The Montauk Monster Carries Lyme Disease?

I found this YouTube video interesting for a few reasons. It was posted by “”. (A team of health & fitness experts dedicated to YOU!) This video features a gentleman discussing his theories behind the Montauk Monster and it’s correlations to Lyme Disease.

He starts off adjusting his camera while riding a bicycle and discussing how he was trying to pick up a girl who works at a vets office. (A really passionate animal rights activist!) The conversation transpired into one about the Montauk Monster and the history of Lyme Disease.

My thoughts on this clip:

1) Great synopsis on the history of Lyme Disease. People are not aware of it’s Plum Island origin.
2) Great eye contact while riding the bike. (No crashes!)
3) Peddle slower, there is no need to get out of breath during a video editorial.

Do you think the handlers of the Montauk Monster are at risk for Lyme Disease?

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20 Responses to “The Montauk Monster Carries Lyme Disease?”

  1. Brian says:

    Thanks for the link – the Montauk Monsters are simply dead racoons that are partially decomposing. Google it.

    No they will not get lyme from them, lyme is a form of bacteria carried by ticks – engineered by the same people bringing you the economic disaster – the Authorities! Hint – do not trust authority figures – those Harvard educations obviously does not mean they have any wisdom!

  2. Nicky Papers says:

    What I love about the Montauk Monster is that everyone has their own theory. Some may think they are dead raccoons, there have not been any formal determinations that note that. Some people have compared the skulls which are quite similar, but again inconclusive.

    I feel like the “authorities” have stopped working on this one once it was declared that “Monty” was just a movie prop. It seemed like it ended there, but I feel like there is more about the Montauk Monster that is being withheld from us.

    What about “The Clapsaddle Carcass”? there are other variations of mutated beasts washing up. Yes, some do resemble raccoons (bone structre) but not all of them look like an identifiable species.

    Brian: If you can shed any more light about the Montauk Monster I would be happy to propose some of your theories on this site.


    -Nicky Papers

  3. Brian says:

    Nicky we have monsters blasting people with chemotherapy (doctors), monsters robbing your and your childrens future by robbing the American people of their money (Wall street bankers), monsters engineering biowarfare agents like Lyme and SARS…I could go on and on. My point is there are far greater monsters to fear!

    That said – here is a great explanation that the MM is a racoon:

    sorry if I went off topic! Great site – keep up the good work!

  4. Steve says:

    The Clapsaddle Carcass looks exactly like a sheep in all the pics I seen.

  5. Fred Shecter says:

    Lyme disease is NOT from Plum Island. It has been around and has been identified/described for hundreds of years – first in Europe.

  6. Janet says:

    About the film clip:

    1. Lyme Disease was first documented in 1883. So… here’s the link from Brown University.

    2. He can make eye contact because he is holding on to a vehicle with his right arm and being filmed by someone in the auto. He couldn’t be filming himself so steady with the scenery going by so fast.

    3. He is probably not using his legs (curled them up on the frame) He is winded from steering the bike with his left arm and trying to stay upright an talk while being pulled by the auto.

    Just my critical mind at work. Nicely done video though. Well done.

  7. Janet says:

    I got my arms mixed up, sorry. Holding on with the left, steering with the right.

  8. heather says:

    to be honest the creature looks like an over grown naked mole rat. its really gross! i mean if you really look at the pictures of it, then you’ll just see that it looks like a mutated over grown mole rat!

  9. heather says:

    not like it has lime desease. thats stupid!

  10. John Nawrocki says:

    More on the origin of Lyme Disease :

    In 1970, for the first time, an incidence of EM known with certainty to have been acquired in the United States was reported by Rudolph Scrimenti, who diagnosed and treated a patient who had been bitten by a tick while hunting grouse in Wisconsin and acquired the disease.

    The story about Lyme disease and Plum Island comes from a fictitious novel titled Poison Plum.

  11. Hayz says:

    First off, next time you video tape youself please do it inside so there isn’t so much wind.
    Does anybody know wether or not they have DNA tests on these creature to see what comes up. Maybe it’s a new species all together, it wouldn’t be the first time this has happened. A new species just popping up out of nowwhere. Who know, any autopsys may help us with discovering more of them and protecting them from washing up on the beach dead. If any specific fish is in the stomach that only lives in a certain distance under water we would be one step further as to what exactly these are.

  12. Rosa says:

    1. Why is that guy riding a bike?
    2. Why haven’t reports of tissue analysis or autopsy be published?
    3. (personal opinion) It looks like a dead pig. The teeth definitely match that of a pig.

  13. Chelsea says:

    Very interesting…. I agree with the tangent that went off-topic considering who to trust which brings me to my opinion… I wouldn’t doubt one bit that it is a government experiment. They don’t hide that it is legal to experiment on animals and it seems so much larger than a racoon, the face seems so unlike a pig, and the limbs on either creatures are so unlike and of the three most commonly proposed possiblities. My opinion, mutant caused by genetic engineering or some other government experiment.

