Plum TV Interview: Rachel Goldberg, Courtney Fruin, and Jenna Hewitt.

I’ve analyzed this video dozens of times and certain things do not add up. First, why does the first set of “monster pictures” that Jenna Hewitt took, look so much different from the second set that was recently posted by Christina Pampalone? It’s been a couple of days now, so where are the whereabouts of the Montauk Monster? Is the government trying to cover up the truth? Was this in fact the product of a genetic mishap from Plum Island?

Please study the video below carefully and read the girls body language. Also note; all three girls are wearing sunglasses during this interview. (the eyes tell the truth.) This video could be our best indicator to unlock the mystery of Jenna Hewitt’s Montauk Monster pictures.

Movie Breakdown:

0.00-4:05: Rachel Goldberg is sitting closest to gentleman interviewing them. Also she is the first one to speak up. It appears to me that Rachel has taken a lead position on this interview. Perhaps she is the key to the answers, not Jenna Hewitt after all.

0.47-1:01: Courtney Fruin gives it up by laughing! This could be the best indicator that this may be a hoax. Courtney can’t keep a straight face or hold herself back from giggling when asked to describe what she saw. She breaks eye contact and smirks. Courtney, I wouldn’t enjoy swimming next to the Montauk Monster either.

1:33-2:32: Jenna Hewitt nervously sips her beverage multiple times. It becomes her crutch during the interview.

2:32-4:05 : Once again, Rachel Goldberg takes the lead on the interview straight to the end, not Jenna Hewitt.

And there you have it, the proof is in the pudding! There is something shady going on here. It still doesn’t explain what actually did wash ashore. That is still a mystery. If anyone has anymore information about the girls in the film; especially Rachel Goldberg, please e-mail

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35 Responses to “Plum TV Interview: Rachel Goldberg, Courtney Fruin, and Jenna Hewitt.”

  1. Mark Monroe says:

    Wow, look at that! Courtney Fruin can’t help herself from laughing. I wonder where the beast really is?

    Ahhh! The suspense is killing me!!!

    -Mark Monroe

  2. I agree with this post 100%, somthing shady going on.

    What it is effective in doing is getting everyone talking about it!

    -Brian Hardin II

  3. joe blow says:

    you are a complete idiot.

    i know these girls…they arent hiding anything and they arent holding out for anything. what makes them laugh is how ridiculous you people are acting.

  4. joe blow says:

    “Jenna Hewitt nervously sips her beverage multiple times. It becomes her crutch during the interview.”

    your life makes me sad.

  5. Jennifer says:

    I’d like to know why they are just showing that first picture which is not very good. The later pictures show it much better.



    Anyway, it is disgusting that the “friends” that have the remains don’t do the right thing and take it to someone qualified to analyze it and put an end to this sillines.

    Could it be they are waiting for a little moola?

  6. Hazardous says:

    Joe Blow:

    These girls have contradicted themselves a couple of times since this whole thing started. They are, if nothing else, not being wholly truthful. You’re probably one of them yourself – it wouldn’t be above an attention whore to pull such a thing.

  7. joe blow says:

    now youre over the line asshole.

  8. Something I am confused about now more than ever, and I’m not sure why I, of all people, have not considered this before…

    I saw a newsclip, either on CNN or on Fox News, where it mentioned this thing was discovered around July 12th. Then I saw on July 31st a newsclip that had some guys with home video footage looking at a skull and one help up a stick with what they reported had skin on it, and that this thing was all decomposed and all that remained was “a bag of bones and black oil like goo”.

    Now, what I am about to tell you comes from an expert on rotting corpses…

    A body, even in the sun, will not decompose to a goo state over the course of 19 days.

    However… They did mention in that video that they were keeping it in a box. There is a method for cleaning corpses called Maceration, which could render a medium sized dog’s corpse to mere bones in about 12 days. Another however here.. For the fast rate of decay to have happened that they showed in said video, they would have to have done it on purpose, clean as much of the flesh off as they could, add water to the box, along with certain enzymes to help remove any remaining tissue. The trick is to replace the water every couple of days to maintain a good bacteria to help eat away any remaining flesh and tissue.

    I just wonder if this is going to be a dog afterall…

    -Brian Hardin II

  9. joe blow is an ass says:

    joe blow ur prob. one of them!!!!

    retarted girls who cant keep a straight face probly set this hole thing up

  10. nesero says:

    Oh no, someone crossed Joe Blows line… watch the fuck out!

