Montauk Monster History

History of The Montauk Monster coming soon!

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  1. Logan says:

    What if it’s not the dead animal we should be worryed about, but it’s what is killing the creature?

  2. Dino says:

    Not a mutated monster or any other “monster” decomposing sea otter.

  3. Always Watching says:

    I would think this is a science experiment from plum island but I can not ignore the fact that the bone structure is unlike any creature I have observed. Also, it makes me suspicious about how they will not let you anywhere near the island. it makes me think that the government may be hiding more than we think…

  4. Creatorownsme says:

    It is as the world is numb to cruelty I dont want to see anything the Creator made come to harm Having raise a raccoon to go back to the wild -they do know the power of Love To think anyone would hurt animals -that is not what the Creator meant by them being an aide for us The oppose thumb caused my comment of a raccoon-but whatever animal it is -we need to help stop all crimes to man and nature

  5. Anonymously says:

    Are we aware that saying, “A turtle without it’s shell” is like saying, “A can of coke without the can?” A turtle’s shell is it’s back…there’s only guts underneath. (Despite what you see in cartoons.)

  6. Princess says:

    It’s obviously a mutated animal from Plum Island, I just watched a show about the island today, and learned how much animal testing they do. They do all kinds of testing and this was probly an experiment gone wrong, or it got some kind of disease and they threw it in the ocean or it may have escaped. ANOTHER THEORY, could be that it’s some new species that we just found, or it could even be an animal from the past, a sea creature we never discovered, maybe even something from the Bermuda Triangle…who knows. But to me, it looks like a bird crossed with a pig…ewww…think about it.

  7. BOB says:

    I have a huntiglizens. As i was making the lizens, I worked with a lot of skulls. I think most of the skulls i saw an the picktures, are from dogs, foxes or other Carnids, In case of some of them, maybe it’s a a young bear, but there is nothing spezial oder mythical in this boddys, they are only rotten boddys.

  8. bob miller says:

    i think im gay for this monster

  9. bob miller says:

    is that a pig skinned

  10. James says:

    I truly think that this is a mammal closely related to humans. I’m feeling it may live in the water. Being that these “monsters” keep washing up on the shores of land within the Atlantic ocean leads me to believe that these are remnants of a possible civilization of “atlantians”. If you notice the thumb on the hand of the montauk monster in one picture there is a very obvious opposable thumb. This is different from many mammals. Then, there is another picture, in which this “monster” appears to be very human-like. They’re probably dying as of recent because of climate change. You’d never have seen this until within the last decade.

  11. loltshd says:

    Has anyone find it strange how we only find this creature dead and not alive?
    Someone says is right we do find new speies everyday,or maybe its a deep sea creature that was attaked by something then its dead corpse floated to the shore and washed up on the beach.Or maybe its a mutated animal that escaped from the labs or whatever and died in the ocean.

  12. joel smith says:

    looks like a mutated seal or a pig

  13. Mundi Intra says:

    I am so sick of people going on about how “The government is trying to hide alien life forms!”…as anyone who ACTUALLY attended history class will know, the people ARE the government! The Montauk Monster is clearly just an animal that had been tested on, and thrown into the ocean when it died.

  14. swagboy says:

    this stuff is on plum islAND IN NEWYOR BUT THEY WANT LET TO EVEN GO LIKE 2000 FEET OF IT

  15. dynasty_baby says:

    I strongly belive that these creatures are an experiments, but what I don’t know is why are they being washed “away” to shore that is a question that remains unanswered…

  16. angela says:

    i tink this is a turtle who lost it shell but i dont know you know people like in the ocean theres like a million and millions of animals it coud maybe be a mix of creatures like a sealion with a turtle i dont know but this shit is scary i yust had a dream of something like diz days before i even had sen this picture this shit fraks me out

  17. Shelly Smith says:

    Could it be a dead nutria rat like those in Louisiana? They live in the swamps. Can grow large as a small dog. Check it out.

  18. Someone says:

    Guys, i have been thinking, if this is another species, why are we surprised, we find new species everyday, like fish, and bacteria, everyday, things evolve, and in my opinion; its an amazing discovery, and accusations on the government should not be placed, as none of us really know…

  19. Nycko says:

    un peu de sérieux.
    je suis passionné d’animaux et par la science et j’ai observer plusieurs photos du monstre et je pense avoir trouvé…

    La décomposition par la mer l’a dépecé et les tissus se sont gonflé, a en remarquer les petites oreilles la queue et les pattes griffues selon mon analyse et la dentition ce ne peut être qu’un cadavre de loutre de mer dont le museaux aurait pu être arraché légèrement par un prédateur comme un requin par exemple ce qui lui donne un aspect de bec supérieur avec l’os de la mâchoire à nu.

    voilà fin de la légende …

    To be a little serious.
    I am passionate about animals and science and I have seen several photos of the monster and I think they show…

    Decomposition by the sea caused dismemberment and the tissues are swollen, it has small ears, a pointed tail and claws. In my analysis, considering its dentition, it can only be a dead sea otter whose snouts have been slightly ripped by a predator such as a shark, thus giving it an aspect of the upper beak with its jaw bone exposed.

    This is therefore the end of the legend …

  20. jack says:

    It Just Looks Like A Huge Rat Look At Its Hands Slash Paw Like Thing Look Adsacly Like A Rats At Look At The Face When Its Rotted….

  21. Colt Larsen says:

    It’s probably a raccoon according to a scientist who studied it. It just got disfigured because of being in the sea for such a long time.

