Montauk Monster History

History of The Montauk Monster coming soon!

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  1. Al G. says:

    THAT’S MAN BEAR PIG !!!!!! IM SUPER SUR – REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Raquel says:

    what is this

  3. Burrito2 says:

    U morons, dont you relize the old place on the point, where they did the Montauk Project!!! Someones been working there, I go up their every summer. Once a door was open! O.o

  4. max says:

    it’s “Super cereal” as in the breakfast food, dipshit.

  5. alican says:

    the big project caused that monster they were trying to create an human clon and because of that they create montauk.

  6. faby says:

    this is all weird … i dont even know wat to believe…???

  7. Kish says:

    That’s the meat they sell at the suppermarket call –
    Porkchop –

  8. byron says:

    I dont belive that

  9. byron says:

    I did not now that a montauk monster existed

  10. justme says:


  11. Lloyd Conklin says:

    you need to get new pictures of the monster they found in panama that one is cool

  12. BiG dEe says:

    It is very clearly some sort of dog. The other to so called monsters are cleary dogs sort of dog that are to badly decomposed to recognise. not some wierd creature from another time!

  13. MSV says:

    why is it even call montauk and who named that? i mean it sort of interesting how they got washed up from Long Island and then up to the shore. i want to see one close view

  14. KL says:

    The creature looks like a cross breed of some sort that probably failed and it died..

  15. Martha says:

    is this real?. are there many more?. where can they be found!? are you guys lieing to us?. is there any way there can be more alive out there?. is there more videos of monsters?.

  16. john says:

    ok who ever said anything about the montauk project is a dumb ass …the whole point and story behind the montauk project was that the U.S. air force convinced people in the area to do experiments on time travel and mind control around the time of the cold war having to do with the use of LSD and other strange creations by the government…having nothing to do with some weird ass creature washing up on the shore ….dip shit

  17. 13 year old says:

    What most likely happened is this: A: this is some sort of species of turtle that science has yet to discover or B: some sewage or chemicals from the Montauk project leaked into the water and contaminated several turtles. Either way you have to admit the monster looks alot like a turtle. Well atleast the head does.

  18. josh says:

    it is real and it’s not a racoon it’s an lab mutant that excaped and drowned

  19. K. Mc. says:

    You all kidding right? It’s a dead dog, Probably a pit bull that is bloated and missing some of the tissue on it’s snout and the bone is visible. It’s as plain as day. You ARE kidding, aren’t you? God I hope so.

  20. karlen says:

    well i dnt think its a racoon dnt yall see how big is it? i think yall should investigate more

  21. vanessa omg says:

    omg im only 13 but that thing is scarry! idk if its real but this is amazing! wheres the press tho? is this fake? id wood like to c it for myself! 🙂

  22. v says:

    Pretty disgusting collection of dead rotten dogs and animals you compiled here.

  23. rachel says:

    one pic is a beaver the one in canada, one is a turtle without its shell that has bloated from decay, and the others are dogs and racoons with their snouts gone. how gullible can people be shiiiiit!

  24. Lena_ says:

    Haha a man bear pig ^^
    Exactly 😀

  25. Pontius Pilate says:

    baaaagh! this stuff is hilarious…people actually follow this? People discover this stuff and then don’t tell the police about it and the explanation is “what are the police going to do about it?” If this was real, why would there be a cover up? Has an autopsy ever been done.

  26. Jennan Kellogg says:

    What are these thing and where did they come from? The closest thing to them I’ve ever seen was a squirrel skelliton I found in a pine tree at school five years ago, I was in fourth grade. I want to know about these “monsters”.

  27. Jennan Kellogg says:

    I just showed my 18 year old sister and her only comment was “probobly just a hoax.” man she has no imagination.

  28. Julia D. says:

    It’s wether a hairless sloth or a hairless bear or even a groundhog.
    It just needs some genetic defect why the animal had its hair missing.
    Maybe they were born in a cave with no sunlight which made them hairless.
    Of course the water bloated them up and made them look like this.

    But who started with all the “monster “nonsense?
    Mr. Propper was also Hairless and big of its muscles and nobody called him a freak or monster. (same for Bruce Willis)

    This wasnt the first found, wont be the last one.
    Another found here:

  29. Sam says:

    the one in canada is an otter. and the otherss appear to be a racoon and dog.

