The Montauk Monster Carries Lyme Disease?

I found this YouTube video interesting for a few reasons. It was posted by “”. (A team of health & fitness experts dedicated to YOU!) This video features a gentleman discussing his theories behind the Montauk Monster and it’s correlations to Lyme Disease.

He starts off adjusting his camera while riding a bicycle and discussing how he was trying to pick up a girl who works at a vets office. (A really passionate animal rights activist!) The conversation transpired into one about the Montauk Monster and the history of Lyme Disease.

My thoughts on this clip:

1) Great synopsis on the history of Lyme Disease. People are not aware of it’s Plum Island origin.
2) Great eye contact while riding the bike. (No crashes!)
3) Peddle slower, there is no need to get out of breath during a video editorial.

Do you think the handlers of the Montauk Monster are at risk for Lyme Disease?

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