releases gasses that, if they cant escape into the air, bloat the dog’s belly. Ive only seen the bloated one but the info i’ve heard about the others doesnt seem to support the fact that these arent monsters. I mean look at the freaking skull, its a dog skull!