The Montauk Monster is Found!

Montauk Monster
Since I started this blog last summer, I’ve dedicated quite a bit of time to debunking all theories presented regarding the Montauk Monster. Was it a dog? Was it a pig? A viral marketing ploy? Honestly, it really doesn’t matter at this point as the original carcass was stolen and later disintegrated into a “ball of goo”.

On Wednesday May 5th 2009, I was contacted by a couple that sent a message to the general e-mail box on this website claiming they think they’ve found what appears to be the Montauk Monster. Naturally, I questioned it thinking it was BS, but they seemed credible enough (after a phone conversation of course) to take an hour drive to Southold and see it for myself up close and personal.

Upon discovery, it resembled what everyone saw last summer. This monster was located in Southold, NY on the Bay Area. For those who are unfamiliar with the area, this is the North Fork of Long Island. The beast smelled like a mix of low-tide and rotten garbage. It really smelled horrific. I couldn’t help but take numerous pictures of it and video clips.

The couple who tipped me off loaded the carcass into a garbage bag and took it home with them. We’ve been in correspondence numerous times and have agreed that for the remainder of the week, we’d keep this matter to ourselves. The remains are currently located in Southold in a cooler full of ice.

I wanted to think about the best way to expose this to the public. Since I own this medium, and have a genuine interest in the subject matter, I’d like to be the first to share this you. We did not contact any authorities as from previous experiences; the carcass has been taken from the finders or mysteriously “stolen”. If this is a genetic mishap from Plum Island, we’d like to sell the remains to an independent lab for study. It has become a race against the clock as the couple who originally found “Beastie” are diligently putting more ice into the cooler to keep the carcass fresh.

Also, I’ve thought about the possibilities that this carcass may be carrying H1N1 influenza. (The Swine Flu) Sorry, my mind is racing now, but I haven’t ruled out biological warfare on this yet. A diseased carcass floating in waterways around Long Island could be infecting the water, fish, etc. We still need to remember that Plum Island is where Lyme Disease originated, it’s really not too far fetched to believe that this carcass (if from Plum Island) could be carrying bacteria or disease.

Here is a video clip of our discovery:

After viewing this video above, please keep in mind that my intentions are not waste your time with a recreation of the Blair Witch Project. This video was taken at night on the beach where the monster was found. (Founder’s Landing Park, Southold NY)

I would like your honest opinion even you tell me “it’s a dog!” My intentions from the beginning have been to inform my readers of “The Truth, The Legend, and The Mystery” behind The Montauk Monster, a 2008 phenomenon. Additionally, I’m not interested in going on the Geraldo Rivera show like my buddy Mike did last summer as an eyewitness. It’s a tempting offer taking a limousine full of champagne sent by Geraldo to a TV studio, but I’ll take this time now to politely decline.

Here’s the deal:

I’m only interested in dealing with publications who have a genuine interest in this story, or have previously covered the Montauk Monster. I’m not looking to waste my time or the media’s. I have over 70 high quality pictures that I took personally from a Lumix digital camera (14.7 megapixels) which includes close-ups and multiple angles of The Montauk Monster.

If your publication is interested in obtaining exclusive pictures of The Montauk Monster or would like to interview Nicky Papers (yours truly!) please e-mail us. Local laboratories and independent research firms I encourage to contact us as well as we’d like to receive conclusive results as to what the Montauk Monster really is.

What do you think this monster is? Comment here.

Kind regards and best wishes,

Nicky Papers

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1,054 Responses to “The Montauk Monster is Found!”

  1. wille the wonka says:

    They are breeding them in Plum Island! It is the end of the world!!!

    LOL….. 🙂

  2. Brian says:

    It’s a dog!

  3. purely scientific says:

    Contact the mammal scientists at the Natural History museum and see if they are willing to identify the skeletal structure. This mystery is easily solved, and I suspect you will find these are dog carcasses.

  4. Norm Walker says:

    Everything but the head looks a lot like a dead pig. It is hard to tell if it has fur in the video or just plain bare skin. I think it must be some kind of deformed pig.

  5. abi says:

    Why don’t you call up the Ecology & Evolution Department at SUNY Stony Brook? Jukka Jernvall sounds like someone who could figure out what it is:

    “Jukka Jernvall’s research is focused on how and why development and environment shape the diversity of life. Most projects relate to the mammalian dentition, ranging from mutant mice in the laboratory to evolutionary diversity in the fossil record and to primates in the wild. The mammalian dentition offers a rich array of interrelated data on development, function, and evolutionary history. Current research ranges from mutant mice in the laboratory to evolutionary diversity in the fossil record and to wild primate populations in the rainforests of Madagascar. Methodologically he combines experimental work with computational simulations and models. His work aims to link evolution and development, and has helped to place the study of mammalian dentition in the forefront of the expanding field of evolutionary developmental biology (evo-devo).”

    Or you could call up the AMNH. They have many experts on comparative zoology. Seriously. Why just keep the thing on ice, when you could have an expert look at it before it decays further.

    For what it’s worth, I’m guessing that it’s a nutria.

  6. purely scientific says:

  7. Anthony says:

    It was obviously placed there and did not wash up. Sand does not haphazardly end up on top of things that have washed in. By its very nature, it would have been washed clean by the water, and any tide higher then that would only serve to continue washing off the object. Beaches are a process of erosion, not burying….

    The very fact you want to sell this to a lab or talk to publications and sat on this for a week or whatever shows just how ridiculous this whole story is.

  8. ScienceGirl says:

    Yeah, I feel bad for the dog carcasses that have been mishandled during this whole “mystery”. I would definitely not call it an alien, with the very obvious carnivorous upper jaw and the bottom missing, fur and paws. What would that be?
    Oh, right. We’re back to a decomposing and bloated dog.

  9. Rob says:

    Seriously…just take it to the local university or something. dont waste our time blogging about it.

  10. Jessica says:

    Dude, not again.

    This is obviously a drowned dog, looks like a bulldog from the stocky body form, the color of the remaining fur and the shape of the flesh that remains on the skull.

    Getting evidence for what type of animal it is isn’t difficult. All you need to do is contact a natural history museum and ask for help, send them pictures and possibly a bone/tissue sample and they will be able to ID it for you in a few weeks. You’re just trying to make a quick buck, and after the same thing last year, this is booooooring.

  11. Flem says:

    Hm, somebody is killing bulldogs and turning them into floaters for I guess 15 minutes of fame.

  12. I think... says:

    that it’s a bear.

    And 2nd that it doesn’t look washed up with the sand on top…

    Also, if it was washed up, it would likely be floating upside down. Gasses build up in the stomach to make it float upside down, so it would be upside down on the beach or possibly on its side.

    So I think… it’s a fake.

  13. Nicky Papers says:

    “Anthony Says:

    May 11th, 2009 at 3:40 pm edit

    It was obviously placed there and did not wash up. Sand does not haphazardly end up on top of things that have washed in. By its very nature, it would have been washed clean by the water, and any tide higher then that would only serve to continue washing off the object. Beaches are a process of erosion, not burying….

    The very fact you want to sell this to a lab or talk to publications and sat on this for a week or whatever shows just how ridiculous this whole story is.”

    Anthony please understand that I am an eyewitness and photographed the carcass from many angles. It was flipped over a few times and the sand stuck to it’s body. I agree with you that beaches are the process of erosion and would not bury “fresh” sand on an animal. We flipped it over with a stick.

    Anthony you need to understand that finding the Montauk Monster doesn’t happen every day and you just can’t call “authorities”. Did you see what happened to it last time? Taken away? Stolen? Ball of goo?

    What about the Clapsaddle Carcass in CT? Again… GONE!

    I made sure I got pics from all angles and video clips. We did our due dilligence. And please remember this was Mother’s Day weekend and I wasn’t going to drop a bomb like this until Monday.

    Best regards,

    Nicky Papers

  14. Anonymous says:

    It’s a bear. Look at the snout & jowls.

  15. Derek says:

    I wonder how long before the preserved “corpse” is stolen or when the freezer it’s stored in blows up?

  16. G says:

    It seems to me that it is a seal or sea cow…

  17. Craig says:


    There is a very very simply solution, altough it may debunk this in which case making the carcass of no value, but if this is about finding the truth then that wont be a problem.

    Take a large cage needle stick it in the carcass and drag a sample, or take a piece of hair with folocile.

    A simple DNA profile will identify the animal within an hour.

    I think you deserve the benefit of a doubt, who knows I have seen stranger finds before.

    But an honest person would just simply get a DNA sample. Its very very easy 🙂

    So I am looking forward to hearing about the results of a DNA profile, keep writing.


  18. Abi says:

    Wouldn’t due diligence involve showing it to someone who could potentially ID it? Long Island has several universities with bio departments where someone could figure out what it is. Stony Brook, NYIT, LIU….

  19. kd says:

    Why don’t you get a hold of Monster Quest. This is the type of stuff the show is about.

  20. kd says:

    The theories presented by Mr. Papers could so be true! I can’t even begin to imagine the things the goverment does and knows without our knowledge. Now I by no means wear a tin foil hat, but the posibility of this being what the above article suggest is no surprise to me. Anyone who thinks the contrary is just plain naive! Yes there could be fakes but who’s to say this unless you are an expert and have this corpes in front of you.

    Although, I personally would not choose to sell pics or the corpse. That no doubt makes it look suspicious.

  21. b13 says:

    It’s a dog… And the teeth at the back of a dogs mouth do look like that. I agree with Abi… just bring a tissue or bone sample somewhere already. What a waste of media time. Aren’t there more important news stories out there?

  22. Al says:

    I know what it is. Another Hoax! Because, seriously, just like the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, the Jersey Devil, and ALL of the supposed “monsters” out there, if this thing, like all of the others, were indeed real , someone would certainly make sure it didn’t “dissapear” before the proper authorities could examine it. It’s just something either “photshopped” on a computer or a latex rubber toy stretched out on the sand and taken a picture of. Nothing more. Until it is shown laid out on a table being examined by a qualified scientist on the nightly news, and not just shown in a photo, I, like most people, will remand this to where it belongs, on the trash heap of hoaxes and scams.

  23. lori says:

    Another monster found in Texas:

  24. Me says:

    Did you think of passing it along to one of your trusted friends who might be a biologist of some kind?

    I’m sure a desperate graduate student at a local college would like to have at it. He/She might set up a webcam on it 24/7 inside a walk-in freezer (yeah, right, Ice-preservation?). Did you think of putting it in a deep freezer. I’m sure you could get one off Craigslist for next to nothing (surely cheaper than feeding it ice cubes every day).

    When you’re hunting around for buyers on “exclusive photos” and such, you’re not doing science any more. You’ve completely lost credibility. There’s a reason why we use this phrase “an honest living”.

    Frankly, something about your story is fishy. I’m not sure which smells fishier. The story or the “monster”.

    Why not make a big public announcement that you’ll donate it to the Smithsonian or something where they’ll put it on display and send out samples to dozens of independent labs around the world. Put out a public request (from a legitimate institution) for labs worldwide willing to take on a little extra work to study your “discovery”.

    Keep the actual “body” in the public eye. I’m sure if it’s real, it won’t magically disappear into a ball of goo. I can already see how it will go. Moments before some “trusted” people come to take the “discovery” off your hands, the cooler in which you’re supposedly icing the thing, mysteriously disappears. How many others have been set up to take the story from there? “Hey, This thing just turned up in the dumpster behind a Walmart. My cousin Joe Bob said it would be best to put it a deep freezer for safe keeping. … [later] Oh, wait, Joe Bob was drunk one night and got robbed blind. Someone’s on the lam with a stolen deep freezer. But they won’t be able to get in it. We used really good padlocks.” [Later] … a freezer washes ashore on Long Island — with chains and padlocks on it. Photos surface, and before you know it, five guys have the same freezer with the same chains and padlocks on it, claiming that they have the “monster”. ….Ok. I had my fun.

    In short, of the countless number of legitimate manners in which you could have handled this apparent discovery, you chose the least likely to merit credibility.

    Just be serious about it if you are serious. If you want to make a hoax, sell off your exclusive photos. It’s that simple.

  25. Me says:

    Did you think of passing it along to one of your trusted friends who might be a biologist of some kind?

    I’m sure a desperate graduate student at a local college would like to have at it. He/She might set up a webcam on it 24/7 inside a walk-in freezer (yeah, right, Ice-preservation?). Did you think of putting it in a deep freezer. I’m sure you could get one off Craigslist for next to nothing (surely cheaper than feeding it ice cubes every day).

    When you’re hunting around for buyers on “exclusive photos” and such, you’re not doing science any more. You’ve completely lost credibility. There’s a reason why we use this phrase “an honest living”.

    Frankly, something about your story is fishy. I’m not sure which smells fishier. The story or the “monster”.

    Why not make a big public announcement that you’ll donate it to the Smithsonian or something where they’ll put it on display and send out samples to dozens of independent labs around the world. Put out a public request (from a legitimate institution) for labs worldwide willing to take on a little extra work to study your “discovery”.

    Keep the actual “body” in the public eye. I’m sure if it’s real, it won’t magically disappear into a ball of goo. I can already see how it will go. Moments before some “trusted” people come to take the “discovery” off your hands, the cooler in which you’re supposedly icing the thing, mysteriously disappears. How many others have been set up to take the story from there? “Hey, This thing just turned up in the dumpster behind a Walmart. My cousin Joe Bob said it would be best to put it a deep freezer for safe keeping. … [later] Oh, wait, Joe Bob was drunk one night and got robbed blind. Someone’s on the lam with a stolen deep freezer. But they won’t be able to get in it. We used really good padlocks.” [Later] … a freezer washes ashore on Long Island — with chains and padlocks on it. Photos surface, and before you know it, five guys have the same freezer with the same chains and padlocks on it, claiming that they have the “monster”. ….Ok. I had my fun.

    In short, of the countless number of legitimate manners in which you could have handled this apparent discovery, you chose the least likely to merit credibility.

    Just be serious about it if you are serious. If you want to make a hoax, sell off your exclusive photos. It’s that simple.

    Why not take a bite out of the thing. I guarantee it tastes like chicken!

  26. Mitch says:

    Turtle without a shell

  27. Howard says:

    I believe you will find it to be a dog that someone used for target practice, blew its head off and dumped it in the water.

  28. Emmanuel says:

    It’s odd. Quite. It’s prolly a gubmint breeded supermonster lol. I dunno what or who it really is. :X

  29. Andrea says:

    Its a freakin sea tortoise without its shell..common sense people c’mon.. And just so you know those are protected by law so keeping the remains from officials could cost you in the long run

  30. Christina says:

    I’m almost positive this is not the same type of animal that washed up before. the skull structure is entirely different.

    The truth is, animals of all kinds die on the beach and get picked up by the ocean. They get bloated and gross when filled with water, just like a human corpse in water does, and then they wash ashore periodically and people find them. Can happen on any beach anywhere… I doubt these are from plum island or are any type of special animal… just various animals that have died and washed up. Certainly not worth the hype.

  31. adam says:

    it’ Splinter. you know, the sensai from the teenage mutuant ninja.
    i always knew that was a true story. man, those turtles must be pissed!
    lookout, shredder. they know it was you…
    i smell a sequel…

  32. Rich says:

    How about a story regarding Plumb Island?

  33. Rich R says:

    The skull [on the most recent find] very much resembles a bear’s skull. I once worked as a taxidermist and I’ve seen several skulls that look exactly like this one. The carcass itself has probably changed dramatically from it’s original form depending on what it has been “soaking in.” I’d say this could easily be a bear…also note: a bear has a lot of body fat.

  34. Connie Bozeman says:

    It’s a sheep!

  35. nick says:

    looks like a pig that got shot in the face by a shotgun and dumped on the beach.

    the fact this guy is trying to sell the story and the carcass speaks volumes on his intention.

  36. Superman says:

    In my opinion, it look like a swine deteriated in salt water. It could be “hairless” because the fur shedded in the water. Dead things tend to not hold onto their hair. It looks like a boar to me that washed up on shore. With the amount of hair gone, and the snout rotted, I think it is safe to assume that the water played its role.
    That’s not to discurage anyone, simply to display my opinion. Maybe something to look into. I don’t even know if boar is native to that area. Down in Texas, there was a “skinless cayote” cat-like creature that was dubbed a “chicacabra,” an old urban legend. maybe this is a link to that same thing, who knows? As far as a creature from another planet, that sounds HIGHLY unlikely. It resembles many characteristics of native animals. Maybe it’s a pollution problem, maybe it’s some sort of testing, I really don’t know.
    But I do wish you luck and hope that this monster is figured out.

  37. It is very obviously a sea turtle stripped of it’s shell. Someone must be taking the shells for crafts. I’ve seen this exact same creature numerous times in the rivers of East Texas (loggerhead turtles detached from shell).

  38. Dominikos Theotidas says:

    If you really look at it for a minute, it sort of looks like it could be a pygmy horse or something, because of the fur on the back. Either that, a dog, or a pig would be the only explainable options; but there are just some things in this world that we can’t explain so, I can’t really give you an answer. 🙂

  39. Tina says:

    The body structure looks like that of a decomposing pig. The tail resembles thet of a pigs in terms of structure and thickness. The mandable seems to be missing though, possibly from being tossed around in the surf. The sand on the creature is not suspicious because the creature being wet when it washed up would have caused the sand to stick to it i.e wet feet at the beach equals sandy feet later. The extremeties of the creature are odd though, perhaps there was more structure present on the “feet” than there is also possible due to wave action. It looks like some hide is still present on the carcase, looks wirey like a pigs though. Overall it is a possible pig. the skeletal structure may yield the answer more than just examining the outside of the carcase, an x-ray should be taken of it.

  40. Tina says:

    The other question is: where are these “creatures” coming from?

  41. frank saylor says:

    I think the monster is so sort of a prehistoric animal that has been frozen in the polar ice. Since the effect of global warming there has been alot of ice that has melted that is millions of years old. so whos knows what we will see in the future. sciencetist have discovered stranger things. that is the only way that an animal of that size could go without being discovered this long unless it was a deep ocean animal or something rare deep in the congo or in the alps. So the most likely explaination for the creature. If any creatable lab gets a hold of it they will conclued the same guest that I have.

  42. Diane Setter says:

    I’m just a fellow Long Islander who saw the story last year and was interested as soon as I saw it again in the news. It looks like some type of cross breeding experiment that could have possibly been done at Plum Island, why not. I hope you find an accredited laboratory of some kind that can help you out with the creature in the cooler. Act quickly though, I’m sure the scientific benefits are being compromised minute by minute.

    Good luck!

  43. abc says:

    It’s obviously a dog. You guys are paranoid.

  44. Cindy says:

    It kind of looks like a large sea turtle without its shell.

  45. Cindy says:

    It kind of looks like a large sea turtle without its shell. Check out the Hawksbill Sea Turtle.

  46. DUSTMAN says:

    looks like a turtle without its shell

  47. Based on my crazy observation I think its a Griffin

  48. Marie West says:

    I do not believe it is an animal we see everyday.
    It’s not a pig, dog, sheep, cat and so on.
    To be honest I do believe its a creature but what I do not know. But would love to know.Hope you find out and inform everyone. Good luck.

  49. Raineoflove says:

    This people is a sea turtle without its shell and these animals ARE PROTECTED..turn the body over to marine biologists. This looks nothing like a pig, or a dog, or a freakin horse..grow up and stop fantasizing.

  50. ibgrimme says:

    It looka like a man…..

  51. Robert says:

    It is the remains of a Sheep. A sheep has a long skull system and that is what You have.

  52. Jim H says:

    It’s a seas turtle without uit’s shell.

  53. Jon Mayne says:

    yeah uh… anyone see how the head is much much further into decomposition than the rest of it? The join between the head and the rest of it is covered up by kelp or whatever that plant is… It looks like a bloated carcass that somebody shoved a skull onto the top of.

  54. maria says:

    It’s a turtle.

  55. Justin Womack says:

    I think I might have found what this thing could be. I don’t know if anyone has covered the “prehistoric pre-dinosaur” angle yet but here’s my best guess.

  56. Marsha says:

    I found this information on Wikipedia about Plum Island and cloven-hoofed animals…maybe a connection?

    Because Congressional law stipulates that live foot-and-mouth disease virus cannot be studied on the mainland, PIADC is unique in that it is currently the only laboratory in the U.S. equipped with research facilities that permit the study of foot-and-mouth disease.

    “Foot-and-mouth disease is extremely contagious among cloven-hoofed animals, and people who have come in contact with it can carry it to animals. Accidental outbreaks of the virus have caused catastrophic livestock and economic losses in many countries throughout the world. Plum Island has experienced outbreaks of its own, including one in 1978 in which the disease was released to animals outside the center, and two incidents in 2004 in which foot and mouth disease was released within the center. Foot-and-mouth disease was eradicated from the U.S. in 1929 (with the exception of the stocks within the Plum Island center) but is currently endemic to many parts of the world.

    In response to the two 2004 incidents, New York Senator Hillary Clinton and Congressman Tim Bishop wrote a letter to the Department of Homeland Security regarding their concerns about the center’s safety: ‘We urge you to immediately investigate these alarming breaches at the highest levels, and to keep us appraised of all developments.'”

  57. Lori Ann says:

    Have you ever seen a turtle out of it’s shell?
    Several varieties ( aligator snaping turtles…) hace paws such as what was displayed. There are many species of sea turtle which could very easily fit the profile of this “monster”.
    The decaying process would cause bloating that would disfigure the creature to the point of being unrecogizeable.
    Why doesn’t someone request a DNA test from one of the aquariums along the NY or NE coasts?
    Lori Ann

  58. sallie says:

    doesn’t look like a dog to me?
    i think you should try to contact Destination Truth?

  59. I saw this video at

  60. Chip says:

    It looks like a wild boar that drowned and in the process lost all of its hair

  61. Victoria says:

    Looks like a dead bloated dog with is face eaten off to the bone.

  62. DJ Jay says:

    Dear Mr. Papers,

    Just browsed through your site and am very interested in showcasing this phenomenon here in Hong Kong. Very few are aware of such creature and/or findings and would like to share it with our listeners on a Saturday 8:30 night (Hong Kong time).

    I am an anchor for a local English Radio program called Pinoy Tayo Sanman (We are Filipino’s wherever we are). Being the only English program in HK, we not only attract Filipino’s but also other English speaking minorities.

    Hoping for your positive responce.

    DJ. Jay
    (852) 9772 7279

  63. Clarky says:

    This is a Black bear that has drowned. It is great to keep the imaginations alive tho.

  64. Candi says:

    The theory of “genetic testing” is one I agree with. Something gone wrong? Perhaps the thought was “throw it in the water, it’ll sink and get eaten”.

    As for carrying disease… biological warfare – If someone were to going to take that route I have to believe they would use a common place animal. Not something that could garner national attention.

    My vote: genetic mishap with pigs (as pigs are genetically closely linked with humans and monkey testing would cause an outrage). Hope to see scientfic publishings soon 🙂 Good luck!

  65. Hazel says:

    In my opinion, it appears to be a “doctored” pig. It’s got the build of a pig, and I don’t put it past people to alter it’s appearance to get a good laugh at the journalists who cover news like this.

  66. Kara says:

    maybe its a new breed of dog you know now days they are mixing different breeds and making dogs that look way different maybe this one just went wrong.

  67. Passby says:

    Ask doctor whose name is Dr.HWANG WOO SUK live in Korea. Maybe He will give the answer!!!

  68. Shaneza says:

    Looks like a genetic experience gone bad, looks almost half human half animal 🙁

  69. B d says:

    Why is this so hyped. It’s a dead bloated animal. They are just dead bloated animals. Animals die and get bloated by seawater all the time. If your really interested in finding out what kind of animal it is, then bring it to one of the many labs in LI, and they can test it. If you get rich on this, I am gonna be pissed.

  70. william says:


  71. Spearheart says:

    Honestly I thinks it’s some messe dup experament. Or possibly and alien (LOL). I dont think it’s anything to panick about but it does get the mind goin. I live in TX so I dont really ahve to worry about one of those washing up on the beach…I dont think.
    But I as I said before I think it’s some experament gone wrong and they people on Plum island just dumped it. Maybe it’s a cross between a dog, pig and chicken?

  72. AceMoose says:

    Monster Shmonster. Its Mother doesn’t think it’s a monster. Hopefully it’s a denizen of the deep and not something that some member of man”kind” decided to “off”.

  73. Barney says:

    My first reaction was that it was Nancy Pelosi without the usual 5 pounds of makeup.

  74. powerof bio. says:

    Next century, It is available to eat and taste dog, monkey and chiken meats with only one animal.

  75. Ryan says:

    It’s probably some genetic engineering research project gone horribly wrong… simple solution is dump the animal off in the ocean

  76. Treigh says:

    I am leaning towards a bear or dog. It’s hard to see the amount of bloating that had taken place. Alot of times, When something has been dead in the water, the animal loses all it’s hair. The dangly fingers are definately decomposed claws, I feel. My opinion is that it is a bear, but it would be interesting to see a story based out of that animal testing facility. I have always thought those guys were messing aroung with genetics and stuff like that. “Cryptids Are Real” Awesome…I love this stuff!

  77. Kerrie C says:

    I’m no expert, by any stretch of the imagination, and I have just now…today…heard of this “monster” being washed up on the shores of Long Island, but I can’t help but wonder if all those American Government Scientist out there on Plum Island aren’t screwing around with genomes and DNA and “creating” or manipulating species for their own biological research. Why they would do this I have no clue, but why did they create Lyme Disease?

    I hope this one gets figured out before something bad happens. Cuz we all know that the US Government is only out for our best interests…(insert your own sarcastic thoughts here: ____________________________)

    Best of luck finding out what in the world this is.

  78. Rosetta says:

    It’s a Yankee “Chupacabras”!! his northern cousin! they are coming out because of the global warming! … just kidding…

  79. Justin says:

    It is a sheep that has been soaking for a few weeks.

  80. Nancy says:

    Look at el chupacabra from Puerto Rico, looks a lot similar

  81. J says:

    I have to agree that this looks like either a small bear or a dog. What most people don’t realize is that the two are somewhat related, so it could be hard to tell exactly from web-images of such a bloated corpse. As for the “Fingers”…black bears do have some flexability in their paws..helps them climb. Not a lot, mind you, they are still paws, not hands. Otherwise it could be some genetic mutation in the “family”.

    Given the area and the pictures, I’d say either a black bear (youngish) or some kind of dog.

  82. Eugenia says:

    ok, the thing looks like a wingless griffin to be perfectly honest. And who knows, its prob some government experiment gone wrong. trying to blend species together to create a new, better, stronger ((deffinently uglier)) animal.
    i know my comment is nothing credable like “prehistoric creature thats been previously frozen, and then thawed by global warming” but, who knows. Maybe a cloneing atempt at a prehistoris animal gone wrong.

  83. LCMEDIC says:

    It appears to be a bloated animal, possibly canine in origin. furthermore it appears to have been in the water for an extended period of time, during which the skin sloughed off, cartilidge in the “fingers” would become rubbery and dissolve, hence the “fingers”. appears to be nothing more than an animal in decomposition. Of course, that is simply my opinion.

  84. l.mullin says:

    Could someone be messing with breeding or using it for fishing,which is cruel behavior by either means?

  85. kmenger says:

    It looks like something out of the Lord of The Flies movie – Gene splicing gone bad!

  86. Joe G says:

    Looks like a dog or wild boar or javelin with the tip of his snout broken or sawed off, right through the bone. If a boar, probably not indigenous to Long Island, but not uncommon in other parts of the U.S.

  87. lhw says:

    I think it is an animal that fell off a boat and got wash back to the shore.

  88. Tammy says:

    I was wondering how any one knows what happened to original creature? I can’t imagine science would have let it be distroyed.

  89. chris says:

    It’s a turtle with out it’s shell

  90. Jay Hood says:

    This is what I think it is. A way to test drugs on the largest of rodents is to use a capybara. Its body mass and head shape resemble it along with the remnants of the long fur.

  91. Nature Director says:

    Looks kind of like a pig skull to me. I don’t think it’s a dog (I’ve seen a couple of skulls). What it really reminded me of is the old horse skull I have at camp, but of course something 3 feet in length is too small for a horse.

    Unfortunately, I can’t discredit the people insisting its a dog, but you might want to check lost and founds in the area to see if you can get a family back the remains if it is a dog.

  92. Chels says:

    Honestly, I think it’s a common animal whose carcass was mutated after death.

    Cross-breeding is a rediculous theory for this case, especially considering everyone somehow believes the creature to have a beak. Life is a very volatile process, and something with mush for DNA, such as a lump of cells that result from scientists crossing a bird and, oh let’s say, ANY mammal, simply WILL not survive. Most definitely not until that size.

    It is most obvious that it is NOT a sea turtle. It has the totally wrong body structure, and it’s kind of disappointing that people do not realize that if someone were to remove the shell, the skin under both the plastron and the carapace would be utterly shredded. Also, there are no signs of flippers in the flesh around the appendages, and whatever animal it was has plain flesh, whether hairy or not, and not smooth scaly skin like that of a turtle.

    As for a “bull dog”, your video proves it much to big for that. It could theoretically be another large breed, however the shortness of the limbs don’t appear canine.

    The bare skin could be explained, as said before, as simple deterioration in salt water as a result of decomposition strengthened by the salinity of the water. The same could be said of the “fingers”, but this is a big stranger. I can’t tell if they’re identical on both sides, but in theory, the flesh could have scraped against some corrosive surface as it drifted through shallower water, stripping off the skin. If it is not bony, then perhaps the bones were somehow removed, leaving the tendons or muscle tissue behind?

    The head, to me, looks like it was just partially stripped, and the “beak” is the nose of the skull. The extreme shortness of the neck to me says, pig, although there are plenty of other animals it could be.

    I agree, however. Bag it up and send it to a lag where they can run DNA tests or the like. 🙂

  93. Heather says:

    At first look I agree that it looks like a turtle out of its shell, bloated and waterlogged. But has it occurred to anyone that there are the recent occasions of cloning animals to bring us close to cloning humans? What happens to the attempts that aren’t successful? Where do they dispose of those creatures that don’t come out right? Common sense would say that they are destroyed but what if someone were to dump it in the ocean then there would be no way of really knowing what it is. It really does make sense to do the dna testing first. Then go from there. But if its just 15 minutes of fame, then it would make the person a very pathetic human being.

  94. paulette says:

    i think it’s just a huge turtle without it’s shell on him…..

  95. Conner says:

    It can’t be a seaturtle its head is to large and if some of the skin was being pulled back by a shell. Nor is it a dog. Dogs dont have beaks. Probly something deformed from the NY sewers.

  96. Nick says:

    Nice job putting a raccoon skull (
    on a dead pigs body. Nice job covering up the black patch on the pig with sand too. Oh and I’ve never seen of an head of animal decompose perfectly down to dry bone before the rest of the body. Maybe thats why you took video at NIGHT with a FLASHLIGHT.

  97. Tamara says:

    I think it is an alien creatures pet. But who know’s any guess is as good as another. Reasons- Why haven’t we heard of this creature before? The legs are too long on it to even be a sea creature. The creature doesn’t have fins and the skin looks that of a pig and not scaly like a fish or smooth like a dolphin. It looks like the aliens crash landed in the ocean and the aliens died but the aliens pet was swimming to shore but it’s so fat the monster couldn’t swim anymore and died.

  98. Candi says:

    I have seen the news cast for this “creature.” It’s a bull dog that has been chewed up by other animals, sea life, etc..

  99. Gator says:

    Maybe I missed it, but how long is this thing? I don’t see a tail, dogs have tails. Even if the fur and skin were gone, the tail bone would remain. What’s the bear population like in these areas. Bears will swim along way in search of food. Especially, polar bears. Bears are excellent swimmers. Polar bears have been seen sevaral hundred of miles out to sea, looking for its main source of food the cute and cuddley seal. Baby bears have been know to follow the parent into the water. Which in some cases is fatal for the baby bear. Also, how many of these carcasses have been found?

  100. Joe says:

    It is a Penguin carcas. Short arms hands like feathers….

  101. princess says:

    its a piggy look at the feet in the back someone found miss piggy later in her career

  102. otterman says:

    its a dead otter, mystery solved.

  103. marcus says:

    It kind of looks like a genetically mutated cross between a big, and a bird. A couple of the pictures sort of look like a cow.

  104. Cindy says:

    I think you have stumbled upon something that really needs to looked into further, but authorities, human society or any animal rights activists out there. My sincere opinion on this is that these are fighting dogs that have been dumped out in the ocean or in an area that is frequently washed out to sea. I think these poor animals need someone who can find the source either by looking at the ocean currents and wind patterns or track them by some other genetic or chemical markers. If you are a person that can do this, I hope you will take my opinion into consideration and if nothing else rule it out. But, if it is save some defenseless animals from a cruel death. Thanks you for listening.

  105. interested in WI says:

    Like some of the others said, have an expert look at the carcuss before it decays further. I know its on ice but thats not good enough. I would worry about the science of the situation and not about the money you will get the pictures and carcass. Do the right thing.

  106. Michael says:

    Why didn’t you take the video in the daytime? I say there are may things weird in the world. I still can’t figure out how they get jelly in a donut. Let God sort these things out!

  107. matte says:

    I find it hard to believe that this washed up on shore whole. There are more than a few fish in the water off Long Island that would have nibbled on it, or out right eaten it. I will be the first to tell you that there are a great many things we’ve yet to understand about our oceans, but not this one. In no way does it look like it came from the sea. I believe it is some sort of a mammal that was dumped. I may be wrong, but nothing yet points to it being a “Monster from the Ocean”.

