The Montauk Monster: Listed On Wikipedia.

The Montauk Monster has been loaded as a current event on Wikipedia. The information below may be incomplete, or may change as the event progresses.

The Montauk Monster is a creature with a “dinosaur beak” which allegedly washed ashore dead in Ditch Plains, near Montauk, New York in late July 2008.

Speculation in published reports included theories that the Montauk Monster may be a turtle without its shell—even though the shell of a turtle cannot be removed without damaging the turtle—a dog, a raccoon, or perhaps a science experiment from the nearby government animal testing facility, the Plum Island Animal Disease Center. The “monster” may also be a decomposed pig carcass. The creature’s appearance may have been altered through immersion in water for an extended period before coming to rest on the shore, making it difficult to identify.

Because the body is not available for study, and is only shown in photos taken by the locals who discovered it, this may be a photo-shopped image or part of a viral marketing campaign. A new picture of the creature has also been shown on the news and Internet. Animal Expert Jeff Corwin has appeared on Fox News and claimed that upon close inspection of the photograph, he feels sure the “monster” is merely a raccoon or dog that has decomposed slightly.

William Wise, director of Stony Brook University’s Living Marine Resources Institute, interpreted the photo along with a colleague, and suggested it was a hoax after discounting the following possibilities:

• Raccoon. (“The legs appear to be too long in proportion to the body.”)
• Sea turtle. (“Sea turtles do not have teeth.”)
• Rodent. (“Rodents have two huge, curved incisor teeth.”)
• Dog or other canine.(“Prominent eye ridge and the feet” don’t match.)
• Sheep. (Sheep don’t have sharp teeth).

The father of the woman who took the photo that spawned the speculation told a reporter that reports that his daughter was holding out to the highest bidder to make some cash were “nonsense.” An unidentified woman told the same reporter that the animal was only the size of a cat, and as of August 2008 was decomposed to a skeleton, but would not identify its location for inspection.

On August 1, Gawker published pictures and x-rays of a Rakali (or Water Rat, Hydromys chrysogaster) showing several convincing similarities with the Montauk Monster: the “beak”, tail, feet, size, and general appearance similar. The Rakali originates from Australia.

Posed Theories

Below is a list of proposed real-world animals that would seem to match with what the “monster” may have been before decomposing due to sea water. Some animals would seem to make more sense than others, such as a pig carcass over a turtle, while the probability of a fraud is always present. All reasonable possibilities have been listed.

• Cougar/Mountain Lion
• Wild Pig
• Dog/Wolf
• Water Rat
• Raccoon
• Sea Turtle
• Viral marketing fraud

Montauk Monster Wikipedia

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6 Responses to “The Montauk Monster: Listed On Wikipedia.”

  1. T Rae says:

    Possibly an Axex, also known as the wingless male gryphon of northern and western europe. Only females had wings. Long torso, gripping front feet, vestiges of fur around throat, beak-like probiscus, and lower canines; sounds like a male gryphon.

  2. David B says:

    What you’re looking at is a Malayan Tapir….google it, and you will see pictures of one. Notice the same legs legs and feet, and the facial features and you can easily see the similarities, the face without the fleshy snout.

  3. Shen says:

    It is more a Tapir than any of the unproffesional guesses up there…

    finally someone else noticed it. David is right, look it up on google.. the sleek skin, the hands, the tail, the beaky skull,the ears ect.. the snout has just decomposed

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