Monster definitely not racoon or opossum, writes expert

November 13th, 2012

Rebecca Alexis Turner writes:
I looked though your site and was shocked by the numbero f people saying the creatures were deceased raccoon or opossum.

As a wildlife rehabber with Nuts For Squirrels Wildlife Rehabilitation located in North East Florida (First Coast Region) I have cared for opossum and raccoon on numerous occasions and know for fact that the washed up creatures are NOT former raccoon or opossum.
I was also a three year  Environthon Team member in both the Fred B. Miller and Florida State Envirothons. My school’s team always placed first in our county. And scored high in Wildlife Identification. This brings me to the reasons the creatures are not raccoon or opossum.
Raccoon do not take on a beaked appearance when their skulls are bared, contrary to what has been posted in several places. The “slight beak” the skull takes clearly displays the root mount for the teeth. This is not seen in and of the Montauk images or images of similar creatures. Also the orbital ridge of a raccoon skull line up with the lower brain case to form a rounded dinner bell shape not seen in the bird eye view images of the Montauk skull. Lastly, the limbs of the Montauk creatures are too short to be raccoon, raccoon have long limbs that leave them looking like they walk on stilts until the long belly fur of adulthood grows in.
Opossum have to few forward teeth, a shorter second fang behind the long canines on the upper jaw, and narrower orbits.
Otters are ruled out for both as well due to lack of orbital delta wings on the outer forward orbit rim. However, river or sea otters are a possible explaination for the images of the Canadian creature “The Ugly One”. Regarding dentition and skull shape.
Plum Island may hold the key to the Montauk and its kin simply because it is an ISLAND. In the fossil record islands and their limited genetic pool have given rise to rare creature localized to those locations alone. Tasmanian Wolf/Tiger for example. Galapagos finches and tortoises for another. And finally in example, lemurs, foosa cats and several other species from the island of Madagascar.
I hope this helps your readers to educate themselves and cuts down on ignorant posts.

Old Lyme Monster taken away by “men in unusual uniform”

March 5th, 2012

Matt  from Wethersfield Ct has written in:

It wasn’t until some time after I had taken this photo, that I had realized what it was I had stumbled upon. This photo was taken in April, 2009, in Old Lyme Ct. I know the claims are that these things may be raccoons, but this one was enormous. The police had showed up to check out the site, and shortly after there were men in unusual uniform who came to take the specimen away.

Lloyd Neck, Long Island: another Monster surfaces

March 5th, 2012

This most recent monster was found on a Beach on Northwestern Long Island, in Lloyd Neck, NY. The monster was sighted by a local man walking his dog on the beach, and luckily he had his technology handy.

Milford Beach throws up another Montauk beast!

November 7th, 2011

A couple were taking a peaceful walk on the beach at Milford, CT
when they came across this carcass of some sort of animal, which they sent us.



Montreal’s own Montauk Monster sighted

June 9th, 2011

On April 20 this year, Alan Varley From St Helens Merseyside England UK,
reported, “While in Canada visiting relatives we were walking by Lac St
Louis in Beaconsfield on the outskirts of Montreal “We came across this
dead creature – not knowing what it was, I searched the internet and
came upon your website.”

Another Monster snapped on northwest Long Island beach

June 9th, 2011

On the morning of January 30th this year, Tricia Mahmias of Locust Valley NY was walking on the beach in Bayville  NY, at the Connecticut end of Long Island with her husband and two dogs.  She came across and snapped this extraordinary, ugly dead animal. It was her son Michael, an Environmental Scientist, who filled her in later about the Montauk Monster.  She checked out the Newsday piece online:  “And lo and behold it is the same thing – and in very good condition. There is no way this is a raccoon or any other kind of animal I have ever seen before.”

A beast spotted close to Montauk Point this spring

June 6th, 2011

On Sunday  Feb 20 this year  David Kuritzky,  a Mount Kisco glass specialist visiting from upstate New York, took this picture of a gryphonesque beaked beast at Hither Hills, a beach just south-west of Montauk Point.

Beast snapped on a beach near Galveston Texas

June 6th, 2011

On March 20 just past, student Jacob Trevino reported, “Me and a couple of friends traveled to stay on Galveston Island (Crystal Beach to be exact) for Spring Break. We were driving along the beach listening to our friends tell us about this “thing” they saw while running along the beach earlier that morning. So we went to go see it. I saw it, and had no clue what it was. It had a beak, webbed feet, and looked like some sort of “ocean rat.” It was washed up along the beach along with tons of jellyfish. I took photos only to realize that later on that I’ve seen this thing before on a various website post. I wish I got a few better photos.”

Found, in Perseopolis: an ancient image of the Montauk Monster?

June 6th, 2011
In April Poriua Dehghani, and Iranian who lives in Shiraz, “one of the most ancient cities in the world” sent us these pictures in April
pictures taken in Perseopolis: “I think I saw the historical point of the Montauk Monster!”

2010 Montauk Monster Discovered! Silver Sands Beach, CT.

October 4th, 2010

montauk monster 2010

It’s my honor and pleasure to announce that a Montauk Monster discovery was made this weekend by Linda Ingmanson on Silver Sands Beach in Milford, CT. Linda and her husband were walking on the beach when they found a mutated creature that bared resemblance to the Montauk Monster of recent years.

I received an Email from Linda Ingmanson on Sunday morning (10/3) explaining the details.

See below:

montauk monster real

I had a brief phone conversation with Linda yesterday afternoon to verify her story and learn more about the details of her discovery. She noted that the creature was bloated, stocky, and looked nothing like anything she’s seen before. Linda said that the creature had an odd “sweet smell” which puzzled her as the Montauk Monster is notorious for smelling like “rotten garbage”. Linda and her husband did not attempt to remove the decaying carcass from the beach as they feared that it may be diseased.

montauk monster real

I did not have a chance to make a trip to Silver Sands Beach to see the beast with my own eyes. I encourage all interested parties in Milford, CT to search for the rotting and bloated carcass and inform authorities.

montauk monster silver sands

We may still have an opportunity to bring the remains to a laboratory for testing before the mutated beast is washed back to sea. This may be our only chance to determine what the creature really is; drawing a possible link to the other carcasses that have been discovered with respect to origins from Plum Island.

The search for the Montauk Monster is officially on!

Kind regards,

Nicky Papers