  108. Dr. M. Smithfield says:

    I am a doctor of pathology at NC state medical center. This animal is quite obviously a dog, it is missing its bottom jaw, and is in stage 3 decomposition from saltwater. It looks like a pitbull, or bull terrier, probably a bull terrier. Anyone who thinks this is a monster is either extremely stupid or ignorant, probably both. THIS ANIMAL IS IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM AN EXPERIMENT GONE WRONG, OR AN ALIEN, OR ANYTHING THE GOVERNMENT THOUGHT UP. YOU PEOPLE NEED TO GO GET A LIFE!!! IF YOU REALLY WANT TO PROVE ME RIGHT GO HAVE A DNA ANALYSIS DONE ON THE DOG, BUT YOU PROBABLY WON’T BECAUSE YOU KNOW DEEP DOWN I AM RIGHT. I HOPE YOU ALL ARE MENTALLY RETARDED, AT LEAST THAT WOULD JUSTIFY YOUR BEHAVIOR A LITTLE BIT. BUT IF NOT, DO EVERYONE A FAVOR AND DON’T TALK ABOUT THINGS YOUR NOT SMART ENOUGH TO UNDERSTAND!

  109. NJ Bell says:

    It looks like something created in a lab, a hybrid product of different kinds of genes spliced together in a biological experiment.

  110. Kristi says:

    it has hair.

  111. Kevin says:

    I could sit here and make judgements on what it is or what it isn’t. I could also say you need to do this or that to find out indefinately what it is. Being the monster fan that I am I say keep it a mystery. let people keep guessing, making judgement and hating. maybe in another few years someone will have video or pictures of a live “Montauk Monster”. who knows? all I can say is I love the site and I would like to see more

  112. Lindsey says:

    It looks like a boar, maybe…but the “fingers” make me wonder. I hope you and the couple get the chance to have this researched by a facility. It’s a fascinating find!

  113. Dan says:

    Its a manatee!

  114. Kim says:

    After living on LI my entire life, all I will say is that Plum Island and Brookhaven National Lab both do things that we could never imagine. I totally believe this is something that has come from Plum Island. I would love to see an independant lab do some testing to see what it might be.

  115. Fabio says:

    It can´t be a sea turtle, if you think you can remove it´s shell without tearing the body apart you are watching way too many cartoons ;P

    It´s a dog or some other large mammal.

  116. Steve Phillimore says:

    Have you considered the proximity of these finds to Plum Island? As far as I know the U.S. gov. still operates a biological warfare experimental center there. Raises some question, no?

  117. Lindsey says:

    And I agree it does appear to be a capybara, but capybara’s have no tail and it appears as though this creature does.

  118. daemon_core says:

    I’ve read @ where it says During the Cold War a secret biological weapons program targeting livestock has been conducted at the site.

    For me this is just another failed expirement on animals. An animal that was biologically experimented with disease and evolved and boom(failed). Escaped, washed out and died and probably with disease but I don’t think they would allow it to happen not if it has something to do with the “war of the worlds”.

    Or this just be another way of saying to the public, Plum Island is no longer safe.

  119. Denise Ashley says:

    I would have to agree that it does without a doubt look like a turtle that may have died at sea and eventually it slid from its shell. That is the only logical answer there would be.

  120. Chad Eisner says:

    Why hasn’t this been taken to a bio dept or a zoo or even a freakin’ vet? Get it examined and genetically identified. If you think it is infested with bacteria, why not call the CDC? you really want a possibly diseased animal rotting in a cooler of ice? Come on. I could get it identified in a matter of hours. Anyone could.

    If they wanted to.

  121. dave says:

    Whatever it is it doesn’t look like any seafaring animal. That means it fell in the drink somewhere relatively close and drowned. And as populated as that area is it’s hard to believe something that large has gone unnoticed until now. Very suspicious.

  122. Maccarone says:

    It’s a Raccoon. The long fingers give it away.

  123. Chris says:

    Looks like a shell-less Mock Turtle from Alice in Wonderland. Check out the classic pictures.

  124. Collins says:

    A turtle w/o its shell that has a beak would probably be a sea turtle of some kind and therefor would have flippers for arms and legs which the skeleton of a sea turtle’s flippers have very long “fingers”. the original monster i have no idea as to what it could be. The dog theory doesn’t seem quite right because of the beak. the monster found this month looks like an overweight large breed dog of somekind, like a Rotwiler which has a stubby tail and can grow very large (close to 200 lbs). I have always wanted to take a “Monster” vacation and travel the globe to all of the spots where strange animals have been spotted to see what I might be able to see. It would kind of be like my “Monopoly” tour of Atlantic City I had a friend take me on couple of years ago. I would love to see all of these mythical creatures that are being seen world wide be newly confirmed species so that we may learn more about the Earth’s past to present creation. Science can only go so far and that’s when it’s good to have faith in some form of a higher power. Doesn’t matter if it’s God, Allah, Budda, or just Mother Earth; faith is always a good thing to have!

  125. Adam says:

    Has anyone stopped to think of the last thing that we were presented with…Bigfoot? That ended up being a complete waste of time. I’m not saying that this isnt real but until theres hard evidence that this this is alive and thriving then no one should be getting to upset over this thing. Another thing to think about is checking the body for something indicating a death from any sort of unatural source. Make sure the reason this thing keeps showing up in the beach isnt because dogs are getting in the water and some toxin is raping them. All I’m saying is that we cany be sure of what it is until we can put a finger on the live one or ay least get its family and genous.

  126. Greg H says:

    I’m convinced that this “animal” is a Hog. Part of it’s face has been eaten off by sea life. It was mentioned that it had hooves, cloven hooves? The “beak” is actually the hogs snout.

  127. janet says:

    it looks like it maybe a pig. we need to find out what killed it. if there is something in the water then it could infect other fish. to me it looks like a pig and some one put a bill on it’s head.

  128. Jeanne says:

    It’s a possum.

  129. Angelo Spado says:

    Looks like a bear to me. Skull, teeth, tail stub. My gues is a black bear that’s been in the water too long.

  130. Collins says:

    another thought about the turtle theory that i just had is the shell of a turtle is part of the turtle’s skin. some turtles’ shells are like our fingernails and grow from under the skin. the soft shell turtles grow their shells as a tougher area of their skin. so if the turtle has been de-shelled, wouldn’t the carcass be, for the most part, scalped?

  131. ASH says:

    Has anyone thought about aN anteater? WITH THE SLOPING SKULL?? AND THE SHAPE OF THE BODY? JUST SAYING….

  132. synergy says:

    The limbs look incomplete, like something removed/nibbled them. Also, why is there some sort of towel or whatever on the head? Did you think that maybe waiting for sunrise of a rinsedown would’ve been a good idea to get a better look? Someone here is either obtuse or trying to make it difficult to debunk easily. Take some video in daylight and the carcass rinsed off and then a call can be made.

  133. dr3w says:

    it looks like a pig. :0

  134. Sorgine says:

    I agree. It looks like a turtle without the shell.
    Any local research university will identify the animal for you in a sec.
    There’s no monster in there, just a decomposed turtle.

  135. Kevin C Vinson says:

    Go to the following site and take a look at the skull of a black bear. From the picture posted on your webpage, I would guess that the body on the beack is a decomposing body of a young bear.

    However, it could be that of a pig also.

    The tissue would have to be removed, tested, and a bone structure analysis conducted in order to determine the true nature of the “beast.”

    Kevin C Vinson
    Degree in Anthropology

  136. Laura says:

    May 5th, 2009 was a Tuesday, not a Wednesday.

    If you can’t even get your facts straight about what day of the week it was when you heard about this alleged “monster,” then I have a hard time believing you about anything else.

  137. jimmy says:

    I think its an interesting looking animal…could be a chupacabra from other pics I have seen but somethign is different about it even though it passes for a dog, pig or other type of canine in just looks..I think true DNA testing would be the only real way of knowing for sure or at least determinig what species it is if it is known.

  138. JJ says:

    JJ Abrams did it.

  139. Macfaerie says:

    Truly, this is going to sound like I’m crazy, but I do not put anything past, evolution, science, government experiments or just plain strange. There are so many parts of the earth that lay undiscovered, especially the underwater parts. I would not discount that this is a creature that lives closer to the bottom of the ocean, and when they die, their bodies become beached. My other possible theory is that they are an experiment, given the difference in size and condition when found.

    It’s in our nature to discredit anything we find to be different or unexplainable to us. It sounds silly but the whole “men in black” scenario could be true. Would people embrace the fact that there really are aliens, no?

    Just start telling people that it’s a dinosaur. That they cultivated in an area that was covered in tar, and they died as a result. Oh, wait better yet, they lived during the ice age, they were frozen in ice but global warming has unfrozen their bodies and now they are surfacing, so many billions of years later. You could say that remains are slowing being released due to earthquake activity in an area… so many hundreds of miles off the coast and has resulted in these strange and captivating finds. However due to the delicate nature of the bodies and how old they are, once they come in contact with the current conditions of the earths atmosphere they are rapidly decomposing. Therefore, any attempts made to categorize this new specie have been met with great difficulty. Furthermore, we are making every effort possible to collect necessary samples for DNA testing, and hope to give these new and strange creatures a place in history where they belong. “Blah, blah, blah”

    That sounds, run with it.

  140. non-scientist says:

    i am by no means a scientist, but it might reseamble a dog, but where are the upper canine teeth? i can see that the nose is missing, which does hamper the identification of the animal a bit, but it really neither reseambles a dog or pig. at first, when i sae the pics of the newest creature, i thought of a young polar bear, but now i’m not so sure. bears, dogs, pigs or any other creature do not have “fingers”, or claws like this that i have seen.
    and the pics of the first creature, nose missing, made me think of something mythical, such as a griffin-type creature as it looked like it had a beak. there is something strange about these creatures, that make me want to know what it is. can you not take a small sample of the creatures’ body and take it to a college and see if they can identify what it is or isn’t? it would be nice to know what it may be, from a non science view.

  141. Sam says:

    Ok, Its my Uncle Fred…you got me….

  142. Cody says:

    Have you ruled out the possibilities of genetic mutation? After viewing the pics from Christina Pampalone, it looks like looks like a type of pig, but the Moscow pics, although decomposed, could rule out the pig theory. The spin is incredibly long, and could possibly be used for swimming, since these things have appeared near water, and this picture is noticeably different from the others. The length is longer than all the others. Have you also noticed that they are appearing in many locations, but a live specimen has never been sited, or at least reported? I would like it if you could email me additional info.

  143. JOHN PINA says:

    it looks like a turtle without a shell

  144. Nikongirl says:

    I know one thing…it’s not a dog! I appreciate your hard work and updates. I want to know what this is!!! This should not be taken lightly by any means! This is NOT a hush hush matter…we, THE PEOPLE, have a right to know what the heck is going on…we are TIRED of COVER-UPS by the government!!!!!!!

  145. non-scientist says:

    “dr.” smithfield,
    your are without a doubt, NOT A DOCTOR! if you were, you wouldn’t be as stuid as you were here in this letter. you may say it is a dog, but you don’t know crap about it as you have proven that with what you said. and if you are a doctor, i hope you loose your lisence for being an incredible jerk and using not so policically correct wording in you insult of the human race. what do you think you are, god. if you were, people would stone you for being a jerk.
    since using the word retarted has been damned by the public, your respect level has dropped to below ground level for being nearsighted in it’s use as an insult. next time you want to teach others, look in a mirror and rehearse what you are going to say and use yourself as a subject so you can see how pathetic you really are in your evaluation of others.

  146. Ahnnastaysia says:

    Okay, okay. Look, with all the evidence pointing to Plum Island experiments I’d like to say that even though we’re presented with two carcasses if you study both of them you’ll see that they are “similar” but, not identical. I think that they are performing recombinant DNA testing at this facility and disposing of the bodies of animals that cannot handle the new DNA and keep dying off. I do, however find it a wee bit strange that the bodies show up at almost the exact same time of year one year apart.

    I also fully discount everyone else’s theories of pigs, bears, dogs, cats or turtles, of all things. It has some characteristics of many of these creatures but not of one in particular. It would be nice to have the corpse tested but, I see how that could be difficult. I hope to hear more about it soon. Likely it will blow over like it did last year, though with no results.

    Thanks for the website. It’s extremely interesting. Let us know what you find and keep searching.

  147. the man says:

    it is my own personal belief that these “monsters” are stray dogs that have been in the water for some time.the paws have decayed or possibly been chewed by fish thats why they looked stringy,also the “monster” has fur and a tail its so obvious that they are stray dogs that have falling in the water,but i guess people still need someing to believe in!good luck on finding out what they really are!!!

  148. RC says:

    Personally, i think that this was some sort of experiment gone wrong. If you look closely at all the pictures of it, it seems to have many odd features that are not normally combined in any animal we have seen. It appears to have some what of a pigs snout, dogs ears and body shape, human legs, feet, and testicles, webbed arms, and some hair. It just does not look like some natural animal, more like something created in a lab by using different animal genes.

  149. Henry says:

    So the Itals have gone into making monsters as well as drugs , gambling and hookers

  150. pam says:

    the second beast does not look anything like the first one. the first one is a dead pug dog. this second one looks like some type of dead farm animal, a sheep or something. nothing weird to me.

  151. Cassandra AZ says:

    So…. anyone doing tissue/hair testing to see what ‘animal(s)’ it could be. it doesn’t look like a raccoon… maybe a pig. if its washing up on shore, the fish and salt water will eat away at the fur/skin. Salt will make it bloat along with decomposition and heat. the one found this month…?… not too sure. still think this thing needs to be looked over by testing tissue and autopsy. i don’t like blowing things out of per portion unless there are facts. pictures prove there is something that was either born that way or someone made it that way (after death). …. and its not an Anteater!?! they don’t have teeth like that. the ‘beak’ is bone… dude, i hope you can figure this one out 🙂

  152. BV says:

    I think it is interesting that so many people are coming to this site and leaving comments about how stupid this is or that it is a hoax. If you feel this way, why did you come to the site? Who knows what the hell it is. Are any of you biologists? I did not know that turtles have long tails and very sharp teeth..oh and fur. I did not know that dogs have beaks, or seals. Sure, I want to know what it really is for curiosity reasons and I think it would be a good idea to try your best to find out, but for those of you coming on here and talking about this person wasting your time with this blog..what about your own time you are wasting by coming to this site and reading the blog??? If it is such a waste of your time why the hell are you posting comments? Anyways, really weird pictures,real or not, they are weird. Take care.

  153. anonymous says:

    Hey, could it be that someone is doing some genetic cloning and these are the outcome. Could it also be that they tend to die off due to some unexplainable reason and a laboratory is just throwing them out and they end up washing up at our shores?

  154. Freddy Feelgood says:

    This has to be the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. It’s a dogs carcass that has clearly been nibbled on by some fish.

  155. Lisa says:

    Nicky what about a Raccoon? We all know that they love water! What if it somehow drowned or was attacked by something? I mean I know it sounds crazy but there could be plenty of reasons….maybe it was injured or diseased…and just died by the shore! The tide could of taken it in the water for a few days and during that time it could of bloated up to that size! Look how big humans get when they drown! Well I hope you find out what it is and Good Luck with your search!

  156. cc kirk says:

    you should also inquire about another unknown found on cape cod 1970 or 71. just as strange and unresolved.

  157. bob says:

    well, i guess i’ll win the prize…the first one is obviously a turtle missing his shell….

  158. Obi-Won Kanobi says:

    Although it is possible that this is a normal animal that has been warped by decomposing in the sea I still keep an open mind. We don’t know our sea’s at all and we don’t know every type of species out there. They are constantly finding new types of animals and sea plants, so whats to say that this isnt some sort of undiscovered species.

  159. Tracy says:

    wow there are a lot of people tht want to put in their two cents on this. if u dont believe or whatever then get off the website. my opinion on the monster is tht its an experiment gone wrong. it looks like some one was cross breading and stoped it before it was done. have ya ever seen the nija turtles movie the one about the ooze tht contaminated them and turned them into mutains? well if u remember in tht movie they tried to do tht with a turtle and a wolf i think and what this monster looks like is the turtle when sheeder stopped the contamination before it was done. i really beleive someone is experimenting with cross breading and when they saw what it was starting to look like they got rid of it. or maybe someone is crossbreading and throwing them one the beach as a joke for the media. i think if a DNA test is done it will come back either inconculsive or as many different animals.

  160. Virginia says:

    I think it is a pet dog that probably fell out of somebody’s boat while they were out on the lake. People do take their pets for a ride. Just another idea.

  161. Cory says:

    It almost looks slightly like a sheep or something of that body style.

  162. Cassidy says:

    I would just like to applaud you for what you are doing. And another applause for contacting the local authorities. Your best bet is to find a private biologist or something that is interested in finding out what this thing is. I feel it is either an unknown species that has just been discovered (like the coelacanth) or some type of government mutation. No one will ever make me believe that it is a dog, raccoon, or any else. There’s no freakin’ way! This matter needs to be looked into closer. And if I was you, I would not let anyone take the whole carcass– as it will mysteriously be “lost” or “stolen”. Keep up the work. I would like to know exactly what this thing is. If it is a dog, we can guarantee that it came from that animal testing facility up there. That place needs to be shut the hell down.

  163. jacob anderson says:

    i have read that there is an animal testing facility in the area the monsters are probably failed experements i think that it is a failed attempt to mix a bird and swine

  164. Cassidy says:

    Sorry. I meant NOT contacting local authorities…

  165. Rodney Roncaglio says:

    Anyone who lives in the Hamptons and has visited Camp Hero knows that it is a very STRANGE place. I have three Lab retrivers, and they love new locations to visit. Last year I was in Montauk and happened to find myself at the front gate of the deserted base. As the gate was closed as usual I decided to let my dogs out of the truck for a run.Opening the back gate I expected them to jump out of the truck immediately as they always do. Not this time..when I looked in all three were cowering in the truck with a look of terror on their faces and refused to budge….that is very unusual behavior for Labs……yes..Camp Hero is a weird place….

  166. Cassidy says:

    This is not a turtle. You cannot remove a turtle’s shell without damaging it’s back/spine. If you need more proof, try doing it yourself. There are box turtles everywhere in the Summertime. Thanks for your input… genius.

  167. Kraynium says:

    It is the decomposing corpse of a dog. Sorry that it blows all the wind out of any theories that it might be some ‘monster’ or unusual species.
    It is plainly and simply a dog.

  168. my2cents says:

    CENCORSHIP IS THE TRUE MONSTER HERE! I guess if you don’t like what people have to say then you shouldn’t have asked for comment.

    Not posting what people really think = you’re a fraud

  169. Jeanne says:

    It’s a possum or maybe a bear.

  170. Cassidy says:

    Dr. Smithfield, I disagree. I am a student working on my master’s in biology. This is no dog. If it is, it has been genetically altered. The only mentally retarded people on this website IS YOU!! Thank you.

  171. Steve-in-Greenlawn says:

    Plum Island is where Lyme Disease originated? Where did you get that information from? Lyme Disease, as the popular name has been since approx. 1979, has been documented in Europe since the 1700’s. Plum Island is probably a chamber of horrors for animals trapped there, but they did not create Lyme Disease.

  172. Cassidy says:

    I would just like to know exactly what breed of dog this is, for all you who thinks it’s a dog…? I bred pitbulls for many years when I was younger, and this IN NO WAY resembles any pitbull I have ever come across– whether it’s bloated, decayed, whatever… I didn’t know that the pitbull had flipper-claws.

  173. Becky says:

    I think this is a very rare creature indeed. It matches a lot of the characteristics of a Gryphon, the legendary creature. I believe that some of these legends still exist. How else would so many famous buildings have these creatures carved into them, unless someone has seen them. That’s just my opinion though.

  174. R says:

    It looks like a washed up pig with disintegrated head.

  175. ANA says:


  176. T-daddy says:

    That is a dog that washed off of a boat, hit by a boat while swimming, or a dog that died on the beach and got washed out to th ocean. Thats what they look like after about a week. fish and birds eat parts. when birds get them they take off big parts like the lower jaw,eyes, toung, while fish like to eat little bites like the ends of the fingers while it is floating. Sorry

  177. robin says:

    Okay granted this thing is weird looking but I am assuming whatever it is has been in the water for some time and it has decomposed quite abit.. I think it would be so cool to discover a creature none of us have ever seen before, but truthfully I think it is a dog that either got swept off a boat while sailing with its owner or got caught in a tide while playing in the water… We wont really know what it is until someone is able to get samples from it and run some tests…

  178. lucky you says:

    I am a veterinary tech for 12yrs. I have seen every inch of a dog inside and out. This “thing” does have the body like a dog. I was only able to see a few pics which I could not see the skull very well. Yes whatever this is is bloated from being in the water. I would love to see more photos. The “thing from last yr in my option was def not a dog. I come to this option dur to the skull and the unsual digits. Dogs do have webed feet. But the web is not as that of a sea bird of seal. Thins is extremly intresting to me due to that this can be a whole new species all together. I look forward to seeing more about this.

  179. Randy says:

    Plum Island was a testing area for the military. Lyme disease didn’t originate there but was used there. That is where the information came from. There are alot more strains out now. I have had it 3 times 2 different strains. The animals that swim to mainland have brought diseases over from the island. One thing is there is no actual proof that lyme disease was out before the 70s. Since there is no way to actually get 100% results for today. I would think that if something mutated from plum island and got out or something to that affect the military would of been all over it. There would of been helicopters searching. Good luck on finding out what this animal is. I don’t believe in monsters though. lol. We discover new species of life all the time.

  180. ladieed says:

    First I was thinkin a dog that, possibly went out to far or fell from a boat. After it being in the ocean/water it bloated up, but that aint no dog. Theres no way. Look at the teeth and fingers, thats not a dog. It almost looks like one of those gargoyles (sp) from Ghostbusters. But whatever that thing is and wherever it came from, its cool to look at. I say put it in a musuem. Like ned flanders said, “your an interesting creature, but thank you god for this mighty fine design”

  181. betty says:

    I think it looks like a sea turtle who has lost his shell. The face, tail etc. look like the body parts of a turtle that we always see. Now we know what is under the shell. No big mystery here, guys!

  182. I'VE GOT IT! says:


  183. Allie says:

    Chupacabra!! By the way Superman………………….I think you meant Chupacabra. We were thinking along the same lines at least. In Spanish it means “goat sucker”………….chupra, meaning “to suck” and cabra, meaning “goat”. A contemporay legend!!

  184. This is a carcass of a sea turtle without it’s shell. Most likely this is the work of poachers who were surprised, after discarding the shell, while attempting to “field dress” this animal in order to hide the meat in a cooler. Perhaps, like shark finning, the shell of this particular animal was all the poachers where after. Don’t know.

    Too bad we can’t ask the poachers….. and then cut their arms off and throw them into the sea.

  185. Dale says:

    If you want anyone to think this is real you need to get someone who knows something about animals to examine it. The person needs to be someone who, unlike you, is not trying to make money on this obviously fake creature. You’re not interested in the truth. You’re interested in making money. Everything about your story is suspicious. Some family just happened to find it, and their first thought is to contact you? They don’t try to contact an expert or a university or even the police. This is just like every urban legend. “A friend of a friend told me…”
    Until someone examines this for real, and we don’t just have to rely on your reports, it’s going to be regarded as fake. If you just have to profit from this, then sell it to a university to research it. Let them examine it with you in the room. If they think it’s something unique, I guarantee people will pay to investigate it. But you won’t do that because you know it’s just a load of B.S. for you to try to get rich from.

  186. josh says:

    the second (new) pic looks like a polar bear the first one who knows.

  187. This is a carcass of a sea turtle without it’s shell. Most likely this is the work of poachers who were surprised, after discarding the shell, while attempting to “field dress” this animal in order to hide the meat in a cooler. Perhaps, like shark finning, the shell of this particular animal was all the poachers where after. Don’t know.

  188. Ellie L says:

    I hate to admit I am taking the time for this. I am off work sick. I think I may be sicker now after seeing this. I have no background in animal science. However, I truly hope these things are not the result of genetic mutations caused by human intervention. I do believe things like this have been done in our country and others. However, I do not believe that people who could do such things would be so irresponsible as to let their experiment fall in the drink. I think a genetic experiment such as this would be destroyed by fire after the people were done with it. So what is it? Isn’t there some way to have it studied? I am sure there is a university that would do pathology on it for a price.

  189. Jobu Danish says:

    Holy Cow? Well maybe not, probably pig or dog though 🙂

    Either way it doens’t matter, this is awesome!!! I think the first one was cooler-looking, it had that cool beak-thing going on. The skull of this new one looks very canine, all in all still a fun creature though.

    Hey, you should do a plush toy of the original one to sell along with the paintings … I would buy one! 🙂

    Seriously though, I could create 1/2 scale latex versions, or sculpt you up some sized appropriate for key chains. Honestly, you should market the hell out of this thing!!! I am thinking action figures and maybe even a guest spot in a video game!!! How about a Stretch-Armstrong version, all the kids will want one!

  190. Susan says:

    I agree with T-Daddy on this one. But, the first picture that was circulated a while ago – I have no clue what that thing is!

  191. Realist says:

    Am I the only one who can see this is some sort of sea turtle without its shell?? Geez people, open your eyes!

  192. Scott says:

    Hey, sorry to burst your whole “Montauk Monster” theory, and by the way great way to get people to come to your website, but this thing is obviously NOT a monster or unknown, OR any type of special genetic mutaion from the Dept of Agriculture lol.. The first picture from close up a pig with it’s head cut ff, the beak being insides of the neck.. The second and 3rd picture look like a completely different carcass but clearly a mammal, not a monster. I think they’re both some pig carcasses.. LOL people freak out about everything..

  193. Clive says:

    The latest one definitely looks like a bulldog (or similar family) with pieces of the skull missing. Did it look like there was trauma to the skull?

    The original Montauk Monster was definitely a Koala Bear, that’s why everyone was so mystified as to what it was. Their fuzzy exterior masks the true skeletal shape. Behind that sof black snout of a Koala is a very sharp beak. Mystery solved, let’s move on to something else.

  194. Lynn says:

    That carcass could be any number of things including some new undiscovered species. I’m really open on the ida of the “monster” being some new creature we know nothing about. Scientists recently have been discovering all sorts of new life on the planet. But a “monster” in the sense of anything paranormal or supernatural, probably not. I’m quite interested in finding out what it is as my own scientific curiousity is getting the better of me.

    Lynn in New Orleans, LA.

  195. TERRI says:

    Looks like a bear to me too. The jaw and ears resemble either a polar or grizzly bear

  196. George says:

    It’s a cow. I can’t believe he actually touched it. I hope you brought lots of hand sanitizer.

  197. Wake News says:

    Hi I think it could well be a being either not yet been discovered or a genetically modified creature. We all know they are experimenting with all kind of stuff

  198. Richard Caudle says:

    I’ve seen a few hog carcasses and this looks to be one that been gnawed on by some aquatic fauna.

  199. rich am says:

    kim said…”After living on LI my entire life, all I will say is that Plum Island and Brookhaven National Lab both do things that we could never imagine.”

    WHAT?!?!?! you’ve been watching x files too much. I have lived here for 37 years and I laugh at your baseless accusation. What proof do you have to make such and asenine statement?

  200. tekle says:

    this creature is well known creture off the cost of red sea near eritrea

  201. JJ says:

    I believe it’s a sheep…. when I was in NY I had an opportunity to go behind the scene’s at a police station that did investigations into unsolved deaths, anyways, they showed some pictures of a person that was taken out of the Hudson river after a week or so. The body had bloated up so badly it hardly looked like a person….. who knows how long this carcass has been in the ocean/river/sea….

  202. Steve says:

    Looks like a pig dipped in acid to me. That would explain the way the skin fades into the skull. Also, boar or wild pig blood would explain the oversized canines…

  203. Amber says:

    I say you just cut the thing open yourself… tho if you do happen to find out its an animal that was abused in some form I think you should find whomever is responsible and give them the same treatment ^-^ cuz people obviously are getting bored

  204. Steve says:

    Oh, and I do want to give just one argument against the sea turtle theory-0 the corpse had fur. I’ve never seen a turtle with fur!

  205. faq says:

    I dunno, it looks kinda like a…………..hoax. Seriously, the only time you could get footage was at night? There is nothing in that video that looks like anything. “Look at it’s pwaa.” Made me laugh. People are sooooooo stupid. Do you really believe this? The first one looked like it was made out of plastic and now this one might be a dog or pig, it’s too hard to tell because it’s FUCKING DARK.

  206. karl says:

    Another world under Montauk!
    or Time space.

  207. bhm711 says:

    Did you get any pictures of the teeth? The skull is easily visible in the picture and I assume that there are some teeth left in place, so if you send any zoologist or zooarchaeologist (like myself) a picture of the teeth it could be easily identified. This is just a dead animal after being submerged for a decent amount of time; it’s kind of funny from my perspective to see how much people don’t know about death and the processes that go along with it. No need to panic, this type of carcass is completely normal.

  208. Bianca says:

    Honestly what crossed my mind looking at it was that it looks a lot like those mutated chickens they make that never grow feathers or muscles. They use those chickens to get to the meat faster. Except that thing looks like a giant version of the lil ones.

  209. bob says:

    looks like a large snapping turttle wirthout a shell

  210. sandra says:

    This is a pig and I do think that someone is doing this to get attention,sad to think they may have kileed this animal just to get on tv ot in the paper,weird how these “thing’s”just vanish before someone can tell for sure what they are.

  211. gbpack says:

    jimmy hoffa finally washed up

  212. Juiceman says:

    I did a bit of trapping when I was a teenager (Montana). This newest one does not appear to be the same animal as the first. The first one, with the fir at the ankles and the teeth look a lot like a skinned beaver. When we used to skin beaver, we cut along a line from the jaw to the tail on the stomach side. The skin is taken off a little at a time with a very sharp knife and when you get to the feet, you want to get to the smallest part. The goal is to get a very small hole where the leg was, so you cut the hide at the ankle. The cuts on the picture and the bulk of the animal sure looks like a skinned beaver to me!

  213. Kaylah says:

    Blasts! I have to start all over again. Sigh..

    Ok. So I do not believe that this is some poor dog who got swept out to sea. Nor a turtle with out its shell. The people who are so quick to claim that there is a logical reason for this are people who are afraid of what there really could be. I suppose it’s not there fault, as a human race we all are selfish and egotistical and power hungry. We can not simply take that there are other creatures, hell even a new world right here on our planet because we have to be the most powerful and intelligent beings. But the truth is that we do not know our Earth, our seas, or even our Galaxy. Our brains are powerful implements, and the sad part is that we don’t even have the slightest clue at all their doing. As people, adults especially we are taught to rationalize with the facts that we know from the teachings of parents, educational tutors, the media..after being told for so long these specific facts the brain will start to use it all as a filter. You might not even know half the things you see because your brain create a blinded shield because whatever you are seeing, a ghost, a monster, a faeire doesn’t add up to what you’ve been told. So your brain filters that ghost or whatever and it becomes your shadow, or that monster becomes bushes, clothes, that faerie becomes leaves in the wind. If it were anything else your mind would then have to reject everything its has known, everything that you knew. Gah..I don’t expect to be understood, and I apologize for the rant, but man does it grind my gears when we, people, on the cusp of opening our minds, learning something new, just when we start to humble ourselves that we are not alone, and may not be superior on this planet, some asshole has to come along and ruin it with scientific reason, with facts that could have all been made up just to keep us in the dark…by people that you might even trust…take the government for example..we all have heard about and even been told that “we didn’t hear about” Area 51. But it’s out there..and you know what? Men and Women who do know about it have been threatend with their lives if they were to ever spill the beans. Why would it matter so much if it really wasn’t anything?
    Ugh before I start ranting again, although I’m sure no one will read this, this is no dog, turtle, nothing that we know of. It may not even be a monster from where it comes from. It could be pet, or even a master. I think its sensational that it has been discoverd but I really do not think this will be the only thing to discover. As the Earth grows weak from pollution and war and misery I think it will become much easier for these other realms to tear open to leak more out….In the death and decay of this planet we wont be the only ones suffering.

  214. Chuck says:

    I saw the creature while fishing on the South Shore of Long Island in 1982. We were quite a ways off shore and had stopped the boat to surf cast. Suddenly this head stuck out of the water and started veering toward the side of the boat. Four of us saw it and the creature looked around at us and made some grunting noises like a dog and seal mixture. It did thid three times until my pal threw it a stripe bass which it caught in its mouth. Then it finally submerged to our relief. We reported the incident to local city poilce and they laughed about it, not because of what we reported but for the simple fact that they had heard this same story from other fisherman over the years.

  215. Darnell says:

    Take the skull to a scientist and see what they think of what animal it is

  216. Kat says:

    I’m a vet tech and I’m telling you right now that they are both bulldogs who are decomposing. Fish and other sea life have eaten away the feet and face. The first one may be a boxer, because of the longer legs.

  217. Allie says:

    That’s somebody’s dead dog you moron. C’mon, use some common sense and look at the pattern on the fur and the skeleton of the head. Look at the CANINES. It’s a dead dog.

  218. Interested says:

    Everyone here who said it was a ‘sea turtle’ is most likely retarded.
    Reasons why it could never be a sea turtle

    1.) Turtles have beaks, not molars and canines, such as shown in the pictures
    2.) Turtles are physically connected to their shell by their spines. So if said shell was removed, there would be some very prominite scaring along the vertebral column

  219. Dan says:

    I don’t care too much about what this is, but here is some info about TURLTES. You CAN’T TAKE ANY TURTLE “OUT” OF ITS SHELL; their shell encases their internal organs. Their “skin” connects to their shell and doesn’t go underneath. They don’t have a nice, smooth body under there. If you cut away the shell, you get a head, 4 legs, and intestines, liver, reproductive tract, etc.

  220. Frank says:

    Its a freaking sea turtle you dumb shits! Half decomposed fins that look like fingers…. A pointed jagged snout… Have none of you EVER watched a National Geographic show or the Discovery chanel? It’s a giant snapping sea turtle!

  221. Siebahn says:

    I think it may be a turtle without its shell.

  222. piffany says:

    Well they look like two seperate beasties to me…the one in the picture looks kinda like a bear esp. the fur & the one in the page header strikes me as more of a seal/sea lion

    I suppose it would help if you gave us about how big the carcass was because I’m not sure you would have been able to roll a decomposing bear carcass over with just a stick.

    Plus, (after reading the comments) Sea turtles and bears arent exactly close in size…

  223. arizona says:

    what if this creature has something to do with all the pollution and toxins that end up in the ocean…it did say that they seem to be finding these “creatures” near NY area and they all seem to be washing ashore. Why all of a sudden is the government pushing this “think green” theary. do they know something we dont…yes its common sense for a better earth, but maybe this creature is a result of all our previous waste and pollution????

