Monster sighting, Narragansett Bay Rhode Island

Ray Martell writes:

Hi my names Ray ..i live on a small peninsula in Warwick, Rhode Island
on Narragansett Bay……… and my kid were walking down a local
private beach not far from my house a couple months ago around 10
pm….(a spot i fish during the day regularly) ….at first my son and
i both heard swans freaking out about a 100′ away ( we usually have a
large population of swans )   we walked towards the noise about
30′ away i could see what i think was the back shoulders of a very
large version of the montauk creature alive and well and hunting
swans… pinkish skin and large shoulders was all i could make out
…..when we got close enough for my son to hear it clearly …he said
“pop theres a monster” and he started backing up fast…shit we both
did ….the area has many places i think something like this could
hide easily….i went to check for prints the next day but it rained
pretty hard that night and there was nothing…….my son is 7 and
while he does have a vivid imagination  im 39 and i dont ……
far as im aware we dont have any local predators that fit the
description or stand a chance trying to eat a swan……..if you could
suggest a course of action in collecting some type of evidence im
willing to give it a shot…email me or call my cell if you think this
has merit

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  1. Sarah says:

    I was in west wales the other day, on a beach called poppit sands and me and my friends came across a dead body of an animal that looked just like this. We were wondering what to do with it but after a while we just left it there. None of us had a phone or camera on us to be able to take a photo. I just came home today and researched into it to see what it could be and found a photo of the ‘montauk monster’ and i can’t believe that it looks just like the dead animal we found.
    I really regret not taking a photo at the time, but i just hope that someone else has taken a photo of it before it got washed back out to sea.

  2. Amber says:

    I dont believe this. How do we know this is true? Other than pictures where’s the proof? I would have to see this to believe this, there needs to be moe evidance of this “monster”. Try uploading a video.

  3. Andrew S says:

    Hello Ray I know that this is weird but I am a paranormal investigator, lets just say it is a side job… I will GLADLY investigate this “monster” with my team it won’t cost you anything. The funny part is I live on Warwick Neck and I can reach this spot easily. If you could tell me the road where the private beach is on I will head over there just email me the directions at

  4. Harikrishnan says:

    This is the mixing of Horse and eagle…

  5. Harikrishnan says:

    This is the mixing of
    horse and eagle, cat, dog.

  6. Harikrishnan says:

    Scietist’s mistake…mixing mixing…animals mixing…

  7. Mee Gee says:

    Me and my daughter have recently been to seal beach, California, February 2014 ,actually and our dog and found this weird, scary looking hell hound looking animal washed up onshore & I got some really good pics of it and would like to share them with everyone & get some opinions of what people think that it is or was? It’s similar to the photos on this site but it is even scarier looking. Anyway to upload photos??? (

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