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A drug therapy of the erectile dysfunction can be contraindicated men of senior age. Men of this age category often notice the appearance of the side effects: tachycardia, arterial hypotension, and others. But there is a drug which can be used by both young, and senior men. This is Levitra.

Where to buy Levitra (Vardenafil) without a prescription

Drug Name: Levitra (Vardenafil)
Tablet Strength: 10mg × 180 tablet
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Where to buy Levitra?

Product description

Levitra is a medicine of the new generation to prevent erectile dysfunction. It contains Vardenafil which has been synthesized in the laboratories of Bayer company.

Levitra is recommended men of senior age because this medicine acts softly than the analogues, and almost does not have side effect.

A pharmacological safety of Levitra has been proved during many tests. Regularly taking Levitra in therapeutic doses, senior men can improve erectile function without side effects. FDA has approved Levitra for the treatment and prevention of the erectile dysfunction according to that results.

The mechanism of the action of Levitra is based on the increase of the blood circulation in the tissues of the penis. The blood vessels are dilated and the blood flow in the penis is improved by means of the stimulation of the nitrogen oxide release. In case of the intense blood circulation in the cavernous bodies of the penis, a man has erection. Levitra is able to stimulate a strong erection within 6-7 hours, and then the concentration of Vardenafil drops in the blood and the action stops.

Pharmaceutical form

Levitra pills areroundandorange.One side has a name of the manufacturer Bayer in a criss-cross manner, and another one has dose 5, 10, or 20 mg.

Who is prescribed Levitra?

Levitra is prescribed men who experience difficulties with having erection during the sexual intercourse and cannot take other medicines because of the high sensitivity to their active ingredients.

How to take Levitra?

The treatment of the erectile dysfunction with Levitra should be started from the daily dose of 10 mg. The pills should be used 15 minutes before the sexual intercourse, with a glass of water. Using Levitra 10 mg, a man should not have side effect and/or allergic reaction. To enhance the therapeutic effect, the dose of Levitra can be increased up to 20 mg per day. Levitra 20 mg may be used not more than once in 24 hours.

Senior men over 65 years old are recommended to begin the treatment of the erectile dysfunction with a minimal dose of Levitra 5 mg. This will help to improve tolerance and efficiency of the treatment

Special recommendations

– If you are taking any medicines containing organic nitrates, do not take Levitra

– Vardenafil may be contraindicated men with diseases of kidneys, liver, or cardiovascular system. If you have chronic diseases, consult a doctor at first

– Children under 18 years old and women are not recommended to take Levitra

Side effect

The side effect of Levitra may occur in some cases, during overdose or intolerance of Vardenafil if you noticed the appearance of the allergic reaction during the use of Levitra, stop the treatment and replace a medicine.

If you experience headache, dizziness, or stuffy nose, a medical interaction is not needed. The side effects will completely disappear after 3-4 times of using Levitra.

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