  22. behrang says:

    please see this photo, it look like stone head in perspolis – Iran

  23. SmokinStein says:

    dont beleive what sum people are miss guiding u on about this creature its definitely an animal that was created in a lab an most likely escape or tested to see its inhabit ability to our environments the human race will eventually run low on food supply meaning animals will eventually go excitant why not create a substitute source of food even if its playing god THE CIA DOESNT CARE THEY HAVE MANY Agenda’s an one top priority is a source of food when the human population over populates its self where will we find our food source MADE IN A LAB BY SCIENTIST

  24. thatguywithhair says:

    i think the guys in strange suits were goverment agents takin the creature to area 51 for testing

  25. damien hoyt says:

    it looks like a cross between a croc and a pig

  26. nicholas says:

    guys i think his head of this monster is look like an element in historical palace of persian / iranian named PERSEPOLICE af empire of persian when they had many power see this photos :
    what you think

  27. Angela Chambers says:

    They are animal mutations washing up from Plum Island Animal Disease Center…Dont worry or fear…it’s just the government running their little experiments and tests on animals…that’s all.

  28. Anonymous says:

    they’re just regular animals that have decomposed and been disfigured by bacterium and organisms that feed off flesh in the water. Some look like disintegrating pigs and dogs, etc. It is not a new species or ‘monster’. It is clearly more than one type of animal as there is anatomical differentiation between the jaw shapes, limb lengths and abdomens of the carcasses.

    These are just dead, decomposing animals that have washed up during stages of decomposition and look disfigured or ‘warped’ due to excessive bloating and essentially, rotting.

  29. Morcko says:

    This kinda looks like a tortouise without it’s shell.

  30. Mena says:

    It is amazing that people are still surprised by this given that it not the 1st time. With so many bad storms, tsunamis and other disaster happening across the world it is very possible that any carcass from that disaster/event will eventually show up at any beach. For those who think it is a Monster, it is common knowledge that bodies, regardless of what species, in water decompose in a way that will render them unrecognisable to the untrained eye. If it was a “new” species of Animal do you think this would have been published at all??!!

  31. little says:

    to me it looks like a giant ocean rat crossed with somethink elce but its strange how the has been so many or it it prob the same 1 because if u dont remove it when the sea comes bk in n out again it could of tock it with it i dont know thow just gessin

  32. margarita says:

    I’m sorry but these animals look like a mythical creature a Griffin without the wings i don’t know but people should look for way to keep the bodies fresh by freezing it so they can study mi\ore about it

  33. kyle beaudry says:

    it looks like a giant possum

  34. gorden says:

    also the thing about the butt s of these creatures bieng well destroyed may have been from ppl trying to mate them or a way of killing the animals ….getting rid of evidence……………………………………………………..or just maybe a horny pack of wolves…………………………………………………………………………………………

  35. gorden says:

    well i think this has something to do with the suname that happened in china or wutever and all that nuclear radioactive stuff got loose and mutated some kind of dogs or racoons and the animal was washed out to the ocean and eventuelly washed up somewhere……………..o.o………….or just some animal testing gone wrong………you never know wuts going on out there with animal testing……idk………..wutever it /they are they are all hopefully dead……

  36. lauren haisley rew says:

    what the bloody hell, this thing could be going extinct and for all you care your just leaving it to be found out by us! and why the hell r they being called a monster??? thay’re not normal animals and they could bloody die out at this rate…

    it could be an eagle, seal, lion, racoon, dog, turtle, pig, rhino, frog, a bloody sea monster or even a lion!!!! DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS THING! find its skull and the rest of its fuckin body parts! if i were a scientist i would of done it by now!!!!

  37. yairon says:

    it looks like an underwater beast with the jaw ripped off,or is it?

  38. yairon says:

    it looks like a pig beast from the sea

  39. aaron nickerson says:

    these animals are probaly apart of the wolf family or the wolfs just have sex with tem instead of goin after them to kill they go after them for sex and how they change color over sperm is weird idk how this animal would be hear but is it just a over size wolf that has a desies or somtin idk this is just a weird creature

  40. Alyssa O'Reilly says:

    HOLY CRAP! Thats freggin scary! Dude im gonna have nightmares<3 (its all good cause i LOVE nightmares!<3<3)

  41. Anonymous says:

    Until these bodies, corpses go in for clinical testing from at least 3 different agencies unknown from each so that is no of tampering with findings then all you have is pictures and hearsay.

    The teeth, from the photos though, are canine in nature do not look like a typical ‘raccoon’, that was displayed in the photo you provided on the site. However this does not suggest that there are not larger variations of raccoons that exist which could have larger canines, or regular normal ‘mutations’ as you would of their own.

    I am not confirming, denying, trying to disprove anything. But you will need to collect a corpse, in good condition, raise money for the testing of DNA analysis from different agencies to get a true result.

    I state different agencies because there are skeptics out there that will see what you are providing and might give you a false reading just to calm you down and say its a raccoon when its really something ‘other’. So need to do research and find someone that might be willing to give the truth where the truth might be opening the can of worms.

  42. Dartanion says:

    Listen to me, I’m a doctor. My diagnosis for the cause of death to this “Montauk Monster” would be severe anal trauma. This poor creature seems to have been penetrated through the rectum multiple times with a fist shaped object somewhere between 18-22 inches long. Now this is not an uncommon cause of death in the states of Texas, Kentucky and West Virginia. However this case differs slightly from the ones I have dealt with in the past. This monster was not only rammed in the poopshoot, but also forced to ingest wolf semen. An allergic reaction to the semen is what gives the monster its brownish color which makes it resembles a roasted chicken. If any viewers have questions I would be glad to answer them. You can reach me at Good day.

  43. Diego Alejandro Rodriguez says:

    sucker mother fucker tats not unusual all they`re normal animals

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