The 2010 Montauk Monster Season Has Begun!

Greetings! After a short hiatus over the winter, is back and dedicated to solving the mysteries behind the Montauk Monster. As many people are still skeptical about the origin of the washed-up creatures and what they really are, (species?) I can assure you that these creatures do in fact exist as they’ve washed up on several occasions.

Much like the previous two seasons, I’ll be covering all Montauk Monster news and updates for our readers. Additionally, I’ll be spending more time focusing on obtaining interviews from several eye witnesses who will describe and verify what they have seen during up close and personal encounters with the Montauk Monster.

I strongly encourage our readers to subscribe to our mailing list as I will be releasing never before seen pictures of the Montauk Monster in addition to all breaking news and updates. In the meantime, I will be presenting various facts about the Montauk Monster that further verify its origins and elaborate on the theories that have been previously presented.

At this time, I’d like to thank the supporters of this blog and the readers who’ve informed us of the various Montauk Monster sightings on Long Island beaches. Simply put, I understand that my commitment and dedication to this blog is important. The more people that are aware of the Montauk Monster, the easier it will be to identify what it really is the next time it washes up.

As my efforts in independent journalism have not gone unnoticed, the coverage we’ve received in 2009 has greatly helped our cause in identifying the Montauk Monster and the areas of which the carcasses are washing up.

I appreciate everyone’s kind words, support, and theories. Let’s keep the positive momentum going!

Best regards,

Nicky Papers

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4 Responses to “The 2010 Montauk Monster Season Has Begun!”

  1. mrs m. says:

    I am coming upon this blog and related info just now because my sudents asked to see pictures of a turtle with no shell… ~ googled, and your “monster” pictures came up… I truly don’t know why all the hype when the pictures you have posted clearly are that of a bloated wild pig (or boar if you will). No big mystery…dead things wash up all of the ttime on the beach!

  2. Capt. DJ says:

    First & foremost, every supposed “Montauk Monster” corpse on several different websites I have visited, only show “ONE” sort of “DISTANT” photo of each discovery? So I ask; WHY? is there only one posted photo taken at a distance? If this was a “REAL” mysterious new creature/species, then there would be numerous if not hundreds of photo’s posted on these sites taken by whom discovered it! Extensive media & scientific coverage would follow “IF” it were “LEGIT”! Trust me on this people!!!!!
    P.S. But again, mystery-conspiracy’s are people magnets!

  3. DOTREAH BERRY says:

    THE MONTUKE MOnster LOOKS LIKE A ALIEAN AND ALSO LIKE A DOG THANK YOU FOR WORNY US ABOUT IT IF U FIND MOR ABOUT IT THEN CALL US AT 2536832804 PLEAS i need to no more about it it sounds realy interesty i am only 10 years old pleas contekt me god bleas and if you do find more be carfull

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