The Gurney’s Inn Montauk Monster: Revisited

While doing some maintenance on we noticed an issue with our RSS feed where posts from this summer we not being distributed properly. Unfortunately, some posts were not distributed at all. News stations, bloggers, and the media who rely on RSS feeds to receive breaking news were in the dark this summer when the Montauk Monster washed up at Gurney’s Inn in Montauk during an afternoon wedding reception. It received very little coverage, as we attribute this to technical issues.

Moving forward, please check out the Gurney’s Inn story from here:

(BREAKING NEWS: Montauk Monster found at Gurney’s Inn)

Eric Striffler was the only blogger who provided commentary for this discovery. Once again, Eric did a fine job informing his dedicated fan base and the YouTube community the details behind this story. I can assure readers that the discovery at Gurney’s Inn was certainly not a raccoon (I was an eye-witness) if skeptics think otherwise.

Another point that Eric Striffler made was that there was a lack of press covering this particular discovery. As I explained earlier, the issue with our RSS feed caused “the lack of press” around this story as we have thousands of RSS subscribers. If it wasn’t for Erick Striffler’s commentary, this Montauk Monster occurrence might have been completely swept under the rug.

The monster discovered by PJ Monte at Gurney’s Inn was covered briefly on Fox. (America’s Newsroom) It was a brief segment, but the pictures were broadcasted.

A few local media sources and bloggers covered this story; however it lacked coverage from the major media sources to really get the word out.

See below:

(Dan’s Hamptons Article)

(Curbed Hamptons Article)

Having an up close and personal with the Gurney’s Inn Monster that was discovered the weekend of July 4th 2009 was a memorable experience as this creature was the most vicious looking one of all-time. Coincidently, this one also smelled the worst as it triggered my gag reflex during my viewing. With recent discoveries of a sloth-like creature in Panama, discovering cryptids has become increasingly popular since the summer of 2008 when Monte was first discovered.

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16 Responses to “The Gurney’s Inn Montauk Monster: Revisited”

  1. James says:

    After just discovering this website today, I believe that there are things going on with Plum Island. They are trying to experiment or do something to the animals but it is obviously not going so well. Now I have no idea what the first or second Montauk Monster was but this one looks more “normal” or more like an everyday animal. As for the no press or lack of publicity on this topic could be a result of the people at Plum Island working with Homeland Security could of called the authorities and made sure to keep it on a down-low. Now as for how they removed the bodies? I have no idea because if I were to find something like this on the beach I would be calling my friends, police, and stay in the general area of the thing. As the video says, I to hope it is something weird going on and not just a hoax or a plain old bloated raccoon.

  2. The Montauk Monster is none other than Terrance Fehan from Nicks restaurant. Good God, he looks great in the sand after church!

  3. Ann says:

    I think:good…

  4. 12345 says:

    This and every single ‘monster’ reported are quite clearly dogs which have been floating around fro far too long hence the bloating, destruction of the snout and feet and loss of fur. The one that apparently has a beak shows that no one knows what bone looks like, that is not a beak just exposed skull. Also the feet do match to dogs especially seeming as the skin around them has fallen off or been eaten by fish. this is infered purly from skull shape, and make up of the feet, any one who refutes that its a dog obviously has no idea on the variability between dogs on skull shape and have never seen a dogs foot which consists of 5 toes, and in Newfoundlands are webbed to help swim. so instead of speculating about that these are monsters maybe you should be more concerned that this animal lab are dumping their dead dogs in the ocean.

  5. Bill says:

    Check out these pics;

  6. Jan Smith says:

    This is one seriously weird happening! I’ve had a look at some of the pics and the jawline doesn’t look like any animal I’m familiar with?

  7. Mike says:

    They are bloating, rotten dogs. One thing that people either don’t know or refuse to acknowledge, since it kills the stories, is dogs are used for shark fishing. Yes, it is horrible and illegal here in the US, but it is done elsewhere. So with the rather few instances and discoveries it would seem to make sense that there may actually be a few sneaky shark fishermen, in an area of heavy shark fishing, that are using dogs as bait. After all it is usually the simplest answer that makes the most sense but not they best stories.

  8. Clarisa Smith says:

    I’ve never had any intrist in this monster. I’ve only found out about it because of my friend. but now it’s quite interesting to me. I’m that kind who believes in dragon and stuff on Youtube that my brother claims fake. But my friend is in Montauk, NY right now!

  9. Jessica says:

    Its obvious that the most recent picture is a dog. This is just stupid.

  10. andu says:

    wha?did u guys looked at these theets these are monster theets!i likely belive this is a normal animal but the others are not!guys why the other montes were “stolen“ by someone and by someone i mean the guvermentt.because this is a dog the others werent dogs.the guverment keeps us from knowing the truth!what a beautifull world.bye!

  11. Sara says:

    Sadly, I agree with Mike. Shark fishing, bloated dogs. Definitely. :l As to the new weird thing in panama, I have not a bloody clue, but these monsters definitely strongly resemble dogs.

  12. Jennan Kellogg says:

    Have you notices that in all the pictures the creatures have been at least partly stripped of there flesh and many of them don’t have fur? I’ve been doing some reading up on it for the past couple of weeks and I know it’s been over two years sinse the ferst one was found but this is really freaking me out. What has really gotten me interrested, though, is the lack of press. And the whole thing of that being a raccon I say “Hell no!” For one, a raccoon has no beak; two, did they even think of the shape of a raccoon’s nose?; number three, I looked at the pictures and I didn’t even see a tail. Maybe I’m just way to into this but i can tell that those are real corpeses(sp?) and like I said befor there is no way that those are raccoons. I mean this could be just some giant hoax but, me, I don’t think so. I’m only 14 and i don’t usually get this into things like the Montauk Monster but maybe I’m just getting to exciled, I mean my hands are shaking so badly right now, this has got me really creeped out.

  13. Reneee says:

    He looks like a genetically altered PROTOCERATOP. He’s the result of a goverment exiperiment.

  14. Reneee says:

    Notice how most of these newly found & normally nonexistenct creatures all seem to found near Military or Goverment research facilities

  15. cherry says:

    the government are experimenting probably tryn to clone dogs who knows there jus experiments gone wrong

  16. cherry says:

    the governemnt is doing experiments sure it cld b a dog mayb a clone gone wrong dog these dogs been messed with and experimented on idk how they washed up n the ocean and why havent any fish wanted to touch it