    As for one of the other comment during the clip… cancer…. they did find the cure and the governmnet banned it. Funny, it’s just a very complex vitamin.

  14. Chelsea says:

    Oh and secondly, just for researches sake and the sake of facts and proof, Wikipedia and Google aren’t exactly bonafide resource tools. Colleges won’t even accept Wikipedia as an internet reference….

  15. Anonymously Confused says:

    I’m originally from the Hamptons but I’m down in Florida now.
    I ran into this because I’ve been researching horses and deer
    around the country for the past month.

    I don’t know if this website is a hoax or not, but Plum Island
    always used to worry me.

    In any case, after they released info about “swine flu” I was researching
    something regarding horses across the country. I cannot be sure
    if anything is related but this is what I’ve found so far. I feel like
    something strange is going on about animals that is how I just
    ran into this “montauk monster” issue.

    Right when Swine Flu broke there was a pet shop in Texas that was
    raided by the authorities. 1000 animals were seized, 1/2 of them
    were dead. The owner was arguing that he didn’t neglect the animals,
    that they were his source of income why would he? He showed proof
    of receipts that he fed the animals.

    Then horses started showing up by the hundreds across the country
    dead. There are usually animals that die due to neglect/abuse issues
    and this is common. However, it is not common to come home to
    100 dead horses in your field when there is vegatation or you feed
    your animals. I was following reports for a month of dead horses
    showing up left and right and I felt like something was just odd. I
    thought possibly the economy, people not having enough money
    to feed them, but then realized a lot of wealthy horse owners were
    having their animals seized and being fined for abuse/neglect. Including
    a wealthy man in Albany NY who has a good history of taking care
    of his animals. More and more people were getting fined daily for
    20 dead horses here, 50 dead horses there. The first articles stated
    “unknown illness” so why were they being charged with neglect.
    Then bam on May 5th the American Vet. Association posted a bulletin
    on their website front page for people to “not be alarmed” by “dead
    animal carcasses”. It also went on to talk about burning carcasses
    immediately, that their “prior” knowledge was you must immediately
    burn the carcasses but that now it wasn’t necessary in time of natural
    or human disaster. It also mentioned (which freaked me out) human
    carcasses. I have this all saved. NOW horses are being found dead
    across the country and they are FINING and jailing owners for not
    disposing of them quick enough.

    What the hell is really going on? I saved all the data, something
    is fishy. As for this Montauk Monster I really have no clue if this
    website is a hoax but there is something up with the horses, and
    I was researching deer, same thing, in many areas dead deer everywhere,
    I’m even saving videos on youtube of kids coming across dead deer.
    Not shot deer, just dead deer. In the past month 1/2 there have been
    a lot of dead animal carcasses showing up across the country. I started
    to make a google map to locate them all but wasn’t sure if it had
    to do with the economy. The owners are screaming that they feed
    their animals so something doesn’t seem right.

    Anyone who knows more about the deer population, I’d love to hear
    your thoughts. I know there is a lot of over population in different areas.
    I’m seeing a lot of cattle, horses, deer, also dumpings all over of dead animals. Is this normal?

    Another issue, there was a photo released by the PJ STAR a hometown newspaper. It had a picture with 2 kids looking at 9 dead deer. The article said they believed they were killed by lightening. Shortly after they removed the article + photo and told people to “calm down” on the page. The link is here but the article + photo has since been removed. Again, I saved the originals.

    I don’t know if I should be alarmed but I believe that animals might possibly by dying across the country. With the economy it would make
    sense, however “unknown illness” was stated in all of the first articles.
    Now the news articles are regarding disposal. What is going on?

  16. dothamonstermash says:

    how funny b/c you are on fox right now lul

  17. kathy says:

    i do believe that there are a lot of experiments going on at plum island and the results are accidently winding up in the ocean. how many more are out there?

  18. Kathryn says:

    If you believe the legend of Atlantis, what were “they” doing? Genetic engineering which resulted in mythological beings. Sorry to sound like a conspiracy nut, but might this tie in with the cattle mutilations and the specific tissue removed? Tissue most frequently used for obtaining DNA for cloning purposes? Very X Filey. Stimulates the imagination. All the way to obsessive nightmares. Personally, I’m praying.

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  20. Kurtis says:

    Oh god, more liberal consperisy theorists. First off lyme has exested since around the 1800s. Second dead bodys relese gases which make the body blote. Scavengers eat parts of the body which leads to ferther mutilation. In my opinion it is just a pig. Oh and news stations like fox and cnn are just as relieble (and true!) as the rest of the stations.