  224. Jesse Larson says:

    I would argue against this one being a ‘dog’. The skull looks completely un-canine, and more like a rodent’s. At first from last year’s after all the hype and that new’s crew catching something falling from the sky on tape, I thought it was all just a little media frenzy for people to get their mind’s racing for Cloverfield 2, or even since the whole falling thing, Transformer’s 2, but I have become very skeptical about it since then. I would love for some tests to be done on this one, and if possible in any such way the original one as well, for DNA comparisons and tissue fragments to try and be cloned. Let’s cross our fingers and get to the bottom of this..

  225. Lisa says:

    I believe it IS a sea creature. I think people find it hard to believe because there are not a lot of “actual” pictures of it. Just this one daylight pic and this film footage at night. There are ALOT of strange things in the world nowadays so it does not surprise me about this either.

  226. Amanda says:

    okkay. . . y does it matter ? . . its freakin WEIRD as CRAPPP !!!

  227. Wally. says:

    Here is a scenario…pitbull fight in east new york Brooklyn.loser gets his nose/face chewed off.owner dumps carcass in the trash dumpster.Dumpster gets emptied by truck which brings trash to a garbage barge.Barge is falls off barge and into the time it washes onto the beach its 3 times the size it originally was due to the water intake.

    there’s your monster.

  228. karl says:

    A new lifeform and freak old life die!

  229. It’s your worst nightmare!
    “If you’re scared, go to church!” -Snoop Dogg

  230. The Expert says:

    It is a sea turtle – not a dog – not a bear – not a sheep – not a pig – not a fake – A SEA TURTLE WITHOUT THE SHELL as many people have already stated. and OH THERE IS NO FUR – take a closer look and you will see.

  231. april says:

    to me it looks like a turtle without its shell… sea turtles do grow out of their shell and grow another one, so i’m told.

  232. heather says:

    i think that the creature is a mutated over grown naked mole rat! it gross and nasty. so if you really look at it im sure that any one can see it. it has claws and the face strusture of that type of animal. its not a monster… its just an experiment gone WRONG!

  233. KG says:

    It doesn’t really matter what anyone thinks. Until the body is taken into a lab for DNA, toxicology, and other test, it will remain a mystery. It could be the bloated body of a pig, dog, or sea lion. If there us supsect that it can be contaminated, it needs to be moved into a lab asap.

    If it turns out to be a new species, than yay, you get to name it, and it can now be reasearched.

  234. Basit says:

    Well frank u cud b ryt but u gotta see this too..
    itll change ur mind…
    even i thot it was a turtle in the start….
    but u gotta c dis its simple….

  235. Jeanmarie DiNoto says:

    I think this is a product of Plum Island. I swim in the bay at Founder’s Landing. Is it safe to swim there? What a shame if it isn’t. Are they doing any tests on the water? I’ll have to look into that. The elbow looks almost human. What a scary looking dude.

  236. Melkoret says:

    Lol the fact that the ‘government’ would just be throwing dead monsters in the sea is the funniest part about any of this. Plum Island LOL.

    I agree with the Bear/dog thing. Dont really care at this point because so many people have offered excellent explanations.

    Congratulations on getting on Yahoo! though lol. Maybe I should create a hoax sometime…

  237. maxmanta says:

    Oh for Chissake! It’s a dog with the front part of it’s face dissolved away!

    Assuming that there is re-combinant DNA testing going on on Plum Island (instead of the low-level infectious disease research the government says is happening) would they really get rid of their failed experiments by dumping them in Long Island sound where just about anyone could find them and post pictures on the intenet?

    No! They’d burn them in an incinerator or use some other way of destroying the evidence.

    C’mon people!

  238. I think it is a sheep, looks like wool around the head.

  239. i think it is a sheep, who has fallen in the water & drowned. Very interesting. let us know what u find out

  240. jp says:

    man idk what that is it looks like a mixture of a a few diffrent types of animals also can be goverment made or from space nobody will know the truth until it gets studied cant you buy a dna test from the store and try to match it with any known species of animals?

  241. Carly S. says:

    I personally believe that it may actually be a new amphibious species! And, really, please get him (it IS a him, right?) to a geniune lab ASAP!!!! Keep me updated!

  242. EMO ZEUS says:

    Yeah.. I don’t really know. The annoying thing is that its so exciting, but I’m sure when it’s revealed it will be something plain and simple and everyone is going to be pissed off. lol.
    But just for shits and giggles I have my own theory. I think a Sea lion mated with a giant Sea Turtle and had a kid, this gi-normus cow-like thing being their spawn. Good idea?
    When can we expect the thing to be identified?

  243. Dr Pete says:

    I am a physician with an in depth interest in marine animals. If you look closely at both specimens you will note that the anatomy is very different. The one that has a clearly defined beak and is badly decomposed is most likely a leather back or loggerhead sea turtles. Sea turtles do have finger like skeletal features within their webbed legs. Loggerheads and leatherbacks use an intricate system of fibers to tether themselves to their shell and could have the appearance of hair or fur

    The second specimen is entirely different, its jaw and dental structure are very different. Different enough to no even be considered in the same species class as the first. It is most likely a badly mutated mammal in the swine family. The Prominent fore teeth and distinctive molars are most likely swine, and mammal. It could be a badly mutated species of whale or other sea mammal.

    Best of luck, I would recommend a marine biologist examine the pictures and remaining specimen.

  244. HL says:

    I’m going with a shelled turtle.

  245. Rebecca says:

    I think it looks like a meat eating sheep. LOL But I not sure.

  246. Faye Griffin says:

    It looks like an alligator or pig.

  247. PR Andolina says:

    Is anyone pointing a finger at the animal lab that keeps getting mentioned when a “monster” is found?

  248. Bdone says:

    It looks like a chicken head, with a tail…


    I dont know what the fuck it is. It could be a deformed pig I guess. But then the tail kind of resembles a reptile. And it doesnt even look like a freakin dog. This is the first day I’ve ever even heard about the “monster” but I’m not ruling out biological warfare either. Sounds like a stout theory to me. Think about, foreigners deform some sort of animal, or squish a bunch into one (if you can do that) then inject them with disease and bacteria… And of course people are going to handle it, because nobody knows what it is, then the next thing you know, we all have Swine Flu, or Lyme Disease… Or whatever. It’s a very good theory I think…


  249. Interested says:

    april Says:

    May 14th, 2009 at 1:17 pm
    to me it looks like a turtle without its shell… sea turtles do grow out of their shell and grow another one, so i’m told.


    ……How are you even alive. Thats quite possibly, the dumbest thing, i have *Ever* read on the internet

    And to everyone who keeps posting “Omfg Sea Turtle!”. I’ll say it slower for you not..have teeth.. removed..from their shells..without ripping out their spinal columns

  250. shaun says:

    i think it’s a wild boar (hog) of some type that was died, was partially eaten while it floated in the sea, giving the face strange monster-like features and just washed ashore and rotted some before it was found.
    just my take on it. also, the fact that it has four legs and appears to be a land creature, and not a sea creature, it would be unlikely that it not be seen (especially if there were more than two) and being located in long island.

  251. Tanya says:

    I personally think that its a polar bear that has been floating around in the ocean for quite some time to make it look so deformed, it only appears to us as some new creature cause ” we humans” seem to have the hunger for trouble or supernatural like aliens. but its our mind lol

  252. joanie says:

    I really believe it is a dead dog. Probably a pit-bull. Unfortunately New York is known for its many dog fighting rings. I’m guessing this dog didn’t do a good job at fighting or it was a bait dog and the “people” who owned it just tossed it off a bridge, shot it, etc. Poor thing. It’s a sad thing when humans are so evil to animals.

  253. an-g says:

    It really looks to be a dog of some sort, since the fur patch left on the back is way too long and thick to be a pig, although its stocky built like a pig, unless its from bloating. EWW. I cant imagine a dog skull having a beak though, thats strange. It seriously looks like a decapitated dog, but the beak is what throws me off. I am curious to find out what is found out about this. Maybe cut a chunk off and have it analyzed. cant they use the DNA to figure out what family of animal it came from??

  254. Country says:

    I really don’t think it matters what anyone thinks it is. But if these things are being breed on Plum Island for some kind of baterial/infectious warfare then I truly think that the Gov’t ought to step in and at least check it out. And if it found that these are being breed to spread disease then it needs to stop. And true if it is suspected that these things carry disease then it needs to be moved to a lab asap in hopes of finding out what kind of disease and how to stop it.

    If it is a new kind of species then great as long as it is not carrying any kind of disease that is going to contaminate the water suplpy that we all drink from.

  255. Leia says:

    It looks like a dog married a parrot! Some freaky metamorphosis!

  256. Mike says:

    I’m with the majority here – there are plenty of museums and universities that would be more then happy to identify this thing.

    It looks to me like a bloated, decapitated hog, with a dog’s skull placed in the neck. The picture from last year had a completely different head – more like a beak than a mouth.

    I smell jackalope.

  257. Mr know it all says:

    Sea Turtle

  258. Mike says:

    I agree with KG, do a DNA test and if the results are different than known animals, then you may have something. My first thought was it’s a dead dog

  259. Jane Neill says:

    did you see this on YouTube – it looks alot like the Montauk Monster. Have you learned anything else? Unbelievable find.

  260. Carol says:

    My husband and I live VERY CLOSE to Ditch Plains. The Montauk Monster was never stolen, it was moved! Someone was trying to hide it , when my husband found it in the dunes. We called the Easthampton Star they…..never asked our names or phone number. I have lived in Montauk many years and this is one of the biggest jokes ever!

  261. DUane says:

    yea cud be sum genetic engineerx fluke, a kross tweena pig ana EaGLe, that they cudnt handle and sodrowneD, but then again, cud be Uh Space ALIEN wich ship exploded touchx dn in the ocean, an’ there4 contaminated!!! good gawd!! no1 shud take it home!!! CALL NASA.

  262. UNKNOWN says:


  263. Ashley says:

    I did some research and sea turtles, and all the sources I’ve looked at say they do not leave their shells. Could someone please provide me with a legitimate source that says otherwise?

    It looks dog-like to me, after studying it I would maintain that it is a poor bloated dog that’s been dead at sea for a long time. The bone structure isn’t particularly unusual.

  264. Susan says:

    I wonder if someone is trying to mix breeds (different animals). I know it sounds crazy but we don’t really know what people are capable of doing. It looks like the mix of a dog and a pig.

  265. Katie says:

    The video is too dark to really see anything, so based solely on the picture, it looks like a dog and NOTHING like the originial montauk monster

  266. Sarah says:

    It is weird how this carcass washed up on shore. I mean like why no other creatures feast on this anyway..

  267. Megan says:

    I think it could maybe be a Sloth.

  268. an-g says:

    ok im going to correct myself…. I just googled the skeletons of dead animals, and anyone that says this is a turtle is stupid. GOOGLE IT, there is not a bone structure under that shell other than a spine, its not possible for it to hold structure without that shell. BESIDES the ony animal skull I saw that had any sort of BEAK is a racoon, the skull looks to be the closest of any I saw and I looked up dogs, pigs, cats, turtle, bear, and raccoon. My vote is going to go to raccoon.

  269. Amy says:

    I think a whole lot of genetic testing, crossbreeding and all sorts of weird things are going on somewhere.

  270. Paola says:

    The first one gave me a jolt, and started me thinking and wondering what they’re doing ‘genetically’ in that facility. This one just seems to confirm that there are some very strange happenings going on in that place.

    Someone, somewhere is playing some dangerous games. This ‘thing’ did not come into being naturally. I hope you keep digging and get some answers.

    Perhaps you could contact a lab here in Canada and get some objective results. Good luck.

  271. Mike says:

    I think it looks like a polar bear in the photo

  272. Megan says:

    IT’S NOT A TURTLE!!! If you think it’s a turtle you’re a moron. Turtles don’t grow out of their shells and go find a new one. That’s hermit crabs.

  273. josh says:

    ok id have to say that it could be anything! any dead animal boats up and looks totally different when floating in the water for a long time. it looks to me that fish and other creatures ate some of the face off of that body making it look even weird. the original pictures look way to fake for me to be that interest in this “monster”. when yall have a video of one attacking someone that dont have cg graphic then ill believe it. that website this guy for reference to the show about cryptids had cg videos and a cartoon from cartoon network. so i declare all of this a hoax. but it is entertaining so i give him props for entertaining me for 5 minutes…… now im bored agian damn!

  274. an-g says:

    EWWW Beavers with the top teeth broke or wore off resemble that structure too, like a raccoon does, google both raccoon and beaver skeleton pics and check em out.

  275. josh says:

    its a bloated dead pig and or another medium sized land animal with its face eaten off and lower jaw missiing…. thats if it wasnt man made like the original lol

  276. Mary says:

    Genetic testing. Mixing of breeds. It is happening and we are not aware of it…….

  277. Dom says:

    He’s not going to do as you say because you’re on a guest-approved forum, no one knows you – stop telling him to. That being said take a closer look before posting, it obviously has a tail eliminating most guesses.
    Obviously been in the water a long time, could have come from anywhere.
    Turtles don’t have hair, though that is what I think the original monster COULD be, but I doubt it. This could be any number of things, just a deformed/decomposed version. I’m no professional or expert in anything but I have seen a carcass like this before, and 60-70% sure I know what it is. Due to the risk of being a hypocrite I can’t say for sure.. Do you plan to release a photo of it’s other side, maybe details on body length/jaw length/ lower jaw cutoff.. anything to give better odds of a guess. Feel free to email.

  278. J. Eddins says:

    It is most likely a bull dog. The only mystery to me is why no DNA testing has been done yet. Would be a very simple matter to match up to other DNA sequences and figure out what animal it is. Think about it, we can find dinosaur bones from thousands and thousands of years ago and be able to tell from DNA if it was a male or female, or pregnant for that matter, and we can’t test this? Makes ya wonder, doesn’t it?

  279. joel says:

    I saw one of these “things” washed up along the Delaware River in PA, while I was mountain biking with 3 others on 5/10/09. We thought nothing of it, wondering if it was a pig, skinned racoon, or turtle without its shell. It smelled so bad that we had to leave. One of us almost lost our lunch. It was belly up and dry. The skin was very tuff and rigid, similar to a deflated basketball. I know this because i poked it with a stick.
    It’s funny how 4 days later poeple are claiming it is a monster. I’m sorry but we didn’t come up with a clever name for ours, nor did we bring it home in a trashbag and put it on ice.
    I will gladly tell you where it is. Mybe it is still there. I personally have no interest in it.

  280. Jamie says:

    I am very interested in knowing what the creature truely is. I agree with donating it to Science, rather than selling it. If you sell it, that just makes it look as if the money is the root of all this. Many of us are eager to know the truth.

  281. been there says:

    Eveyrone forgets that Brookhaven labs are just west of the site I ahve done work at brookhaven and have seen some strange things but we were never allowed in the testing section of the base.

  282. maria says:

    Looks like a bloated dead goat, clearly.

  283. Charlie says:

    Three years ago I saw a similar “beast” on the beach, at the high tide line,
    in Miami. It was at the north end – Bal Harbour. They clean the beach every morning. I pointed it out to the tractor driver – he said he had never seen one before, and took it away.

  284. wayne says:

    The obvious thing to do is have its DNA tested to see if it is a new species or not.

    Why have you not done that?

    wayne gifford

  285. Barbara says:

    its a dog. google pig skulls. google dog skulls. google racoon skulls. compare the tooth structure. google what long time immersion in water does to a decomposing body. consider boaters who take their pets with them; and consider that animals are not naturally good swimmers … the poor pooch drowned.

  286. cherrie says:

    I believe that it is a experiment gone wrong. Also, Nicky, ur very smart in being careful with the remains. It isnt like u can just take it to a lab, as u know it would “dissappear” most likely. I kind of think u should get a needle and take a sample and send it to a lab nearest u that will take on this case. At least if it “dissappears”, u still have the remains. At least until “they” come looking for u, lol. Good luck in figuring this thing out…

  287. Anni Usak says:

    Hey there Mr. Papers- Thx for shedding some light on all of this. My sister and I have been avid followers of the occurences of Plum Island since we were children. We believe whole heartedly that the Montauk Monster is a result of their experiments and being too negligent with the proper protocol of containing virus like agents. That island is nothing more than a germ, one with too many leaks only miles away from the most populated city in the country. Trust my sister and I when we say you need to BE CAREFUL because this is sure to piss the government off. Her and I had a knack for striking politically scandalous nerves. If the people only knew what was right in there backyard and in the highest leveled quarters of that disgusting place. Please keep doing what ur doing and be careful. Anni Usak-O’Grady

  288. Ingrid says:

    Okay so in the first picture i seen of this Creature was this one
    at first i thought it was Sea turtle becuase it looks as if it has a beak..
    but it cant be becuase it has fur and the tail is as of those of a rodent.
    The body looks as if it was rosted o.0 or something…as when you roast a pig.. But than i saw this Which makes perfect sense ..dont you agree? When you zoom in the picture the feet are those of a racoon.What seems to be a beak is actually just the shape of its skull with missing teeth maken us think its a beak. The tail is the same exact shape of the racoons.Then i saw this this isnt the same picture as the other one right? This one reminds me of a has dog like fur..and its ears it has paws…The only dog ive seen with teeth like that is a bull dog..but a bull dogs fur doesnt have fur like the one in the picture so its a trick question on what this creature may be.Whatever this creature is many people think its coming from Plum Island,i dont really know what that is so let me know more about it. =)

  289. Kid Funky Fry says:

    it looks like a mutated manatee.

  290. debbie says:

    in the one shot, the skull looks like either a sheep or goats head-
    the body bloated from the water.

  291. TED says:

    I truly suspect that this is the carcass of a sea turtle who’s shell has been removed, probably by poachers. Turtle shells can command a high price on the underground market for them.

  292. lisa says:

    Oh yes-I am sure it is carrying H1N1-are you an idiot???

  293. April Thompson says:

    This looks nothing like a dog to me. I think both of the carcasses look more like turtles with no shell.

  294. Anni Usak says:

    Oh yeah, Please tell your ignorant writers that the Brookhaven Lab, despite popular opinion, doesnt have much to do with plum island. BNL is chem while Plum is mostly biological. Take my word, BNL has their hands tied on this one. Remains will most likely be shipped to Fort Detrick Maryland if you were to give them away.

  295. to me that looks like some ones dog that is dead

  296. Muther says:

    Sealion. Bloated more than usual, but a sealion.

  297. Tracy says:

    I think it’s an experiment gone wrong. Some scientist is screwing around where he/she shouldn’t.

  298. jen says:

    I work for Anatomy profs at a Vet School. All you would have to do is give someone the skull and they would tell you what it was immediately. As someone else said, try and find someone in Comparative Anatomy.

    But of course you won’t b/c that would be too easy and no fun.

  299. Just me says:

    Someone is messing with cloning. Dont believe me? What about the prehistoric shark that was believed to be extinct that washed up in china? Or the massive Octupus? Now this? Some country is cloning and then dumping the remains in the ocean.

  300. Robert says:

    We know very little of what lives beneath the sea. Whatever it is, it has obviously become bloated from floating in the ocean. To me, it looks as if in could be a large birdlike creature thats evolution progressed. Even though we humans thought it extinct. Either it adapted to live in the sea. Or more to my thinking, it is a species that is mammal. And escaped it’s secluded “island home”, died, & was (against all odds) washed to Long Islands shore without being eaten by a shark.

  301. Laura says:

    It definately looks like a sheep!!!!!!!!

  302. KT Scholl says:

    I think it may be some sort of feline. FYI – Lyme Disease did NOT originate on Plum Island or Lyme, Connecticut. The first documentation of a condition related to Lyme Disease is 1883 Breslau, Germany by Dr. Alfred Buchwald describing ACA.

  303. Les says:

    Well, being an avid outdoorsman, commercial fisherman and a former taxidermist, I havent seen anything that resembles that body in an earthly animal form. I would venture to say, it looks more like a biblical animal called the gargoyle, minus the wings. People spend a lot of time looking for aliens, UFOs to try and prove they are real. Yet they will not host the thought that there is a God of the Universe. If you compare the 2 theories, they are really quite similar. If you host the possibility that you were never told the truth about the universe from the science-secular point of view to the religious-spiritual view point… then I think you may find the truth. TV is the weapon that the MSM brainwashes all of humanity with.

  304. Dawn says:

    it looks like a sheep

  305. Fred Noweck says:

    It looks like a gargoyle to me. have you ever wondered where they found a model for those statues?

  306. Kay Anderson says:

    I haven’t seen any measurements presented. If the carcasse was small enough to be bagged up and carried away by two people and kept in a freezer or cooler, it isn’t a very large monster.

    My impression is that it is a pig or, more precisely, a feral pig. The shape of the snout of a feral pig is long, quite unlike that of a domestic — barnyard — pig.

    If the carcasse of either “monster” is available, a lab could identify it from cell structure and/or DNA.

  307. Jake says:

    could be a polar bear the new picture that i seen with the whiteish looking body looks exactly like a polar bear but how it would have gotten to new york is a curious question

  308. SmartyPant says:

    I believe it’s a brazillian tapir and completely unlike the “Montauk Monster” discovered previously. My reasoning? I’ve seen tapirs, they have a muscled nose like that one pictured and are hoofed like that pictured. And if I’m not mistaken, some fur is still present on that animal and it’s brown like that of the tapir.

  309. Tracy says:

    If it were a manatee or a turtle, that would mean something is killing them and if something was killing them, you’d think that other kinds of dead animals would be washing up as well. I think it’s some experiment where some scientists are trying to alter genetics and using dogs/some other animals in their experiments. If only one monster washed up, you might think it’s some strange mutant or other animal, but two now? They’re failed experiments being dumped in the ocean. There’s probably more dead “monsters” that have been dumped and these two happened to wash up.

  310. Lisa says:

    The carcass looks to me like it could be a large penguin. Aren’t the large penguins found on Antartica, though? How would a penguin carcass survive the “float” from there to N.Y.? Whatever it is, I do not think it is a monster. It is probably the half decayed carcass of some known animal. Animal specialists would definately have to get involved in order to discover the truth about it. Unless specialists do take the carcass and perform tests on it, there is no reason to continue talking about it.

  311. Lo says:

    It seriously looks like a shaved sheep…I don’t see a dog, or turtle..all I see is a shaved sheep.

  312. Lenie Fox says:

    Do anyone realize that the site where both so-called monsters is close to Plum Island? It’s an animal research facility. Who knows what is going on in there. Maybe this was some kind of experiment gone wrong, although, I too think it looks like a turtle without the shell.

  313. Wayne says:

    Large Sea Turtle either with it’s shell removed intentionally or unintentionally.

    The first carcass also looked like a large sea turtle without the shell.

    It has what appears to be some kind of beak like structure, just like the nose/face of a sea turtle and somewhat decayed flippers.

    Don’t know how it got there, whether it was placed intentionally or it washed up on shore.

  314. Marie says:

    Wow, lots of responses. Don’t know if you’ll ever get to this one, but it’s pretty obviously there are some serious differences between the two creatures. I don’t think they are exactly the same thing. This most recent find looks extremely close to a polar bear. Compare the skull with a polar bears skull. Teeth, eye sockets, sharp front teeth, and snout are almost identical, if not exact. Of course the fur is gone, but the color and size are about right.

    The first one I’m a little confused on. Fox news shows three different pictures, and none of them look the same. Are there 3 different creatures?


  315. cara says:

    If the first one was stolen, then how do you know it turned into a ball of goo?
    It does not look like any known animal. It can’t be a sea turtle because the shell is part of the skeletal system and they cannot be “removed” from the shell without massive tissue destruction.
    How large is this thing? There is no scale to compare it. It looks big. I don’t believe raccoons get that big. Anyway, certainly due diligence would involve calling wildlife biologists and/or accredited universities with experts, such a zoologists, etc. to take the thing to a lab, x-ray it, disect it, DNA it, or whatever. Then you have an answer. Other than that, one can only assume you are perpetrating a hoax.

  316. Esther Rosen says:

    With genetic engineering programs of today in many secret labs, this creature has no doubt been ‘made’ with genetically modified material in a lab. Be prepared for MANY MORE such experimental creatures to be found, assuredly more frightening and threatening than this one.

  317. Nancy Watson says:

    It looks like a sea turtle without its shell. I’m sure that it is a species we are familar with, decomposition has just made it hard to identify.

  318. Libby says:

    It looks like an ant-eater that’s been in the water a LONG while…..

  319. Debra says:

    Looks like a wild boar to me folks…

  320. Katie says:

    Definitely looks like a turtle without its shell to me.

  321. Jim says:

    Its a friken polar bear that came down on an Ice berg and when the berg melted the bear drown trying to swim it out. You people are just insane.

  322. kim says:

    I would recommmend taking a skin sample to the CDC (in Atlanta, GA) to test for any signs of swign flu or myabe even a DNA record?

  323. Sara says:

    Definitely a dog. Of course, after floating around in the ocean, it’s extremities (most of it’s head and feet) have been eroded, maybe even eaten. Heaven only knows how these dogs are ending up in the ocean and they are definitely a sight when they wash up (the first one gave me nightmares) but I believe that’s what they are just the same.

  324. Mike says:

    Could it be a connection between the Plum Island Animal Disease Center and their partner on the island, theDepartment of Homeland Security? Possible experiments gone wrong?

  325. Let’s give Drew Petersin the option of eating this thing, raw, and being allowed to stay in jail, or just letting him stay in jail! Woo WHO!

  326. Jay says:

    it cant be a bulldog because bulldogs have naturally short tails. Also the skull structure is too narrow to be a bully. possibly these are pitbulls that lost or were killed during fights that were thrown in the water.

  327. C.Wess says:

    With nothing to really do a size comparison, my guess would be….. A polar bear carcass…. With the recent reports of polar bear habitat rapidly deteriorating it seems logical… lol

  328. NC State Grad says:

    OK. So, I’m not really that interested in what everyone “thinks” the animal(?) is. It seems fairly obvious that the best way to determine this is by delivering the carcass to an expert (local university, animal hospital, etc.).

    With that said, I would also like to note that the “Dr.” in the cut-and-pasted posting below is a fraud! I’m a proud graduate of NC State University, and not only do they not have a “medical center” as the fraud proports, but this person’s name does not even register one “hit” on the NCSU faculty/staff search engine. So, EVERYONE, please disregard the below posting as ludicrous, and even more so, please believe that NC State produces (and employs) far more competent, respectful, and honest people than “Dr.” M. Smithfield.


    Dr. M. Smithfield Says:

    May 14th, 2009 at 10:31 am
    I am a doctor of pathology at NC state medical center. This animal is quite obviously a dog, it is missing its bottom jaw, and is in stage 3 decomposition from saltwater. It looks like a pitbull, or bull terrier, probably a bull terrier. Anyone who thinks this is a monster is either extremely stupid or ignorant, probably both. THIS ANIMAL IS IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM AN EXPERIMENT GONE WRONG, OR AN ALIEN, OR ANYTHING THE GOVERNMENT THOUGHT UP. YOU PEOPLE NEED TO GO GET A LIFE!!! IF YOU REALLY WANT TO PROVE ME RIGHT GO HAVE A DNA ANALYSIS DONE ON THE DOG, BUT YOU PROBABLY WON’T BECAUSE YOU KNOW DEEP DOWN I AM RIGHT. I HOPE YOU ALL ARE MENTALLY RETARDED, AT LEAST THAT WOULD JUSTIFY YOUR BEHAVIOR A LITTLE BIT. BUT IF NOT, DO EVERYONE A FAVOR AND DON’T TALK ABOUT THINGS YOUR NOT SMART ENOUGH TO UNDERSTAND!

  329. kate says:

    where are all of these pictures? all i see is one picture–looks like a pig from the angle–and the really poorly-done video of it at night. why can’t they videotape it during the day in the cooler of ice?

    sadly, i feel like this is all a hoax. oh, how i wish monsters were real… 🙁

  330. luke king says:

    Deffinantly an unrecognizable dog with no hair left because it has been in THE OCEAN.

  331. Cassidy says:

    All you peeps are idiots. This is no turtle– if it is, FIRST turtles don’t have teeth retards. SECOND– you can’t remove a turtles shell without damaging the back/spine of the animal. WHY DON’T YOU PEOPLE READ THE COMMENTS BEFORE PUTTING YOUR TWO SENSE-WORTH IN, CUZ YOU LOOK REAL STUPID. This is not a dog… BTW, how long do you have to go to school to be a vet tech, like six months? Why doesn’t everybody just leave this girl alone, it’s her website. She can do and say anything that she wants. Seems amazing to me that all these “dogs” keep washing up missing their lower jaw… yeah right. Ya’ll are all stupid.

  332. Court says:

    It looks like a sea turtle without a shell

  333. FReaKed OUT! says:

    My possible thoughts are 1. Creature from hell; One of satans minions. 2. Laboratory experimentation; just happen to break loose. 3. Rare chance of genetic mutation from pollution, radioactive waste, or natural mutation that is undiscovered that was able to maintain survival til now.

  334. CARLOS says:



    I hope this one gets figured out before something bad happens. Cuz we all know that the US Government is only out for our best interests…



  335. Cassidy says:

    I have never seen a 25 pound polar bear (especially one with a long tail)… you people are so stupid. There should be a special word in the dictionary for you people. You’re worse than stupid.

  336. Cassidy says:

    Thank you to the SMART ONE that knows that a turtle’s shell cannot be removed without damage to the body!!

  337. Carpenter777 says:

    It looks like a bear that has been skinned

  338. jim says:

    some people just WANT to believe. i’d love to SEE a hobbit! but im not going to photograph a midget and claim i found one.

    the most likely explaination is the most likely explaination.

    sure as shit is a dogs skull… however the feet were mutilated, it actually looks like someone took a pig, mutilated the feet post mortum, to eliminate the hooves, then stuck a dog skull in its neck hole.

    stranger things have been done. hell, here i am on the damn website!


  339. Cassidy says:

    If these creatures are originating from the testing facility, they need to be shut down for throwing their “experiments gone wrong” into the ocean. But that’s not gonna happen, they can do whatever they want because they work for the government. It’s just another cover-up.

  340. katvixon says:

    I think I have seen this creature before–except with hair of course–
    check out Utube “Monster” video by Dante 19800000 around 35 seconds into it shows old pics of what seems to be the same creature. Just an observation but either way freaks you out a bit!

  341. Cassidy says:

    All legends are based on fact… just remember that.

  342. jon says:

    looks like a dog had sex with a pig breed

  343. G MONEY says:


  344. Kyle says:

    IT’S MAN-BEAR-PIG!!!1!!!!!!1 OMG!!!1 !!1

  345. Shanna says:

    There are a lot of creatures out there that have yet been discovered. Judging the size of the creature, it could be from a family back in the prehistoric days. Look at how long the alligators been around, right?

  346. Jade says:

    Well, because one just popped up again, I doubt the viral marketing concept a little more. I just feel like if it were viral marketing, we would know more by now. I’m sure someone’s already said this, but I didn’t read through all of your comments. Very cool though! I love that you have this site!! I live in Maryland, and I learned about it on yahoo.. so I dont know how big this thing is, but its Yahoo big now!

  347. Big Dawg says:

    Does anyone know what it is yet? I thought at first it was a polar bear but it’s definitely not that. It’s no dog either, look at the hind legs.

    Maybe it’s a new species. Or a deformed polar bear?

  348. PatrickPDX says:

    Ok, that is the worst video clip EVER. Why is the clip taken at night? Why is it with a tiny flashlight? Why is EVERY video clip of some unknown creature ALWAYS blurry, or dark, or shaking, etc? Wouldn’t you want a nice crisp, clear picture to present to the world? Totally lame…5 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

  349. E. M. says:

    Looks too big to be a dog…built more like a boar or a tapir or a sheep that has been sheared. Could be some experiment but hard to tell when it is bloated and decaying. No need to sell it….a local univerisity biology department would LOVE to have it for DNA typing.

  350. Cassidy says:

    Deffinantly…? WTF? Sorry, you’re opinion doesn’t count either. I’m literally laughing til I cry down here in NC!

  351. Jess says:

    IMO, If it is a dog, then someone might want to check into what breed by dna if possible. It is possible that the bodies are that of fighting dogs that lost. What better way of dispoing than throwing it into a body of water!
    Which, if true, is very sad.

  352. FReaKed OUT! says:

    Oh and BTW yeah, do be careful because IF and only IF this is somesort of wild creature the Government or someone or some company will come looking for it to prevent further studies. Be careful who you trust and always watch your back! That is…IF this is related to someones actions…and its not a turtle, it has fur DUH!

  353. Lee says:

    I’ve seen the comments that it’s a dog, a pig, or a turtle……I’m a rural person. I’ve seen alot of live livestock and dead livestock. We hunt out here too….Two ideas after seeing the video and looking closely at the picture. However, the main comment is – genetic experiment. 1) the skull and bare skin with rounded rear quarters reminds me of a Tapir (a type of wild pig, but with a long snout, not a pig, but related to one). However, there is fur on the body. Without looking at it in a microscope the hair is too fine to be dog, and is fine like human, which makes me sort of want to hurl.LOL! But the feet and the commet about horses skulls got me to thinking. Scientist say that they can take cells from frozen fossils, like the woolly Mammoth and clone them. The Eohippus is supposed to be the first horse. It’s supposed to have a long, slightly pig like head, be the size of a large dog, have hair, a tail would be long, and it has three toes and a fourth up on the leg. It looks like a combination of a rat and dog… this an attempt to clone an Eohippus from a fossil? But for a currently living animal, the skull could be Tapir, but they don’t have fur. Just my thoughts.

  354. Want to try and be logical about this..course it looks bad becuz of decomp: and looks alien and like a monster..”so would you if it were you laying there”..Before jumping the gun saying it’s a montauk monster..Get it examined DNA is great to determine what something is…Then if the results come up a strange thing then take it further.. In the picture it does kinds resemble a bloated Bull dog. and the video was not very good ;it did’nt look much like the still photo i saw..Once the DNA is examined then we might have somethign to celebrate. I believe there are things out there we don’t know about ;we just have to find them and there are somethings that are unexplainable ..We just have to keep vigilant and keep investigating..Thats what science is all about…..”LETS NOT GET EXCITED JUST YET” PEOPLE”!!!!

