Found, in Perseopolis: an ancient image of the Montauk Monster?

In April Poriua Dehghani, and Iranian who lives in Shiraz, “one of the most ancient cities in the world” sent us these pictures in April
pictures taken in Perseopolis: “I think I saw the historical point of the Montauk Monster!”

4 Responses to “Found, in Perseopolis: an ancient image of the Montauk Monster?”

  1. Michelle says:

    looks like a humungous rat or armadillo

  2. Restless says:

    Raises an interesting point, I suppose. I know one theory is that dragons, griffons and the like were made up by people looking at dinosaur bones, but maybe they were born just from half decomposed regular animals.

  3. Paula says:

    The beak alone on these sculptures gives me chills when thinking about some of the older photos I’ve seen here!

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