The Montauk Monster is Found!

Montauk Monster
Since I started this blog last summer, I’ve dedicated quite a bit of time to debunking all theories presented regarding the Montauk Monster. Was it a dog? Was it a pig? A viral marketing ploy? Honestly, it really doesn’t matter at this point as the original carcass was stolen and later disintegrated into a “ball of goo”.

On Wednesday May 5th 2009, I was contacted by a couple that sent a message to the general e-mail box on this website claiming they think they’ve found what appears to be the Montauk Monster. Naturally, I questioned it thinking it was BS, but they seemed credible enough (after a phone conversation of course) to take an hour drive to Southold and see it for myself up close and personal.

Upon discovery, it resembled what everyone saw last summer. This monster was located in Southold, NY on the Bay Area. For those who are unfamiliar with the area, this is the North Fork of Long Island. The beast smelled like a mix of low-tide and rotten garbage. It really smelled horrific. I couldn’t help but take numerous pictures of it and video clips.

The couple who tipped me off loaded the carcass into a garbage bag and took it home with them. We’ve been in correspondence numerous times and have agreed that for the remainder of the week, we’d keep this matter to ourselves. The remains are currently located in Southold in a cooler full of ice.

I wanted to think about the best way to expose this to the public. Since I own this medium, and have a genuine interest in the subject matter, I’d like to be the first to share this you. We did not contact any authorities as from previous experiences; the carcass has been taken from the finders or mysteriously “stolen”. If this is a genetic mishap from Plum Island, we’d like to sell the remains to an independent lab for study. It has become a race against the clock as the couple who originally found “Beastie” are diligently putting more ice into the cooler to keep the carcass fresh.

Also, I’ve thought about the possibilities that this carcass may be carrying H1N1 influenza. (The Swine Flu) Sorry, my mind is racing now, but I haven’t ruled out biological warfare on this yet. A diseased carcass floating in waterways around Long Island could be infecting the water, fish, etc. We still need to remember that Plum Island is where Lyme Disease originated, it’s really not too far fetched to believe that this carcass (if from Plum Island) could be carrying bacteria or disease.

Here is a video clip of our discovery:

After viewing this video above, please keep in mind that my intentions are not waste your time with a recreation of the Blair Witch Project. This video was taken at night on the beach where the monster was found. (Founder’s Landing Park, Southold NY)

I would like your honest opinion even you tell me “it’s a dog!” My intentions from the beginning have been to inform my readers of “The Truth, The Legend, and The Mystery” behind The Montauk Monster, a 2008 phenomenon. Additionally, I’m not interested in going on the Geraldo Rivera show like my buddy Mike did last summer as an eyewitness. It’s a tempting offer taking a limousine full of champagne sent by Geraldo to a TV studio, but I’ll take this time now to politely decline.

Here’s the deal:

I’m only interested in dealing with publications who have a genuine interest in this story, or have previously covered the Montauk Monster. I’m not looking to waste my time or the media’s. I have over 70 high quality pictures that I took personally from a Lumix digital camera (14.7 megapixels) which includes close-ups and multiple angles of The Montauk Monster.

If your publication is interested in obtaining exclusive pictures of The Montauk Monster or would like to interview Nicky Papers (yours truly!) please e-mail us. Local laboratories and independent research firms I encourage to contact us as well as we’d like to receive conclusive results as to what the Montauk Monster really is.

What do you think this monster is? Comment here.

Kind regards and best wishes,

Nicky Papers

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1,053 Responses to “The Montauk Monster is Found!”

  1. calibri says:

    It’s just a bulldog, you morons!

  2. Ambience Cain says:

    To be honest, I am not sure what it was, and I won’t try to guess, lie, or jump on a bandwagon. However between the montauk monsters from plum island, and the man in Florida, who decided that another man’s face taste like cupcakes, it is obvious that there is something real wrong here. To be honest I think that it has to do with biological experiments. Do “zombies” ring a bell anyone? Rings loud and clear to me.

  3. Stevo says:

    Dog… No doubt, look at the teeth, canines.. ergo sum..

  4. Betty says:

    its NOT a turtle… it has canine teeth.

  5. Anonymous says:

    It’s a dog. Look at the skull structure.

  6. Lorena says:

    I dunno but something fishy is going on… I don’t think it’s purely coincidence that both of these unidentifiable creatures have washed up on shores that border Plum Island where the government has their Center for Animal Diseases… I think these poor things are lab experiments the govt doesn’t want us to know about and they make it seem that much so when they try to call a clearly five fingered animal a pig and a beaked creature a raccoon… Really? And I’m Marie Antoinette.
    I don’t believe in conspiracy theories or nonsense, but fact is the govt does have labs, they do have one here in NY on Plum Island, and labs are for testing and experiments soooo… yeah.