    This thing is probably nothing… If it were something, the people who have it , would have done something with it. They knew it wasnt much.

  11. Stefanie says:

    After watching this video, I agree that this is just a publicity stunt; a poor attempt for a quick, 15 minutes of fame.

    First, I would run to a news station and want footage of me next to this “monster”; I’d want my my whole town to see me next to my remarkable discovery. If you run to officials, they may take it away for inspection, but a local TV station would want the publicity just as much as I would- anything for ratings. If you have it, they want to see it and put it all over their station.

    Second, why why WHY would you pick that thing up and take it home- or excuse me, a friends’ house?!?!? After being in the water and having been beat up, it would obviously have a wretched stench about it. Not only that, but you could catch an infection, disease, or some kind of virus! Just thinking about these girls picking it up somehow must say a lot about them- UNSANITARY. Bugs, anyone? Maggots? Rodents? Does anyone really want to attract that to their yard? The best way to preserve anything dead is to freeze it.

    Third, were there any other witnesses- or any that saw them pick it up? This would say a lot, but since there haven’t been any witnesses mentioned or that have come forward, I just don’t believe this. I live in the desert, I could go ‘hiking’ and come back and start telling people I found a decomposing dinosaur and ‘take it home’ just as easily… catch my drift?

    Fourth, it really does look like a dog. They keep saying that it has a ‘beak’, but if your nose fell off, you’d look a little different too. Bull Terriers have a downward slant to their snout; that’s what it looks like to me. They also claim that it can’t be, since the eyes don’t look like it. You have to remember, this animal is obviously decomposing, and isn’t going to look exactly as it did when it was alive and well.

    Fifth, it’s hard to believe that in about a week’s time from being found on the shore, this animal would be down to a skeleton already. It just isn’t possible. There’s a dead bird that’s been against the curb in front of my house for two weeks now through 110+ degree weather, and there’s still more than that intact.

    All in all, this is just a bad attempt to become famous, since there’s so many other people out there getting away with it these days.

    These women need to think about karma. After this turns out to be some ill prank, what man will want to be with them in the end? What will they tell their children when they come across it on the internet?

  12. john koehne says:

    Are you people for real ? A racoon ? It is 100 %, definitely, a dead pitbull.

  13. jimi says:


    This is a picture of a dead dog. Either a pit bull or a bulldog. I had one that drowned and that is what it looked like after they found it days later washed up on shore. Poor dog.

  14. Rita says:

    For Stephanie,
    Boy you have a lot to say for someone that does not know the facts. It not a publicity stunt or anyone looking for 15 minutes of fame.

    Regarding your first point. They did not run to a tv station, they made calls to have the thing picked up – no one came. They then went to the TV sations to see if someone would pick the damn thing up, now everyone wants a piece of it.

    For your 2nd point. The girls did not pick it up! How do I know that because my nephews did. The reason they did was to have it analized, now the media has turned it into a circus.

    Your 3rd point. There were plenty of witnesses and it was filmed.

    Your 5th point. It was about 19 days between it washing ashore and then being picked up, not a week. Over thoses 19 days we had weather in the range of 90 to 100 degrees. What would you look like if you were in the burning sun all day and left in the eliments at night for 19 days?

    If you so overly concerned with dead animals why dont you go out and pick that dead bird up from your curb? Better yet call somone like you said they should have in your first point!

    Its no attempt to be famous, ill prank, or anything else you eluded to in your post. You might want to reconsider your views on karma since you spouted off without knowing the real deal. Maybe go hiking and see if you can find a dinosaur so maybe you can have your 15 minutes of fame, because if you did find one I am guessing your first call would be to the media.

    What these girls are going to say to their kids in the years to come is, we found this thing on the beach, here is a picture, we wanted to have it identified but we got no help, then it turned into a media frenzy and we never got to find out what it was, so if you see anything like that floating in the ocean get out!

    For now the thing is being preserved and protected at my brothers house.

    Next time think about what your saying before making assumptions

  15. j says:

    here here rita!!

  16. unknown says:

    @Rita: You claim it’s at your brother’s house right now… Then post a photo showing how it looks in its current state.

  17. Rita says:

    To Unknown: I wish I had a picture to post, my brother lives in Montauk and I live up further up on Long Island about 1hour and 45 mins away. I am heading out there next week so if I get a shot and with his permission I will post. Until then you may see some more of it on the news., as I know they have been talking to some local news outlets. In respect to my comment I would have no reason to lie to you or anyone else out there.

