The Smoke Settles – Where’s Beastie?

It’s been a few weeks since my last post on Things in my life have been hectic, (family, work, etc.) so I apologize in advance for not being more diligent with the postings as of recently.

A series of facts and articles have appeared in numerous publications going over the theories which have been proposed on my website. Due to the amount of e-mails I’ve received from our readers, I’ll try and bring all up to date with a short list of recent events.

  1. The Montauk Monster is found and becomes the 2008 story of the summer.
  2. New sets of pictures are discovered (blue colored beast).
  3. “Tonya” comes forward and proposes the Splinterheads theory.
  4. Numerous publications support the Splinterheads theory.
  5. (Splinterheads) first embraced the story; then later stated the hoax was created by 16-year-old entrepreneur.
  6. Copycat scams pop up. (Bigfoot, Rocky Point Monster etc.)
  7. There is no conclusion to the story.

The Montauk Monster is still a mystery. If it’s not a movie prop, then what is it and where did it go? Some say it was stolen from the backyard it was originally taken to. Others insist that it was a genetic mishap as the result of an experiment gone wrong on Plum Island. At this point, I don’t know what to believe. Too many people were on the beach the day “beastie” was discovered for us to forget. Sure, it’s fun keeping this a mystery, but at the same time I think the truth needs to come out now. It’s been long enough. – On Splinterheads + Viral Marketing. – Monster in a Hall of Mirrors.

Gotham News – The work of a 16 year old Entrepreneur?

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8 Responses to “The Smoke Settles – Where’s Beastie?”

  1. Jim McMillan says:

    I have been away also.

    Gotham News didn’t think the Montauk Monster was the work of a 16 year old entrepreneur. We were merely ridiculing the hypocrisy of the Splinterheads people for blaming a kid for the whole cashing-in exercise.

    Anyway, keep up the good work here. And hopefully the truth will out.

  2. j says:

    you’re a joke

    and….its not been “weeks” since your last post. you had one up a week or so ago admitting that you had been had by “tonia” …then for some reason it was taken right down.

    the fact of the matter is this: the pitcurtes and the “monster” itself (whatever it turns out to be….racoon, dog, or some freak hybrid) were real…and the only hoax was perpetrated by those trying to jump on the bandwagon for publicity.

  3. JS says:

    Regardless of what this thing is, do you want a serious clue as to where it is NOW? That should help.

  4. Jim McMillan says:

    ‘j’ – you seem very angry with the world. Take medication.

  5. j says:

    Jim – u got it wrong bro…im the happiest guy around…i just dont like to read lies and other unniceties about my friends…thats about it.

    oh…and i also think you’re a jackass.

  6. Gary says:

    Has any stopped to think that it could possibly be a Black Bear with severe symptoms of sarcoptic mange?

    I am looking at a couple of photos in the Feb. 2008 issue of Pennsylvania Game News that show a Bear with this disease.


  8. I don’t unremarkably comment but I gotta admit thankyou for the post on this great one : D.