  7. Rebecca says:

    I hvae just learned of this today, And yes i am quite shocked. I do sincerly believe that plum island is taking genes and altering them, why? well maybe its for our countries own gain or maybe they are just trying to make some sort of synthetic animal or “prototype” and just doing tests to alter the genes..making a rar breed. I am very interesting in this and deffinatley believe some way or another the Gov’t is covering this up. And how this creatur of unknown appeared? I fel that Plum island after making unsuccessful expieriments decided to jsut dump them into the water probably believing nobody would ever come accross them, infact there are probably numorous creatures deep under the water.. But i would love to find out even more ..Thanks :)

  8. Nessa says:

    What is it? its Like the size of a Dog or what?

  9. Cyndi says:

    I am actually watching the History Chanel on Ancient Aliens, and they just showed this on the television, and my opinion is this, I truly believe it is possible that its another being of some kind. This Montauk monster goes way back to ancient history, so what proof is there that this isnt in fact real. I LOVE learning about things like this, and the fact that we can not be the only planet with life on it. I would Love for the remains to be tested to see what DNA shows up, and either way, i am still completely interested as to what it is, and it still wont change my mind as to what still may exist out there somewhere..

  10. Cristian says:

    I think this may be an animal that was worked on with the des eases tested on plum island but that does not explain how it would of got of the island.

  11. Matt Bark says:

    It does look like a sea turtle with no shell, if you examine it carefully you can see that, it has flipper bone similar to a turtle, its skull shape is also very similar to it, and it in fact has a “blobby” tail also that of a turtle, of course it must have corroding skin or something to make it lose its shell and skin, but just think about it.

  12. orlando says:

    listen i heard dat the “mysterious object” is actually a platapus i think dats how u spell it,but anyway,it would be a platapus dat has been rotten or coverted to a different size because of radio active toxic chemicals dumped into the ocean

  13. michael smith england says:

    bye the way…… are an idiot if u think this is a racoon its clearly not

  14. michael smith england says:

    right, the british are here now lets put some common sense back in this convo……………………this guy is quite clearly a liar, its ovbioulsy a pig with its head cut off, its front paws/hooves or whatever you call a pigs feet are buried in the sand, and if you look closeley at the tail, theres a pink ball on its ass (the actual tail) then a pink strippy thing thats bin placed in such a way to resemble the tail of the original “montauk monster” im not sayin this monster doesnt exist but this looks nothing like the original picture of the monster found in july 2008 on a beach in new york

  15. Tom Gardner says:

    Looks like a sea turtle without a shell !!??

  16. Kris says:

    Ben –

    Spelling, eh? Well, let’s replace they’re for there…and I believe you spell the carnivorous fish like this: piranha. Don’t get me started on to vs. too.

    But the monster…I know decomp really changes the look of animals, especially decaying in water. But has anyone who has lived outside a city seen an animal corpse that looks like this? I’ve lived in the mid-west for many decades, both in rural areas and towns, and have never seen an animal corpse, dog, cat, or raccoon, that looks like this.

  17. james says:

    this crazy i mean the goverment say its a raccon but its twice as big and it is much more scary i really woould like to delve in to this further

  18. Jeeper says:

    Aww, looks like a baby just getting it’s fir…. Awww

    Holy crud…. for those of you who don’t thinks it’s a racoon, then please go look at Raccoon skulls on google or some place and you will see it’s not a beak, a mermaid, a pig, a sheep, a goat, a Yeti, a Montauk or a Chupacabra.

    Get a grip people. The world is coming to an end next year on Dec 22nd because of the Mayan Calender ended.

    It’s a bloated Raccoon…. DEAD

  19. DanEvans says:

    Hi. i’ve been doing some reserch on the montauk monster and it apears not to be a racoon it is some bird like a chiken my first thourght is that it would be a duck built platapuss

  20. Cezanne says:

    Have anyone taken the fact that the Ocean is enormously big and mysterious in to account? Yes this “animal” might be deformed from death or there is a very good scientific reason to what have happened to this corpse, but my personal opinion is, i think there is many more animals in the ocean that haven’t been discovered or explained … there is so many depths and darkness to the ocean to still be discovered …

  21. somebody says:

    maybe its just a new species…. some type of animal that scientist havent found yet

  22. Chris says:

    My first instinct when I saw the thing on tv was…”whats the big deal? Its a dead raccoon!” I still hold to that opinion.

  23. Ben says:

    First off yall can’t spell! And second its not a racoon! Racoons don’t have a beak and are similar to a cat when decaying. Yes the sea water is doing that to the bodys. Maybe its a deer! But def not a turtle! They are attached to there shell and have small tails!and to the person who said its a large dog, umm NO its way to small! Also me saying its a deer it dumb. Its prolly something man-made. Who knows. But its skull does resemble a deer. Maybe its a fawn! From that facility. And raditation does not cause crazy mutations like that. Fatal mutations maybe. But its prolly man mad like snake heads and mud puppies! Look up snake heads. Shoot America has paranas now!