  18. Rita says:

    To: Brian Hardin II at Zombiemall

    I realize you were stating information from an expert on decomposing though I just needed to add this.
    Do you think the folks that picked it up with a stick would then spend time cleaning with some type of special chemical? They live in a town where you basically have fruit stands, hotels & restaurants and in the summer it takes you 3 hours to go 2 miles, and then in the winter you are hard pressed to get a gallon of milk anytime of the day because everything is closed. I doubt it, or actually I know they are not driving sround looking for enzymes and chemicals to help it decompose faster. Thanks for the info though….

  19. Stefanie says:


    First, you misspelled my name, even though it’s above in black and white.

    Second, it seems as though you have a comprehension problem. The reason I’m writing this all over is because it was obviously hard to understand.

    ***Third, I’m not trying to attack you, or other writers that may disagree with me, know this.

    -Since these women don’t have any straight answers or hard evidence [to give us yet], it’s quite hard to believe what they are saying. That is why many others besides myself are questioning this. The reason I said it seems to be a publicity stunt is because all they’ll show are pictures on a digital camera (ie. Photoshop possibilities), and refuse to provide anything else. Every thing is so secretive about this whole ordeal. They mentioned it was in a friend’s yard, then moved again… why and where? If they’re trying to protect their friends who have been keeping it, why get them involved anyway?

    -I did not say that they ran to a news station, you read that wrong, read it again. I said if I had found something like that, I would want to run to a news station to look like a hero for finding something so unusual. Or I could at least let officials know so they could remove it from a family environment like a beach in East Hampton. Regardless, journalists are hungry for a story. People want a piece of it because the women are teasing, and not putting out. The public wants to know, because we’ve been given the curiosity.

    -To have it picked up, call police? Coast Guard? Beach patrol? The Game and Fish Department? The Health Department? The Humane Society or Animal Control? Waste Management? A veterinary clinic? Or the last resort… 911? 911 is available 24/7. You can even call them, state your concern, and they’ll transfer you to the non-emergency line if it’s not a prompt emergency. Montauk has a few state parks in the area, why not call a ranger? They also have a cattle ranch there, don’t they? Maybe a rancher could help out.

    -Okay, so your nephews picked it up. Why? How? I hope they wore rubber gloves. What’s their business with it? Why would you take it to someone’s yard to rot? And why did the women mention that it was moved again? You also said to have it analyzed; scientists and vets don’t really want to go to you when you have a problem, they’d rather have you go to them with your sick dog. That way they don’t have to wait for you to come by to charge you an arm and a leg, they can just do it then and there, in their clinic. And, FOR EXAMPLE- if it was a joke, and some scientist flew in from say, LA, and found out he had wasted time and money, it would be bad news all around, humiliation on both parties.

    -You mentioned my 5th point, about what would I look like if I were rotting in the sun and heat…I understand, but did you read the part where I said that the bird out on my street has been through 110+ degree weather? Rita, we both agree on that one. Read my fourth point where I said if your nose fell off, you’d look a lot different too. Read them both again. Sounds like we said the same thing, right?

    -I haven’t picked up the bird because nature needs to deal with it. I live in the intense heat, and I don’t feel like attracting mice to my garbage can. It’s out on the road where it isn’t affecting anyone. But a whole dog carcass… that could attract many flies, bugs or rodents, among other things. We have coyotes that roam through our region; a whole pack could sit and feast on a dog. I understand removing something like that, so I would definitely have something done about it… Animal Control would be my first call. It’s a little different with a dog over a bird.

    -And yes, if I claimed to have found a dinosaur, then said no one could see it because I’ve hidden it, and I want scientists to call me, you and others would seriously doubt me, right? But people would still keep asking questions and wanting to know, because they really wouldn’t know. I could be ‘famous’, or at least have plenty of attention for that ’15 minutes’, then people would get bored and forget. THAT is what I was getting at.

    -And… according to another article on this site, a “friend” says that the carcass has decomposed down to bones… so…? Anything on your end about that? Could your brother post some pictures? Who was that?

    -When I mentioned karma… if this does turn out to be a hoax… then my point exactly. I know that’s vague, but think about it for a second before getting mad. Take ‘the boy who cried wolf’ for example.