  355. Roi aka Roy says:

    I looks real to me… If not a monster, probably a mutation of some other animal like a dog or a pig… Only thing that I don’t like is the fact that the video was recorded in the dark, when it’s kind of hard to see details. Why didn’t you do it during the day when it would be easir to see if it was real or a fake????

  356. bush rat says:

    Long tail —> neither, bear, pig, sheep, nor turtle.
    Canine teeth —> not sheep
    internal skeleton –> not turtle

    Probably dog, one of the “bull breeds”

  357. Kiki says:

    It looks like a sea turtle without the shell.

  358. Judy Morton says:

    Simply google skulls of seals as I have done. You will find your beast there. There are many biologists that can identify this species of animal by the skull, teeth and skeleton. The world is full of stupidity.
    Judy Morton

  359. Tasha Carrion says:

    I have a few ideas as to what this creature could be:

    One, the creature could be a new species of wild hog or canine. mostly, to me, the creature resembles a hog because of the facial bone structure, ears, and hooves.

    Two, the creature could be a once-in-a-lifetime mutation caused by the environment of, again, either the wild hog or canine. (Or, in this case, twice-in-a-lifetime.)

    Three, the creature could be a scientific experiment by scientists looking for a way to combine the genes of different species. Possibly, these two carcasses are either escapees or regects that were killed then discarded.

    Personally, I am leaning towards the first and third option. If the creature was a once-in-a-lifetime mutation, then there would not be two of them. If this was such a mutation, then the environment in which the creature lived in would have to have had a major break in stability. If multiple animals mutate into this form because of their environment or an outside disturbance, then they would acutally become a new species. some, if not most, evolutionary traits are actually mutations caused by either environment changes or outside disturbances.

    I would like to study this more, if possible. Please, would you send me more pictures and information? My e-mail address is Thank you.

  360. Katie says:

    An animal would never be released from Plum Island and dumped into the ocean. The research that is conducted there is on animal disease. There are no crazy genetic tests going on. All animal remains are cremated.

    Also I would like to add that Lyme disease did not originate on Plum Island, but rather Lyme Conneticut. Do your homework.

  361. Debbie says:

    How about a large tortoise or sea turtle who has died and lost it’s shell? The “face” looks very similar to a turtle. I have no idea what the body would look like without it’s shell.

    So what do I win!

  362. Obivous says:

    look carefully at the beek-thing on the original…then look at the newer carcass…the skin peels away from the nose area when anything dies…it is obviously the same creature…

  363. YouSirAreAMoron says:

    It looks precisely like a dead and decomposing dog, missing its bottom jaw. Who on earth goes trolling the beach for carcasses? Next time, stick to seashells.

  364. MetalGoddess says:

    You should contact Alex Jones @ He knows people that can get the DNA tested and also knows a great deal about Government Black Ops Labs and such..

  365. Ag says:


    Last summer me and a large group of friends took our annual trip to Montauk. We stayed for four nights and one of the nights we smelled a terrible odor coming from the beach where we had bonfires at night. I mean it was so bad I thought there was a dead body thrown somewhere on the sand dune and we weren’t about to go searching for it. A few days later the Montauk Monster pops up. I thought it was funny. I really hope that wasn’t what we smelled.

    In my opinion it is probably a washed up animal. It would be really cool if it was a mutant though.

  366. Mawee says:

    The wee beastie be a sad sea tortise missing his protective shell. Wouldn’t a simple DNA test resolve this not so mysterious mystery?

  367. Steve says:

    Honestly it looks like a bear skull/body, I’ve never seen one with out hair though. with the ice caps melting is it possible that it was in ice and floated up preserving it for the most part but the hair fell out. it does look bloated like it’s been dead for awhile.

  368. Erica says:

    First of all this is not a dog carcass. What kind of dogs did you have growing up? I didn’t have one with a large body and a tiny head. Even if the dog was bloated with water it still is not in porportion with it’s body. It’s not a pig. Even if it was a pig and had swine flu don’t worry. The influenza virus killed 90 percent more people than the swine flu did. There’s nothing to worry about.

    Honestly though, it looks like a turtle without it’s shell.

  369. trish wilkins says:

    It could be toxins in the water. 20 years ago mercury poisoned 100,000 people in Minamata Japan. Some of these toxins not only make you sick but also cause deformation in newborns. Can you tell by any of the water in the creatures body where it came? Unfortunately your request for money from lab to examine the creature takes away from your credibility. We have the technology now that a blood test would probably give you all the answers you need.

  370. Teng says:

    Somebody is killing pitbulls and throwing them in the water. We need to find the person or persons that is doing it. There should be an investigation going on. Good luck.

  371. Kristen says:

    Who knows what it is. It cold be a key in evolution that no one has ever seen. Only science can tell. I think the creature needs to be studied and disected. Maybe its a new speices or an animal that is mutated. I am curious to see the results.

  372. Alex says:

    I saw this on a beach in Florida and thought it was a dead dog. I seen this thing like last month ,but just found out about this montauk monster.They said they saw it on the beaches of New York but I saw it here in Florida.

  373. MetalGoddess says:

    Also, if this animal was something that we already would recognize with or without their coat, we would know it.. So it is definitely something that is not identified yet. The original Montauk Monster looks like a cross between Human (look at front shoulders and forearms) Pig (look at the back legs and rump) and a bird (head)….

  374. JOYCE says:


  375. Kelly says:

    It looks like a spotless cow. o.o

  376. sandy857 says:

    looks like dick cheney to me.

  377. Unknown says:

    wow looks like my uncle BOB!

    honestly, this is a load of BS.

    if anyone here remembers the bigfoot thing, they took road kill and merged it together and stuffed the thing.

    the comments are even hoaxed

    oh, gee it could be an experiment gone wrong.

    OR…. it could be someone’s pathetic prank to gain media attention.

  378. Cnrf says:


    There is a very very simply solution, altough it may debunk this in which case making the carcass of no value, but if this is about finding the truth then that wont be a problem.

    Take a large cage needle stick it in the carcass and drag a sample, or take a piece of hair with folocile.

    A simple DNA profile will identify the animal within an hour.

    I think you deserve the benefit of a doubt, who knows I have seen stranger finds before.

    But an honest person would just simply get a DNA sample. Its very very easy

    So I am looking forward to hearing about the results of a DNA profile, keep writing.


    I think this guy is on the right track. Seriously…..Just test the damn thing…..

  379. satch says:

    sea turtle w/out shell – enough with this silly story – see

  380. Paul says:

    It’s a Bloated Beaver

  381. Sven DiMilo says:

    Most of the people posting here are frighteningly nuts. Genetic experiments? Cloning? I’d laugh if it wasn’t so sad.
    A turtle’s shell is made of its spinal column and ribs. You cannot remove a turtle from its shell. There is no skin inside, no bones inside, just muscles and guts. IT IS NOT A TURTLE.
    It has black hair. It’s not a polar bear. It is definitely a mammal of some kind. Any halfway competent mammalogist could ID it for sure from a decent photo of the teeth (if any are left).
    The original “monster” from last year was a racoon. THis one is something equally normal.

  382. The Lady says:

    maybe it’s just a new species, evolutonary development, cross breed or somthing like that

  383. Matt says:

    From what I’ve read, some are saying it’s dead raccoon that was in the water for a long time. So, why not recreate the process and we’ll know for sure. Take a recent roadkill carcass from a rural area, put it in the ocean or other container with Salt Water and replicate the process. That way, you’ll know for sure either way.

    I’d like to find out either way, if it is indeed a Genetic Mutation or just plain ol’ Ricky Raccoon.

  384. bird says:

    im just curious , do you think that this is the original one or its actually the same specious/coincedence??

  385. cheryl says:

    Do not worry about small minded people. It does look like a sea cow..
    I believe it could be anything..The oceans and sea’s still hold tones
    of mystery. People do not relize there our things out there we no nothing about…small minds think they no everything..hope you find out. when you do I like to no also…

  386. DUH... says:
    Key the skull yourself, most likely an otter, dog or such. Otters have a detachable lower jaw. Definitely not a pig, no experiment gone wrong, and most likely the photographer knows exactly what it is. Take a picture of the upper jaw and teeth and a close up of the side of the skull, someone can tell you in five minutes.

  387. Bill says:

    it’s the headless pig

  388. Amy says:

    Think logically people. New York, rodent-like skull… it’s a giant NYC rat! Talk about mutations! Down here in the South we call them Nutria! And seriously, it makes way more sense than a freaking turtle without its shell – just pulls away from the skin, yeah right.

  389. etan says:

    u all got taken, and so did i… by what? you may ask, “1” simple hit on this webpage each time someone tells someoneelse its doubled an so on’
    we all encourage these “NECROPHOBIA” minded kids with our presence and comments, myself included… so for now just laugh and move on to the next site trying to bye your time and $.

  390. diana says:

    What if the sea creatures are evolving…. darwin? Maybe a sea lion turning human? Put up a box for donations to get this monster tested and get to the truth before it’s too late… I’ll happily donate!

    I had to agree with “The Lady”‘s comment”:
    “maybe it’s just a new species, evolutonary development, cross breed or somthing like that”

    you have a paypal?

  391. Nancy says:

    This is a Rottweiler, Probably fell off a boat or drowned some other way. The scull is rottweiler. Check the flesh just to the side. It is the snout. It has been damaged by being in the water a long time.

  392. Brad Henderson says:

    Come on! Who out there really doesn’t know it’s a sheep?
    If you can’t figure out it’s a sheep? Then you should never never never tell anyone that you’ve seen it. Because they’re gonna laugh at you.
    Plus for all your friends that thought you were a mutton headed nut?
    The doubt will have been removed and they will know you’re a mutton headed nut and your stupidity is a big cry for attention that needs addressed by a professional. They will shun you afraid that your next outburst for attention might involve other people finding out they know you. Leading to a life time of ridicule for them.

  393. SWINEFLU!!@!! says:


  394. Shawn says:

    wow this is pretty awesome and do many thing are running threw my mind right now
    2 ? why wont scientist studie them 2 washed up and i never even heard about this till now why isnt it on the news also why arent they seerching the waters to see if its a breed or somthing in that are.
    maybe its a new species related to a turtle without a shell though because look at a snail and slug how da heck did that happen and it remind me of a cow plus it has hooves on its feet and yea were did it get those claws is it possible that it is a cross breed? so many questions. so ill go with a new species since to have been found and maybe cross breed too.

  395. Amos says:

    I am a big fan of cryptobiology and zoology and all that, and I honestly tried to see something never seen before… But every picture I see shows a death distorted, water logged dog carcass. Probably a large bully type dog.

  396. Kels says:

    It kind of looks like a bear or maybe a genetic mutation of some kind from Plum Island that they just dumped or it got lose or something that place really needs to be shut down already! this is getting kind of creepy/scary it is like in one of those science fiction movies only this is real! this is getting kind of creepy/scary. I don’t want some creature like a sci-fi movie creature in the US and I also don’t want some lab on some island of the coast of the US breeding and/or creating these genetically mutated sci-fi creatures and then dumping them and/or allowing them to excape!! I think that place needs to just be shut down already and this type of stuff should be banned/outlawed in the US because that’s scary and also wrong, either that or at the very least it should be illegal to dump them and/or that place needs to up the security measures so that the creatures can be prevented from excaping. And why in the heck did they create Lyme Disease and how the heck did it get to the mainland?!?!?! What the heck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and by the way you REALLY need to get that creature to a lab and/or institution IMMEDIATELY for DNA testing and such!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and also do NOT give them the whole thing or sell the carcass or pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just give the lab/institution a skin/tissue sample and maybe a hair with a follicle and some pictures of the creature and they should be able to ID it and/or perform DNA testing on it with just the sample and pics. Because if you give them the whole carcass then I can almost guarentee you that it will be “lost” or “stolen” in which case you will prob never see or hear of it again which would be bad. I really believe that your best bet is to have it ID/DNA tested by a lab/institution/university. There are loads of them on Long Island/New York that would be very willing/love to ID and/or DNA test it for you, just ask them. Good luck and please let us know the results of the DNA test/ID.

  397. Rubystars says:

    Hello. I’m interested in Cryptids but the more I look at these pictures the less it looks like an unknown animal and more like a dog.

    When I first saw it, I thought it was a turtle, but I don’t think so anymore, now that I’ve seen the pictures from different angles.

    I honestly think this is a Boston Terrier or a dog with a similar face to a Boston Terrier. It looks like a dead male one.

    The hair indicates a mammal and it’s definitely a quadruped. The teeth look like those of a carnivore, and the general body shape looks canine.

    I wouldn’t rule out the Plum Island idea entirely because they could be doing some experiments on dogs and then dumping the bodies, some of which wash up on shore decomposed.

  398. Ang says:

    This is silly. I’ve watched all the videos, looked at all the images over and over. One is beyond a doubt a dead dog, one is definitely a dead farm animal. It looks like dead dogs! GOOD LORD GROW UP! The one that is clearly a dog is a breed of bulldog and anyone with one eye could see that!

  399. Brad Henderson says:

    Those are not paws. They are what is left when you cut off the hooves of an animal. What people are seeing as CLAWS or FINGERS are just tendon.
    Really people! Please don’t show the rest of the world how gullible you are they might think that all of are. Just like your dumb*ss is believing all the hooey!

  400. nim says:

    it is my sister

  401. Brad Henderson says:


  402. Kate says:

    While I find this all very interetsing, I think that the people that are fighting with Nicky over what this is is ridiculous. There are moe important things in life than to actually argue over this.

    You asked for opinion, I think it looks like a pig. Maybe someone took the swine flu overboard a bit.

    I do like a good mystery and LOVE watching MonsterQuest. I will be keeping my eye on this. Do you plan on releasing some of the DNA to have it checked?

  403. Gabrielle says:

    to me it looks like a bear its even got fur if you look closely at it and the back feet look some what like a bears. could have been partialy skined or somethign and thrown out or was still alive and escaped and died and was washed up where it was.

  404. Marion says:

    I live on a lake nin upstate New York. I saw something similar washed up on shore with my husband and daughter. It looked like a bloated chihuaua whose feet had been either chewed off, or broken by someone. My firsr thought was that someone’s dog fell off their boat and it’s legs got cut off due to the prop, my second thought was that some sick person cut off the legs of a poor little dog and then threw it in the lake. I will never know what it was. I called the park employees to tell them it was there, and they said they would remove it. I never heard about it again. It was also hairless.

  405. Brad Henderson says:

    What are you guys thinking? Doesn’t everyone know if this was some truly weird crap? Then Big Brother already knows about it and none of this would even be in the news. They would have squashed the matter before anyone could breathe a word of it. Pa’LEASE!

  406. Carrie says:

    Ok – this is a stretch, a BIG stretch……It looks like a wingless hippogriff or a griffin. Beak like an eagle, i see hair around the bottom of the neck area, the back, tummy….

    Maybe it’s an attempt to cross breed an eagle with a pig (eww)? Lord knows….but to have 2 show up around the same time? WTF?

    If you look at it from a biblical sense, it looks demonic. Or even something that the writers of the Power Rangers would conjure up.

    IDK, all I know is it’s ugly, its creepy, and its definitely a mystery.

  407. Heretic says:

    its a partially decomposed pig carcass. its pretty ignorant to think its a “monster”. anyone with a 7th grade biology knowledge could peg this one.

  408. tee says:

    one looks like a beaver the animal kind

  409. Erica says:

    Oh and prehistoric turtles had teeth so why can’t these just be a breed of turtles that just started recently dying because of a change in their enviorment.

  410. Brad Henderson says:

    There see? It’s NIM’s sister case closed!

  411. Brian James says:

    Part of the upper head looks like pigs ears on the face of a snapping turtle. The rest of the body looks like possibly a pig or a British Bull dog. Definately weird but i do not believe it’s a fake of any sort.

  412. Whitney says:

    I think it’s something prehistoric that has been covered by layers and layers of ocean floor and preserved. It looks like a mix of different species so I think it could be some sort of ancient ancestor of many species. The skull reminds me of a boar but I’m no scientist… also, could each carcass be something different? The heads look a little different, unless maybe one is decomposed a little more. I think it’s very interesting.

  413. Dave says:

    Looks Like some kind of shell-less turtle,
    from a parallel earth ocean, lost from the montauk air force base that’s been doing experiments in dimensional space travel for the past 60years.I think the same thing as all those severed feet that washed up?the people were out of the focal frame and lost there feet.kinda like when ya chop someones head off when you take a picture.Don’t worry the gov. will take care of it no need for concern some time’s sh*t happens.

  414. Mark says:

    I think Wille is right… Plum Island!!

    They do animal testing there.
    Looks like a poor dog…

  415. Janet says:

    Hi All, This is just my thought on it,but I don’t really beleive it is a dog. The feet are more like hoofs that you see on pigs not dogs. It could be an experiment from Plum Island, more like a deformity from drugs etc. like a birth defect. I do agree that there are similarities between the monster and raccoons according to the vidio on the teeth. Also I can see where it has some traits of a sea turtle without the shell,the head and tail for example,but I don’t see many traits of a dog because of the hoof like feet. I can’t wait to see what they find out! Have a great day all.

  416. Kyle says:

    It would be nice if you could contact the folks and have them let you take a video of it in the day or in some decent light. Seeing little bits and pieces of the monsters doesn’t seem so credible. It would be nice in some decent light, where we can see the whole body. There’s too much dirt and sand and darkness making the limbs and parts unrecognizable.

  417. Ricky says:

    It’s a freaking pitbull or bulldog. It even has the markings. It looks like someone cut off and pulled up the skin from the snout to make it appear like a monster. Anyone who believes this is a monster is an idiot. Why doesn’t anyone film it in the daytime? whoever is trying to stage these montauk monsters is not doing a good job, in fact your doing a terrible job! You people who believe this are just plain dumb and gullible. I’m being nice too! YOU PEOPLE ARE PATHETIC!LOL

  418. Sera says:

    Some sick f*ck keeps throwing dogs in the ocean.

  419. Brittany says:

    I heard about this a while ago when the first one was found. I heard it was a sea turtle without the shell. Makes sense though. The head looks a lot like that of a sea turtle.

  420. CLH says:

    Looks like a seal by the rather poor shot of the skull. If you removed just the skull and lower jaw (if it exists), any zoologist at the AMNH or most anywhere else, including me, could tell you what it is.

  421. Julia says:

    a turtle that mated with a sealion xD

  422. Ricky says:

    You can even see where they cut off the dogs ears! Whoever is doing this you better hope you never get caught and your name never goes public. I guarantee someone will take it upon themselves to do the same thing that your doing to these dogs! See you soon.

  423. Adam H says:

    If these things are truly a new species and worthy of all the speculation, why haven’t actual scientists had access to them and prove something? When new species are discovered in the Amazon and other places there is actual evidence and DNA research, not a bunch of Sasquatch BS.

    The first one turned into a “ball of goo”? Give me a break…it still has DNA. If this is real, the people who actually found it would be willing to have real life scientists with credible backgrounds take a look at it. That’s the only way they are truly going to gain any notoriety anyways.

    And why the hell is it always 1 picture? I take 20 pictures of an apartment I’m going to see…yes these people that find new unknown species can only ever get 1 or 2 bad shots off? Seriously…

  424. Monster? no says:

    It seems pretty obviously to be a turtle whose shell was taken by poachers. Happens all the time. Kinda sad.

  425. Kris says:

    And of course, these sort of videos always seem to be taken in the dark. You couldn’t wait until morning?

  426. Chase says:

    Guys, come on… It’s a simple explanation. Follow the link, it will show you exactly what this “monster” is.

    Tokka is its name… Many of you may have seen this before. Secret of the Ooze (TMNT II) Look it up… Its a fact!

  427. Ronald says:

    i think it could be of a k9 sort. it just looks like that because the body absorbed all that water and shedded all the fur off. that’s just my opinion.

  428. emilydawn says:

    looks like it might be some kind of seal to me

  429. gullible says:

    failed genetic experiment. it could happen, there’s a military base right over there people. if it’s a dog, that was one fatass dog. if it’s a turtle, what’s it doing with teeth? if it’s a raccoon, that a giant raccoon(prob’ly misspelled raccoon, oh well), if it’s nim’s sister…well, maybe. supersoldier gone wrong most likely though.

  430. Lee says:

    FAKE. Pig body. Hawk beak. Chicken feet. FAKE.

  431. joyce says:

    I don’t know what this is, but I saw something very weird on a beach near Boston sometime around 1968. It was a huge, dinosaur type of anilmal. the body had a spikey spine similar to a stegosaurus but smaller. The head had been severed and had tentacles. It was roped off and under floodlights because scientists were investigating it. There were crowds of people viewing it. I never heard anything else.

  432. Shawn says:

    i agree with a good number of you but the rest of you are stupid but i definetaly agree with cheryl, diana o and no way its a turtle its shell is apart of it there would be no skin on its back plus if a turles shell is ripped of its dead that why i say it may be related to it and i agree with metal goddess, oh and kyle ur funny this isnt south park but wait a secone it does look like what u would think a man bear pig would maybe its a giant joke or somthing … nah look at the bird mouth plus no way its a joke hopefully. yea it does look kinda like that monster on youtube hairless. o yeah just so you know area 51 makes airplanes for the government smart so. its not a polar bear 2 there 100’s of miles away.most of the things you people think they are they cant be there nowhere close to that area you dumnies im in 8th grade outsmarting you 30 yr olds in you underpanst eating chips all day. there is no more i feel like saying

  433. Chase says:

    Guys, come on… It’s a simple explanation. Follow the link, it will show you exactly what this “monster” is.

    Tokka is its name… Many of you may have seen this before. Secret of the Ooze (TMNT II) Look it up… Its a fact!

  434. Mary says:

    I agree that with all the DNA and other truly scientific means of study and testing available, this mystery can be easily solved. Whoever ‘stole’ the last carcass only fueled the suspicion. Take good care of the carcass and get it tested by a reputable University or Museum-a non-biased party. We will soon know what it is.

  435. Not buying it says:

    Believe it or not…it has gotten all of us on here checking out this asinine site. I agree with many of you, this is obviously the carcass of our common animals, looks like a dog, sheep, or pig to me, with the feet & head cut off. The skull has obviously been cleaned of fur & meat as well, and looks like it has simply been shoved into the carcass. Easy enough to do, but some of us aren’t that desperate. And good call on the water washing sand off of the carcass instead of covering it. Also notice that the sand is loose (like it has been thrown onto the carcass from a distance as to not leave footprints.)

  436. David says:

    I don’t know what the hell it is but it tastes like chicken!

  437. Marconiusrex says:

    ….Looks like a bloated, decomposing sheeps carcass to me. Maybe the fishies chewed on it for awhile too.

  438. Jessy says:

    It’s a Sea Turtle without it’s shell. That explains why it’s always found near water, doesn’t have hind legs like land animals and why the skin looks loose and flabby..Also the legs and feet have skinny fingers like turtles and a pointed head.

  439. Mick says:

    Never mind that dead “monster” or whatever you think it is? Can anyone identify this creature found in Russia? See above link! By the way, this creature one found in Russia is ALIVE!

  440. thomas says:

    It looks like polar bear thats been out at sea for a while/ crab meat, the bears do ride the ice flows for hundreds of miles.

  441. Steph says:

    This is a pig. Any good osteologist will tell you THIS IS A PIG. In fact, any piss-poor osteologist will tell you this is a pig. There is no beak. There is a partially defleshed skull showing nasal cavities. The teeth, in the brief glimpse one gets from the video, are those from a pig. To debunk a previous post, they are not the teeth from a dog. While dogs do have molars, this “beast” had molars that are from an omnivorous animal, like say, um, gee, What is that you say? The carcass has hooves? Yes, pigs have hooves!! Does it smell bad? Yes, pigs smell terrible when decomposing. Most creatures do!

  442. Haley says:

    If you ask me it looks like a baby walrus!

  443. Bruce says:

    Ms. Papers:
    Here in So. Central Texas(Cuero, Texas)- there has been an animal that has been found called a Chupacabra, that resembles what has been found there at Montauk. You can contact Ms. Canion, there in Cuero,
    and she should be able to provide pictures to compare with your discovery.
    A Nutria it is not, nor is it a pig. It obviously has been in the water for an undetermined length of time telling by it’s mottled skin. If it is truly related to the Chupacabra, this would be one magnificent coincidence!
    Just google “The Chupacabra” and focus on Texas.
    Let me know if you find out anything in correlation.
    Thank you in advance,

  444. Just a Thought says:

    Who are we do even remotely think that all the animals on planet Earth have been discovered. Why does it have to be a hoax or aliens? Why can we for a minute think it is possible that this is a new species of animal. Or possible some type of hybrid animal, two who mated and created some crazy looking creature that looks as though its out or a horrow film. Like I said just a thought. I do think this animal is a real and not some hoax. Not to say that there arent people out there with alot of creativity and to much time on thier hands.

  445. Tim says:

    It’s a sea turtle without the shell.

  446. laura says:

    I agree with EVERYONE who made mention of a turtle/sea turtle. That’s exactly what I said when the first one was made public a couple of months back. It definately looks like same kind of sea turtle without the shell, which would explain why the first one appeard to have bruising on the back area. Poor animal… this is the product of all our polluting on the oceans of the world.

  447. Steph says:

    This is a pig. Any good osteologist will tell you THIS IS A PIG. In fact, any piss-poor osteologist will tell you this is a pig. There is no beak. There is a partially defleshed skull showing nasal cavities. The teeth, in the brief glimpse one gets from the video, are those from a pig. To debunk a previous post, they are not the teeth from a dog. While dogs do have molars, this “beast” had molars that are from an omnivorous animal, like say, um, gee, A PIG!! Note the ridges on the surfaces of the teeth. What is that you say? The carcass has hooves? Yes, pigs have hooves!! Dogs do not have hooves. Does it smell bad? Yes, pigs smell terrible when decomposing. Most creatures do!

  448. kristel says:

    I could see it being a racoon or dog, but what I’d like to know is what did it die of?(drowning or some sorta of fight to the death and which happened first.)
    why is the flesh always missing from the snout. If it really is some suicidal racoon or dog seeking the freedom of a cold watery death what is makeing them do it so often now? some sorta darwin award flu infecting the local animals
    how about an atopsy! have a qualifighed trusted person figure out what it is and died off. grant it it looks friggen weird because society doesnt get exposed to drowned bloated dead things so we see skin thats blue (forgeting when we die we dont just turn white or grey but when we drown we turn blueish) and we freek out and say “omg its some sorta monster or alien”

  449. Lisa says:

    Personally I think it looks like a male Sea Lion Carcass that has had all the flesh eaten off the skull and flippers. The fur has sloughed off leaving only the thick skin and blubber for the Goo effect. ya?

  450. AngelKnight56 says:

    This animal is not native to our planet. How it got here? Dont know. Those ETs are messin with us!

  451. AidaMae says:

    The orginal beak like one looks like psittacosus longi, piggy beak. Check out site: Go two thirds down the page at this site. Picture looks exactly like what you have here. You may want to contact them for verification.

  452. Richard says:

    I think it could be my aunt Joan

  453. Ricky says:

    Hey Cheryl, yes the ocean holds creatures that we haven’t discovered yet and probably won’t discover. You know why that is? It’s because we as humans can’t reach the bottom of the ocean. There are sea creatures that haven’t been discovered that most likely live in that enviorment, this not being one of them. It for one would have a totally different body structure to withstand the pressure of the deep. i MEAN A SEA COW! COME ON A FREAKING SEA COW!!!!LOL

  454. paul k says:

    The Montauk “Monster” is a dead English lab which was in the surfline. The nose portion hung down further than the rest so it’s soft parts of the nose have been rubbed off on the sandy bottom with the in and out action of the surf. Likely the same with the body hair. A Vet would have the answer in 10 seconds. Your smart for commericializing this as long as there are people who are incapable of sound judgement and common sense.

  455. Earl Max says:

    I liked your comment about a mole. Yes it is obviously way to big but why? No hair? but the feet/claws and the ugly pointy mug with the sharp teeth make sense. Maybe it is from toxins in the ground? Oh well good luck.


  456. Chrissi says:

    That is definately NOT a dog! Some of the pictures make it look like it has a beak type snout with long fangs on top and bottom. From some angles, it looks like an over-grown hog, but at a closer look, it looks like a hybrid between 2 or more farm animals. The hair and shape of the face and torso kind of resemble a sheep too. If it is from Plum Island, then I would be scared to see what else they have created and kept hidden. So… half hog, half sheep? Scary.

  457. Matthew says:

    It looks like a sea turtle that doesn’t have a shell. This is completely possible. Our oceans suck up CO2 like a sponge and in doing so have become more acidic. There are regions around the world where the water has become too acidic and shell fish like clams and mussels are unable to grow shells because of it. Sea turtles also travel in groups. So who is to say that a group of sea turtles didn’t stubble into a region that was highly acidic and had there shell eaten away. There are plenty of volanic areas in the Atlantic ocean that could have had an eruption that caused an acid cloud and surprised the turtles. Ocean currents could now be carrying the bodies a shore.

  458. Its a sheep of a dog. Sorry – no soup for you!

  459. stephen says:

    it looks like a small bear… there common there

  460. Brian James says:

    I’m a believer of Government cover ups coming and going, and it would not surprise me if they have something to do with this. After all, does everyone remember how fast the downed UFO at Roswell N.M became a weather ballon crock of bull s_ _ t?!! And don’t get me going on T W A flight 800, because with that one, in a vain attempt to rebuff the theory of a missile shooting it out of the sky, we were told the fuel tank exploded and the fuel was igniting into an inferno going straight down under the aircraft toward the ocean while it was climbing out at well over 350 mhp, at or about 13,500ft and i can tell you from experience working at J F K Cargo for over 17 years that aircraft on final approach are jettising excess fuel for touch down and they are only flying at 150 mph at 1,000ft or less and the stream of fuel at that speed is spraying straight back behind the aircraft and NOT directly down under it as some N T S B shmuck full of bulls_ _t tried to claim (can someone say Mr. Hall?) and seems to think experienced airport workers like myself are naive enough to fall for it. And alot of that fuel never even touches the ground!!!.

  461. mike says:

    I think Michael Vicks dead Pitbulls are finally washing to shore

  462. Jackie says:

    It looks like a large sea turtle that has no shell to me.

  463. audiogsgrl1 says:

    I have never heard of this before today. I find it very interesting and intriguing and honestly it reminds me of a show I just watched about 2 weeks ago. Unlike what the shows tell you when they first come on that they are not inany way connected to real stories,I don’t believe them half of the time.Anyway the show was Fringe, and in the show there was a “monster” that was let loose out of a research lab,it had been created by scientists for some experiemental purposes. The monster in the show was also made of different DNA ‘S of many different creatures. This is what the MONTAUK MONSTER reminds me of. You are probably right in that the creature would be taken away and we would never get an actual answr on what it really is. I hope you and the couple find an independant lab to study this creature and find out if it was created by some scientists for what ever their reason may be or if these were already in the ocean and we just have never found them and due to changes in their envronment they have came out of their normal habitat deep down in the sea. I don’t know the creature is very weird looking and would not surprise me if this was a creation of someone’s, but then the question is, what was it created for? And why was it found on the beach? I would love to hear the real answer to these questions however I know that the reality of this is very slim unless an independant lab is the one that handles the creature and runs the tests themselves.

  464. Lydia says:

    To me it appears to be a pig or dog, but the skull structure is a little bizarre. It looks like a deer to me. The original is a very short muzzle, appearing more canine, but again, not quite right. However, what everyone needs to take into consideration is decomposition. A simple dead body becomes near unrecognizable once it has been exposed for some time, and this ‘monster’ has probably bloated at least once and all the fur has come off. It probably was originally half the size it appears now since stretching will occur and I would definitely have someone qualified and trustworthy examine the teeth and skeleton since they will give you the clearest answers. Don’t take this lightly though, your idea of animal testing may very well be true so take all precautions while handling the body and remember, a dead body carries diseases anyway so you’re holding a ticking time bomb.

  465. mx says:

    it is clearly a polar bear, a possible victim of the evergrowing changes due to climate effects. rather than mock this event, one should educate themselves and grasp the truth enormity and gravity of the situation and how it is affecting all mammals and the world we live in. Or sit and read inane blogs in air conditioning until it shuts off for good …

  466. Sua_Altezza says:

    Isn’t their some kind of lab by the monster that was found last year?
    Maybe those people are doing all kinds of crazy test on animals.Im not very familiar with all the stories but I know that last years “monster” DIDNOT look like NO dog,turtle or anything from this world for that matter.
    Dogs don’t have beaks and turtles dont have claws.

  467. mikej says:


  468. Susietex says:

    The sea turtle is deformed and was BORN WITHOUT A SHELL.

  469. Jon says:

    hmm, i’m pretty sure it’s a cross breed of sorts or a very successful genetic experiment. The love child of a sea turtle and manatee maybe?

  470. Cricket says:

    I don’t know about the newest creature, but the one with teeth looks like partially skinned wild pig if I ever saw one.

  471. Sharlene says:

    I’m not sure what it is, but all I can say is that after I saw the other pics of the other 2, very creepy, they looked like what you see in the pictures about demons and corruption. It’s hard to say what they are, and I wouldn’t doubt that they would be diseased and what not, lol, and they don’t look like they swim either, very creepy looking though

  472. Kenna says:

    After comparing the little visable skeletal stucture and the photos of the original MM, I came to the conclusion that it’s a large cat. My bet is that a poacher probably killed the animal for it’s skin, skinned it, and than dumped the carcus in the ocean hoping that something would eat it. The curents could have carried it from anywheres.

  473. Xenocide says:

    It’s either a Sheep or a Ram.

  474. Jen says:

    I don’t know about this one, because this isn’t the best picture, but…I own two boxers, and the first thing I thought when I saw the original one was “Is that a dead boxer?” I still think that’s what it is. A badly bred boxer puppy. Sad.

    This picture just looks like a cow skin thrown over part of a skull.