  24. justME says:

    It’s obamas twin brother !!!

  25. Dan says:

    Its probably some kind retarded fish racoon bird thing that that mutated with all the messed up shit in or water

  26. Dick Head says:

    i’ve never seen a 200 pound wolwerine

  27. NoOneSpecial says:

    In most cases where i’ve seen animal corpses, the facial features are usually gone. I Saw a video that disproved Chupicabra by documenting a cow’s body as it decomposed. Maggots, and other scavengers love to feast on loose flesh/skin/meat; like lips, eyes, noses, and even genitalia. Maybe they like fingers too? (not a scientist, but i do my “research”) Float on the surface of ocean waters long enough, who knows what will eat you. Since it doesn’t have mutated limbs, i think its reasonable to assume (for now) that it is some wild life animal who didn’t learn to swim, or ate some bad sushi.

  28. Molly says:

    It is a racoon. Some people say it is a dog, and actually are correct but are not being specific. Racoons are indeed in the dog family. So if you say it is a dog or racoon, you are correct. There are many racoon’s in the area so it is very possible that more will wash up on the shores of many beaches. The reason it has a “beak” is because in the ocean, the skin slowly disinegrates and the skin around the mouth our nose is first because of the bacteria. Brad, you are correct. The reason why the animal was furless was because the salt in the water forces the fur to shed off of the body. That is why mammals that live in the oceon or salt water have no fur. But yes, it is indeed a racoon.

  29. syncranicity says:

    Just finished reading a book “Montauk The alien connection” by Stewart Swerdlow- Previously to that I was researching Super Soldiers I stumbled across “The Camelot Project” on you tube who interviewed 2 of the men involved in the governments re programming training. By chance my research has lead me to this. Some of the “Programmers and handlers” of these men were aliens and the men were taken to sub terraines with a huge network of transport tunnels. Stewart Swerdlows strong memeories are from Montauk.
    Most of the experiments involved DNA splicing with humans.
    Could your find be deliberate to test our reactions. Maybe you could contact the people behind Camelot- I recommend there interviews on you tube.

  30. William says:

    It’s a wolverine, just like all the other Montauk monsters. The only weird thing about this, is why are dead wolverines washing up on the shore.

  31. brad says:

    I recon its a racoon reson is in the sea. The salt causes the corpes fer to shed and the rotting causes gases to build up within the corpse. But what stuned me is its feet and head, its jaw shapes like a doges but its feet looks like monkey or a posem, so I went and did some reserch and I found evedents pointing to a racoon! LOL

  32. gegomez says:

    I think it was some type of dog or maybe a werewolf the paw and the mouth it was shaped as a dogs mouth so obvious. Some guy said that he was responsible for that, that it was just a raccoon which was put in some inflatable thing but i think he just wanted the attention. I honestly think it was some kind of dog. Something we know but don’t want to admit something paranormal.

  33. nathan says:

    also. it could be some type of sick expriment by the goverment trying to make a new cow that cna increase milk production to make more money or something. those are my two ideas

  34. nathan says:

    i say the it is an alien. the ture meaning of alien. and animal or living thing that were not fimliair with. i think that it is living here on earth. the reason it is so big is that becuase of it most liekly being in water and us never finding it its becuase its so far down in the ocean. mabey it died in a changeing enviroment and is now swetp up to the land. think about it. reaschers said that there are thousands of fishes and possibley even whales and sharks that we never found yet that live near the bottom of the ocean. it could be one of those fishes. mabey we just discovered a new line a fishes that could bring a whole new theroy to evolution. almost every year we find a new fishes that live in the water. new sharks even. think about it. this is most likely some sort of sea cow that evolved for a difrent nature near the bottom of the sea.

  35. Greg says:

    It is a dead racoon.

  36. Jonny Martin says:

    Hi, after looking at the two photos’ as much as i’d like to believe there are strange creatures out there that have been undiscovered, im usually the most gullible and willing to believe out of my friends. But if you have ever seen a dead body in water, they bloat. Both these poor animals are very bloated and have sections that look as tho they might have been nibbled at. The first original monster, seems to have the body of a penguin or something similar, I don’t think it is a new species, I think it’s just a badly decayed body of an animal or even a deformed animal, as we have deformed humans, a.k.a. The Elephant Man, downs syndrome etc, we can also have deformed animals and the second one, is blatently just a poor dead bloated dog, the black and white markings on it’s skin and the skull has just been eaten away by crabs or fish. I would be interested to see if anybody of scientificall knowledge has examined the first animal or the second and taken a dna sample. It is an interesting story, but I don’t think it’s what you all think

  37. Jake s says:

    it seems to resemble a seal like creature. Maybe it is a new cross breed between 2 types of the seal species?

