Montauk, NY: Summer Vacation 2008.

Hi, I’m Nicky Papers. I’m the founder of I’ve lived in Suffolk County, NY my entire life. The reason why I’m dedicating my time to provide the world with information on the Montauk Monster is because I was vacationing in Montauk with friends during the week that the beast was discovered. Montauk is a wonderful town full of great restaurants, fishing, and surf. While staying at the Ronjo Motel, a guest informed me that a “weird creature” washed up on shore. He directed me to where it was located on the beach where I saw the beast up close.

Upon first glimpse, it looked like a dead dog. Looking closer, it resembled something that I’ve never seen before. The creature was decomposing in the sun as there was a slight stench in the air.

Honestly, I didn’t think too much of it the day I saw it. I had a brief conversation with my waitress that night at Gosman’s Dock. She also had heard the story from one of the bus boys working there.

Little did I know that what I saw that day would be on the news, be the topic of dinner conversations, and become an internet sensation. Since I saw it up close and personal, I will try my best to uncover the truth about the “Montauk-Monster”. Please check back frequently as the discovery continues.

Warm regards and best wishes,

Nicky Papers

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37 Responses to “Montauk, NY: Summer Vacation 2008.”

  1. Eric says:

    It’s a dead raccoon. Google “raccoon skull” and look at the pictures. Ignore the “beak”, which is actually a canine tooth (the other one is broken off, it would appear) and look at the dentition in the lower jaw. It’s a rotting raccoon. Its fur came off in the water. Nothing to see here. Move along.

  2. Chad says:

    Its a dog. That’s not a beak. That’s the jawbone, exposed by fish. From the loss of fur, it looks like it had been in the water some time, sadly.

  3. DB says:

    It looks like a dog to me. The picture all over the news is misleading, to make it mysterious they chose a small low quality photo with an angle that makes the nose look like a beak, instead of exposed skull where flesh has rotted away. Bodies bloat severely when soaked in water, obviously it wouldn’t look normal to someone who doesn’t know that fact.

  4. cathy says:

    It looks very much like a rotting raccoon. I had thought dog at first, but if you look closely at what is left of the hair, it looks like raccoon fur. There is no beak, the top mandible is just rotted off. Bodies bloat during decomposition and the skin / fur peels off. Nothing more than a dead animal. Nothing mysterious.

  5. cathy says:

    I forgot to say that you can also tell from the front paws (in the originally published photo) that it is a raccoon, not a dog. Definitely shows the long, thin fingers of a raccoon.

  6. dev_masta0 says:

    it looks like a giant rat to me

  7. Fam says:

    It’s a dog, no question about that.

    It’s not a beak we see, and if you place a dog’s nose there instead, this will no longer look like an alien or whatever you may seem it looks like.

    You can tell that it is a dog by the latest pics released, where you see parts of the fur, and also the shape of it’s body.

    This poor thing have probably been floating around in the water for a very long time, which will result in such freaky look.

  8. Brian says:

    You’re right, Fam, except wherever you wrote the word “dog”, replace it with the word “raccoon”.

  9. BOb says:

    Wow, totally disgusting. Sorry but this isnt a dog or a racoon. People think they know it all.

  10. joe blow says:

    you need to stop stating that ms. hewitt is holding out for money. simply aint true.

  11. Scott says:

    I’ve never seen raccoon fangs like that. Those fangs are the size of your finger. Relate to this picture this is an official skull of raccoon. This is an extremely up close picture of a raccoon skull.

    This is another picture of a turtle without it’s shell

    Decide for yourself but I would say it’s definitely something from underneath the ice in the north pole that melted. Possibly related to an animal that we haven’t seen before.

  12. Mike says:

    Not to far away from where the picture was taken of the creature with the beak there is Plum Island which is an animal disease center, It might be a genetically altered experiment and the creature escaped? If you don’t know any animal that gets close to Plum island is killed for precautionary measures.

  13. Pix says:

    I am just wondering why it was hidden, which makes me wonder about the whole monster thing. I mean under normal circumstances, someone would contact the appropriate people to have the blood tested. DNA would certainly put an end to the mystery or lol if not determined more of a buzz.

  14. richard says:

    wrong wrong a talkt to the fbi investigator it is a Chupacabra

  15. chuck says:

    It is a monster that came from the depths of the ocean to take over the world. It was part of a reconnaissance mission to study us and give its people details on our civilization. In its way here it encountered a very angry mermaid and got involved in a terrible fight, to which succumbed.

  16. Happycamper says:

    Wait! Isn’t that Jimmy Hoffa?

  17. Bill Oreilly Jr. says:

    Howdy monster Lovers!
    I Know what this is cause my dad told me so.

    Its bigfoots baby.

    Simple huh.