  30. Nellie O. says:

    I think it may be from Plum Island- there’s no way it can be any of the animals they stated. Yes, it has features from a lot of them, but it might just be something that was being worked on in Plum Island. Think about it; it’s an animal disease center, and somewhere close to it, an unidentified creature washes up? There’s a reason why it was there; Plum Island.

  31. Gretchen says:

    Perhaps a bloated, semi-decomposed, water rat?

  32. William says:

    I agree with you all, this is quite strange, and I know I’m extremely late on posting my opinion, but clearly it’s not a pit bull, I can see why someone would assume such, and we all have out opinions, but I think different, It could be a horrible animal experimentation gone wrong, and then again, it could truly be a ‘monster’.
    My question is, why hasn’t there been a scientist to step in and dissect this thing? There would be some logic in doing such, and hell, we may even get our answer. If there isn’t a DNA match for the ‘Monster’ than it might as well be labeled as one. Even if they took a bit of it’s blood, or even a piece of this thing’s skull/skin, I’m sure we’d be able to find SOMETHING.
    To put it boldly, It’s pretty stupid for the government to just dismiss this ‘Monster’ as if it is nothing, I mean… for our sake, at least run an Autopsy on it! I suppose this whole thing is just weird.

    — William T. Vonzant

  33. brett says:

    i think its just some new species that the goverment inspectided when they realized that it was harmful or would be the new number 1 preaditor they threw it in the ocean to kill it and they kept it from us so we wouldn’t get parinoed but its not a bog bear or l defintley not a turrtle ; my seconied theory it was stuck in ice like it was frozen the ice melted and it got washed up on the shore

  34. david says:

    Come on….. this is so fake

  35. d.d says:

    its just a huge labotory rat who was escaped by killing the professor

  36. Jimmy Blomberg says:

    Hey! I’m form Sweden adn first time i saw this creature in the news paper i was very young. I’m 17 now but it’s still thrubbing my mind. I’m curious about what the creature is!
    I think it’s great to have this blogg to read and see pictures of something no one have any idea of what is is. I hope you find one alive soon.

    Jimmy Blomberg, swedish curious boy

  37. Jimmy Blomberg says:

    Ooh i forgot to ask! Those monsters.. after they’ve been found.. what.. happends to them? Do someone come and pick them up and carries them away to burning the corpse down or something? Who? Shouldn’t a scientist take some DNA test to see what it may be or anything?

  38. Jimmy Blomberg says:

    Maybe it’s time for a big diving operation in the sea at plump island.. what is really down there in the water?

  39. Tionne says:

    soooo; i think this monster thingy is most definitely something that washed up from jersey shore and is so decomposed that we can’t tell if it’s snooky or jwow 🙂

  40. Mapsis says:

    One of them is probably an otter or a ferret.

  41. JAN says:

    I agree with KL above. Experimenting with cross breeding of animals – this one went bad. I have read about PLUM island for a while. If this is some of the stuff they are doing there, it is an abomination.

    These gov. freakos are really trying to out–God God – cannot be done.

  42. Jessie.P says:

    I think it is a monster. The world is entirly to big to know whats in it. We can not dive way deep in the ocean as of yet because of the presure so who knows whats out there. And there is uncharted wilderness where who-knows-what lives. It is very possible. Because that is not a turtle without a shell. A turtle does not have a short neck like that.

  43. max d. says:

    i am doing a report on this its almost hard to belive it

  44. Unstated says:

    Did you know that plum island was started by eric troud, a Nazi bio scientist? He was brought over during ww2 and worked in this facility, his recent work in Germany was injecting tics with a plague so that it would infect the unprotected and un-knowing population of the world. The chemicals try deal with are so dangerous that they caused a major disease called lime disease, I heard they were trying to move the facility into Kansas, the middle of our country and our food supply, if something wen wrong, it would be catastrophic

  45. gfrfefretge says:

    um ppl say that this monster is a type of animal breed went wrong! well i dont think this world there is changes.chemicals in the air harming and making strange things.i kinda think it been here 4 a long time but noticeable now.many strange changes in da world ppl are going to have to take

  46. Dani says:

    this is just like area 51 … something crazy happens and the goverment just covers everything up as usual ..

  47. MEN IN BLACK says:

    Hello, I wish to share some sites I have come across which have helped me understand a lot more of what is really out there. If you have an open mind and believe in paranormal and extraterrestrial beings then these are very good sites. THIS IS NOT SPAM! Also please share interesting websites you have encountered.