    -To teach your kids to stay away from dead animals, you pick them up and drive them around town? What I meant about what they would tell their kids is; if this is a hoax, and their kids google their mom’s names in 20 years… how will they explain it? Do you catch my drift yet?

    -What Brian from Zombiemall was trying to say is, there’s no way to ‘keep’ the carcass as it was upon finding it. I think that’s a no-brainer. If you wanted to, as he said, it would take some skill and tools. You say it’s being ‘preserved’ at your brother’s house; since Montauk has no chemicals at hand, it’s rotting, right? Rotting isn’t preserving. And is it really down to the bones?

    -I also read another article that the carcass had been found sometime in July, so I understand your point on that. The other article mentioned footage of people poking the carcass and it was oozing fluids, decaying in other words. But why is all this news surfacing from this past week from these women? Did they find it earlier? I’m just asking if you know anything about that one.

    Please understand; there is a very tiny bit of doubt in my mind, but there isn’t enough evidence to make everything believable. I understand Jeff Corwin may not be able to come out and make a determination, but watch the video again, re-read what I wrote the first time, and see if you understand where I, as well as many other people are coming from.

    Nothing really adds up… yet, at least.

  20. Rita says:

    To Stefanie,
    Hey I did not mean to piss you off but obviously I did and for that I apologize, and sorry for mispelling your name. Here are the facts about the story, this thing washed up on the beach, many people saw it, took pictures etc, they called people to come get it, no one responded.

    You have to realize Montauk is a very small town, just to give you some demographics they have 3300 local residents that live there year round then it swells to 45,000 during the summer months.

    The real estate agent that claims he wanted it for an artist, picked it up as a joke and threw it on his friends driveway, that person threw it in the woods because he did not think it was funny. My nephews and my brother retriveved, put it in a bag and brought it back to their home with the intention of finding out what it is.

    The next thing they know they are swarmed by telephone calls, news vans, so they have been scarce to say the least. The media took this thing to a whole new level, somthing they did not expect. Amazing how so many people have a different spin on it.

    What I can tell you is no matter what you hear, it is at my brothers house, as far as what he is doing to preserve it further I do not know. It may be rotting and I will find out more when I go out there next week.

    I totally agree with your closing statement that nothing adds up because so many people got involved with assumptions and the media spin that how could an average person make sense out of it. This thing grew out of control because everyone wanted in on it when it hit the news.

    Stefanie, I will tell you this (on my parents souls) my nephews had the best intentions in mind of finding out what it was when they picked it out of the woods, people just did not let that happen so I guess we have to wait for everything to calm down before they can do that.

    For me, I will never again read any of those tabloid magazines because now I truly see how things are spun for consumer to buy or read this stuff.

    If I get an opportunity next week to see this thing in it decomposed state, I will take a picture and post it..Fair enough?

  21. Paul says:

    So they claim that they did not think anything of it and dismissed it
    yet they took pictures and then contacted other people to have it taken away and it is now being kept at the house of Rita’s Brother. Why?

    Rita claims that it is being kept safe. Safe from what?
    The video tells us it is a pool of goo and bones. Not safe.
    this rate of decomposition is impossible without outside sources.
    They have it in a box in their house yet the stench apparently bothers nobody.

    Apparently there were witnesses and video of the finding and removal. Where is the video and where are the witnesses?
    Also where are the shadows of the people?
    Did everyone line up behind the camera to wait for the picture to be taken?

    Why were their answers regarding theories extremely rehearsed and in turns?

  22. Starbuc says:

    I, like many, have been interested in finding out what this really is. A dog? A rodent of some type? Otter? I looked at it with some scientific merit. The features/bone structure, physical traits of the limbs and body, position and postmortem levity etc. Then there is that strap on the right front leg. How would a wild animal come to have that? My very first thought was that is was a canine that had been tied up and throw into the ocean to drown. Making this “monster” a product of human cruelty. I saw an earlier post about “burning” but the skin does NOT any show signs of exposure to fire. Second degree burns can remove hair but no blistering of the skin is seen. Third/fourth degree burns leave NO skin at all. You would see a bloody mess, underlying muscle/bone and maybe just a black with minimual tissue left on the animal.
    Then after giving it a serious look, I saw something I had NOT noticed before. Look at the front feet, paws, whatever and what do you see? A “monster” flipping-off the world. We are all looking at a hoax, and a good one at that. The surgeons photo of the Loch Ness monster was not proven a fake until over 80 years later. Let’s see if the Montauk Monster can equal this feat.