  475. Jen says:

    And for the people who keep saying the first one had a beak…that wasn’t a beak. It was the snout, it was just missing teeth. If you look at the view when it is laying on its right side, it’s obvious that it is the nose region of the animal, not a beak.

    Maybe this one is a horse…that’s what some of the other “monsters” look like. How big is this thing?

  476. alejo says:


  477. Cricket says:

    Okay, the new monster. Not quite sure exactly what animal it is but, and I kinda hate to dissapoint you all, that thing has no head. Any of you ever take a high school anatomy class? Depending on its size I’d venture to guess that its either a dog or a small bear. My reasoning for the bear, take a close look at the near hind foot. Suckers got some claws.

  478. Chucky says:

    It almost looks like a bloated sheep. The problem with that is the teeth appear to be that of a carnivorous animal (meat eating) due to the pointed shape. I am interested in finding out myself. 🙂

  479. Vianca says:

    Its really simple to what this “Montauk Monster” really is. it has a really short beak and its not a beak at all. all the flesh on the beack was either decomposed or torn off by other animals(it had a nose). it has some ears that seam to be torn off as well. The back of it is way and i mean way bigger than the front.(lol look im not even in 8 th grade yet but it is pretty easy cause i love studdying animals and thats my goal when i grow up to be a zooalogist or a vet.) Short paws or fingers. it doesn’t have gils or fins so my guess is that its a racoon! look its simple to tell cause racoons love the water even if it is salt water the racoon probably got blown off shore or lost track of where it was and drown and what you would get of this is a hairless bloated racoon. (but if my hypothesis is not correct then you could prove me wrong)

  480. Diane Anon says:

    I live in Southold, so have more than a passing interest.

    If this thing is real, please investigate the possibility that it is a mutant animal created at the Plum Island Animal Disease Research Center for experimental purposes.

  481. Cricket says:

    Okay guys, I just read some of the other recent posts and I have to say that it sounds like some of you have forgotten your crime shows from TV. Remember, the older a dead body is the more bloated it gets. Also the longer its in the water, the paler it gets. So yeah its definitely not anything as large as a polar bear.

  482. Curious in Wisconsin says:

    Bloated animals seems like a valid hypothesis, but maybe its more than that. Some of these ‘bodies’ are quite deformed. Is it a stretch to say that someone somewhere is trying to play god and make new species of animal? Like a real life chimera or something. In my opinion getting the DNA to work together in the first place is extremely difficult to do, but then getting it to grow to this size is unlikely since the changed DNA would be unstable.

    SO in my opinion it could be that these are animals drowned and then washed up, OR there is a crazy genius scientist on some island messing with human and animal DNA.

  483. Dustin says:

    Lame! but kinda cool… new twist on an old story.

  484. Venezuela says:

    if you have the pictures as you mentioned
    please post them here.

    I could believe it is real but, the point here is that we trust in what you are saying

    donate that thing to laboratories!
    make it public first!

  485. jason says:

    i know for a fact that is a racoon we see them all the time here in florida washed up on the beaches in southern pinellas county

  486. B Hughes says:

    The ” montauk Monster” looks like a dead dog to me.
    It probaly drowend & then washed up on the shore at South Hold,
    Form Shelter Island

  487. former LI resident says:

    I think it’s a sea turtle without a shell. I used to live in LI and now I’m in FL and we see turtles wash up sometimes without shells and this looks like one. Take it to a lab.

  488. Cricket says:

    Okay I’m sorry one more thing. For all of you out saying that its a sea creature, do us all a favor and actually look at the picture, you will see that not only does it have a tail, but also NO FLIPPERS! sheesh

  489. dave says:

    for fucks sake people. It’s a dog.

    if not a dog, then some other medium sized land dwelling carnivore, like a badger, or a raccoon, or a coyote. It’s not remotely mysterious, it is a dog.

  490. former LI resident says:

    It could also be an experiment on sea turtles gone wrong. But a lab or museum would be the best bet.

  491. Brad Henderson says:


  492. dave says:

    “I think it’s a sea turtle without a shell. I used to live in LI and now I’m in FL and we see turtles wash up sometimes without shells and this looks like one. Take it to a lab.”

    whatever you saw, it wasn’t a turtle without the shell. A turtles entire ribcage is incorporated into it’s shell and it’s backbone is fused to the shell. It’s not a bugs bunny cartoon where a turtle has a nice shell he wears like a jacket over smooth skin, if the shell is missing all the internal organs are floating free. Saying “a turtle without the shell” is like saying ” a person without a ribcage”

    it’s also hairy and doesn’t have scales, is the wrong shape and essentially looks nothing like a turtle in any way

  493. Brad Henderson says:


  494. Kyle says:

    I have a theory. With all the talk of global warming and ice caps melting, etc. It could be plausible that a creature of unknown origin from the past has been dethawed from some obscure iceberg and floated it’s way to the shore. Just a thought….

  495. Keely Lanzisera says:

    It’s a pig.

    Fur, snout, etc.
    Bodies bloat and nasty liquid decompose the body….its nasty looking
    Then theres that weird lab somewhere near where its been found.

  496. Kd says:

    Looks kinda like a cow????

  497. Angie says:

    Well, to me it has no resemblance of a turtle. It could be a dog, guessing by the pattern on it’s body and the skull. If it is a dog, it’s possible that it’s been infected with something that made it bloated like that.

    You can’t really tell if it has a beak or not because there’s no face on it. Apparently some fish were hungry, or its a hoax. The first one was complete with a face, and by looking at it, yeah, it looks like a beak with canine teeth in it.

    If you really want to know what it is, take a sample of skin or something and send it to a research center. I really wouldn’t be poking about with this suposed animal…just find out what it is and tell us. The public knows this much we should be able to know the rest.

    Although, this thing is probably never going to be identified. Like the last one.

  498. laurie says:

    Its a dead bloated tortoise minus it’s shell.

  499. falisha says:

    i don’t know exactly what this is. but the picture of the dog you can clearly see that it a dog are something. but the thing that i see there that called the montauk monster. this thing has something like a birds beck. and i know that dogs do not have becks. you know about the story of dulce new mexico. where there is a underground base that surpose to take human and animals dna and combine them together. maybe this was something that went wrong. but then again we do know what in our waters. we go to the moon. we should explore what right here under our feet. this is a big place and there are lots of creatures that has not been discovered yet. but keep it in ice or freezer. and really get it studied. i’m dying here waiting to find out exactly what this is. good luck. and be careful.. secrets are meet to stay that way and sometimes at all cost some people will do anything to keep it a secret.. again good luck.. and if you want keep me up datede at email ( good find. look up dulce underground base on your computer unger goolge..scary stuff.

  500. Brad Henderson says:

    Looking at the other photo’s. It’s quite obvious that someone has placed fake canine and lower teeth in it. Why are the rest of the teeth white and the fake ones on the pink side? Also dentists use a light pink epoxy to create teeth or to repair dentures. IT’S A SHEEP PEOPLE!!!!!!
    I am truly embarrassed by my own countrymen!!!!!!!!!! You should be ashamed of yourselves! Shame on you idiots!

  501. Charles says:

    What abunch of huey. it’s the Guv people dumong their failed medical experiment’s on us. Stop being so gullible.

  502. Brad Henderson says:


  503. Madde says:

    It looks like a bear.
    Or a dog.
    Or really, a boar.

    Things scientists do these days, I swear.
    It’s probably just a lab animal gona astray.

  504. Teresa says:

    These are demons from hell that have tried to escape before their alloted time which is soon anyway. If you read Revelation in the Bible you will see how we are in the last days before the rapture to come….This is the kind of Minions, demons you can expect soon that will be alive not dead.

    Everyone needs to start drawing nearer to God and Repent!

  505. falisha says:

    it looks like the creature that are on the old drawing that surmerian drew anunnaki. these creatures looked like human half birds. this thing clearly have a beck. and know dogs have beck. i will study this myself keep your web site up. if this is real you may be on to something here. like a new discovery. or something that maybe time for us to learned about our planet and the planets around us.

  506. Brad Henderson says:

    Alright anyone saying it is a sea turtle or tortoise is a tard and shouldn’t be on here without your parents permission! You have no understanding of anatomy. I bet you cant find the right parts to touch on your mate either.
    Please dont procreate people. The world has enough stupid people in it already!!!!!!!!

  507. Before Real says:

    Now let’s take a real good look it this thing. #1 tell me what oging to be out in the waters dead or alive and not get eaten on in some kind of way. Even a dead body will get eaten on by crabs if anything else. #2 How is it that the flash seems to be intact but the head is all decomposed. #3 Why is it that the body looks some much like a pig body or seal maybe a baby wores body but the head just don’t match up to nothing we no of( just yet )
    #4 Maybe it is just a plank pulled off by some people that like getting attention or there 15 min of fame on T.V.

  508. Cricket says:

    Gotta say Kyle that is an interesting theory.

  509. Fernando Cruz says:

    You have the contact of the guys you took it?
    I pay for the contact of them!

  510. Before Real says:

    Anyone seem the movie Slitter’s yall keep on poking in and on that thing, that’s right let all the creatures jump out and get the whole city infected with some kind of thing from out of a SciFi movie. Just take a blow tourch to it and burn it to ashes. there is no need to do any research on something like that there are far more inportants isusse that this country has to deal with than waste money on researching and trying to find out what that nasty mess is. Just burn it for God sake burn it before it’s to late.

  511. Dreama says:

    Maybe it’s some kind of a turtle out of its shell. It has some turtle features about the head and neck.

  512. Madde says:

    Why didn’t anyone think of a rat?
    not like, a normal rat though. Some freaky science experiment rat.

    The sharp teeth?
    the pointy snout?
    finger-like feet?
    Did no one notice the rat-like tail?

  513. jc says:

    I am a veterinarian, and looking at “Beastie” it resembles a sheep that has rotted enough to loose its fleece and hooves and never had its tail docked. It may very well be a genetic mistake but it looks to have some sheep properties. Sheep are used quite often to test the effects of disease. Maybe the Plum Island idea isn’t too far fetched.

  514. Stephanie says:

    Very likely to be a bloated dog. Bloating makes the carcass seem fat and short, but it has a lot of the characteristics of being a dog. Doesn’t appear to be a mystery.

  515. chris londo says:

    O.K dud i see your verry new about this so ill make it clear to you.
    the monster as you call it is not. Ill give you a hint. I study stuf like this all the time and i think you need to know some info on stuff. hint 1. look up what was washed on the beach of california. hint 2. look up the red sea. hint 3. look up how and why the red sea is now open to the ocean. any more questions about this email me at

  516. Mike Notchen says:

    That beast is scary! I think is a plumped up turtle carcus. The scariest thing about the whole thing is the dudes eyebrows on the second youtube post, those things looking like giant bushes above his eyes. They should ask a lab to take a sample hair from his eyebrows and have that tested instead. Great way for some revenue from advertising guys!!
    He also looks like a younger John Travolta from Saturday Night Fever…

  517. wha says:

    it’s a tapir from Belize

  518. wha says:

    not a sheep- sheep don’t have teeth on the top of their mouth- Tapir!

  519. elizabeth says:


  520. wow says:

    in the still pics it looks like a polarbear that drown due to global warming

  521. C. F. BROWN says:

    It is an ocean turtle without the shell

  522. falisha says:

    contact the discovery channel. maybe some one could shed some light on this thing. i do see turtle but they do not leave their shell. please call the discovery channel and who ever take this thing off your hands may sure you sign contracts.

  523. Kat says:

    I think it’s some kind of animal’s body-like a dog-that was shaved hairless and then they mutilated it to add a skull from some other type of animal to make it look strange. It’s shameless and I should never have heard about this because it should never have made national news. It’s a freaking hoax. Duh.

  524. mark says:

    it looks like a horse a baby horse and the monster is big because it got bloated in the water i cant explain the fingers but it might have a disease where it loses its hair and maybe just mutatled hands not actual fingers. they can confirm from this video that there actaully fingers or just part of the torn hand(hoove) email me and see waht you think

  525. mark says:

    ps what if the things were domesticated as pets or just to see them at zoos or walking around.

  526. kcsobko says:

    It looks like a bear. Google “bear skull” and compare.

  527. Brendan says:

    Please continue to update us as to your findings and if you end up finding someone to diagnose to carcass. Thanks!

  528. aly says:

    i think the montauk monster is a dog / alien/duck/pig, but i really think that it was a pig that got hit by something and the body formed onto something elese!

  529. Marzece says:

    Wouldn’t it make sense that it’s just a giant turtle without the shell that’s been decomposing at sea? That’s generally what the first one looked like and the bodies of both are similiar in that they don’t look like they’d be able to survive in nature without some general covering.

  530. Stefani says:

    Sorry To Say But looks like a mutated human at first.
    I do claim it possibly to be a pig/dag/bear. Bear cause of size
    Are they alive when found or relived?

  531. schoonie says:

    i think plum island people are do-n some weired experiment with DNA from diff kinds of animals.

  532. GlOwInThEdArKcOnVeRsE says:

    I think this is a big mystery. It might of been some dog or something. You never know. And now with a new one, its getting werider and werider……

  533. Neda says:

    I believe the US goverenment does a lot of things us regular folk don’t know about. This country is very sneaky- to put it bluntly. There are so many experiments and testing they do on animals, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they accidentally or intentionally tried to create a new species. Wake up….this country has money they buy people they create the unimaginable-good and bad. The bad is very dark that only a handful of elite people know about. Start with Skulls& Bones- the secret society our former president IS a part of. How much do you know about it?? Why, when asked in interviews about this secret society, Mr. Bush avoids discussing it-totally changes the subject. Just start with that-Use you heads people.

  534. Susan says:

    Contact Cornell University-they have a great animal sciences program.
    This particular sample looks to me, from the poorly lit video, to be a dog, although the canine teeth (fangs are not there) Perhaps some pitbull ring tossed a loosing dog overboard? Fighting dogs lose & break teeth often. Time in the water would explain the bloated & distorted body
    The other thing I thought it resembled was a sheep…that would explain the weird molars. Sheep are stupid and could easily get themselves into a position to drown.
    The Monster from last year was very different in that it’s upper jaw was more beak like. This specimen has a long boney snout…not a pig.

  535. GlOwInThEdArKcOnVeRsE says:

    oh one more thing, and werider and werider and werider……………………..

  536. Nick says:

    you know, the original one didnt but the recent one looked kinda like a rotting sheep. i kinda agree

  537. Al says:

    First of all I don’t think the monter carries H1N1 and if it does it cannot be transmited from animal to human and it is not transmited that easy. That is why the new name es Human Flu. Second, acording to the first appearing and this one I believe it is not a dog nor a pig. The lack of hair and the constant appearance near the sea makes me beleive that it is not a mammal and it is acuatic. Perhaps some kind or reptile because the head is similar to a turtle head. My personal opinion is that it might be a evoluted reptile species.

  538. Jack says:

    Let me hear your offer and I’ll have a contract drawn up.

    You provide part of the animal for DNA testing. If the animal turns out to be a mutant or something we have never seen before, I’ll double the offer. If it is a dog, bear, pig or any other known to exist animal you will pay me the amount of your offer.

    I don’t have to know the location of this. Since you obviously don’t want people knowing where this is, the lab will provide instructions for obtaining the samples needed. You will provide the lab video of the samples being taken and can drop the samples off at the lab. I have already been in contact with a lab in your area and they have agreed. I will cover all costs of the testing.

    I am sure this is nothing more than an atempt to keep your web site alive and I can applaud that. Now I ask that you put some money where your mouth is. If you belive in what you have, this offer should beat any other offer you receive. Although if it turns out to be a hoax, you pay for it.

    Patiently awaiting your response,

  539. hey says:

    its a stupidd decomposing dog!! hellooo its super obvious! jaja either that or a huge naked mole rat!!! jaja

  540. shimmy shimmy says:

    to me it looks like a hairless bear.
    and the other one did look like a turtle

  541. Crys Thompson says:

    The skull (minus the lower mandible) looks very much like a sheep skull. The bloated body resembles the same. The shape overall seems to be that of an extremely bloated sheep carcass. I would love to believe that it is something new and exotic but that seems remote. The idea that it has spread disease in the water is a very real possibility.

  542. dentures rule! says:

    i think that this “thing”is extinct but i might be a mix be tween a pi dog and dolphin LOL 🙂

  543. claus says:

    the pic facing the front of this thing, looks like a sheep to me, with no hair ofcourse.

  544. Nathalie says:

    Dude its some satanic cult of some sort on the Island, that are like sacrificing animals and dumping them into the water! Maybe it’s a group of desperate lawnguy land housewives trying to achieve eternal youth through sacrifice! CALL PETA!

  545. priscilla says:

    its just a dead turtle without a shell that got gross from being in the ocean to long. its not an alien or a special kind of mutant animal. you can tell its a turtle too. look at its head and legs.

  546. kelly says:

    ..its man bear pig

  547. troy aikman says:

    i think dan papers is the real deal. nicky papers aint got shit on him. dan cracked it and is using a front. i have personal information that nicky papers is dans papers wife. it is all in the family. YOU HAVE BEEN EXPOSED “PAPER FAMILY” freaks!!!!! cocksuckers

  548. Rose says:

    okay this shit is either a Cow or like a Dog and a Cow mixed together…. cause i mean look at it …it has kinda a dog like structure but yet again black a white spots like a cow…so i mean you can see my logic…

  549. case says:

    if you look at the skull this is clearly a dog and decomposing in the water caused the discoloration, bloating, and the odd way the feet and head decomposed faster.
    …the first one found looks like a simmilar animal just less decomposed creating what looks like a beak on the animal if you take what evers left of the animals to any biologist they’ll tell you the same thing. and i hope you do

    im not trying to be hostile but a drive to the closest collage bio department will give you the answers you need and they’ll most likely do it for free

    when you do this feel free to e-mail me the results

  550. Rachael says:

    Okay when i first saw the picture on the MSN home page i thought polar bear. now i am thinking maybe mix breeds of animals. i mean, its got that horned nose and deer like hoofs. i dont know. but you should keep us posted if you get tests and such done on it

  551. Angela says:

    It kind of looks lik a pig, bird, person, and a dog…Well, people are pouring weird chemicals into the ocean so it might have made a weird thing. It shouldn’t be a turtle because it has like fingers. It is possible that america was trying to make a new species and is trying to keep it a secret…Ah, no one really knows, I just know, I’m glad I don’t like the beach.

  552. Not telling sorry says:

    It might or could be a cow… and lost its color? Did u ever think of that? well its big and it has the skull of a cow so it could be.. It could be a horse? bUT I DONT THINK ITS A DOG!

    <3 Ruby

  553. Debbie says:

    We would be very surprised if we really knew what was going on at plum island . I believe they are mix breeding animals for science experiences .
    that place has a very high security system .
    WHy would our government have a island out in the middle of no where unless they were doing something weird ??
    anyone notice on the first monster found last year , what looks to me like a tag on its arm/claw ???

    I recall seeing the first ” monster ‘ thing in a movie .. It is driving my nuts . I cannot remember what movie it was . All I remember was this monster thing was hopping around . It was one of those weird animated movies . like science fiction or something . but I swear , i have seen something like this thing . if anyone else recalls seeing this please post .
    maybe a old teenage mutant ninja turtles or maybe power rangers movie .. I know .. I know .. but I am not weird ..

  554. TC McKean says:

    My initial impression is that it is someone playing around with extinct animal dna. After a closer inspection the head and jaw look like a bear skull. The body looks like a sheep or goat without fur. It is likely a hoax. On another note who in there right mind would simply take photographs and or video and not take a biological sample for analysis. Anyone with any education would immediately get biological samples to verify with tangible hard evidence. Show the carcas to a major news station so they can get independant confirmation.

  555. jamie says:

    i just recently got interested in the montauk monster about 3 months ago, and i have several ideas of what it could be, one of my ideas is it could be a alien

  556. christine says:

    I find that im actually quite interested in this new creature. I recall seeing a picture of it a while back, but not thinking anything of it as the internet posts odd things all the time. However, as to what it could be, i think its possibly one of two things.

    One could be a new sort of creature, but if its found near the ocean (assuming its an ocean dwelling creature), but why would it have fur? Unless its from some island, perhaps an unmarked island, a new species could have evolved. earth is an unpridictable place, after all.

    My second guess would be a marketing ploy, or someone trying to get the world to ramble on about some strange alien like creature.

    I stand with my first guess on what it may be, though. I doubt it is a wild pig due to the amount of sharp teeth found in the rear of its mouth. As for a sea turtle without its shell, thats ubsurd. do you recall seeing sea turtles with teeth? ;D a mountain lion is also not very believable, due to the structure of the body and head. A sea rat would be very odd due to the size and once again, due to the teeth. it may be a new creature descended from the pig family. but, these are just my rambling thoughts.

    I would love to hear more of what you think,


  557. Kat says:

    Looks like a small polar bear to me.

  558. Kaci Knueppel says:

    The carcass looks to be that of a platapus’s. The skull matces, they don’t have paws or hooves, they have wing like arms. Simple and easy.

  559. KTRoukas says:

    Skull looks alot like a seal, some breed unknown,

  560. Jess says:

    I think it resembles a cow or horse from its, I’ll be it bloated, hips and the fact that there isn’t much hair to be seen. And its face has the cow/horse like look. Not sure about the hands/fingers though since those animals don’t have fingers. Maybe it is a small bear! Very interesting though.

  561. Jean says:

    This is something that escaped from Plum Is. What a mean looking dude.It has a human looking elbow. I hope he has no more relatives.

  562. Mike says:

    This is nothing but a de-shelled Sea Turtle.

  563. brandi says:

    The first one looks like a real monster creature, but the second one found just looks like someone took the head off of a pig or something and left it in the water or left it lying on the beach as a prank or trying to copy the first monster.

  564. somi says:

    ok if this creature has a beak and possibly claws like a chicken it can be a spieces of bird like a penguin but it has pu glike ear which probably confuses most of us. If it is a turtle out of its shell it wouldnt have dog ears i assure you turtles dnot have ears that are like a dogs yea go look it up you wont find a turtle with flappy ears and if its a dog or racoon were’d the beak come from? so im guessing that it might have been a experiment or a animal we never actually discoverd it is a possibility but people dont want to accept that they dont know everything and when i say people im talking about those who think they know so much oviously not people you didnt creat the earth and the creatures on accept that and get on with life….!!!!!!

  565. Star Child says:

    Once upon a time in Montauk lied a Plum tree. For my name is Adam and I was with my wife Eve. I was told not to eat one of the Plums from a creature who resembled half dog/half pig. My wife insisted that i do and that she would give me anal sex if her request was answered. I then took a plump but yet firm and hard and veiney plum from the tree for us to eat. After we ate it i stuck my large cock in her gapping wet asshole which was throbbing. We named this land….LAND OF THY PLUMS. poem written by star child

  566. cookieking says:

    i think i will don my tin foil hat, my flippers and my ouija board and try and find me one of those, pig dog turtle bear manatee sea cow chipmunk rooster things.

    wonder how they taste?

  567. Someone says:

    I recently looked this monster up on google images. I found one picture that stuck out to me. It was three or four in one. this picture made alot of sence when you looked at the comparison. this was the older picture that was taken, you know the one that was better visible? It is a exact replica of a raccoon. the whole nose on it is missing, exposing the skull which makes it look like a beak. but look it up on google images and it should show up.

  568. Ro says:

    What’s the wait and why the mystery? You have a good specimen so why not send it out for a necropsy? Don’t waste time for decay. Could the skull be missing the upper and lower jaw leaving the skull cap to look like a beak? It is interesting.

  569. carrieann says:

    I would hope that you could find someone in forensics that you can trust and have them really do a full autopsy. Lets see what it most likely resemles dna wise. That alone may put rumors to rest. Very interesting though. The one found last year could look like a decomposed dog but something tells me it is not.

  570. Alicia S says:

    I believe that it is either a dead turtle without a shell or i have another theory its possible it could be a goat that has lost its fur and skin from being submersed in water for too long

  571. jac says:

    ya know, to me it looks like a griffin but it has no wings. maybe it dethawed from one of the ice caps that are melting or perhaps is one of the i’m sure many animals that we have not discovered yet. has there been dna run on it yet?

  572. lar429 says:

    this “monster” is simply a dead animal, skined for its fur, (for use in clothing ect) discarded, and finally washing up on shore. it is obvious that this animal had no skin, just look around the mouth–no lips. it still has reminants of skin and hair in patches around feet. i cant believe the ‘experts’ following this story havent thought of this.

  573. lar429 says:

    and its not a turtle. a turtle’s shell cannot come off. a turtles entire bone structure is incorpotated into its shell. if a turtle was to loose its shell, it would look like a half eaten carcas. this mysterious anima’ls insides are intact.. its musles are not even punctured. thus–not a turtle

  574. Ellie says:

    at first i thought it looked like a pig who lost it’s hooves or something, then i thought it looks sorta whaleish with the spots on it, my mom mentioned it has a beak looking thing for a mouth which makes you think turtle, but i looked up “turtles in NY water” and the largest they listed was around 19 inches in length of the shell, i’m not sure how large that thing is of course. my sister thought out loud that “it looks like some mutated animal that could’ve happened cause of all the pollution in the water” i’m not sure how much pollution is around NY, i don’t live there. people shouldn’t say “it’s a pig” or “it’s a dog” or turtle, i think people should be willing to acknowledge whatever it may be and accept the fact that it might not be what they’re expecting it to be. be open minded

  575. Heather says:

    I’m sure that all of these points have been covered by now, but from the photos I have seen on your site, I can tell that the Montauk monster appears to have a mammalian skull, very pronounced lower canines, and no upper canines with what appears to be a beak in their place. It is furred, and the body is very bloated from spending time in the ocean. The fur has either been picked off by scavengers or abraded off by the sand or something similar. I do not understand why the teeth have a pink cast–I am not a professional, perhaps this is simply something that occurs when a body is in salt water for too long? At first glance, it reminds me of a member of the dinosaur group of Heterodontosauridae. Perhaps a creature that evolved from one of these?
    The Moscow Monster has a very reptilian skull to me, and the long, narrow body and tail makes me think that that one is actually a marine creature. The lack of webbed toes or a keeled tail in the Montauk monster does not make it look like a marine animal to me, but the elongated front digits make me think that it is bipedal.

  576. Susan says:

    I don’t understand not turning it over to the authorities for identification. You have your pictures & enough publicity from this site to prove you were there with it, why not get it identified?

  577. Ken says:

    I am not here to place blame, but i would be interested in knowing what the content of the stomach are and if possible, what the cause of death is. If you are afraid the carcass will disappear, then take immediate action and be resourceful. photograph and document everything. If you are up to it, wear protection (face masks and gloves) and cut the carcass open.

  578. milly says:

    It looks like a giant turtle without its shell

  579. Nicole says:

    Im interested to know what the results of an autopsy would be. Its an interesting creature. I don’t know why everyone is so quick to just say its fake (it could be im not saying its not) but there are places in the ocean that we cant even go what if something forced the creature out of its natural habitat and then it died. Or it could be a deformed animal. Defects happen to humans so why not animals? I have a cat that has one to many toes on each foot lol.

    Anyway……When i saw the shot of its head in the video i thought it looked a little like a turtle without its shell.

  580. Jose says:

    Thank goodness,

    Thank you for finding my animal that was washed overboard while I was off the coast last winter. Truth be told: It sure looks like my pet “HOG”, especially with the way the snoot appears. It is also quite flat – HOG weighted about 670 pounds and always flopped along. His snoot was tore up when he put it into a meat grinder by mistake – boy did it squeal. I do not want “HOG’s” body back so please bury HOG properly for me.

    Thanks again for finding “HOG”.

  581. Cory says:

    I think it’s certainly not a dog. Whomever thinks it’s a dog is retarted.

    Anyways, I don’t know what it is. It’s not a pig, it COULD MAYBE be a turtle, I highly doubt it’s a “biological warfare weapon”.

    In truth, I have no clue what it might be, but I certainly know what it isn’t.

  582. Snorty McCrack says:

    looks like a naked bear. i have seen bears with out fur and well that kinda bear. the head is a bit odd though. the teeth on the jaws of a bear dont look like that plus it’s head is too small. hm… it is odd.

  583. bob says:

    looks like a wooless sheep

  584. Lisa says:

    For sure believe to much going on at Plum Island. I am from southeastern shore of CT and a very simular thing washed up at Ocean Beach in New London last fall. It was reported, pictured and quickly disapeared??? So that is 3 finds in 1 year…very disturbing and wonder how safe is it is to use our waters for recreational purposes. Imagine swimming in water and see this floating.. Thank you for keeping on ICE!!

  585. Well i live in the mtns of utah and i am a bit sceptical, but it wouldn’t surprise me either for reason: there are things that we don’t know for sure. We may think we know alot on out planet but if you really think about it we’ve just scratched th surface…

  586. alyssa says:

    Hi. i lived on long island same area as all these findings. i am currently in school for animal science and health. the only way your going to find out what it is is to first get a clean skull and bones and dna from tissues. there is a very high chance that it coulda came from plum island god knows what goes on there and like every other long islander we all wonder and have stories. The body is bloated and seems to have been in the water more then a week. i wouldnt say a dog seeing how this is the second time we have spotted one. and dogs wouldnt wonder into the water to the point where they get lost and drowned. what ever it is as to be coming from a island the current moves out. if it came from the long island shores that would mean it has to be drawn out by the current and stay out in the water more then a week and then float back in which is unlikley.

  587. jessica says:

    Personally it kinds looks like a bald penguin to me.

  588. doubter says:

    ok….after much studying of these pics i think they are dogs. if you do an image search on google you’ll find a close up the original head-what looks like a beak/bill from the distance is in fact a regular old jaw bone with all the top teeth missing. try covering up the snout/nose area in the pic and you’ll see a regular ole puppy. and nice try for pic two, but its obvious that the feet have been covered in the sand so as to not recognise the paws!!

  589. stacey says:

    Well it seems like this creature washes up on the beach when we all have warm weather. I personally think that this creature is a scientific experiement gone wrong. Someone is cloning probably 3-4 different animals and growing these creatures. Looks like a mixture between a turtle and god knows what else. That thing is scary. Apparently theres more than 1 of these creatures since they’ve already found 2. I wouldn’t go swimming in the ocean anytime soon. God knows if theres another creature out there that’ll come up and bite me in the ass… LOL…

  590. Aubrie says:

    I personally think that if this is a dog that has been tested on or whatever, the person who did it or people should be prosecuted, but if its not then creeeepppy but i think it may be

  591. Star says:

    looking at the more recent pictures of the carcass, the skull was showing and the animal has large canines from what I can see, it almost seems likely that it could be a sea lion or seal that could have been mutated by the environment it was in, nature has a way of doing that occasionally if a certain species had been in a certain place for a long time, so, it could be a “monster” but it looks kind of like a deformed seal or sea lion to me.

  592. Sydney says:

    I think it is a mutant pig/bird…Or whatever it is!

  593. nicole says:

    i think it could possible be a genetic experiment that includes many types of different animals dna

  594. exoticdoc2 says:

    From some angles it (“monster” #2) appears to be a badly decomposed pinniped of some sort (seal or sea lion).

  595. SenseAndSensibility says:

    To me, it seems rather obvious that this is a partially decayed polar bear carcass… It makes sense given the bear-like skeletal structure. The smaller build also makes sense, given baby polar bears are less skilled and strong swimmers. And as Global Warming has been making the distance between ice floes greater and greater, the timing of the phenomenon is also not unfounded. The relatively recent melting of the polar bear habitat is creating situations like these all over. Then again, New York is a fair ways from Polar ice floes, and indeed, it would seem that a carcass such as this would have decayed, if not been eaten, in the distance it would have had to travel……..

  596. Aussiecollective says:

    One thing people haven’t clued into about Plum Island is that very recently, the have been researching…

    Advanced Vaccines for Foot-and-Mouth Disease and Classical Swine Fever
    Development of Methods for Rapid Control of Classical Swine Fever (Csf)


    50 years and no pathogens escaping, my arse.

    As for your monster, I have no idea what it could be..but get a DNA test done and settle it for everybody.

  597. Jesse says:

    My opinion sounds like a weird idea, the animal is in the wrong part of the planet, but the pics and video kinda looks like a diseased sloth. Yes?

  598. Amanda says:

    I remember seeing this story somewhere. If we’re talking about the same thing that’s on the banner for this site then it was a shelless sea turtle.

  599. Boredom_function says:

    …Could be evolution happening I mean it’s been millions of years fish could have evolved enough to grow blubber…then again…we are getting more advanced it could be a mix of animals…well good luck with whatever it is.

  600. toby says:

    looks like a tortoise without its shell

  601. David says:

    I am a veterinarian that has practiced large and small animal medicine for the past 22 years. I grew up on a small farm and still raise sheep. this looks like a soggy bloated sheep carcuss. Although I can not see the feet that well the jaw/molars look like a ruminant. Ask anyone that has ever gutted a deer that you know to open the belly and look for four stomachs. Good Luck David

  602. ricky says:

    its kinda a bulldog decomposed from the water

  603. Victoria says:

    I think that it could be one of two (and I am using this term loosely) theories:
    1. It could just be evolution (or a deformity of an animal that drowned… some deformities look alike which would explain last year’s fiasco…)
    2. Someone could be doing some genetic crossbreeding things (and yes, I am being serious). That is how we have Ligers, Dog-Wolf hybrids…. ect. Maybe they got loose. Like one did last year and drowned and then another one drowned.

    but, while I know you are being cautious, why don’t you just send it to a research laboratory? They could clear up this mess with some DNA testing and with an autopsy…

  604. Wesaraw says:

    So, not sure how accurate this is, but I have a slight theory.

    I read a couple of internet articles about scientists doing research to combine cross species DNA in order to inject animals with human viruses, and thus improve stuidies of certain cures for said ailments.

    One article in particular talked about a successful combination of Dog DNA and a species of Fish DNA. The end result was a normal looking dog, however this special dog glowed under a blacklight. My theory is that this thing, and any of the other supposed creatures that have been found, are failed experiments to combine 2 differnt species of DNA.