    I will be sharing more websites with you shortly, and I would like to congratulate Nicky on his/her fine work.

  48. Einstein says:


  49. Einstein says:


  50. crystal says:

    if you want to know more,, there is an hour long special on it THIS MONDAY NIGHT!!!!… its on Nat Geo Wild at 6pm pacific and again at 9pm pacific… The show in which it will be on is called WILD CASE FILES!!

  51. willytel says:

    Just watched the Nat Geo Wild piece on the Montauk Monster, which ended with the conclusion that the monster is a racoon.
    If that’s a racoon then I don’t know what a horse looks like. It surely doesn’t look like anything I have ever seen and I live on the Eastern end
    of Long Island.
    Will we ever be able to identify the Montauk Monster?????

  52. Chris Coudray says:

    A lot of the Montauk Monster photos look like it most likely would be a Decaying Pinaped, Pinipeds are all sea animals that are of the seal and sealion family. but most likely it also looks like Decaying Dogs to me. I still can’t discredit the fact that any one can take pictures of decaying pinepeds or dogs and just photoshop them to trick the untrained eye of the gulible public.

  53. Chris Coudray says:

    the photos look like the Mauntauk Monster is most likely A Decaying Pineped, Pinipeds are all sea mammal group that are common known as seals and sealions. it also looks pretty convincing that It also most likely could be decaying Dogs or pigs. but also the very un likely , yet possible sea turtle with out shell. any of these animals that I I have described also are verry commonly found decaying on beaches all the time and are not mysteries, they are are so identifiable to the average public that thier is no room for mistaken identitys of mystery monster. though anybody can take pictures of these commonly found decaying animals and do a perfect job photoshoping them and turn the common into to a baffling mystery. so becarefull people the public is to damn gullable.

  54. robert says:

    the pic with the bald head with white eyes its a dead bald headed otter congrats

  55. ciara says:

    this is ugly i think it is real

  56. Kayla says:

    That is so disgusting but so cool! i NEVER BELEIVED IN MONSTERS…..

  57. connor says:

    it looks real but what the heck is that

  58. ~Cannibal_ObSESSioNS_ says:

    HEHEHE 8)

  59. LADY BUGG says:


  60. Will Thamden says:

    It can’t be a dog or pig because of the beak-like mouth, and a sea turtle has a blunt head with a different structure to its legs. Just look up sea turtle skeleton if you don’t believe me. The seal idea is also unconvincing because the back legs are separate and the skull again. Not even finding a bald headed otter, is it even a species? of course this whole thing could be a really well put together hoax. just saying

  61. Alisha says:

    god i hate these ppl dising and not for once beleive that somethings out there. especially with the world today and how its being destroyed i wouldnt be suprised… but i am at least 85% sure that this is totally real. nyways if u people beleive it isnt real y are u posting a comment and making others lives miserable…. and for all we know they could be mutants or science expirements. hopefully a little reasearch will take place.

  62. jone says:

    its really strange last week i saw one in a beach and i touched him with a stick and it was kind of moving it looked like a chicken!!

  63. jone says:

    heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!!!!!!!! there is one in my garden call 999 now


  64. Ashley W says:

    apparently it is a racoon but it’s probably some person making fake bodies to confuse everyone after all it’s like someone steals all of the specimins after they are discovered.The panama monster story was probably made up and the creature was probably never alive.

  65. ross deavy says:

    the monster was really weird i am wondering if it is a real monster ? but there is lots of things people said it could be like a turtle and a racon but i do not belive that so if the truth is found i would like to new to prove my friends rong!

  66. chasity says:

    if it is real than it is a mixed breed with alot of if freaky

  67. rheashard2 says:

    I have looked at your ‘creature’ for quite a while (weeks). I am wondering if it is closer to the avian. Science is still looking for the link to birds with feathers and zero teeth. At some angles when I look at your ‘beastie’ it resembles a bird with teeth on it’s lower beak. Other angles I wonder about a turtles like like that is branch or link toward seals.

  68. Chelle1220 says:

    Has any research been done on any of the carcasses??

  69. MaNU says:

    Last day i saw something like the panama monster at a beach at the river INN (innsbruck, austria) it was smaller and dead…

  70. Chris says:

    well if on plum island there were tested some animal deseases thos “monster” could be nearly every animal which looks kinda like a dog it could be like a mutant dog 😀

  71. ferretman says:

    does it have opossible thumbs as well as elongated fingers?

