The Latest From Rita.

Rita, a long time reader and active contributer in comments section of many posts, sheds new light on the whereabouts of the Montauk Monster. In a response to Hippy; (see below) Rita claims her family has the decomposed remains of the Montauk Monster. Please take the time to read Rita’s previous comments as they seem to provide factual information.

Rita, thank you for your support on this site. If you wish to make further statements I will be happy to post them for our readers.

“To Hippy:

Been a little busy but thanks for asking where I have been. To answer your questions no I am not seeking forgivness from my parents souls as most would only do that if you did somthing wrong or lied, in which I did neither. My family owes me nothing because we know the truth and they still have the remains. Definately NOT pitching a movie, have more important things to do than pitch a low budget, straight to DVD movie.

There are pictures but can not be posted under a confidentiality agreement from the lawyers representing the family and the other parties involved in this whole thing. Sometimes people should just have a little confidence in others and in the end the truth comes out.”

Rita: We have confidence in you, but what is the truth?

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8 Responses to “The Latest From Rita.”

  1. Larry S. says:

    Who the hell is Rita?

  2. Matt says:

    It’s not a turtle. First, it has hair. Turtles are reptiles. Second, it has carnivorous teeth. Third, it’s arms, etc…

    Not to be a non-believer or anything, but I’m voting it’s a scam.

  3. Akkusib says:

    Rita is full of shit. I know the people who found it, I know where the remains are and I know that it was not a scam. Believe or not, I’m telling the truth and i really dont care if you believe me or not

  4. Rita says:

    Dear Akkusib

    Just wondering how you can say I am full of Sh*t? OK, if you got somthing then tell us, who found the remains? And you really know where the remains are? So please tell us because I would love a good laugh tonight! I say that because I know for a FACT where the remains are. Maybe you have misread my posts because what I have been saying all along is that it is not a SCAM. I will aso let you off the hook by giving initials as to who found them, do you know PD, CD, BD & CD?….Maybe you know my family, if so, cant wait to meet you in Montauk when I am out in a few weeks. I love people who throw crap when then don’t have a clue.

  5. Shackers says:

    Hey Rita,

    So how’s it going.. are the remains being destroyed or are they being preserved in any way?

    Have you seen this thing up close?


  6. Rita says:

    Hey Shackers,

    Wow I have not been on this site for a while so apologize for the delay in getting back to you. Oh yes, I have seen this up close and it is being preserved. As you can guess at this point all that is left is bones. Some freaky stories about it, one family member touched it beak and had a bloody nose for 2 days, and another family touched the spin and had a back ache. Needless to say one they showed it to us, and told us these stories my youngest daughter freaked and wanted to leave Montauk a.s.a.p. Have pictures of it but won’t/can’t post here as there is still legal stuff going on with it.

  7. Rita says:

    OOPS those mis-spelled words are “touched it’s beak”, “touched it’s spine” , and “needless to say once”
    Sorry about the errors.

  8. S M Hall says:

    The supposed “Montauk Monster” is neither more nor less than a Giant Sloth.