    As to why they were washed out to shore and not just disposed of in a incinorator or somthing of that sort, Im unsure of. I suspect that common waste removal was out of the question because Im sure after the first exposure, any out going waste from ANYWHERE was probably being inspected by someone. Lots of people are dedicated enough to go through lab waste in order to find answers

  605. Susan says:

    Could it be a Manatee? Or some type of mole? That’s what it looks like to me. I didn’t see any mention of its measurements so I have no idea how large it is. Anyway, regardless of what it is, if it is on ice it is disintegrating – FAST. Get this thing to any lab so they can examine its tissue before its too late – it is probably too late already.

  606. Indra-Alexis says:

    Honestly, it looks like a dog carcass, that washed up on a beach, it is probably hard to indentify because it is in an advance state of decay. If it is a dog or some other animal carcass the question is, where are they coming from? Is this going to happen every year, where the body of an animal washes ashore? I hope not. Someone needs to find the source asap!

  607. Morgan says:

    Why not try the dog breed DNA test you can buy at Petco for $80? At least you’ll eliminate one possiblity.

  608. Louise says:

    There is a family in Long Island that is missing their dog very much.

  609. Lori says:

    Come on people. Its a large turtle without its shell!

  610. Victoria says:

    In one way it resembles a dog but in another it looks like a pig. Have the skeleton checked out, then if you still dont know call Ripley’s Believe It or Not! This is really interesting tho. Be careful of who you talk too. Wouldn’t want just anybody getting hold of it.

  611. Sixx says:

    Ok at first look I could say it’s a few things, a sea turtle, a pig, or a bear(looks most like one). Now it’s very,very possible that you have someone who is good with taxidermy taking a few parts from different animals and creating this “monster”. Then again it’s also possible that it’s a deformity caused by animal testing(most likely gonna be PETA’s answer). The simple solution to it is take samples of tissue and send them to colleges for dna testing. Virginia Tech has an excellent biology lab that could tell you whether its a regular animal or some new discovery. The fact you people keep them and alert the media right off leads me to believe its a simple hoax, which is backed up by the original going “missing” before it could be examined.

  612. Kerri says:

    If you look closely enough at the photos and know animals fairly well, know that area fairly well and are a former or current hunter, you can get a good idea of what it is.

    First, to those who say it’s a pig, pigs don’t have fur, let alone, grey/black fur and they surely don’t have claws, they have 2 toed hooves.
    Second it’s not a bear, although Northern Black Bear do have fur, it would be a color mutation for their fur to be silver/grey and black. The claws could still lead you to believe it is a bear cub, but the feet say differently, bears have a nice rounded foot that leaves a “rounded print” never do they leave a print such as a rabbit would, they don’t have the “elongated” feet that rabbits, cats, dogs, raccons, do.
    It is in no way is it a cat or a dog, the claws would be shaped differently then in this picture(back feet).
    Now as for knowing the area and being a former hunter(yes I’m a female)
    The North, NY, NJ, Conn, OH, MI, RI, VT ect. hold some of the largest raccoons on record, reaching over 2 foot long and known to weigh 28-30lbs. Now look at the back feet and claws on this one found 5-5-2009 and the fur, take into account, bloating, being water logged and eaten on by seagulls and fish. And we have ourselves another dead raccoon that easily could have been a record weight raccoon when it was alive.

  613. Thad says:

    It’s not a turtle, because we would be able to see inside of it or at least verts and ribs that make up the shell of turtles.

    If the teeth really do look human, then it might be a pig. Their teeth are somewhat similar.

    There are a number of people at Stony Brook who study anatomy and others who focus on identifying ancient animal skeletal remains.

  614. Amber says:

    Do you think it could be like a sea lion a young one, the daytime pictures of the “thing” below would kinda resemble one. i mean its obviously been decaying for a while, but that could explain the blubber, and the hair. but i have NO idea really…..i hope you figure something out sometime soon. Good luck with the leads!!

  615. Kerri says:

    P.S. This happens the same time every year, right.
    The same time every year raccoons start moving more and the boars start re-establishing their territories, and that usually includes a body of water or several. The biggest and strongest get the better territories

  616. odette says:

    hi it think it is a washed up bear, being in the salty water willmake it loose the fur. ice bears do have pigment in their skin. and they can wander off an drown too, sea current bringing them to shore. i have seen bodys of drowned animals, .why not take a small dna sample and send it to a veterinary school . just stick a needle in it drow up some material in a syringe and send it of and let them compare it to ice bear/ dna. anatomy wise it looks like a bear. good luck with the “monster”

  617. jay says:


  618. Patrick says:

    i think its a weird experiment by a person who thinks he/she’s Dr. Frankenstein or something and dumped the bodys. it could be the cross between a dog/pig, a vulture/ostrich, and a sloth. thats just what i can see in the pictures. . . . .but then again it could be an abonination/mutation oa an evolved species that lives deep in the ocean, or on plum island. but i would contact homeland security in case it was some sort of biological warfare or a terrorist attack. . . . . . .

  619. Mike says:

    I think this/these are remains of a seal. after Googling images for skeletal structures (dur to the odd-looking skull) I came across these:

    Although I did find this related article regarding “Puijila darwini” – a missing link of mammals

    We know it’s marine and a mammal at least…

  620. Paul says:

    I think it is a sea turtle without the shell, the head looks like a snapping turtle and hands look like their claws.

  621. Melissa says:

    This animal or creature or monster or what ever the hell it is, is creepy. I never seen nothing like this in my entire life. It looks like some pig, dog, chicken, turtle, looking thing.

  622. Ron Weasley says:

    From all the evidence I’ve seen, I’m saying that it’s a dog. How could it be a turtle? Since when do they have fur?

  623. Renee Markel says:

    It could be a “normal” creature that had some kind of advanced cancer, causing it to lose its hair and grow tumorous masses all over its body, giving it such an unrecognizable shape. Or, it could be some prehistoric creature that was encased in ice which floated along and recently melted conveniently near the coastline. The teeth indicate it is carnivorous, so it couldn’t be a huge rodent. My best guess is that it’s some kind of bear. But I hope it isn’t. I’d rather believe it is some kind of new, rare monster we’ve never seen before.

  624. Nate Gilman says:

    this is great. i am gad we have found a potential new species. it has been a very long time since a new species that is bigger than bacteria or a bug has been like to think that our planet still holds mysteries for us to solve and keep us entertained. Please try to find a live one!. and hey u may ge the pleasure of picking the name of a new creature!! please pick something not stupid sounding

  625. j to the bo says:

    i don’t think its an experiment that got loose… i think they would have better precautions than stop something they can see… but with plum island being a old place of biological warfare testing,(which was the origin and cause for lyme disease), and now a center for ANIMAL DISEASE TESTING, its safe to assume that something, cellular, has gotten out, into the water perhaps and has created/mutated these creatures… this may be the signs of the next Apocalypse to come…or just a man made evolution…time will tell

  626. Reyleen says:

    I think It’s one of the last dinosaurs; an underwater one of course. It could only keep going forward, like sharks. That is how it could have drowned. And the first Montauk Monster could have been from the same mother, but she could’ve gone out to the deep sea; or we will have to wait for her to wash up too.

  627. Jim says:

    Poor quality photo/video make for sketchy id, but the visible portion of the skull looks like a bear or large dog (a breed with a less pronounced forehead, like a labrador), as some have suggested.

    As for identifying the creature, the skull is all that’s needed. No expensive DNA. Remove the skull, boil the flesh off, hand it to any taxonomist you please, and you’ll have the answer in an instant.

    Bulldog? Seal? Turtle without a shell? Gimme a break, people. It’s all in the skull. Easy enough to find a picture online.

    Oh, and by the way, beach surf is perfectly capable of burying a carcass entirely, much less leaving a bit of sand on it. Geez, you’d think you people had never walked on a beach. And as for floating upside down due to gas buildup, this carcass is obviously far past the point of flesh breakdown; any gas would escape before it could build up any bouyancy. Not to mention the surf could have left the carcass any which way after rolling it around.

    This looks very much like a dead animal washed up by the sea. Man. It’s just weird around here.

  628. k says:

    Wild boar is my guess and they can get quite large. Add water salt, and
    damages from the element, has of waves, sand etc. I hope they aren’t contaminated if it is experiments gone wrong. Has PLum Lab reported any comments?

  629. Charlene says:

    Well this looks like a pig, skeletal remains and decaying animals take on a diffrent form. But it looks like it walked the earth recently and not on the moon. The white one found for sure has the markings of a bear, notice the length and colour of the hair on the body. Also a bears facial skeleton is longaited also and they have molers at the back. The tail is covered with hair is it appears short to us. These animals are probably washing ashore due to the Tsunami years ago. You can tell they have been in the water along time. Or they could have been disposed of in the ocean. Anything, just think what is thrown in the ocean that we know nothing about, and to think we all still eat from the dirties little pool on earth. Dead animals, decaying bodies etc. I’m telling you look at the white one that washed up and look at the hair on its body. The other one has been baking in the sun for awhile that expains the colour. The white one has been bloated and in the water for not as long though, hence the very white skin….

  630. Peekuhboo says:

    i like how a lot of these comments are all ‘dont waste our time’ did anyone MAKE you read this blog? or even freaking ask you to? unless a gun was put to your fricking head to make you read this, you have no right to come on this guy’s turf and bitch at him abotu blogging about this.

    that said, i agree more in line with paul, it looks like a sea turtle without the shell. BUT i couldnt really judge the size of it in the video very well.

    i look forwardto your further findings on this. i wish you good luck

  631. julie says:

    I’m wondering why you filmed whatever it was at night with a flashlight and not in daylight when we could see the whole “body” at once and have a good view… Suspicious to say the least.

  632. Heather says:

    It looks like it is some sort of dog breed that has been floating in the water for a long while….the pictures seem to match up somewhat and make sense with the little fingers, tails, legs, ears, and face….it cant be a turtle…it just cant be….it cant be a pic because of the tail and finger-like things….its definetly not a raccoon…..

  633. Heather says:

    i meant pig in my last comment….not pic

  634. R says:

    The first creature found last year (i think) looked like a leather back turtle. This one, from looking at the skull of a coyote and considering that long island is heavily populated by coyotes, could be the shaved carcass of a coyote.

  635. Huabs says:

    I think it’s a sheep or a bear … but not a monster … greetings from Austria!

  636. Rhonda Pimentel says:

    The first so called montauk monster was obviously a sea turtle which had its shell removed by disease or poachers. The second is absolutely a bear of some kind, after studying the photo it’s the most plausable conclusion. But I’m very skeptical of your motives and the whole story seems very peculiar. You could easily have it geneticly tested!

  637. Jordan says:

    I am really up in the air about this…it is possible that plum island is behind this. However, I was wondering if anyone ever explored the theory of dog fighting? Its something that goes on across the shores…in cuba? i think. its terrible but i think its possible.

  638. Chris says:

    Dog? Pig? Boar? Black bear? Seriously, do people use any intelligence or just throw out random things. Yes, there is a possibility that it could be. But it has a tail if no one noticed. No pig or bear have tails like that and in my opinion looking at the legs and feet rule out it being a dog.

    People, there are MILLIONS of undiscovered species. Who says this isn’t a new one? It may very well possibly be a hoax. I’m not going to say what I think it is. Once a scientific analysis has been done then I will believe it’s a dog or whatever. I’ve also been looking through finding skeletons of animals that may possibly fit this shape and none I’ve seen work.

  639. robin says:

    I was looking at the picture of the so-called “montauk monster” when my soon to be 4 year old came in. She asked what I was looking at and I told her an otter (didn’t want to mention monster). She told me it was not an otter, but a tapir. Did some searching and it does look an awful lot like a tapir (except the feet). Check these links out…

    Don’t know how they wound up in NY, but just a thought!! I do however love the thought of a monster!

  640. Untrentide says:

    I personally cannot decide what it could be but what bugs me the most is that the head is always was is eaten away.

  641. Jenn says:

    I think it’s a raccoon.
    Look at that skull and compare it with your monster’s, they look pretty similar to me.
    As for size, my parents had a huge raccoon in their attic a few years back, probably about 30 pounds. I imagine that this guy would be about the same size were it not for bloating and floating in the water for several days.
    I wish it were a monster, that would be far more entertaining and interesting, but I think all you’ve got is a rotten raccoon carcus. 🙁

  642. Maren says:

    Not to be all squeamish or anything, but whatever the Montauk Monster is, it has been fed of off. I just find it odd that it is mainly the face and the feet that are gone first….

    Anybody up for the nose, eyes, tongue, and paw-padding for dessert after dinner tonight?? EEEEEWW!! LOL sorry, it just seems so odd to me!

  643. Hyakko says:

    I beleive it is a man made chimera with the left arm of a chicken,the right arm of a pig,the teeth of a human and the skin of a squid!

  644. Jenny says:

    I work with corpses of all types and ranges of decay. The only thing I know for certain is that the process of putrefaction can render even a human corpse into something monstrous, especially in the ocean. I suspect a simple explanation would be had quite quickly if an anthropological expert were consulted as many contributers here have mentioned. And universities harbor many such experts! If you really want an answer you can get one quite easily.

  645. Greg says:


  646. Kevin says:

    I think this is sadly a mutilated, bloated dog. The jawline, the paws look to be man-mutilated. Just another sad abused, tortured animal which is entertaining the public for no good reason.

  647. Massi says:

    There is a look alike mythical creature like this in Persian culture, called Homa, however it is not an evil one and it does not live in waters. for the image look at this link

  648. Kat says:

    Either its fake, or some sort of tortise that was either released or escaped and died. possibly a boat or something damaged it and its shell broke apart. thats just what it looks like to me, a rotting snapping tortise.

  649. Eris says:

    This latest subject (from the 3 still photos available) looks a lot like a modified sheep carcass. A good special effects make-up artist can get away with a lot these days.
    The video is absolutely no help since Mr. flashlight holder couldn’t find the target and Mr. camera holder didn’t hold still long enough on anything to be of any use. Very clever.
    If it is flesh and not photoshop magic, any part of it taken to a proper lab can tell you what it is… or isn’t. They can even analyze goo to see if it’s synthetic.

    As for the first specimen, did those supposed straps around it’s limbs that were placed perfectly to hide modification points, did those also disintegrate with the carcass?

  650. wmnsk says:


  651. Hai~Ren says:

    Like the original Montauk carcass, it’s just a badly decomposed raccoon.

    Nope, not a mutant, not a genetic experiment, definitely NOT a turtle, especially when you consider that the carcass a) has HAIR, b) doesn’t have scales, and c) doesn’t have a huge gaping hole in its back.

    Seriously, people need to go pick up a book on anatomy, or at least call up the biology department at the local university.

  652. Jessica says:

    I have a family member that went to China a couple years ago for a year. He said it looks exactly like the cooked dogs they hang in the windows of restaurants. I agree. This creature looks like it’s been cooked or smoked. The hide looks cooked.

  653. kwami says:

    IT could not be a turtle without a shell or else it’s back would be split open turtles shells grow from their ribs

  654. makaya says:

    it looks like a pig or something

  655. carl says:

    well if ya know anything about wild animals you can tell by the shape of the head that this was a bear. either a polar bear thaqt fell off the ice or couldn’t make it to the next ice flo or it’s a north american black bear, to which I have a complete skull and it looks to me to be the same as what your monster is

  656. my uncle paulie lives in NY and he had one of these things attack his boat early one morning about 6 months ago.he called the police and they turned up with some government agents and scientists…

  657. eerma says:

    oh my god, its that real monster?
    im scared coz always alone every nite

  658. Chris says:

    It’s an English Bulldog and his name’s Bully. My friends parents lost him overboard in that general area…they sink better than they swim. It’s not a “monster”, it’s Steve and Vera’s drowned English Bulldog (Bully).

  659. Dolores says:

    Why wouldn’t you wait till it was light out to do the video?

  660. Heroh says:

    The shape reminded me of something, how the skin sat on the shoulders and the neck, so I had a suspicion and looked it up. It’s neither a dog nor a monster (this time). It’s a seal. Check out the anatomy, the bones in the flippers, the tail, and the skull….

    I’m not saying the FIRST monster was a seal.. I don’t know WHAT the heck it was, but this second sighting was DEFINITELY a seal.

  661. SuperCow says:

    Its definately no dog.. if it was, they probably would have figured it out already. Dogs dont have “fingers”. Looks like some kind of sloth to me.. though I have not a lot of knowledge of sloths.

  662. D-X says:

    There is a Government testing facility close to Long Island… & it is possible that this was a previous experiment… the shape, the prehistoric beak, the claws & the overall size suggest to me that this is a skinned sea turtle or in the turtle gene pool.

    Not trying to be negative, but common sense usually provides a solution, if you are thorough… the only two outer-worldly things that I believe exist are, other life forms in the universe & ghosts… because the latter I have experienced first hand.

  663. Barbara says:

    Something similiar washed up on Dominion beach in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia in the late 1950’s . Many people witnessed it. It was much bigger(maybe the size of a small horse) The town officials called it a mysterious sea horse and it was towed away with a tow truck. It was in the newspapers here.(The Sydney Post) I often wonder if there are more and I always think about this when walking on that beach.

  664. Andy says:

    I know that I’m just a part of the grand scientific conspiracy against the Montauk Monster, but I would respectfully submit that this is almost certainly a racoon or something similar. As someone who has observed carcasses of a variety of animals pass from fresh to skeletal on multiple occasions, I can assure the more credulous readers here that even the most mundane of organisms (coyotes, cattle, etc.) will sometimes look quite alien as various pieces of flesh pull back and decompose in odd ways. Based on the shape of the skull, etc., it likely belongs to the group of animals called “Carnivorans” (cats, dogs, bears, racoons, etc.). Much the same goes for the original “Montauk Monster,” too.

    For a qualified opinion from a scientist with an interest in cryptozoology, check out this page.

  665. Kelly says:

    Vincent van Gogh became famous after his death, he wasn’t really that successful in his lifetime. I had not heard about this fascinating creature before his death, but I, and thousands, if not millions of other people as well, know him now. So could this being be a reincarnated van Gogh? Van Gogh killed himself, which means he did not go to heaven, so maybe this is his punishment for committing a suicide- not achieving much in his lifetime, but becoming famous after his death. I think this theory is worth considering.

  666. s says:

    polar bear cub???? lack of or early melt of arctic ice has lead to countless bears drowning, currents may have carried it this far. that’s my opinion. but it’s most likely a hoax of some sort…or maybe a dog, decomp does funny things to animals.

  667. Heather S says:

    I was curious as to which side of LI this thing washed up on….only because having grown up in Connecticut, I know for a fact that the LI sound has been seriously poluted and contaminated for years. I can remember going to the beach in Stratford with my mom and sister when I was like 8 years old and medical waste washing up on the shore along with dead fish, etc. What we could have here is simply a terrible mutation of some sort of creature due to the contaminants in the sound.

  668. Nathalie says:

    Looks like a cow or pig to me. How disgusting to touch something that’s decomposed that much.. I’ve seen much worse then that. Once a cow on our farm gave birth to a calf whose head had not fused shut, it was born with the head opened up like a walnut. You could see the brain and everything inside. Now that misformed scull we should have sold on eBay, it truly was a monster.

  669. Long Islander says:

    It’s probably some strange creation that came from Plum Island. Just think about it. No one is allowed to go to Plum Island unless you are working there and even then you have to sign a contract stating “you must not discuss or talk about anything that is seen while your trip to Plum Island”. The company i work for had a job on that island and there were so many rules and regulations. They must be breeding some type of animal for testing there. Who knows?

  670. ktmac says:

    After seeing both photos it is obvious that it is more than one animals DNA involved here.
    The first photo, from last year looked more like the body of a pig but had arms with some sort of claws like a bear. The neck was very short and muscular to carry that huge head.
    The head started off looking like one thing – which I can not find the words to describe at this moment, but the mouth – now that was like that of a squid.
    The most recent find, the white animal had the body of a sheep, same looking arms, same neck, same head and same mouth. All features point to this animal being a predictor.
    The one thing that dawned on me is the bodies of both creatures lacked – at least from the photos shown, no other animal in the ocean was interested in doing any “nibbling” on these carcasses.
    What I did not see was a huge bite out of any parts of their bodies. Mother nature rejected this feast.
    So, what ever is going on in the labs at this Plum Island is pretty scary.
    Obviously, they are doing some “creative” engineering of animals and either these two animals got away or they just dumped them in the ocean figuring the sharks and all the other animals in the deep blue sea would just eat away the evidence.
    Truly this is unethical and the whole idea of mixing a little of this with a little of that is got to tell you that there are some pretty brilliant minds that have become completely out of control.
    Maybe our efforts should shift from “what” the heck is this thing on the beach to “who” the heck made this thing, and see what else they got cooking in the kitchen! What are they doing trying to bring the dinosaurs back?

  671. Jenna says:

    To me it looks like a koala bear that is bloated from being in the water…

  672. Tracy says:

    Goverment cloning gone bad

  673. Suzi says:

    Someone has been gene-splicing……….could be part human!

  674. Jenny says:

    I’m thinking it’s some kind of prehistoric animal that was previously never dicovered, or quite possibly it could be a hybrid. As in some phycho path created this ‘monster’ and couldn’t keep it contained.

  675. stephanie says:

    I thought the other one was a tapir b/c of the hooved feet, but this one’s got different feet, hmmmmmm?

  676. Actual Biologist says:

    First of all, anyone who is ACTUALLY interested in reality and is genuinely curious about this carcass, please check out Darren Naish’s excellent blog post for an analysis:

    Here’s my advice for anyone who finds something dead that they can’t immediately identify. I don’t expect everyone else to be as knowledgeable as I am about animal anatomy – goodness knows I can’t immediately ID every critter I find – but I do expect people to use COMMON SENSE. First, take a good look at the corpse from many angles. Use a stick to turn it over and look at the underside. If that doesn’t give you any clues, take LOTS of pictures in daylight from as many angles as you can. Make sure to get at least one shot from directly above and one from the side. The whole animal should be in the frame. Also, please include some sense of scale! Pretty much every photo of so-called “monsters” or weird creatures has nothing in it that can tell us how large the creature is. If you don’t have a ruler, use your hand or foot, or a coin, or a dollar bill, or SOMETHING of known size placed directly alongside the corpse. Take the photos to your local natural history museum, university biology department, zoo, natural history club, veterinarian, wildlife rehab center, WHATEVER – take the photos to more than one person, if you’re afraid of some vast conspiracy. The more people you share the images with, the harder they will be to cover up! If you don’t get a solid ID after that, ask someone at a university if they could get you in contact with a DNA analysis lab. That should answer your question pretty definitively. If you don’t trust “the establishment” for some bizarre reason, at least show the corpse to some long-time hunters or other folks knowledgeable about dead animals. Do your own research! Look in local wildlife guides, study up on how corpses decompose… what are the teeth like? The feet? Is there a tail, or any fur? If you’re really obsessed, preserve the carcass in a plastic bag in a large freezer – then you can continue to examine it until you’re satisfied. And please… I know most people aren’t as obsessed with biology as I am, and might not know certain things, but a TURTLE OUT OF ITS SHELL??? Seriously? Please, please do yourself a favor and find a picture of a turtle skeleton. Cartoons lie. A turtle’s shell is its ribcage and spine, and it cannot come off, unless you rip the turtle apart. Also, last time I checked, turtles don’t have fur or teeth.

  677. Robert Morpheal says:

    First “monster” is quite obviously a dead lion that has been in the water a very long time, causing it to become very bloated. Sparse hair in tufts, and some evidence of where the mane apparently was. Claws have fallen out as would be expected at that stage of decay. Appears to be a mature male of the species. The second is probably a Tapir, similarly in the water a very long time, and very bloated. The best evidence for identification is the long snout, which though deteriorated still shows characteristic extension, even if it does not evidence the more cartilegenous curve which would have decayed more quickly than the more boney prominence from the skull. The short legs remain typical as does the body, despite its bloating and severely decomposed condition.

    The real mystery appears to be, not what they are, but how they got there. Zoo animals of that sort are usually disposed of in an incinerator, after death, and not thrown into the ocean to rot and wash ashore. The possibility is that they were privately held, and not in a public zoo. That raises the suspicion that they were victims of mistreatment, and disposed off into the ocean for fear of their being found out. That would be a serious concern as to who owned them before their demise and disposal into the Atlantic. Such exotic animals are rarely “pets”. Perhaps a private zoo.

  678. SFS says:

    Likely a Nutria – what’s left of the top of the skull looks pretty ‘rodent-like’, but, definately not a “…turtle out of it’s shell.’ Turtle backbones and ribs are fused to the inside of their shell (actually part of the shell structure), & the ‘skin’ of a turtle is also a part of the shell structure, so a ‘…turtle out of it’s shell…’ would be a bunch of messy flesh & intestines, with legs, head & tail attached, but, without any backbone, ribs or skin.

    Just ‘grow up’ & take it to a reputable vet – anyone with animal medical training could probably tell you in a minute what it is (was…)

  679. Nicole says:

    looks to me like a cow carcass,(especially since it was stated that it had hooves), minus the head.

  680. Joe says:

    A large seal. Probably bloated and messed up because it was floating in salt water so long.

  681. Doug says:

    Agreed, everyone can skip the Rorschach blot test because it’s absolutely a raccoon.

  682. Stu Pudasso says:

    It’s an alien….RUN!….RUN!

  683. Damon says:

    It is a raccoon, or at least it is a monster with a raccoon’s skull in its head. I have an Osteology background. I could tell 100% what it was as soon as I saw the top of the Nasal bone and the premaxillar. good on you for making some money off the shirts though.

  684. Sunni Jill says:

    On Survivor the other night an animal that looks very similar was shown running across the tundra. If that was actually in Tocantins, maybe it’s one of those. It looked like a hairy animal with a snout….just like these carcasses. But….what do I know?

  685. Zachary Whitsett says:

    It’s a dead pig, bloated from being in the seawater. It has the same facial and feet structure of a pig. I can’t understand why it’s not obvious to everyone else.

  686. whatisitreally says:

    What’s really disturbing is that this animal has a mother and a father somewhere. Although genetic anomalies can and do exist in nature, the fact that TWO of these things washed up on the beach in the same local within a relatively short lifespan, that they both are of very similar appearance and NOT aquatic creatures indicates that this is definitely NOT a natural occurrence.

    So how were they both discovered near the same locale washed up on beaches so near each other? The writing is on the wall people: THE SO-CALLED PLUM ISLAND DISEASE RESEARCH FACILITY MUST BE INVESTIGATED BY INDEPENDENT COMMISSION. Period. Apparently there could be some very illegal, very immoral and downright terrifying genetic experiments happening somewhere close to where these carcasses were found.

  687. mike says:

    It is probably a walrus or seal

  688. LEE says:


  689. Dominik says:

    i really think is a dinosaurier 😉 who comes frosted from old ice. looks like a “Achelousaurus” after a fight without horns 🙂 ..or a “Agujaceratops !!!!!” think thats the right answer!

    search the Dinos, and see the affinity 😉

  690. Alice says:

    It looks to me like a “nibbled on” turtle without his shell. My grandfather used to catch turtles for soup. Yup,Yup, that is what it looks like alright.

  691. Liz - Canada says:

    I hate to rain on everyone’s parade. But it honestly looks like a half eaten seal.
    Do a simple google search for images of seals’ anatomy and bone structure. The fins, tail, beak-like mouth all match.

    I imagine that with the melting icecaps and changing water currents, some seals might be heading out further into the ocean than normal. Either their bodies can’t handle the different environment and they’re washing ashore. Or they’ve become prey for something larger, but for whatever reason are being regurgitated.


  692. Peter S says:

    It’s just a big OPOSSUM! Look at the skeleton pics on wikipedia. No mystery here!

  693. Moygirl says:

    I dont think either of these carcasses are dogs. The first one that washed up was extremely disturbing. you can see short arms, a pig like body and a beaked face? Sounds like someone or some group might have been trying to make a new species? And how the authorities misplaced or stole the first one should worry people.
    The carcass that just washed up, looks like an experiment gone more awry. You can see vertebrae more in the neck area, although a missing head or whatever is left is a little creepy.
    If I were you, I would personally contact reputable sciencentists in the world of anthropology at Columbia or SUNY, send them pics to start if they want. I wouldnt sell anything to anyone if you are really concerned over this. People, do not rule out Plum Island…We have no idea what our government does behind closed doors!

  694. Carol says:

    I’d say, having looked at several animal skull photos, it’s a coyote.

  695. Heather says:

    me and my friends were looking at this and we could mix and match animals to get the different features, but something i noticed i thought it looked familure from some fairy tale and sure enough it looks like a griffin, you have the beak the hair along the face, the hands and feet match the tail, but it doesnt have wings however the wings could have been removed, healed, and then burnt, the animals skin reminded us of the way pig skin looks when you cook it
    i dont see how you get dog out of that dogs dont have beaks, or teeth like that, or paws,

  696. Cool blog, like what I read. Will be back to read more. Adding to RSS feeder. Bob

  697. Billy says:

    its a pig-dog fish and its all the militarys fault

  698. Michael says:

    it’s a pig. the hooves are a dead give away.

  699. FRANK says:


  700. shawn says:

    this thing could possibly be a mix of dog/pig DNA to creat a genetic cycle of a different speices from a lab on plum island, who knows i am only 12.

  701. Mel says:

    It almost looks like it belongs to the family Talpidae (moles, if you prefer)
    but it’s too large to be placed in that family…

    anyway, my first thought was it looks like an inflated naked mole rat. lol
    Look at the tail, far too large to be a sea turtle or bear.
    The skull is a good indicator as well.

    I’d say do some research on Order Soricomorpha as a starting point..

    ~Man, this takes me back to biology class years ago!
    Keep us updated on your progress of determining what this is…

  702. Amanda says:

    I believe this is a sea turtle that has lost its shell. It’s face has a beak shape like a turtle, and the arms and legs are shaped like fins.

  703. Maureen says:

    This is clearly one of two things. It’s either a giant hoax like the loch ness monster or some sick scientists genetically mutating animals and/or cross breeding and the new beasts don’t have what it takes to survive or they are so monstrous that they are killing them and throwing them into the sea.

  704. Sarah Hunter says:

    A sea turtle without it’s shell?? I don’t know what they look like without their shell but it’s “nose” kind of resembles some of those big sea turtle’s…with all the polution that’s gone into the world’s waters it could be a mutation of just about anything really. I would really like to see someone with a real scientific background analyze and dissect it to get to the answer. Or is this all part of some elaborate hoax? If it doesn’t get looked at by someone with actual scientific credentials then to me it’s suspicious – especially with the other one going “missing”…

  705. kristel says:

    For all thouse brilliant people grasping for sheep straws i’ll give you credit for originality not every one would notice the skulls kinda like a sheep. seriously though dude come on sheep have cleft feet like hoves. (points at a corny bible sheep picture which seem to have an ample supply of poorly drawn sheep but are observant enough to draw the hoves they have)
    I’m all for the bloated dead animal card, i’ll merit the fact that cloneing a DNA altering is pretty advanced now, but still very unlikely if it was a freak science experiment it would have never been so easily leaked from it’s facility unless it could fly which it obviously can not. personaly though I’d like my on bio-engineared cat like a liger half lion and tiger unfortunatly they die off because their DNA is so F$%^ed it can no longer reproduce. beautifull cat though. huge you gotta feed it a fricken horse a day.
    So once again dead animal thats snout fur and fingers rubbed off with the friction of the tide and decay

  706. peaceoutgurl says:

    i think that that thing is just FREAKY looking lol, but it looks a deformed seal or somethin like that…

    put 2gether da peaces!!! <3 =0)

  707. peaceoutgurl says:

    hey wat is up my peeps? (sorry just had 2 say that) i hope u find more about that monster-thing. good luck!! <3 =0)

  708. JWing says:

    Coypu rodent (wiki search it) is small-ish in size and is abundant in Louisiana. If one wandered a little east, died, and the current drove it north this is entirely possible. Because there are no size or visual references to guess size, I would also postulate that this could have been a capybara. Southamerican – HUGE. Some people in the States keep them as pets. If one went swimming (they love to swim) and was attacked by a marine predator it could have washed ashore. The only areas of doubt are in the shape of the ears and if what I am seeing are rodent like teeth or tusks from the head of the “creature”. The second find shows patches of mammallian hair/fur. The salinity of ocean water would contribute to hair loss of a decomposing carcass.

  709. Joey says:

    The original looked like a wingless; maybe a baby, gryphon. At least that is what it looked like to me.

  710. denise says:

    It’s man, bear, pig. Half man, half bear, half pig.

  711. melissa tamburri says:

    i think its a camodo dragon

  712. vernedes says:

    It looks like roland


  714. jomega says:

    Paleontologist Darren Naish has discussed both of these critters based on the available photos and video: (For the first Montauk “monster”)
    …and… ( For the beastie in this post )

    He builds a pretty good case for both being rotten Raccoons.

  715. Twitch says:

    I’m leaning towards some kind of canine. The snout has no beak so I’m reluctant to call it a turtle out of his shell, and the nose is too short for a bear. The simple fact is the only way of knowing will be autopsy and some study. Don’t let the naysayers get you down. I am currently heavily involved with a prominent group that dedicated to the search for bigfoot, so I understand the ridicule that you can incure. Keep up the good work, it’s dedicated people like us that do the most for cryptozoology.

  716. Lauren says:

    From a skeptical angle, it can be viewed as many things: a dog, a pig, a sheep, a bear, a sea turtle with the shell taken off. I have also heard some people think of it as a horse, which I know it has no resemblence to at all(I grew up with horses and study them). I, of course, have a hope that it is some type of new species or something crazy, just because I sometimes jump to conclusions. But, it definetly should be sent somewhere to get tested. I also can see how the theory that it could be some pre-historic animal that was frozen in a glacier that melted, what with global warming and all that, would make some sense. Scientits have found stranger things. It could also be some deep-sea creature, that lives in a place inaccesible to humans. But whatever it is, the answer is quite simple: to just get the DNA tested.