  72. Elsa says:

    This is really scary.

  73. Emmy W. says:

    There’s something absoulutly wrong with these… creatures. I wonder if maybe they were from Plum Island and they were doing some type of mutations on these things.

  74. YA Righ says:

    Um question.. If this is a Montauk Monster.. explain why it’s located in different areas of the world, why each photo looks different from the next and why it seems to me that your showing a beaver, a pig and what seems to be a doctored photo of a mole rat blowup in size?

  75. Collyn says:

    I have examined the ” monster” several times over, and the animal is not raccoon because of shape of the lower jaw, and the fact that is has a BEAK. It is not a pig because of the thickness of the fur and the fact that is has more than two toes. It isn’t a goat because of the lack of flat teeth, hooves, and horns/ antlers. It also has some sort of a mane , possibly made out of cartilage or bone. This animal also appears to have a long tail, and a sort of spike coming out of the tip of its bottom jaw. This a likely to be a new species of animal, possibly the next step in animal evolution. Who knows?

  76. CJ says:

    i dont know this is really the first time iv ever heard of this monster i dont believe in things until i see then in the flesh!

  77. Notyou says:

    I don’t believe it’s an alien, but it definetely isn’t a raccoon, or at least the first three weren’t I can’t vouch for some of the others. One of them looks like a giant rat…

    BACK ON TOPIC! Not an alien

  78. T-minator says:

    They are doing mutations on animals on plum island. They drowned all their fails. They were trying to make minion.

  79. debra says:

    after lookin at these creatures its beyond belief but i belive ! its like a bird with a dogs body and the bird has teeth!were are all these carcus going why are they not bein looked at and the puplic informed ,i belive the goverment is covering up they no what it is but i dont think they want us to no thats why the press are not going mad with it because they have probly been told to keep quite hhhmmmmm !!!!!

  80. abbya says:

    This website is so silly. that “monster” is a dead turtle without a shell. idiots. I hope all of you are younger than me or else I will lose faith in adults.

  81. jay says:

    its a racoon i watched the TV program

  82. Tifnaa says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS NOT A RACCOON. BECAUSE IT HAS A BEAK…. EVEN I NEW THAT

    :L Tifnaa <3 x

  83. Jessica says:

    I don’t think that they should have called this a monster, just because it is ugly and no one has ever seen anything like that doesn’t mean its a monster…I honestly think that someone has been doing some testing and breeding which may had lead to this.

  84. Kaitlyn says:

    They look like giant mutated rats, looks like the longer they are dead they lose fur. Mabye some one was running test and they broke out or let them free and couldnt survie, or mabye its from the past where dinasours where alive and how everything tranformed from that

  85. lady gaga the second says:

    i think it is a racoon that stayed in the water to long a nd lost its hair while mating with Brad Pit LOL hahahahahhahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. lady gaga the second says:

    poo my cat is a tiger

  87. lmfao says:

    its so wierd how con this be real i mean i guess it is

  88. david says:

    i dont belive its a real monster xD

  89. Alex says:

    The skull and tails seem very rodent in nature, but are far too big to be. But another of the pictures show one of the creatures with a sort of beak, which points to an avian nature. Yet another picture displays a mouth that is hourse like.

    Perhaps there are different subspecies within this animals family?

    I’m very interested in the Montauk creatures.

  90. Adam says:

    Well ive been hearing rumors that the “Montauk Monster” was actually a goverment experiment on “splicing” and when they were done they disposed the body in the ocean.

  91. Adam says:

    Its a Raccoon.

  92. Yurikha says:

    i think it is a egiption creature or someone that tested breeds but still i bet its from hell and i dont like to say hell >.< hate it maby god made this creature…

  93. colbe says:

    i study ancient life and i have never seen anything like this before. no bones. which leads to it being a mutant.

  94. colbe says:

    next time they find one they should take dna samples before it dissepears.