  23. Whatz Expert, I fell lucky that I located this post while browsing for straight movie monster. I am with you on the topic of Monster: Pictures, News, Updates. Ironically, I was just putting a lot of thought into this last Friday.

  24. pooz says:

    man that homo gay guy interviewer is annoying i dont know how u americans can watch him… every sentence is painfull. his hormones must be fucked

  25. sceptic says:

    wow. this is probably just a publicity stunt anyway. im with the disbelievers out there. forgive me if im wrong but after reading all of these posts i have a few questions… rita says that some real estate person played a trick and put it on his buddies driveway. how did HE get it? and the girls say (or shoul i say “girl” bcuz she was pretty much the only one really talking with the guy. the others just pretty much giggled and agreed to whatever she said) that its at a friends house, they want to get it looked at, and oh by the way its already goo and bones… nothing adds up…

  26. imaginer says:

    pooz: yeah he’s kinda annoying but at least tolerable. personally, i’m not sure how anyone can read internet forums with bigoted dumbasses like you running rampant.

  27. mnauel says:

    is just a cow really ugly one

  28. magixian says:

    wow. the whole thing is increasing the already high suspense.

    the truth is that this whole thing is about marketing a product,

    probably this site or a movie with this name!

  29. Hippy says:

    Rita?..where are you?..seeking forgivness from your parents souls?..if you didnt know what this was about at the time, then your family owes you big which is it?…are you in on pitching the movie or a innocent family member?

  30. Rita says:

    To Hippy:

    Been a little busy but thanks for asking where I have been. To answer your questions no I am not seeking forgivness from my parents souls as most would only do that if you did somthing wrong or lied, in which I did neither. My family owes me nothing because we know the truth and they still have the remains. Definately NOT pitching a movie, have more important things to do than pitch a low budget, straight to DVD movie.
    There are pictures but can not be posted under a confidentiality agreement from the lawyers representing the family and the other parties involved in this whole thing. Sometimes people should just have a little confidence in others and in the end the truth comes out.

  31. Rita says:

    WTF happened to my response to Hippy?

  32. really, it was three chicks walking along the beach, saw a weird dead animal, took a few pictures, and kept walking. shit, have some common sense and stop making up bullshit to make it seem like you’ve got everything figured out.
    and why do they have to have a flamer reporter? damn was his voice annoying.

  33. It’s people like you which make my day…

  34. Fabulous says:

    There’s certainly practically nothing I fancy more than coming to this weblog every morning after work. Thanks a bunch for most of the nice posts!!

  35. The Montauk Monster Mystery: SOLVED!! says:

    OK, this here is the troof, OK?
    OK, this dude, right?
    He liketed that Jennifer Love-Hewitt bitch, right?

    So, right, he bought a dog from the pantry AND BEAT IT UP WIF STICKS FROM THE LUMBERYARD until it started makin’ that dog yelp sound.
    You know the one, right? That *AWWROOO* kinda sound.
    Like that dog from the Jetsons stubbed his toe or some shit.

    Anyways, so right, after he beat up the dog nice & good,
    he went out to that Hamptons Beach place and threw that shit in the water and waited for it to come back. Then when it came back, he texted that Jennifer Love-Hewitt bitch and said, “Oh, shit! Check this shit out!”, right? So she went down there and when she came there, HE ASKED HER IF HE COULD SINK THE TRUNK OF HIS MEAT BETWIXT & BETWEEN HER GARGANTUAN JEWGIRL BREASTSESES. She started laughing and shit, right? So after she leaveded, my friend took the dead dog away to the Magic Forest and stood there and stared at it until MAGGOTS AS THICK AS EARFWORMS started comin’ out of it, right? So then, right, we tookted the maggot earfworms and made paté & soup out of it and FEEDED IT TO THE POOR KIDS OF OL’ MA POTTER’S ORPHANAGE & BOHACK’S® OUTLET. They was eatin’ that shit and we was laughingnen and shit! Then, right, WE ALL ATE SOME STALE ENTENMANN’S™ CHEESE BUNS (that shit that’s piled high in the supermarket bakery section because no one ever buys it, yet they insist on ordering loads of it, but never, Heaven forbid, over-order on the Apple Puffs which everyone *does* buy so they run out of *those* first? You know?), farted, watched Uncle Floyd and went to sleep. THE END. See? Mystery solved!!