  717. kay says:

    I think about four possibilities regarding the Montauk-Monster. First I consider the depth of the ocean and the undiscovered wilds all over the world and think this could be an animal that no one has ever seen. Second, I take into consideration the polution dumped into our environment, so this could be a mutation of sorts. Third, with science being the way it is, this could be a creation of scientific experiement that escaped captivity and died or never lived long and the carcass was recklessly disposed. And the final, this is a hoax. Only time and testing with proper documentation will tell. But, I do keep an open mind and I am totally curious aabout the results of the Montauk-Monster.

  718. jake says:

    i think its probably some kind of mutated animal from plum island. it has a beak (i think it does) and it has the body of a pig, it looks pretty big. i cant think of any other animal that this might be.

  719. zl says:

    Umm, The Skull looks like a Seals , but the body in way more Quadruped than I have ever seen a Seal Carcass , also , A seal Skull has pretty big Foward Canines , very interesting

  720. Abe says:

    Just from glancing at the skull, it looks like some sort of carnivore. There seem to be empty tooth sockets where canines would go (in my experience teeth fall out rather early in the decaying process if it’s in water).

    Probably a dog, but still a cool find.

  721. Gustavo says:

    Has any university jumped at researching the carcass? Where is the carcass presently?

  722. Mig says:

    looks like a really dead capybara to me. I mean, same feet, rodent skull and about the right size. The only thing I don’t get is the tail. It’s like a pittbull capybara combo.

  723. Jessica says:

    I belive this was a science experement gone wrong and some how fell into the ocean

  724. Mischa says:

    hmmmm….. it looks like a dog crossed with a pig….. and a beak??Its wierd…..
    It has ”fingers”… and a type of neck….
    We are polluting the oceans a LOT so… a mutated animal?
    Or an animal no one has ever seen……
    Or like someone else said, it could be a prehistoric animal that got frozen in a glacier, but then we would hav found more…. or at least their skeletons…..

  725. Jaraad says:

    ok,i think there were actually three sightings,(none of which could’ve been of the same animal) the first of course of the red Monty. i dont know what that was, and i highly doubt it, but if any of the theorists are right, then its a raccoon. the secong, was of a blue animal, that is almost certainly a dog(you can see the ears and everything!). the last one, this new one that came out. at first glance i thought it was a pig, but, if you look at it, it looks… stupid. if its a pig, then it looks like the nostrils are in the wrong place and the tail is bent straight instead of curly

  726. kyle says:

    cant be a turtle.well not a sea turtle anyway because it doesnt have the flippers

  727. Molly says:

    1. the first picture looks like a dog with Mange that has rotted.
    2. Both animals have legs so the news report is off in saying that it is a sea creature
    3. The secong one looks like a cow with a mutation
    4. If it is some new breed, who cares, it hasen’t harmed anyone
    5. It is probibly an animal that has a birth defect and coulden’t survive, and ended up walling in the water, then was washed up on shore hotting and torn up by the surf

  728. kerry says:

    Is there a large garbage barge in the area? ive heard rumors, from friends who worked at landfills in staten island, that there are gigantic rodents that live off of the garbage. They are supposedly huge. Could beastie be a gigantic rat/other rodent?

  729. robin says:

    tapir, said it yesterday. still think its a tapir.

  730. WHOCARES says:

    Its a pig…seriously. Look at the bone structure of a pig and it matches the skull and fat body.

  731. matt says:


    swine flu anyone? look at the hoofs and human like qualities of the face with swine body. Sick.

  732. Allen Hazen says:

    I strongly recommend the discussion at
    for its no-nonsense approach and zoological knowledge. (The tone of the discussion… Darren Naish, the author, is a serious cryptozoologist and offended by what he sees as ignorance and laziness in media comments.)

    Most mammals have fur, and we aren’t usually familiar with the profile of the de-furred body– remember the to-do last year when a mangy bear cub was thought to be Bigfoot! In addition, rotten corpses bloat up. So it’s best to go be skeleton features rather than overall appearance. Several people here have said “bear,” and others have pointed out that the molars suggest an omnivorous animal like a pig. Raccoons are similar, in skull and tooth features, to small bears, and have molars as omnivorous as pigs: so the suggestion that this is a raccoon is actually in line with what a lot of people have already suggested!

  733. Clive says:

    It’s a dead dog/pig with a goat skull installed in it. Faul Play.

  734. mongoose says:

    its a bear, maybe like a young one or something that fell into the ocean, got washed up at NY

  735. David Marjanović says:

    It’s not a dog, it’s not a fake, it’s not a tapir (I mean, please!), it’s not a rodent, it’s not a sheep, it’s not a pig, it’s not an opossum, it’s not a seal, it’s not a bear… though that’s the closest, except for size.

    It’s a raccoon, like last time. This simply is what half-rotten raccoons look like when they’ve floated in the sea for a while, down to the details of the teeth, the skull shape, and the fingers.

    I’m disappointed that that’s not an option in the poll.

    Also, what is this nonsense about beaches being places of erosion? Rocky coasts are places of erosion. Beaches are places of deposition. Deposition is how beaches come to be in the first place.

    Oh, and, one thing: There is no such thing as a turtle without its shell. That’s because the shell is the ribcage fused to bone plates in the skin and covered with horny plates (like fingernails). It contains the ribs and the vertebrae of the back. And the collarbones even.

    Besides, the last turtle with teeth in its jaws died some 215 million years ago…

  736. Melissa Jones says:

    Since 2003 researchers at Plum Island have been working on vaccines that supposedly combat animal foot and mouth diseases.

    Because this creature has deformed feet and mouth, I can only assume this is a result of our tax dollars gone awry.

    They probably dump their screw-ups out in the ocean somewhere in the hopes they’ll be eaten by fish and this one probably washed up to the shore by accident.

    Makes me wonder what is really going on at Plum Island.

  737. David Marjanović says:

    Oh and I’ve never seen of an head of animal decompose perfectly down to dry bone before the rest of the body.

    That’s in fact normal. That happens right after most of the hair falls out and right before the hands and feet decompose.

  738. David Marjanović says:

    Can’t be a goat or any ruminant – it’s got upper incisors. And besides, it’s a raccoon in the first place…

  739. Ana says:

    Hi, Contact a crytozoologist. They would be interested in testing the dna which would give you a exact result

  740. David Marjanović says:

    (Never mind the canines. Those teeth? A goat? Please!)

  741. Alice says:

    Honestly, I think it looks like some sort of pig. Look at the legs and the behind and compare it to a pig. 😮 Alot of people say its a dog but it looks nothing like a dog or a racoon.. well, to me. It’s very interesting, though. I agree with Chris, There are millions of species undiscovered. If you don’t believe me then think about the creatures living in the deep parts of the ocean that we cannot reach. =] I think it’s amazing to find such creatures.

  742. WomanofMedicine says:

    Ok people open your eyes. You act as if you have been in school studing all kinds of Sciences. Marine, Oceanic,Biology, ….. Please, what ever that is, it is most certainly not that easily explained. The jaw did not look like that of a dog, pig maybe? Maybe more like a Bore! The body, could have sand on it even if it was washed ashore. YES! I know I have been studing this for sometime! Marine Science. I have the degrees to show this. Now picture yourself at the beach, your laying in the edge of the water and you let the water slowly push you to land, you will still have sand on you wether it is from wind, or just what settles on you when the water slide off. This carcass, was obviously dead in the water for awhile, hence its bloating. I Most definately do not see a DOG! That erks me. That is not only to big for the dogs you guys are mentioning, but a dog would not be in such an unnatural position. The video granted was not done very well for someone that wanted to take so much effort to prove this. So, in retrospect, I would have to see a video that had much more light, and a more natural appearance in the film. To me, though seriously, I would have to say, that this could be some kind of experiment that went horribly wrong and was trying to be covered up by dumping it in the Ocean, and then not acting on finding out what it could be, or giving the public some clues. Unles it is classified! > could they cover up anything< Yes! Proof, Area 51!

  743. Will says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a hybrid (genetic manipulation)
    a cross between different animals! Do you guys have any private labs around that surrounding area or government property ?

  744. Bella :) says:

    Um okay not sure exactly what this is, but I have a couple of theories.

    Is it possible that this creature is something that froze in one of our melting glaciers and ended up here?

    Perhaps Plum Island has created this animal?

    Possibly it is a raccon or maybe a dog…

    Personally I think that this Monster and the first don’t really look the same so are they possibly two different species?

    Maybe somebody placed it there? It wouldn’t be covered in sand if it had actually washed up, right?

  745. Alyx says:

    i think that this thing could be a turtle, because like you said, if you cover the body up with a shell, it does look like a turtle. But when you said the arms dont look like a turtle, i think you could have been wrong. If you look at the arms, then it reminds me of a turtle because some tutrles do have arms of that length, and the “fingers”, of it, could have been bones, because the hands look pretty decomposed to me. And alot of animals with flippers, or whatever you call then, have finger like bones just like that. However, the skull does not look like a turtle at all. turtles have more of a round shaped head, and this skull is pointy, almost like a beak, but i know that some turtles do have something like a beak for their mouth, so i think this very well could be a turtle.

  746. Susie says:

    This is a hoax, or a unshelled sea tortoise or something. the EXACT picture was in the Weekly World News in the 80s!

  747. Sam says:

    someone has probably said this, but
    isn’t it just a sea lion or something?

    with the neck, skull, body it could be…
    and where the ‘flippers’ of a sea lion were, have decomposed and now looks like a small hand???

    cause they also have teeth, fairly big ones as well i think :S

    look at that link… bone structure of a sea lion… to me it looks exactly like the ‘Montauk Monster’

    so yeah…. 😀

  748. chris says:

    Its either a walrus or a seal people .

  749. Na says:

    Has anyone taken into consideration that maybe this is animal testing gone wrong? Or maybe even that fact that Plum Island is crossing animal DNA to see what kind of new animal they can come up with? Do an internet search on Plum Island and see what you come up with. This is what I found on Wikipedia.

    Plum Island Animal Disease Center
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Plum Island Animal Disease CenterThe Plum Island Animal Disease Center (PIADC) is a United States federal research facility dedicated to the study of foreign animal diseases. Since 1954, the center has had the goal of protecting America’s livestock from foreign animal diseases. During the Cold War a secret biological weapons program targeting livestock was conducted at the site. This program has been the subject of controversies, and the facility has gained a cult status.

  750. Karen B says:

    This is not a mystery at all: it’s a sea turtle without its shell, poor thing. Sea animals that prey on them do not eat the shell and leave the turtle, so some horrible person who uses the shell only is killing these amazing creatures to use their shells, probably in medicines. Therefore the culprit is probably Chinese. They have no reverence for nature anymore (their culture was once largely based on living in harmony with nature). If you had ever been a sea turtle swimming in the ocean, it is a beautiful thing. It is like they are in slow motion, but they are moving fast. They “fly” through the ocean. They are noble beasts, they are precious. So using their shells for medicine is a terrible waste. Whoever did this should be prosecuted. We need to find out who is selling turtle shell to shops in Chinatown!

  751. Samantha says:

    I think its gross lol…but i dont know what it could be…i always thought it could have been a species of turtle, without the shell…because i was thinking that if it was an animal with fur..or hair say a bear or a dog…the skin wouldnt have that rubbery look to it…land animals dont have skin like that…eww lol and if it was…what the hell is in the water to make them lose their hair or fur?

  752. Chris says:

    It’s a dog. Its very easy to see. People hype it up that it’s a monster so everyone believes it. If we say that it is a strange creature that no one has ever seen then there is no publicity in it. If a veterinarian found it then there would be nothing to the story except “dead dog washes onto shore”. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’ve seen dead dogs, pigs, cows, and other various domesticated animals and livestock. Living in rural Kansas you see these things more commonly than most. I believe that its a dog, can’t say what breed, a longer faced dog it appears. The dog in the pictures at the top of this page, looks closely like a boxer to me. Sorry folks but if people would have these incredible mysterious freaks of science from a secret lab studied by an independent, credible, animal expert, then I think this whole BS hype would go away. Don’t believe everything your told, use a little common sense.

  753. a haney says:

    It looks to me like a big turtle that lost it’s shell.

  754. angie says:

    Well I can definetly see that being the case but the question is… Is what breed of animal was it before the experimented on it. It looks to me that it could have been some type of canine like a bulldog or rottweiler. which my instinct says it is. Because it really seems impossible to be a turtle. but, the facial features should give a clue. it would not surprise me if the plum island’s research has lead to this por animals dismay. but, in order to test the vaccines they probably test them on animals such as these.

  755. C Brown says:

    It’s a turtle

  756. Carl says:

    Well, at 1st glance I thought it was my X-Wife… then after clearing my startled vissions, It’s a bear. Which one (species of) well could be a few different types that match it fairly close. But, definately bear family. Is this an example of an ignorant society? Freaks out over a carcass in the water. Seems almost like mass hysteria. Oh well, someone having fun with pictures.

  757. adam says:

    my wife and i do not believe its a dog, a raccoon, a sea turtle without its shell, or even a pig…theres to many parts that cancel each other out…a turtle with out a shell…would have more physical damage than you’d think and turtles dont have hinge jointe (elbows) theyre arms are muscle and fins, plus they do not have teeth.
    One thing i have noticed with every accounting of this creature is that no one seems to know or think to put the size of this animal in their reports making it even harder to get an idea of what it may be closest related or resembling to. dogs dont have beaks or canines that would grow in that manner…resembeling a warthog typed teeth… pig…no the tail is too long for farm type pigs pluse the feet are not hooves and no snout…we find the feet interesting and we would like to know more about that and the height or size of it
    Since you are an eye-witness maybe you can fill that part in for us!!

  758. Ann Marie says:

    For you folks who don’t believe in animal hybridization experimentation: WAKE UP! One biologist has been known to try human-ape hybridizations as far back as the mid 1920s (check out Ilya Ivanov). “Ivanov…pioneers the use of artifician insemination to produce various hybrids, including that of a zebra and a donkey, a rat and a mouse and a guinea pig, and an antelope and a cow. His most radical experiment though was his attempt to produce a human-ape hybrid.” (Acts & Facts, May 2009, p 12).

  759. Beverly says:

    Quite frankly, it looks like someones feeble attempt to discard “Cloning gone bad experiments”. It’s almost like they’ve put several types of D.N.A. together, and this is what came out. But, who knows, part of it looks like a chicken, and I’ve read that the only amimal, so far, that cannot be cloned is in fact a chicken. I’m quite sure, as John-Q-Public, we will never be told the truth anyhow. I’ve always thought that “bad information”, is worse than none.

  760. Stacy says:

    I just recently found out about this so-called discovery on MSN when logging into my MSN IM, the picture of whatever this may be caught my eye, and so I dicided to check out this website of Nickys. Even though I find this to be quite interesting, and none the less very strange, I must say that until tests are done even with the pictures that Nicky took its very hard to tell what this ”thing” is. However if this does turn up to be a dog or some other sort of animal and if ”Plum Island” has anything to do with this I hope to god that they will be serverly punished. Too many so-called deaths and/or actsidents lately have been known to have happened mostly because of others mistakes/screw-ups. Its not right that people and/or animals should have to suffer because of it. BTY Thank you to Nicky for sharing this story. Best of luck to all.

  761. PhatBoi says:

    Have you seen teenage mutant ninja turles 2, secret of the ooze? well he looks like the mutated snapping turtle without its shell

  762. B says:

    Um this looks like a bear!

  763. Luis molano says:

    ok im 15 but like from what i can see this is no ordinary creauture. Have you ever thought that maybe ths “creature” is not from earth or maybe its some type of mutated experiment went wrong. look from what i saw on the other pics of the first “creature” the head looks like it has some type of horns it anmost looks mythycal as some might say. Look in my opinion this smells like government. So like im gonna investigate this in my old books and like reply to ths comment because i might have the answer to what this thing really is.

  764. Cheryl Baumann says:

    It could be any number of things. When something out of the ordinary “appears” to surface, why are the photos and videos always unclear? I’m pretty sure Long Island isn’t in the dark round the clock. Maybe next Friday night, I can take out my old Dodge with the one yellow headlight and my trusty Brownie camera, and get a quick shot of that ugly Road Kill near the town dump….

  765. Jim Smith says:

    Premature Elephant

  766. Alexis says:

    To me it looks like what a turtle would look like without it’s shell.

  767. Marlene says:

    I think its a polar bear

  768. Karen says:

    Know one actually knows what we have roaming this earth…Our world changes from century to centuryhowever if you do find out exactly what it is I would most definitely would like to the findings…best of luck my friend

  769. Actual Biologist says:

    I will say this once again in the vain hope someone will read it:



    If you don’t believe me, please check out these helpful links:

    See how, in the second image, the spine is fused to the roof of the shell? The shell itself is made of the turtle’s expanded and fused ribs. If you tried to pull a turtle out of its shell, you’d just rip it apart!

  770. allen says:

    someone has been doing a little gene splicing and there finally getting rid of the bodies

  771. Maureen Lycaon says:

    Definitely a raccoon.

  772. The realist says:

    Ever see a dead Iraqi float down the Tigris or a dead goat floating in the Persian Gulf? The bodies bloat, turn purple, and decay. That’s what happens to corpses. Also, dead bodies do not tend t smell like roses; they smell like *gasp* dead bodies.

    Is it a monster or a griffen, or a cloning experiment gone horribly wrong? Considering the first carcass keeps getting the same strange speculations from people who ‘want to believe’, and that the first carcass was already declared a ‘raccoon or dog, probably a bull terrier’ by a zoologist, I’d have to say no, it is not a monster.

    In fact, this one looks EXACTLY like a miniature bulldog, right down to the jowls and fur coloration. Needing to believe in spooky monsters does not make it a spooky monster, no matter how bad you wish for it.

    Why has noone gotten a DNA test done on the carcass? Why that would make this a very uninteresting story and the attention whore who keeps pushing this story and sensationalizing it would not get his needed time in the spotlight. This blogger should drop his propaganda and lies and start webdesigning or creating backgrounds. The content is b.s., but at least the site looks pretty.

  773. John Doe says:


    Sealion, Sea Turtle, Sheep….. I am a biologist and can tell you without a doubt that the skull you are looking at is from a carnivore or at least a predatory animal. Canid no….Those of you on the bear track are pretty close however you must not have seen the tail. Remember that no one has given the size of this specimen and you are jumping to the conclusion that it is a large animal. I do not want to spoil the fun so keep the comments coming but try a smaller animal not a canid but closely related. Have fun…………

  774. Chupacabra says:

    This is possible a chupacabra. This creature has been found in Mexico and parts od Texas near Mexico. This creature is said to bite people in a way where the body part bitten decays and eventually falls off. This is a possibilty. I am not saying this may be it.

  775. Sensibility Bustle says:

    Any student of animal biology can tell you a few things:
    First, it had fur. That means it’s likely a mammal.
    Second, the portion of the visible skull is the upper half, the maxilla. The large cavernous openings are the eye sockets; the wad of fur just behind that would likely be ears. The apparent lack of a tail (at least in the little that can be seen) would indicate that this dog had a docked tail, such as an Australian Shepherd (which would go with the fur on the head and ears…).
    Third, GET BETTER PICTURES if you want people to believe that this is anything but something common. Take a spotlight if you go out in the dark; make sure pictures are IN FOCUS, have scale indicators, and in accurate color as much as possible.
    Fourth, What did it weigh? What measurements were taken?

    The use of the theory of Occam’s Razor says that the obvious answer is often the correct one. And the obvious here is D-O-G, dead and rotting.

    Those of you who want to blame Plum Island…get a grip! The Plum Island facility studies animal diseases foreign to the US, such as foot and mouth, rabbit viral hemorrhagic disease, and so on. They don’t *do* gene splicing and ooh, warfare….get real.

    In total disgust….

  776. Shylia says:

    Hey!! Obviously none of us can give real good guess to what it is, because we haven’t seen it in person. However, I was looking at the different pictures from this current one and the former, and it almost looks like it could be a Seal. Possibly one from up north. With all the ‘Global Warming’ and with the ice melting we all know that the animals from up there are migrating down south for food, well these ‘creatures’ could have just traveled to far and got over-cooked in the waters. =) Seeing as the ‘arms/hands/claws/feet/hooves’, whatever you’d like to call them, almost look like they’re used for swimming, and catching prey.
    I can, though, see how people can get dogs and pigs, ect. mixed in with it. And I agree with Melissa Jones, it’s possibly a horribly gone wrong experiment. Anything’s possible, and with all the shitty animal testing going on, it could very well be some domesticated animal drugged up to it’s limit and tossed out.
    ((And this is why we have inspectors to check up on crappy testing facilities, ect.))

    Well those are my theories. Of course the only way you’ll be able to figure out what it really is, IS by having a professional check it out. Maybe even burn off the rest of the skin and stuff, too look at the skeletal structure.
    Good luck. =))

  777. Kim says:

    The old pics and new ones all look like dogs. On a old one, you can see a fly on the animal’s left flank.

  778. Kristy Ford says:

    At first sight my 5 year-old son saidit was a PIG. Its not some weird monster, its a water swollen dead PIG. Nothing exciting about that. Its just a sick way for people to make a quick dollar.

  779. Stevie says:

    First one looks like a rhino and the second like a bear i see no simalarities to the two of the creatures!

  780. tar says:

    i am sooo intrigued by this. My husband took a glimpse at the video he thinks it is a turtle without a shell. whatever it is it looks gross… peace

  781. Bethanie Fernandes says:

    I have viewed the first “monster” – it was a decomposing koala – if you’ve ever seen a koala skeleton, you’d know.
    What the animal testing site was doing with koalas, how one escaped and came to rest and decompose in the montauk sound is beyond me. But the biggest mystery is what was tested on it, what did it have, what killed it, and why wasn’t the CDC all over it? This latest resurgence of the Montauk “Monster” is probably a sheep or other hoofed creature. There is no extra-terrestrial here – a plain ol’ decomposing animal. The REAL mystery is WHY the animal testing site would allow animals, dead or alive, off of Plum Island, what the animals are infected with, why the CDC or some other agency isn’t all over it and, for GAWD’s SAKE! DON’T keep it in your own fridge!!!! There is an inherent danger – crytid or known – there is an inherent danger in that!!!

  782. RicoBro says:

    It looks like a polar bear missing the flesh that covers its nose.

  783. JayDeehl says:

    I think it looks like a small bear. The head, tail and feet all look similar to a bear’s.

  784. Billy says:

    I have no idea what this thing is. If you watch the show MonsterQuest on the history channel u’ll know that they talked about the monster for 10 minuets on the jersey devil episode. They also had the dirrector of Plum Island on and it seems to me that this thing didn’t come from Plum Island. Right now, my guess is that it’s some sort of small mammal that went extinct but didn’t really go extinct. Possibly the animal that made the transition from land animal to whale. The first one could maybe be a dog but the second one isn’t. Maybe it’s a turtle without it’s shell. Whatever it is the couple who found it should really try to get DNA testing on it. Then we would have solved the mystery of The Montauk Monster.

  785. Talha says:

    I dont know much about this stuff! but if it has got something to do mith swine flu or any contageous virus , then it should be given attention. It mght help cure that influenza………

  786. omega says:

    careful what you wish for,the answer may scare you,and chances are its bigger than the island

  787. Billy says:

    once again its a man-bear-pig-dog-fish-bird,and its all the goverments fault

  788. pinky says:

    well i dont think its a dog. whatsoever. even if it aint real or bs. we have to keep in mind that the ocean is pretty deep. who knows what’s living down there. I do believe that there are creatures that we have not seen yet or ever will. So as if it is real or not. i would doubt it, for the simple reason that people would do anything to be on t.v. and because i do believe that it could be real. so only if a scientist agreed with it i could say its for real. as for now you have the reason of doubt.

  789. Alexandra Perez says:

    Well, I don’t really have a speculation on what the thing is, but I do have a question…

    Maybe I just haven’t looked around the site and news enough, but how come there haven’t been like… autopsies done on either of the corpses? Couldn’t people find out what it is if they dissect it a bit?

  790. somi says:

    hey people yea so some people r sayin its a turtle out of its shell if it wasthe nda would say that but it doesnt its jsut sum undiscovered creature if its from plum island then the workers there would say it was

  791. courtney says:

    It looks like an altered Bear. It’s pretty big to be a dog, but you never know.

  792. Brian says:

    the first one looks like a mutant pig, and the new one looks likea mutant bird

  793. WEBB says:

    have u considered a contaminated or radiated or mutated warf rat? ive personally seen warf rats large enough (and have seen them do so ) drag off small dogs and cats. another good question would be are you going to DNA test the creature . the picture above looks bird and catlike not very aquatic . and the video itself didnt show signs of much aquatic appendages gills etc. have u consider cryptozoology? or the possiblity that its a land creature drowned or at the very least another hoax like the bigfoot carcass

  794. WEBB says:

    add to last comment…. dog… bull or rot …. but deffinatly jaw and teeth structure of a dog didnt look close enuf the first time the fact its paws are gone are kinda “suspiciously perculiar to a butchering of the carcass”

  795. WEBB says:

    and by dog i mean the above pictures the video did not look canine

  796. scuba stevee says:

    Everyone that is linking to the article that was wrote by Darren Naish, I could careless if he is a zoologist or whatever, you can not identify something this decomposed by looking at pictures.

    Clearly no one knows what these is, so I’m waiting for the test (if there’s going to be one)

  797. harley says:

    It could be a polar bear,

  798. carlos l. says:


  799. Ashleywantsmoreevidence! says:

    Lets see more pictures and actual videos

  800. H.M. says:

    Government genetic project.
    X file, call Mlder

  801. H.M. says:

    Government genetic project.
    X file, call Mulder.

  802. caimlas says:

    Ok, that is freaky. I’d never heard about this thing until today.

    My first instinct is to suspect biological/genetic engineering of a species hybrid of some sort. This would fit, vaguely, with the fact that lyme disease came from the area (supposedly the research lab nearby).

    Someone mentions a turtle. The head itself looks vaguely like a turtle, from the top – but not from the sides. Additionally, the arms are too long and of the wrong shape for a turtle, and the body too porcine for any turtle I’m aware of that can reach that size (certainly true for most sea turtles). The limbs don’t even look remotely like a tortoise.

    As for what I do see:
    * both this and the ‘original’ photo appear to be of the ‘same’ animal, though aged (on the beach/in the water/etc.) for different lengths of time. This one appears to have had the skull destroyed (inadvertently or intentionally, i don’t know – isn’t the lower jaw useful in determining a species of origin?)
    * the mouth of this creature appears to have both a definite avian beak (to me, it looks like a parakeet); other photos have a similar look, but this one in particular looks avian.
    * there are a couple pictures where the creature has uneven hair, or maybe a beard type growth under the chin. Additionally, the ones with hear seem to have more of a porcine (think: boar) snout.
    * The carcass looks somewhat fetal and undeveloped (as do the others, but this one in particular). The limbs look incomplete and ungrown, or possibly destroyed (like a fish’s flippers are after it’s been dead for a while floating about).
    * This thing is certainly mammalian. From the looks of it, it’s a “white meat” animal, similar to a pig, squirrel or human.
    * When an animal dies and is subjected to heat/sun, it dries out the skin and underlying meat; the thinner meaty parts of the carcass, such as the meat around the mouth (lips) dries out first, resulting in the lips pulling up in a ghastly grin (on a person) or in the typical “roadkill squirrel” expression. The other popular montauk monster picture illustrates this. If you look closely at the face and imagine what it might have looked like with ‘full’ muscles, it looks freakishly human-like in proportions.
    * The rrear limbs look porcine (up to the ‘ankle’) and the front look freakishly human in their potential articulation (on the popular photo)
    * This thing looks like no creature I’ve ever heard of or seen – not even remotely similar. It doesn’t look prehistoric; it looks like some sort of mutant out of a Doom game.
    * The legs look like they may have articulated in a fashion allowing it to walk upright (if
    * the “hands”/claws look undeveloped – somewhat like the sheered wings of a bird, and somewhat like a deformed hand sent through a meat shredder.

    If I were to guess what this thing is, I’d not guess it was any one particular “thing”. I’d suppose that they’re variations of an experiment, as they’re all noticeably different, with different features having precedence. This might be due to gender and maturation (if they’re fetal), or it might be due to variations in the genetic composition – or both. I’d guess that it’s some sort of genetic homogenization of pigs, man, and birds – or maybe just pigs and man.

  803. BamaGoatt says:

    Why waste time if you watched animal planet half as much as me you can tell what this is or at least the type of animal it is. This is just a bloated Moniter Lizard that has been dead for quite some time. Or perhaps they are the infamous Komodo Dragons although the moniter lizard seems more reasonable to me.

  804. Jamie says:

    I’m currently studying a master’s degree in forensic science here in Britain, just so you know that I’m not talking BS for the next part. I’m just giving you my opinion here so it’s up to you what you do with it:

    1) I think the best thing for you to do would be to send off a bone marrow and blood sample to all your local labs and creditable universities even if they haven’t asked for it. The sample doesn’t have to be very large at all as I know that you can’t keep ‘defrosting’ the carcass but it may also be a good idea to get into contact with any police labs dealing with crime scenes and so on.

    2) You probably are already doing this but check up on the carcass, and the people who found it, quite regularly. I’m sure they are soon going to get tired of having a decomposing ‘animal’ in the house and may even decide to go public themselves. That’s the worst possible thing that can happen as they’ll be paid a visit by a bunch of men in suits who will come into their house and cart it away or it’ll get ‘stolen’. Which leads on to the last point you’ll be glad to hear?

    3) Be as careful as possible when travelling to and from anywhere related to the carcass. With each post that you get on here you’re going to be attracting attention to yourself and whilst it sounds so clichéd I honestly don’t believe this to be some ”bloated boxer dog’, if this is some experiment conducted by the Animal testing lab (I forgot the name) then they are soon going to want to remove all physical evidence of its existence which is why those samples should be taken as soon as possible.

  805. David Marjanović says:

    Why don’t people read the comments here before they reply?

    For the 100th time, it’s not a turtle: it has teeth, and turtles cannot come out of their shells because the shell is the ribcage, including the vertebrae of the back. If you tried to get a turtle out of its shell, you’d just rip the neck off. Learn to scroll, people!

    Also, it can’t be a koala because the teeth are all wrong, every single one of them.

    It’s a half-decayed raccoon. This is exactly what a half-decayed raccoon that has floated in the sea for a while looks like. Guess what, there are people who study what happens to dead bodies; it’s called the science of taphonomy, and it’s very important to understand fossils, because most fossils are fossils of half-decayed carcasses – often ones that floated in water for some time –, not of fresh dead animals.

  806. Lori says:

    I believe that they are conducting experiments by mixing the eggs and sperm of diffent animals for some type of sick research…

  807. Rick Chorizzo says:

    Other various creatures have washed ashore in many parts of the world from time to time in the last decade or so. Most of the creatures that have been found were located in northern hemispheres, for example a sea creature resembling the loch ness monster washed ashore in a remote Russian fishing village a few years ago. It could be possible that the melting ice caps are expelling the remains of frozen creatures that have yet to be identified or discovered through fossil records. I did a quick research to verify the flow of melting ice caps or sheets in relation to the ocean currents and thus far have found nothing conclusive. Just a thought.

  808. Mark says:

    Great blog Nicky, and an excellent piece of work.

    I had published a little story in the UK here about the initial find, and after finding your site today I also done the follow up.

    I have used a pic from your site (copyrighted to yourself) and taken my text in summary from your own. I hope that is ok with you, I gave the relevant links etc.

    KUTGW, and add me to any mailing list you may have.

  809. forever scissors. says:

    When I first saw this picture, I swore to God it was some deformed cow… until I saw another picture. The odds of two cows in different time periods and places having the same deformity? Slim to none. I do believe in creatures like these, growing up learning about the Jersey Devil and the Loch Ness Monster. I still spend the days of driving in Pennsylvania scanning the woods for the infamous Ape Boy. xD

    To get back on topic, I honestly don’t think it’s a raccoon. After seeing many pictures of the Montauk Monster, I decided to research picutres of what others considered the Montauk Monster and figured that it could only be something paranormal. 😀

  810. Tech News says:

    I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more articles from you in the future.

    – Jack

  811. carl says:

    interesting but what I think this is a mutation between animals that live in the drains under de cities and thats why its smells so bad. and it might not be a unknown spicies but maybe this animal evolucionated and adopted to live in swamp and drains where they can find food to survive and now we the humans are contaminating al natural resources and that why thi animals are dying.

  812. showers says:

    no such thing as a turtle out of its shell (unless you count guts)

    the original montauk monster is definitely freaking weird looking but this is definitely a decomposing raccoon or large rodent (skeletal structure doesn’t look canine to me but there are a lot of possibilities with breeding).

    the skulls look nothing alike this is definitely basic small mammal morphology, the MM seemed unique with a beak-like exposed premaxilla ( and oddly receded brow-ridge–possible with domestic dog breeding ( but i still dont so much buy that the original MM was something status quo.. the whole morphology was way crazy (eg. ‘hands’ (though during decomposition mammalian paws can start to look a LOT like human hands in structure) and rear quarters) but i’m no specialist on what the options are and there could very well be an animal that could look like that when decomposing…

    please refer to this link for an example of baffling morphologies related to selective breeding in Canis lupus familiarus:

    this is most definitely a regular mammal waterlogged and decomposing. before you commit to and redistribute assumed information please do your homework, compare to skeletal structures and if u dont buy it ask a more specialized person or two to take a look and explain what it actually is.

    bearpaw-human foot/hand mistake cases:

    Human & Nonhuman Bone Identification:,M1

  813. brandy1179 says:

    I can’t help but agree with the guy in the video, its like a huge mole. I tried checking out pictures of mole skulls but its hard to compair two pictures from different angles.

  814. crickett says:

    I really think this thing is a large turtle without his shell.

  815. coop says:

    I’m not sure what it is, but this looks like the most authentic thing I have seen so far. It is for sure a mammal judging by the skull and body/skin not a reptile. I don’t think its a dog because the front limbs are so short but its not a sea mammal either because the limbs don’t signify that. I guess once they test the DNA they will find out, but the other supposed Montauk Monster on the bottom of your page is for sure a fake it looks like a bleached skull set into some latex prop. Has anyone tried to simulate a dog,rat,cat corpse that has been submerged for an extensive amount of time to see if the result looks similar?