  95. Saroop Hamthani says:

    i think these are a mutated animals during experiments to combine DNA of a parrot , a dog and a pig but it got failed and then scientist may be throw it in the sea or other places like on land

  96. cassidy763 says:

    i think it is a turtle with out its shell

  97. mike says:

    i dont know what hapend

  98. Montauk-monster says:

    The Montauk-monster are cool :D.Hmm…why is the name:Montauk-monster?:o.It is a fake?:o.Hmm…when the montauk-monster real is then i will be 1 Montauk-monster see.hmm…bye <33

  99. kari says:

    As a biologist, I don’t understand why people who find these creatures don’t understand what happens when bodies decompose. The original Montauk Critter could be a raccoon (as suggested) or a skunk, both of which have well-developed canines and “hand-like” front paws. The original one obviously has a broken upper jaw–no teeth, giving it a beak-like appearance.

    Mammals can easily be identified by the skull, in many cases, just the lower jaw, so why aren’t the skulls collected or t least the photos taken to the mammalogist at a local college or university?

    Willytel in March said the NatGeo show (I didn’t see it) concluded it’s a raccoon, and he doesn’t believe it. Willytel, just go get yourself a raccoon, burn the hair off (decomposition and wave action will remove the hair), pull teeth out of its upper jaw, leave it to rot about a week, then comment on your findings.

  100. Diego Alejandro Rodriguez says:

    most of the pictures of the montauk monsters are completely normal animals, the only one that i can explain is the first one, all the others are animals like a racoon, a big frog , a cow, and a rat

  101. Diego Alejandro Rodriguez says:

    sucker mother fucker tats not unusual all they`re normal animals

  102. Dartanion says:

    Listen to me, I’m a doctor. My diagnosis for the cause of death to this “Montauk Monster” would be severe anal trauma. This poor creature seems to have been penetrated through the rectum multiple times with a fist shaped object somewhere between 18-22 inches long. Now this is not an uncommon cause of death in the states of Texas, Kentucky and West Virginia. However this case differs slightly from the ones I have dealt with in the past. This monster was not only rammed in the poopshoot, but also forced to ingest wolf semen. An allergic reaction to the semen is what gives the monster its brownish color which makes it resembles a roasted chicken. If any viewers have questions I would be glad to answer them. You can reach me at Good day.

  103. Anonymous says:

    Until these bodies, corpses go in for clinical testing from at least 3 different agencies unknown from each so that is no of tampering with findings then all you have is pictures and hearsay.

    The teeth, from the photos though, are canine in nature do not look like a typical ‘raccoon’, that was displayed in the photo you provided on the site. However this does not suggest that there are not larger variations of raccoons that exist which could have larger canines, or regular normal ‘mutations’ as you would of their own.

    I am not confirming, denying, trying to disprove anything. But you will need to collect a corpse, in good condition, raise money for the testing of DNA analysis from different agencies to get a true result.

    I state different agencies because there are skeptics out there that will see what you are providing and might give you a false reading just to calm you down and say its a raccoon when its really something ‘other’. So need to do research and find someone that might be willing to give the truth where the truth might be opening the can of worms.

  104. Alyssa O'Reilly says:

    HOLY CRAP! Thats freggin scary! Dude im gonna have nightmares<3 (its all good cause i LOVE nightmares!<3<3)

  105. aaron nickerson says:

    these animals are probaly apart of the wolf family or the wolfs just have sex with tem instead of goin after them to kill they go after them for sex and how they change color over sperm is weird idk how this animal would be hear but is it just a over size wolf that has a desies or somtin idk this is just a weird creature

  106. yairon says:

    it looks like a pig beast from the sea

  107. yairon says:

    it looks like an underwater beast with the jaw ripped off,or is it?

  108. lauren haisley rew says:

    what the bloody hell, this thing could be going extinct and for all you care your just leaving it to be found out by us! and why the hell r they being called a monster??? thay’re not normal animals and they could bloody die out at this rate…

    it could be an eagle, seal, lion, racoon, dog, turtle, pig, rhino, frog, a bloody sea monster or even a lion!!!! DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS THING! find its skull and the rest of its fuckin body parts! if i were a scientist i would of done it by now!!!!