  18. Trin says:

    could be a publicity stunt for cloverfield 2… just a thought…

  19. bill says:

    Number 1 the link with the picture of the “turtle without a shell” is a softshell turtle. that is its shell. the spine of a turtle is built into the shell making it impossile for a turtle to be without one. as for the skull of the racoon it looks pretty dead on to me. the only thing i cant figure is that the first picture that was released showed an animal that looked like the other side of the jaw was broken off in the new picture both sides and top and bottom are there. in a way it looks like two different animals even tho its turned on oposite sides from the first to the second

  20. m says:

    It is a decomposed raccoon.


    It is a raccoon, the majority are clearly fools.

  21. Hazardous says:

    It’s not a dog for pete’s sake — how stupid can some people be?

    racoon, likely. dog? not a chance, just look at the ‘paws’.

  22. Lisa says:

    that is the ugliest thing ive ever seen, i feel bad for whatever it is.

  23. Richard says:

    ok lets get real it is a rotten Chupacabra we know its got the same DNA

  24. Kegs says:

    This creature looks like it floated here from Italy. I personally think it is a dead swamp guinea. What else could it be? I saw it myself. The flies and the odor are what convinced me. I think we should rename the Montauk Monster BABY NICKIE.

  25. bill says:

    it is obviously the monster from the hole in the space time continuum. I’m joking. Seriously though, there was a book called the Montauk Project about some time travel machine at Montauk Air Force Base in the early 80’s. It is a load of crap, but it is a good story. I’m surpsrised the author hasn’t tried to cash in on the ordeal.

  26. Jeff says:

    I’ve got some interesting information that people will want to see about the Montauk Monster, which I’ll be posting in a series on my site. This thing is real, and while I can’t prove it irrefutably, I will provide some very good clues as to where this thing may be stored right now. Check here for more information

  27. Miranda says:

    All I can say is good job whoever CG’ed those new photos, I love the amazing clarity, and the way the sand lays just so, but it is clear that this creature is a bloated fur srtipped corpse of a Myocaster coypu or a Nutria

  28. Garth says:

    This image should help rid any doubt that this creature IS just a dead RACCOON.

    Look closely at the paws in the upper right – raccoon paws. The hair on the wrist is raccoon. And as the text says below – the visable part of the skull is a dead ringer for the raccoon skull in the lower left corner – minus some teeth and partially buried in sand.

  29. rob says:

    its your mom, i swear!!!!!

  30. lyndsey says:


    Great image there. I think you solved the mystery. How can you disput that?

  31. tay says:

    umm you can think im crazie but i honestlie think it kindah looks like a wild hog!! but it does kindah look like a blowed up dog. but look at its feet. i dont realie kno but i think it was a pet at 1 time… 1 of those people who keep exotic animals and they iether killed it and threw it in the water because they didnt want anybodie to find out..or they got freaked out wen they saw it…or possablie som1 doese not like to let the rite type of animals breed together and put som wierd kind of dog with a wierd animal thing and saw ow it turned out and threw it out becuase it was freakie looking…but i dont kno all i kno is that thatis 1 messeed up creature and its sad that som1 wuld doo that…or watever happend 2 it wen it died… 🙁

  32. gwen says:

    This is obviously a rottwaller dog the shape of the head the teeth are the exact same as the dog we use to have. I think someone probably was out boating and the dog was lost and just now washed ahore. I think there are lots of animals on this vast planet that we have yet to see and would love to find but this I do not believe is one of them.

  33. Vicky B says:

    2 things. Why do the pictures look so different? One has fur and “private parts” exposed, the other shows none. AND as for it being part of a publicity stunt for the movie “Splinterheads”, boy are you a fool! I’ve been to the set – low budget film is giving it credit!

    By the way – didn’t something similar wash up in Bayshore in April? The people involved there called the authorities, and the oceanic people took it away. WHY didn’t anyone do this in Montauk? TOO MANY QUESTIONS

  34. Balltopper Hookslice says:

    It’s rather ugly and I am sure it doesn’t smell that great either. Fortunately I have NEVER seen these things on the golf course so that’s why I prefer the greens to the dunes. If that thing ever popped up on the ninth hole I’d high tail it back to the clubhouse and go back to drinking!

    Yeee Haaaa!

  35. Gary Kuhn says:

    The Montauk Monster is ALF! It’s freakin’ ALF from the 80’s TV show!

  36. Garth says:

    If you Google search “Montauk Monster”, you’ll find that there is no longer a mystery. Not just because of the image link above, that in itself shows enough proof, but all official word is: “RACCOON -no possibility of ANYTHING ELSE”.


    Of course, you won’t see that on this website, because…. it would make this site a bit pointless. Sorry. 🙁

  37. TheMan370 says:

    Sometimes, I just don’t know what to think anymore.