  38. ashbash says:

    i think its cross between a duck a dog and a human because of the straight fingers

  39. lil many says:

    i think it was a dog (for tail and body must of been large dog)mixed with a Penguen (for the beek like mouth and flipper like arms and legs) then THAT was mixed with a human (to get the feet and hands and got long fingers) thats what i think it looks like

  40. alfredo says:

    i think it was a dog or some other type of thing we never found out mayby people were standed on a iland and had pets or there were different types of animals we never found and ate an nucular plant and when they slept together to keep them selfs warm and there bodys colided togeter causing to much thenprobably a big wave came bye and washed them up and carried then away to our own place or mayby our oxegen is changing and the dinisours are growing back and in the future the oxigen will change and the dinisours will grow back i did reseach on dinisours i love to study at home and i am ten years old i have dog named sparky and i go to fourth grade bye

  41. alfredo says:

    its probably a dog or maby something mixed up with another animal from probably a iland they probly had a nucularor what ever you call it some type of plant and there were probably more of them so they got hungry ate a plant and if they were all the same type of animal or not and probably slept next to each other alone on an iland to keep them selfs warm and skins and body parts went together just saying and i am a fourth grader

  42. JaNayNay says:

    I believe it could be any short of thing. About a year ago I watched this show on NatGeo and it was about prehistoric animals and what mostly resembles them today. There was a creature on there that closely resembled this creature. It was said that the creature evolved and split off into branches and the closest relatives are wolves and canines. It could very well be that some of these creatures never evolved, and they are just now surfacing. I mean come on think about it, they say we evolved from monkeys, but yet look around there are still plenty of them around around here. It is also very logical that this could be tested breeds of dogs on Plum Island. For what reason they would do it is unbeknown to me, but if that is what is happen, it is just plain out sick. I also think it is very logical for this “group” of people to believe it may be alien. In fact it IS Alien. I think some people misunderstand the true meaning of Alien all together. Alien is something you are unfamiliar with. But it is not to far fetched that it could be extraterrestrial. There are quadrillions of undiscovered parts of the universe out there. And it is more far fetched to believe we are the only living planet with living creatures on it, than it is to believe there are thousands of living planets with thousands of living creatures out there.

  43. explorer guy ian azana says:

    some kind of alien fish!!!!!!! he’s body like cow and his paws like a dog paws and he’s face like like like a penguin? i have a question

    1. what is montauk monster

    2.what kind of animal is montauk

    3. where they come from

  44. alec says:

    why cant the corpse of this poor animal be something as simple as that of a sea otter carried on odd sea currents? they are about the size of a dog, have remarkably ‘handlike’ paws with dexterous digits, have some doglike characteristics, and a flexible, cartiligeonous nose, and similar skull shape?
    has anyone compared carcases of sea otters with these pictures? and as the sea otter spends most of its entire life at sea i would expect even a large number of highly qualified and experienced biologists and scientists to have only a passing aquaintance with its physiology, especially a patrial or whole carcass, for examination and comparrisson!
    canada and the usa, and indeed many countries along the continents have seen such as deer swimming miles out to sea, aligators/crocodiles doing the same, bears even can swim huge distances. why then is it not possible to be a sea otter carcass from a poor animal that could have swam off into unknown waters or draged offcourse due to storms or similar, only to be found washed up on a beach once decomp gassing and bloating of the carcass has allowed the surf to beach it?

  45. lonnibug says:

    I think it is man mad.or a two animals had a new kind of animal,but it is possible it was man mad because of who poeple can play god ,and clone cows.The can possible make a new kind of animal? But the may people say it was fake

  46. What would most people do devoid of the marvellous thoughts you share on this site? Who else has got the perseverance to deal with crucial topics in the interest of common readers like me? I actually and my girlfriends are very lucky to have your web blog among the types we usually visit. Hopefully you know how significantly we love your working hard! Best wishes coming from us all.

  47. joseph micheal schettini says:

    i think it is a sciense exspirent on a turtle

  48. chance says:

    all i want to kno is why is it only the carcis not it alive?

  49. bri says:

    Honestly I think it is a monster or an alien ….yes the government hides things but this is too “what should I say ” practical ? For the gov………. and its most defiantly not a dog pig raccon… its something not from earth or it has been hiding from humans for years …… u can tell from the size and the bone structure ……..Mr papers u need to take this to a lab (not a government one ) and find out what this really is ( if they can ) and get the mystery out of the way ……

  50. czerro says:

    It’s a raccoon. It appears ‘big’ because it is water bloated and rotting, causing gases to build up within the corpse. I can’t believe someone took the time to video this. It must have reaked already, let alone when they started poking it…

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