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An excessive excitement of the neurons in the central nervous system may lead to the development of the convulsive seizures known as epilepsy. It is rather difficult to treat epilepsy, so that many patients spend thousand dollar at the expensive drugs which do not give any result. Topamax is a cheap but very effective medicine for the treatment of epilepsy and acts better than expensive analogues.

Product description

Topamax helps to lower the agitation of the central nervous system, so that the symptoms of the epilepsy are arrested on the initial stage of the attack. It contains an active ingredient Topiramate which is added to a list of the vital medicines.

The mechanism of the action of Topamax consists in the disorder of the enzyme synthesis which make neurons agitate. In the setting of this the frequency of the epileptic attacks is reduced, and possible attacks become weaker and do not cause severe complications.

Due to Topamax, it is possible to control an epileptic status and prevent the development of the attacks on the initial stage. However, remember that a prolonged therapy with this medicine can cause a resistance to its action, and that is why it is necessary to replace a medicine for the treatment and prevention of epilepsy once per 1-2 years.

Pharmaceutical form

Topamax is released in round pills of yellow color for the oral use. One side of the pills has a dose of the active ingredient Topiramate, and another one has a brand name Topamax.

Topamax is released in the pills of 50 mg, 100 mg, or 200 mg. The pills from the different manufacturers may differ by color, form or abbreviation.

Who is prescribed Topamax?

Topamax is prescribed patients with increased convulsive activity and agitation of the CNS in the setting of which the following pathologies have appeared:

– Epilepsy

– Post-traumatic stress

– Obsessive-compulsive disorder

– Migraine

How to take Topamax?

In the treatment of epilepsy, Topamax is used from a minimal dose. Gradually increasing the dose, the efficiency of the drug, the body reaction to its action can be controlled, and the safest dosage regimen may be selected.

Topamax is at first taken in the minimal daily dose of 50 mg. The pills of Topamax are taken once per day, for the night regardless of eating.

The dose can bein creased once per week, by 50 mg. The optimal dosage regimen is 200-400 mg of Topamax per day.

The maximal daily dose of Topamax is 1600 mg. High doses may be divided into 3-4 times, with similar interval.

Special recommendations

– Topamax is not prescribed children under 2 years old, patients with individual intolerance of Topiramate, and pregnant women

– A cessation of Topamax should be gradual. The dose is reduced by the same scheme as its increase – by 50 mg once per day. In case of the sudden termination of Topamax, the symptoms of epilepsy may become acute

– Do not consume alcohol and medicines which act to the central nervous system during the treatment

Side effect

If you began to take Topamax, you should be ready for the development of the side effects: nervousness, dizziness, headache, psychomotor retardation, sleepiness, nausea, and stomachache.

All these side effects appear in the first 1-2 weeks of the treatment in the setting of the body reaction to the action of Topamax. The treatment begins from the minimal dose to avoid the side effects.

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