Montauk Monster Oil Painting

This is the first original work of art I’ve seen dedicated to the Montauk Monster. This piece of art was created using oil-based paint on masonite.

Hey, for $156 this could be yours! I must admit this would look great in my office but the size of the piece (9.8in x 9.8in) just doesn’t work for me. I found it fascinating that this painting ships from the Czech Republic, consequently making beastie an international superstar!

Own a piece of history today: The Montauk Monster on Etsy

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12 Responses to “Montauk Monster Oil Painting”

  1. nathan says:

    now if this was real i need evidence

  2. NIk says:

    This rendition of what the animal might look like is anatomically incorrect. The skull of the carcass clearly shows a cavity for nostrils and a soft-tipped nose (hence the cartilage is missing), yet both this painting and the website banner show an animal with a beak??? Where is the soft nose and more importantly, the long upper fangs and rows of teeth? A beak could never support fangs.

  3. Lydia says:

    What is wrong is that the muzzle was gone down to the bone in the original. It was canid, porcine or deer(dunno scientific name) in shape, actually putting me in mind of a Boston terrier. I’m still leaning towards pig, though someone suggested Capybara, which fits the anatomical proportions and teeth.

  4. Maria says:

    Thanks for stopping by, it’s always a pleasure to see you’ve visited 🙂
    That monster is frighthening (

  5. this monster for our opinion is that it looks weird. This looks like a dog combined with a bird that has fangs. But the real picture we suspect it is real that weird animal is combined with a dog and a MOO COW and a GIANT PIG. Sorry if we offened you in any way but we are just pin pointing our opinion. But we wish we could possibly see more images of this WEIRD MONSTER that has different body parts combined by mostly animal. So we wish to see more images for evidence that this is real thank you pplp for readin this…………………………..

  6. Virgil says:

    I think that it would look like and bird combined with and cow and a dog also with and bird because it has an beak.

  7. adam wade says:

    ive been taping and hunting for years and i will tell you that that is only a dog partially decomposed with the top lip hide decomposed that is all a dog in both instences you people are in some serious need of a hobby maybe take a corse on animal anatomy

  8. maddie stein says:

    it looks so rong it dosint look like the rill picher and if you pant a rill picher and the prsin is ting WAY! to HARD! AND ITS GUST NOT RITT YOU NOW.

  9. beau5000 says:

    if you look closly at the origal pic of montauk, you will see that the beak isnt a beak. its bone with no skin.

  10. Jack jonnes says:

    we suspect it is real that weird animal is combined with a dog and a MOO COW and a GIANT PIG.
    I favor landscape oil paintings of various style.

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  12. anon says:

    Are you serious? Really? Someone would want to buy this? If someone were to try to pay me to put that in my home I would tell them their crazy and to get the f*** out of my house.