  109. gorden says:

    well i think this has something to do with the suname that happened in china or wutever and all that nuclear radioactive stuff got loose and mutated some kind of dogs or racoons and the animal was washed out to the ocean and eventuelly washed up somewhere……………..o.o………….or just some animal testing gone wrong………you never know wuts going on out there with animal testing……idk………..wutever it /they are they are all hopefully dead……

  110. gorden says:

    also the thing about the butt s of these creatures bieng well destroyed may have been from ppl trying to mate them or a way of killing the animals ….getting rid of evidence……………………………………………………..or just maybe a horny pack of wolves…………………………………………………………………………………………

  111. kyle beaudry says:

    it looks like a giant possum

  112. margarita says:

    I’m sorry but these animals look like a mythical creature a Griffin without the wings i don’t know but people should look for way to keep the bodies fresh by freezing it so they can study miore about it

  113. little says:

    to me it looks like a giant ocean rat crossed with somethink elce but its strange how the has been so many or it it prob the same 1 because if u dont remove it when the sea comes bk in n out again it could of tock it with it i dont know thow just gessin

  114. Mena says:

    It is amazing that people are still surprised by this given that it not the 1st time. With so many bad storms, tsunamis and other disaster happening across the world it is very possible that any carcass from that disaster/event will eventually show up at any beach. For those who think it is a Monster, it is common knowledge that bodies, regardless of what species, in water decompose in a way that will render them unrecognisable to the untrained eye. If it was a “new” species of Animal do you think this would have been published at all??!!

  115. Morcko says:

    This kinda looks like a tortouise without it’s shell.

  116. Anonymous says:

    they’re just regular animals that have decomposed and been disfigured by bacterium and organisms that feed off flesh in the water. Some look like disintegrating pigs and dogs, etc. It is not a new species or ‘monster’. It is clearly more than one type of animal as there is anatomical differentiation between the jaw shapes, limb lengths and abdomens of the carcasses.

    These are just dead, decomposing animals that have washed up during stages of decomposition and look disfigured or ‘warped’ due to excessive bloating and essentially, rotting.

  117. Angela Chambers says:

    They are animal mutations washing up from Plum Island Animal Disease Center…Dont worry or fear…it’s just the government running their little experiments and tests on animals…that’s all.

  118. nicholas says:

    guys i think his head of this monster is look like an element in historical palace of persian / iranian named PERSEPOLICE af empire of persian when they had many power see this photos :
    what you think

  119. damien hoyt says:

    it looks like a cross between a croc and a pig

  120. thatguywithhair says:

    i think the guys in strange suits were goverment agents takin the creature to area 51 for testing

  121. SmokinStein says:

    dont beleive what sum people are miss guiding u on about this creature its definitely an animal that was created in a lab an most likely escape or tested to see its inhabit ability to our environments the human race will eventually run low on food supply meaning animals will eventually go excitant why not create a substitute source of food even if its playing god THE CIA DOESNT CARE THEY HAVE MANY Agenda’s an one top priority is a source of food when the human population over populates its self where will we find our food source MADE IN A LAB BY SCIENTIST

  122. behrang says:

    please see this photo, it look like stone head in perspolis – Iran

  123. Colt Larsen says:

    It’s probably a raccoon according to a scientist who studied it. It just got disfigured because of being in the sea for such a long time.

  124. jack says:

    It Just Looks Like A Huge Rat Look At Its Hands Slash Paw Like Thing Look Adsacly Like A Rats At Look At The Face When Its Rotted….

  125. Nycko says:

    un peu de sérieux.
    je suis passionné d’animaux et par la science et j’ai observer plusieurs photos du monstre et je pense avoir trouvé…

    La décomposition par la mer l’a dépecé et les tissus se sont gonflé, a en remarquer les petites oreilles la queue et les pattes griffues selon mon analyse et la dentition ce ne peut être qu’un cadavre de loutre de mer dont le museaux aurait pu être arraché légèrement par un prédateur comme un requin par exemple ce qui lui donne un aspect de bec supérieur avec l’os de la mâchoire à nu.

    voilà fin de la légende …

    To be a little serious.
    I am passionate about animals and science and I have seen several photos of the monster and I think they show…

    Decomposition by the sea caused dismemberment and the tissues are swollen, it has small ears, a pointed tail and claws. In my analysis, considering its dentition, it can only be a dead sea otter whose snouts have been slightly ripped by a predator such as a shark, thus giving it an aspect of the upper beak with its jaw bone exposed.

    This is therefore the end of the legend …

  126. Someone says:

    Guys, i have been thinking, if this is another species, why are we surprised, we find new species everyday, like fish, and bacteria, everyday, things evolve, and in my opinion; its an amazing discovery, and accusations on the government should not be placed, as none of us really know…

  127. Shelly Smith says:

    Could it be a dead nutria rat like those in Louisiana? They live in the swamps. Can grow large as a small dog. Check it out.

  128. angela says:

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  139. Anonymously says:

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