  816. karlie pretty says:

    dude it probably just bs but who knows it could be some defromed animal or some goernment experiment gone wrong but that s just one persons thoughts

  817. karlie pretty says:

    sorry its supposed to say”dude its probably nothing……”

  818. Bernie says:

    I would bet you a steak dinner, sure looks like my ex-wife………………..


  819. hunterX says:

    Looks like a bear to me.

  820. Karen says:

    As much as I would love for this to be a monster, I really think it looks like a dog.

  821. Not fooled says:

    Good to see black ops has been here attempting to discredit reality and make innocents look as fools. Any simpleton can look and see the similarities between pig and bird but none see the striking coincidence that we were just hit with a pig / bird flu. AND its exactly what they do at plum island.

    Per shame, simpletons and overpaid government crooks have ruined this nation. Enjoy your communism.

  822. Jay Hulstine says:

    This looks very much like a Rhynschosaurs of the Triassic Period dinosaurs from the Mammal – Like Reptiles. Living over 200 million years ago. A picture of it can be found in the book “DINOSAURS Through Time” By Rupert Matthes and on page 17.

  823. Jay Hulstine says:

    Sorry the author is Rupert Matthews.

  824. Dumb says:

    You know it could be any thing. you don’t know that it’s a monster there are alot of things out in the ocean that we probably don’t know of. so it could be anything. it could be a weird looking dog that washed up with a party hat on it’s face. but it aint a monster. monsters aren’t real. duh!!!

  825. TJ WAYNE says:

    I think this last find, along with the two odd animal corpses, deserve further investigation. I do NOT understand why people think these are nothing but normal, know animals. Our science is much more advanced that most understand. We can clone a puppy, exactly like a another beloved pet. Japan recently showed off a genetically altered dog as well, it glowed in the dark. Researchers are very close to recreating the extinct Tasmanian Tiger from DNA preserved for a 100 years in a dead tiger fetus. Do you all honestly think that gene alteration and combining is NOT taking place?

    I have first hand knowledge that type genetic mixing is a scientific fact not fiction. We have the knowledge to create new animals, part one thing, part another.

    Even without human intervention, every species on this planet is ever evolving, a natural process of mutation. Add exposure to certain chemical, bacteria and toxic by-products, who knows what will happen. Frogs with three legs are a known mutation to such exposure and exist today. New crearures are being discovered every day that were previously unknown. However, a find like that in a highly populated area is unlikely, but not impossible.

    Therefore, there are several ways these creatures could have come to life. Even with the effects of decomposition and bloating from a corpse being in water, these dead animals exhibit many odd features. The shape of the head and jaw structure for one. The head is not as prone to bloating from decomosition, and bone is not effected, not at all. They also seem to be very short limbed, especially the last two. The paws are very odd as well. No animal as a whole seems to fit. The last was not washed a shore but had been buried in the sand for about a week or two, another odd fact. It also seems to be missing part of it’s head, specificly the lower jaw from what I could see in the video.

    There is an easy way to know for sure, at least in the one corpse that has not yet disappeared….DNA. A few hours in a lab and you will know the real name of a monster. Is it a dog, a large rat or other native creature? My first thought on the first corpse was that it was in fact a member of the rodent family and yes, rats can grow to the size of a large cat. These was no size reference in the first , nothing of scale in the picture. It could have been 6 lbs, 15lbs or 40lbs, who knows? The last two appear to be 20 to 30 pounds in size,

    There are many possibilities here, from the normal to the extreme. I for one would like an real answer. Is it an everyday known animal? Nature doing her job ? A by-product of our mis-use of this planet by making it our dumping ground for wastes and toxic material? Or a creation of man, in a vain attempt to play God by altering or creating life in a lab?

    I’m NOT a believer in most myths or legends. A dinosaur in Loch Ness? No. An 8 foot Ape in North America? Not likely. Animal mutilation by aliens? LOL. However, in this case we have something the others can not claim…. a body with extractable DNA. Let see were that fact leads us, because DNA does not and can not lie.

  826. Edward Boggs says:

    Most interesting Indeed! I would love to find (as many others) that this creature is an heretofore unknown species or mutation. However, the thought and image occurred to me that the possibility of a once thought to be extinct; the GIANT GROUND SLOTH may be a possiblity. The “fingers” kinda’ resemble as such. Something to check into though.

  827. Kem Gregory says:

    It looks like a turtle without a shell.

  828. Edward Boggs says:

    Well, depending on it’s size, if not a GIANT GROUND SLOTH, at least a SLOTH of some sort.

  829. Edward Boggs says:

    Maybe Jacob Anderson is right! A cross between a bird and a pig…Hey!
    maybe the source of swine flu. : ) …or perhaps the old adage has come true…when pigs fly

  830. trippedout says:

    What I don’t get is….this is the “second” discovery….and it is found in one of the most expensive place to visit and yet NO ONE has taken the specimen to a lab for further analyzing??

    I think it is a joke by some “rich” brats. Kind of like a Paris Hilton move to get “attention”….If you will.

    So far no one has proof other than a photos, small film footage and word of mouth.

    Yep I am interested in it..if it is real. But it really eludes me as to how we have all this out there and no one stopped these people to find the creature and take it to a science lad for further study….is that not odd to anyone??

    And this was the first thing I thought of when I read the article ….
    The Island of Dr. Moreau..Movie 1996 starring Val Kilmer

    Anyone? Anyone?

    it also looks like the The Dover Demon that was posted on Newsday.Com–“Monsters or legends? 40 creatures that may exist”
    Picture Number 23….. the face and all look similar to me.

    I’m not sure what it is, but if it’s real in anyway, then where in the world are our scientists on this thing??

    I just don’t get it…

  831. Ghlaghghee says:

    I don’t see what all the mystery is about… It’s clearly Nancy Pelosi.

  832. Laura Smith-Jones says:

    Its a Nauga without its hide

  833. james says:

    I think you found a genetic freak–a poor and sad attempt by some crazed scientist to make a hybrid of something…probably for the military.

    Either that or you faked it and are fooling the world like those “Big Foot” guys did last year.

  834. sgchevy says:

    This is a link to the skull anatomy of a beaver it really does make sense comparing it to how you described it here. If it was a beaver the wide part of the tail and the front of the face(soft tissue) probably dissolved or was eaten away if it was in the water for an extended period of time.
    Notice the top of the skull in the diagram has flat area that appears above the teeth. If the incisors have fallen out the “beak” might appear to be front teeth. In addition the toes that are like “matchsticks” as you describe them, look like the toes of a beaver -with out the webbing ;in this link

    There doesn’t seem to be a good indication of how big the creatures were in length that have been found and there is no frame of reference in your video that shows the size so I can’t be sure but it appears to have the same front teeth structure as a beaver and with large molars that only makes it appear to be a more likely candidate. Beavers are noted at about 3 feet in length…Has there been any DNA testing of the remains? You can resolve the ‘mystery’ very quickly that way!

  835. The Pilgrim says:

    They are creatures that are being discovered all over the world that humans have never seen before, or least the set of humans that is inhabiting this dirt ball currently. I don’t know what this thing is, but for people to rule out the possibility that it is an undiscovered creature, that we (human-kind) with our all-knowing (ha) science couldn’t possibly now be exposed to something we’ve never encountered is pretty damn haughty and foolish, as all haughtiness is. I think its one of the many, many creatures that humans haven’t encountered for at least a couple of centuries, maybe more.

  836. Brandon says:

    It is a raccoon. I have seen plenty of them dead to know what one looks like.

  837. Rob Abshear says:

    It is a dead sheep. It is pretty apparent.

  838. Jakester says:


    Wait, she’s uglier than that.

  839. DREX says:


  840. Anastasia says:

    I saw your quick interview today on Fox.This reminds me of that show ‘surface’.If everyone is so quick to discredit this thing as a hoax,why won’t any one test it and see what it really is..Makes you wonder.Plum Island or the Island of Dr. Moreau.?

  841. Mason Gross says:

    It’s the Chupacabra!!!

  842. Because there have been 2 of these found,both about the same stage of decay & same general area and unknown to most folks as to what they are,my hypothesis (I haven’t read all the other answers as I am a very busy single mom) they may be prehistoric animals, frozen for millions of years in permafrost that now, because of global warming,have thawed and drifted in the same Atlantic current to the same area of the east coast…Although I’m not a skeptic when it comes to aliens from other worlds,in this case,I think this is a more plausible explanation.

  843. pat says:

    its not a monster. there are many deaseases that make animals look like this. and theres alos decay and bloating from being in water and wasnt this found in water? it looks like a racoon that drowned. its like the chubracabra or whatever its fake.

  844. robin says:

    maybe it is one of these…

  845. Nic(genious) says:

    listen people this thing is not a disease, this is not a raccoon or a dog, it is something that we have no clue about,its a creature we havent seen before, i have studied a canine skull and a racoon skull and even a beaver skull they are close but it is different so get those dumb ideas out of ur head its not either of those, its not fake like this guy aboe me says, its real and we need to take time and study this seriously

  846. Baker Lady says:

    I think from the picture of the first one. It appears to be a sea turtle without its shell. Could they be dying from something? Are they be killed for their shells?

  847. Rachel says:

    the second animal looks like a boar. They are a type of wild pig that has hair just like on the side of that animal. I like in Alabama and we have a ton of them here. They have tails, just like the one in the picture, and teeth just like that.

    The first one looks way too deformed to tell, but the second I am sure resembles a wild boar.

  848. gunrunner178 says:

    It’s an alligator snapping turtle minus the shell…. Look it up

  849. she-wolf says:

    It is difficult, but I think it is old corpse of a cow. I saw other picture and skull of this animal – or something – look like the cow´s skull. It is my opinion.

  850. Global Warming? says:

    Baby Moeritherium 36-33 million years ago

  851. wayne says:

    It is plain to me that one is a pig,and the other is a dog,get real

  852. Bob, your uncle says:

    It surprises me that only two people have mentioned the MAN BEAR PIG! though i believe they would only be half right… i think its some sort of alien hybrid of man bear pig and franken turtle-dog-penguin developed by the government trying to create a super beast… dubbed Man Pig Turtle Penguin Dog Pig Or MPTPDP V.1.00.17 (cause you know its not the only one.) anywho i need to go make some tinfoil hats for my kids… tata for now.

  853. Jennybgood says:

  854. Kratos says:

    Due to my experience in my line of work, I know very well how decomposing carcasses change and what they look like. The most drastic changes can be seen in the skin, but the severity of the discomposition depends on the environment. It is natural for the body to develop edema under normal circumstances. If the body begins to decompose in hypotonic water, however, it will look more like what beastie looks like. Yes, if the body has been out for weeks, then the hair will come off especially if the animal had a pre-existing skin condition such as sarcoptic mange or scabies. At this point it is almost impossible to tell what kind of animal it was…unless you look at the cranium. Based on what i saw from the video listed above, it does seem like it is a racoon. When compared to the very first picture of the Montauk monster, beastie doesn’t seem to have the same facial beak-like features. I’m sorry to say but that really is a racoon at least in my opinion. On the possitive note, the very first sighting of the Montauk monster, really I can’t explain. The physiology of the monster is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It looks like a snapping turtle or any of its family members but none of these have any teeth like the creature shown and no turtle shell? I’d love to see more of this first creature.

  855. Kratos says:

    oh ya btw…I forgot to mention that in my opinion the very first creature does not seem to be a beaver. Although I do understand that if the front incisors are removed that beaver cranium may seem like it possesses a beak, it is evident (at least from my observations…hoping that the pictures were not cleverly and anatomically photoshopped), that there is a difference in the dimentions between the frontal incisors (or where they used to be) and the molars in comparisson to a beaver’s skull. In an ordinary beaver’s skull there is a large amount of space between the incisors and the molars. Not only that but the nasal ridge is missing as well as several other features that would lead to the identification of a beaver. Another observable trait is that the lower jaw of a beaver is very weak. They have a severe over-bite. This creature, while it does seem like it does have an over-bite doesn’t have as much of an over-bite as a beaver would. Of course this could be a freaked out beaver…but really such a drastic change in a beaver would lead to the development of a new species.

  856. ryan solette says:

    I am not a biologist, but an amature naturalist. I am 99% certain this is a baby hippo. The skin clearly resembles the folds and texture of a baby hippo, as does the skull and eye socket locations. The “beak” looks exactly like the top part of a hippo’s mouth, although it is difficult to see the bottom. I am sure this is a hippo, which if true begs the question…what in the world is a hippo doing on a long island beach???

  857. Jocelie Allison says:

    i dated a guy that looks jus like that!
    what a loser i cant believe he cheated on my with a pig.

  858. Jocelie Allison says:

    ummm those are definetely DEAD SNAKES
    goshh you are all a bunch of blind losers on the internet HAHA!!!!

  859. WomanOfScience says:

    I’m hmm, I’m lost for words. Ok, THIS IS NOT ANY DOMESTICATED ANIMAL! OR, A SEA ANIMAL, Deff. Not A DOG!
    YES!!! Better equipment is needed to study this what ever it is, I do not believe that this person is intending to decieve the public. I would love to exam this,,, Whatever it is. & yes any place could be a cover up. Even Plum Island, how would we know, Hmmm? We did not have the chance to inspect it!? Measure it, IT IS NOT A TURTLE!!
    It could be something no one has discovered yet, why do you think we get into the fields that we do? To Discover knew things. This could have washed up on the shore where in other times it may not have. But with global warming, and solar Ice Melting and the changes that are going on around us everyday. Anything is possible as far as that goes. But the right people need to inspect and exam this. Until he decides to do that, or ( insert your own thought here), happens to this thing and this person, we will not know, and we are only feeding into this frenzy by adding to this site. :-

  860. kendra says:

    its a shaved sheep.

  861. rosie says:

    If it smells and looks that bad,it might be my ex. Only problem, this has been in water which was against her beliefs.

  862. jenny says:

    its most likely a bloated leopard seal that washed on shore.

  863. I initially saw the news clip on CNN news while visiting a friend in one of our local hospitals. The snout of the animal found is that of a dog while the massiveness of the body is the result of internal decomp of a body in water. While it makes for a sensational story, for true creditablity, a sample needs to be sent to a diagnostic lab for DNA indentification. All tissues (human to animal) bloat & enlarge after being in the water for a prolonged period. Once the decompostition gases escape, tissues absorb the water causing bloating. My only question lies with the reson this animal wasn’t consumed by fish and ocen-scavengers.

    To the folks who “discovered” this, next time choose an animal with a less defined tail and a shorter snout/beak to claim it is a monster.

  864. Anonymous says:

    It’s a bear… obviously floating for awhile. Some how ended up on shore….

    Polar Bear Skull w/ Mandible…

    Basically the same as what you saw (minus the jaw)
    What a polar bear looks like in case you can’t see the resemblance.
    Polar bear skeleton…

    Water decay distorts the body of any animal to extreme levels, hence why the cause of death in murder cases involving such can’t be determined (Casey Anthony case in point)

    My guess is that the mandible had fallen off of this bear during decay or had possibly been a snack…

    Regardless, I think the bigger question for scientific purposes to be answer here is how the bear ended up in New York, unless you’re sick enough to take a dead polar bear corpse cross-country to prove some kind of corny monster theory….

    Either way, if this bear actually floated that far (who knows if its actually a polar bear… it does look a bit small) I think it’d be interesting to find out more….

  865. nuhvokva says:

    ok the montauk monster might be a living fossil it might be the paradapeon a rhynchosaur or the lystrosaurus a dicynodon.the beak like mouth matches both of these prehistoric animals and the body,legs,and tail match also

  866. I belive..... says:

    Its a jackle! Its a jackle! Is it a jackle? Its a jackle! Its a jackle!

  867. maddie stein says:

    those pichers are frexy i don’t belive in monsters but i do now and in one picher it look’s like it killd a dog or it ate it!

  868. maddie stein says:

    is not a shaved shep

  869. soni says:

    It looks like a gryphon.

  870. lavasox says:

    it looks like a man bear pig or something. seriosly tho, it’s proabblay either an unknown species from hell or retarded pig. they should just do some dna testing to see if it’s just deformed or if it’s unknown.

  871. Patrick says:

    I think the 2 incidents over the last year are NOT the same kind of animal. I think that is what is confusing most people. They both may come from the island though (experiments). I think the ‘bloated’ one is perhaps a penquin.

  872. Crazy Bob from alaksa says:

    It really is interesting. I can see how some people can see it’s a hoax, but I think it really is real. It looks like a boxer dog mixed with a beaver or a sheep. You never know, it could be fake, or it could be an alien, or a government cover up. Only time will tell, or will it…(Disturbing mystery note)

  873. montana says:

    what ever it is i would leave it alone. u don’t know what type of germs that thing has.

  874. Kevin says:

    it has the features of a pig ,a bear nd a sea turlte but with all these feature combined it looks like a griffion (minus the wings) from greek mythology maybe the griffion really did exist nd this is just an vestigal or primal form of the mythical creature. but most importantly why are these creatures rinsing up on shore why dont they investigate the nearby plum island or get an autopsy report . I beileve that they are just trying to keep the hype alive. I cant put my finger on it because its so damn decomposed and has very wierd structures the throws me off i would say its a sea turtle but its too friggin huge and has mammal like ears which leads to the conclusion of that of bieng a raccoon but still quite large and has beak ? its almost the size of bear but couldnt be according to the features above which leads me to believe a primal griffion i know it sounds crazy and stupid but look at the creature and then look pics of griffions on google or something just do it and tell me what u think?

  875. Nicolas says:

    There are a lot of things out there. but i think its a capibara, because capibaras are the largest rat,s known to man and live on the beaches of europe and uruguay and capibaras can swim. think about that.

  876. Nicolas says:

    There are a lot of things out there. but i think its a capibara, because capibaras are the largest rat,s known to man and live on the beaches of europe and uruguay and capibaras can swim.

  877. patrick says:

    why has no one submitted this animal or part of it to a biologist/geneticist for a scietific evaluation and possible relation to existing animals?

  878. michael says:

    it looks lke a deformed dog with no hair or a skinned turtle with no shell!

    but still its nothing ive ever seen

  879. Lexi says:

    I just find it odd how the two monsters look COMPLETELY different (the first had a birds head!) yet they are the same thing???
    The skeleton looks pretty normal to me. A sheep or a fat dog.

  880. Persephone says:

    Hmmm. You certainly do have a problem. Several, actually. But one of the biggest problems is your expectation of financial reward. “If this is a genetic mishap from Plum Island, we’d like to sell the remains to an independent lab for study.” No one is going to pay you for a half rotted, unidentified corpse of some sort. No lab, no independent scientist, no professional expert of any sort.

    No one is going to give you money on the premise that it might, just might, be from Plum Island, or melted out of some iceberg, or from another planet. You’ll have to find out for yourself, first.

    If you truly wish to learn exactly what this creature is, you are going to have to take samples of it, and cough up the money to have it tested and analised. I suggest coughing up the bucks to have it looked at by at least two different private labs, independent of not only each other, but independent of state, federal or county government of any kind. Several labs would be even better. That would minimize the odds of your sample being ‘lost’, and maximize the possibility of finding out exactly what these creatures are and whether they are carrying disease or not.

    Next time you get the chance to get up close and personal with one of these creatures, take some test tubes with you. Wear a respiratory mask. Wear some new rubber or latex gloves, not only to protect yourself but to keep the samples from becoming contaminated. With a very clean knife (I suggest wiping the knife down with rubbing alcohol prior to starting), cut some chunks of skin and place them in the test tubes. Some flesh from the hind leg or the chest area would be best, for tissue samples. Hair samples would also be relevant. An organ sample such as the liver or kidney would be very good. And a sample of brain tissue would be great! Place each sample in a separate test tube, cap the tubes, label each sample as it is put in the tube, and keep them cold until you deliver them to the labs. A small ice chest works well, but make sure that the tubes are wrapped so that they don’t make direct contact with ice. Frozen samples are harder to work with and identify correctly in some cases. Do not let any lab know that you are also having samples tested by any other lab. Do not publicly announce that this is being done until after you get the results.

    Once you have the test results back, one of two things could happen. The creatures could be a known species that’s just rotted beyond recognition, or you have an unknown species on your hands. If it’s an unknown species, then perhaps there may be some sort of monetary reward.

    But you’ll never get a lab to just buy the thing.

    Good luck! I’m looking forward to finding out conclusively what they really are!

  881. matthew says:

    the picture above looks like a horse if u click on the picture u get a bigger copy and go to the head if u look from afar it lookz like a horse?!!

  882. pete says:

    its a fuckn manbearpig im super cereal guys

  883. Dacian says:

    Considering Montauk has always been THE headquaters for testing alien equipment to playing God and creating new creatures, cloning people, splicing DNA, the works. There’s no question in my mind they’ve been dumping failed experiments and they just pay scientists off to lie about what they are, all while laughing at our ignorance. Hide in plain sight, no one will believe you when you find the truth,

  884. Myka says:

    Actually, If you look at the video, I think it’s too big to be a raccoon, and a sheep would have thinner legs, a dog’s limbs aren’t shape like that, the hind ones would have a distinct bone structure, and a dog’s skull would be much different. It looks to me like a young bear, although they may not be indigenous to that area, perhaps some kind of animal testing facility is dumping them? I can’t say I COMPLETELY think this is a bear but the one featured in the video clip looks quite a bit like one.

  885. Trockett says:

    Well, from what I am seeing, the first one had some distinct differences from the second and third, as the final two look relatively the same. For starters, the first MM (Montauk Monster) has elongated fingers that seemed to be webbed. In addition to that, its lower jaw was that of some type of canine whereas the upper jaw was not a jaw, but an avian beak! Going along with the Plum Island genetic mishap theory, I do say that the first MM was a canine fetus (Or a canine somewhere in its early stages of development) that was crossed or somehow spliced with a sort of avian DNA by force. Truly disturbing in my opinion, yet at the same time FASCINATING!! Now, getting to the other two MMs, the first did look like a giant, bloated and hairless bear, like Myka had said earlier. What I’d like to know is how come no one has started or opened discussion on the bare skulls on the creature. Why is it the flesh upon ONLY the skull was degenerated in the two later MMs? I can’t even think of an explanation… perhaps when they were trying to crossbreed two animals (If that is the case) that the creature never developed tissue over its skull for the strange mutation in its DNA? Email me at with any ideas on this…NIKKI!! THAT MEANS YOU!! =]

  886. Lissa says:

    “What Was The Montauk Monster?”

  887. sophie says:

    i think it is one of those sience breading things because it has ineresting limbs and parts …so i personaly think that a sciectist created this “monster”.

  888. Melissa says:

    I think all of these sitings are just washed up dogs that are used as shark bait. As cruel as that is, it happens. They put the hooks in near the dogs noses which would probably explain the loss of skin and tissue around there in most of the pictures. And clearly what appears to be a beak on the “monster” is just an illusion and is actually a part of the skull; without teeth.

  889. Dark Pimp says:

    WAsnt it proven already that the first “monster” was really just a bloated raccoon carcass and that the beak was really just the fact that the upper jaw was missing a chunk. I remember seeing a comparison shot of a raccoon skull and the monsters head and it was identical.

  890. pixie says:

    Im wondering with all that has been photographed of this “animal’ has it been investigated and had an autospy to determine what it is?? theres nothing stated as to the carcass being examined or tests done on it by anyone therefore how is one to actually take a guess at what is might be??How else are we going to know if it hasnt been examined and maybe found to be a mutant of some sort from an awful experiment gone wrong or from a pollutant we arent sure of yet, or a mutant type of aquatic animal that evolved badly. I think these are fair questions to inquire first, then proceed after it has been examined.

  891. Shannon says:

    Well, I’m an animal biologist. My specialty is herps (lizards, snakes, frogs, etc.) and from the look of the carcasses and the numerous necropsies I’ve done on reptiles this does not look like any kind of decaying lizard. At first glance I thought it may be a canine. I have to admit though that the comparisons to a raccoon are quite convincing. It definitely does not resemble any marine mammal either. The body style is not indicative of seals or otters. It’s got me stumped, but very interested. And I must say that I looked through your other video clips of pics you have acquired and although some of them seem quite obvious to be fabricated, there are a lot of them that just made me stop and look a little closer. I would love to be involved in researching some of these interesting creatures:)

  892. malcolm says:

    its a raccoon

  893. Joseph says:

    Well on my opinion its a mutation whit a pig and some other animal similar to a bird or turtle, i say its from a pig since they say the pig carries the swine flu whit it.

  894. Rex Roberg says:

    Impossible to tell what that is from pictures, or even by seeing it and examining it. You need to contact a zoologigal geneticist and run tissue, hair and DNA samples. That is if you really want to know what it is, or isn’t.

  895. mike says:

    Well from what i can tell it is a animal i think the bigger question is way dosen’t the animal control,government look into this and find out what these animals are and where they are coming from.
    If this is a regular thing happening then this is animal crulty at it finest.
    It is heart breaking that there is no body concern for animals dieing regardless if its dog or any other animal.
    And people exsploting there death is even sadder then there death.

  896. ron says:

    The most important thing is to take tissue samples placed in formaldehyde to prevent degeneration. next buy a second hand or new chest freezer or ice cream refrigerator with a temperature of -18 or lower. keep at secure secret location. ( I mean ONLY you & person who is storing it) could be worth a small fortune suddenly…
    Get tissue samples tested by private independent laboratory for animal/fish DNA match. It would be a good Idea to send a sample to the natural history museum exhibition road in London sw7 England who given its history will probably test free of charge. If this is something new or undiscovered with paperwork from them I am sure large news companys would pay handsomely for an exclusive until then you have nothing but rumour hearsay & hype,& rotten meat!

  897. montauk monster says:

    It’s obvious fake.

    1 – You’re taking a video at night!
    2 – Daytime pictures you guys take are fake. Why stop using videos?
    3- You guys just want to see yah fake photos to a stupid media.
    4 – Stop trying to bring back montauk monster, it’s dead, it’s over, it wont be the next lochness monster, it won’t be the next new jersey devil.

  898. lauren says:

    Holy crap.

  899. SAMMY B says:


  900. I have been trying to make contact with you silly humans for years, coming in a different form everytime, but before I actually make contact – I get killed by kids with rocks like seen in this website:

    Maybe next time, I will come as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and goo the whole world!

  901. bob says:

    i think it is a pisheturtlepant

  902. newguy says:

    no no no no no. it’s not a stolen specimen, silly. it’s another specimen. i swear to everything i saw one myself on a lake michigan beach in evanston, IL, about six summers ago. i was not cool enough or good enough a swimmer to be a lifeguard, but i was smart enough to work at the beach all summer, so i worked the gate selling tickets. coupla kids come and get me from the beach to come look at this dead thing they found by the breaker wall, this was south blvd. beach. i’m going overboard with the details sos you know i’m serious as a heart attack. i humor the kids, i go look at this thing, and i simply could not identify it. it was plausible to me that it could be a fox carcass, bloated from being in the lake for a period of time, or maybe a raccoon–but it was hairless, and had queer appendages and something a little too much like a beak to go with the otherwise mammalian looking body proportions. it was bloody weird, whatever the f it was, but i kicked sand over it and waved the kids off. the boss had said on the radio that he didn’t need attention from the city or papers over a dead critter on the beach. all i can say in my defense is that i must not have had the imagination at the time to appreciate what i had seen, nor the implications. my eyebrow lifted in both instances of the montauk monster, if i didn’t start a blog, sue me. but now this panamanian/martian sloth, and my man nicky’s video, i mean–wow.

    we have multiple REPORTED sightings within just a few years’ time, and godknowshowmany UNREPORTED sightings all around the world. we got chupacabras, shoot, we got that in every country. now to my mind, that leaves two possibilities. there are creatures on this planet from bygone eons who have survived either in utter isolation in a small but self-propagating population for millenia or, like nessie, are just the one survivor, stretching their lifespan hundreds-fold. OR. they’re aliens. i favor the alien theory, its more fun, and frankly, more probable.

    get outside the box of terran logic and order, folks. these creatures don’t look like ANYTHING we’ve got, after all our eons of evolution, most species on Earth being well-developed and appropriately armed for our environs. these things, we’re finding one at a time, horribly pathetic, wretched looking, DEAD. ALONE. not survivors, not ready for our planet, our atmosphere, whatever. and i think it works TO the theory that none of them looks exactly like any of the others. some a little close, but with big differences. maybe they’re all different species all from different planets. do they look like astronauts, though, to you? no of course they don’t. they look like alien cats, raccoons, turtles, sloths, whatever. THATS BECAUSE THEY’RE ALIEN CATS, RACCOONS, TURTLES, SLOTHS, WHATEVER! the aliens are tossing them down here, to see if they can survive. they may even be treating each little critter space pioneer with alien pharmaceuticals to improve their chances of survival, who knows what number trial they’re on!

    What troubles me is that they didn’t just contact our Earth scientists. This shows a certain degree of subterfuge, mistrust. Furthermore, if they think they’re being secretive, that’s sort of an underestimation. I figured it out, and i’m nothin special.

    peace, fellow travelers.

  903. peace says:

    I guess this

  904. jason says:

    looks to me like its a big tortoise or turtle without the shell if not its one odd creature..may be another wierd thing that lives in the sea down deep enough we havent discovered yet i dunno

  905. cassie says:

    i think it looks more like a cross of a pig and sum kind of bird its kinda a scray picture i would want that to wash up any where i am.

  906. I think that it is real because me myself am a person to believe stuff like that. but you never know till you find out u kno. so let us know as soon as possible so you can show all those a**wholes that some things in this world are true.

  907. AMuntofan says:

    At first I thought it was a alien as the theories mentioned earlier,I don’t really see that human scienes could be so sloppy that they would throw away any experiment that could get washed up the shores so anyone can see them.
    But one thing I have heard,is that that it has been found dead alien bodies before all around the world,but wheter this MM is really something like alien,I do not know,only belive,good luck to try finding out.

  908. jake tinsley says:

    i have a similar monster at my apartment complex but it is alive. but at first we thought it was a horse because of the hoof resembling prints but then a lady hit it with her car and it just ran away after tearing up her transmission she described the creature as having webbed feet. i think the ones that yall hav seen are babies because the adult that lives behind the appartments seems to have some sort of armored carapace like a turtles but harder. i went there once and it stole my helmet. i stabbed it once, but it just walked away, i also slashed it with a friends knife but came up with sumthin that looked like dry mud. and it has been breeding, it has a baby that has jumped out of a tree and landed on my back it was as bear as these pictures show they are. the grownup is as tall as a car and it emits a strange screeching cry which led me to belive at first it was a migrated jersy devil but its amphibious and can jump long distances and hights. i found out that there was a duck guarding the lake he knows how to talk, aparently sumone taught him lines from bevis and butthead like ” ARE U THREATENING ME???!!!” TEEPE FR MY BUNGHOLE” yknow stuff like that. he also made a dam out of mud, grass and his own excriment. the lake behind the complex and he only lets you in if u give him bread peices, he has fought this thing several times and the last time i saw him he was flying off into the woods squaking TEEPEE!! and a day later the duck was gone and the dam was down

  909. bukmacherski says:

    what s this ,i guess this one

  910. sue454545 says:

    WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS THAT THING SHIT MAN GET THET THING TO A VOLCANO TO BURN UP ITS GROSS

  911. sue454545 says:


  912. Mystic Pilgrim says:

    Why don’t you contact the people at Project Camelot, care of Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy? This is something that their specialist scientist friends and whistleblowers can identify for you, if it is a part of a secret government project or not.

    Their website URL is

    Good luck!

  913. fi says:

    The poor animal is obviously a turtle without a shell, its blatently obvious and iv only seen photos and a bit of video footage, im suprised hardly any1 has realised this already, poor animal, such a shame.

  914. Natalie says:

    The animal you found appears to be a large raccoon. The original ‘monster’ has all the markings of a large koala bear. Floating the ocean will bloat and distort a carcass. Plus, fish and other sea creatures likely nibbled on the animals remains – in both cases.

  915. bill says:

    its distorted from decomp and was a ratlike creature called a nutria.their feet look freaky and have a big tail like a dog. its probably not really a beak ,looks like one though.

  916. UFOBEAST says:

    This is obviously an alien/unknown species. It is a possibility that Men In Black have kept this “monster” a secret. I just have a feeling the Men In Black are responsible for this matter.

  917. UFOBEAST says:

    by the way, jake that is total bs.

  918. UFOBEAST says:


  919. Thank you for writing this, I can not find an information which is so clear and through up to now.

  920. Michel Berg says:

    Nice post, nice blog, I was searching for this nowadays, thank you.

  921. Jessica says:

    The book “Supernatural” by Graham Hancock might shed some light on this one. Give it a read, see if all the crazy stuff you read in the news and books doesnt start to make perfect sense!

  922. Melissa says:

    I think it’s a dog. Lots of dogs have webbed feet, from being in the water for a period of time and bloating , it would lose it’s fur. It appears to have pads on it’s feet also. There would be no reason for that if it was a water creature.

  923. Amy says:

    It’s a turtle with its shell torn off.

  924. Nina says:

    I think it is a washed up polar bear.

  925. Wow really? says:

    Seriously? The first time I saw the “monster” the only thing I could think of was a POLAR BEAR! How, in all these comments are people seeing a canine like animal with white fur and not instictively guessing Polar Bear? Some people point to the fact that it has an avian beak.. but with some very quick research (took me 5 seconds to find on google) you can look up polar bear sketelon (look it up yourself, the url was way too long to post) and voila, the skull looks very similar to the skull in the first video. The skull of a polar bear could look somewhat beak-like, especially after being ravaged by the ocean and marine scavangers before washing up on shore. Plus look at where these “monsters” are washing up. Montauk, which after another quick trip to google search for arctic ocean currents, happens to lie right in line with currents that could have brought a dead polar bear down from Canada or Greenland. After all, polar bears die as a result of drowning all the time due to the receding of their usually thick arctic ice hunting grounds. And the other one washed up in northern Michigan, another place where a polar bear could have washed up from Canada. Seriously people, there is no such thing as monsters. Find new species, maybe, but put a little more thought into this before claiming spotting of aliens or the like. I could be wrong, but the fact no one even considered that this thing is a Polar Bear astounds me.