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The Montauk Monster: A Marketing Gimmick? Montauk Monster May Have Been Kidnapped,2933,398322,00.html?sPage=fnc/scitech/naturalscience Was the Montauk Monster Viral Marketing for Splinterheads Movie?

Grey Fuzz: Montauk Monster Rumors

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  1. Greg says:

    Another one…

  2. stacey says:

    personally they do look like animals that hav been experimented on. one looks like an otter that has a bald face. the third ‘montauk monster’ looks like a dog and the other one looks like a dog crossed with a pig.

    but then it is a cool thought to think there are more creatures we haven’t discovered yet.

  3. Amber says:

    Actually the Montauk Monster is no ‘Monster’ at all. It’s a demon.

  4. madelynne Leyman says:

    hi, this is maddy leyman and victoria parenti. we just found out about this “montauk monster” on youtube and were very curiouse about it., but we have a couple questions about this;
    if it were real, then why wouldnt people be talking about it more? and why did the first, second, and third monster all look different? also, why isnt scientist’s looking into it more.? we would really like to know more about it, because we dont want this strange creature to one day be running around in our backyard.. please give us more information about this.. it is very interesting.

    *write back*

  5. Orlando says:

    A lot of times I dont speak on post but just want to say I belive 100% on what your writing!

  6. bri says:

    It’s certainly not a demon , dummy ………. demons u can’t see

  7. Joshuah says:

    XLNT Video. I proclivity the 8-bit Video Ploy mosaics. Lego is another extraordinary route as this genre of art. Relationship the music as well. What’s the tag of the band??
    Regards, Joe

  8. zack says:

    The montauk monster is nothing like a seal & it is in the dolphin family it looks like, i dont know.And i think it could be in the coyote family. FYI,try studying demons,ive seen one before

  9. Alan says:

    Its a Raccoon.

  10. eddy peck says:

    its A RACOON Silly.

  11. Chris says:

    1st of all for any of you idiots that have ever done paranormal research you will know that the “Montauk Monster” is not a demon. Demons cant be seen until they want to be seen they are death, hatred, misery, and chaos harbingers from hell. The “Montauk Monster” is obviously a government ordered cross-contaminated breed of animal. It isn’t just one thing. If your going to speak on something please do your research 1st. Every single on of these “monsters” has been found within the stream that leads from Homeland Security’s Plum Island “Animal Disease Testing” Facility located off the coast of Jersey, Boston, and New York.

  12. Chris says:

    And to Maddy and Victoria the reason that no scientists have reported any research or testing on these “monsters” is because they are the reason that they exist in the first place. They will do anything to cover all of this up as much as they can such as paying off any press that bring it to our attention, paying off anyone who finds them to keep there mouths shut, ect.. The fact this site exists and that you found anything on youtube is intriguing in and of it’s self. The goverment says they are here to protect us and keep us safe but they are fickle remember that ladies.

  13. JEremy says:

    now dont get your hopes up thinking u found something or u will make yor self look dum OK!

  14. Michelle Lee says:

    you should have it researched with a specialist scientist to research the blood, dna, and the pigment and to see what it could have possibly been and to keep people away from the beach water because of it

  15. thebeliver says:

    why would they kidnapp the monster this whole thing is retarted cia probally had something to doo with the creatures.. all of a sudden 1-3 monsters found at beaches ? and why dont they have a video? just pictures wow..

  16. Cat says:

    All 3 are different breeds of dog that have obviously been in the sea water too long. They are all bloated, lost most or all of their hair and had portions of their flesh and or bone eaten by carnivorous sea life until they finally washed ashore. There is no monster here in any of those photo’s, it is more and more obvious to me that some sicko has been dumping unwanted dogs out at sea and that person needs to be found!

  17. James Nelson says:

    I have one that’s alive….

  18. Greg Perry says:

    Was on Block Island (Rhode Island) and saw carcasses just like these, two years in a row. What saddens me, is the possibility that they were living research animals, discarded at sea, along with other medical waste (saw more needles there too, as I did at Hiither Hills, Montauk). Very disturbing. I wish this possibility could be looked into some more.

  19. Kelly says:

    Yea, it’s called decomposition. Look it up kids.

  20. Ethan Rosca says:

    My dad says it is a pig with the head of a bat.

  21. Always Watching says:

    Its defiantly NOT a creature I have seen. So stop calling it a dog or raccoon because in truth, we all know its not.

  22. Dino says:

    Cat, they arnt dogs at all. These are decomposing sea otters. Amazing how the media has attempted to spin this, but then again…….most folks have not seen any decomposing mammals that spent significant time in water, so easy to assume the “unknown” is a monster, and attention seeking conspiracy theorists dont help with their plum island fairy tales.

  23. Emily W. says:

    Listen some of you really need to re read what you write in your comments never believe something completely or give your word to its truth until you have something factual to back it up otherwise you sound uninformed and unintelligent.(no offense) everyone has a right to there opinion though I’m saying you should just think about it first anyhow, I live in Long Island born and raised and believe this could of most of the possibilities if any I mean ANY are to be true that its a product of testing at plum island animal reasearch of the coast of Long Island by Suffolk county where mountauk is. It’s the very end of Long Island and all these places these accounts have been seen jersey, conn., Rhode Island, L.I basically the tri state area all are near plum island and if anything was to was up it be In those shores. If you did t know its rumored that limes dieseas came from there and only ticks here have limes or atleast test you for limes when bit by a tick a din South Carolina when my bf when bit they don’t have that risk or limes isnt common like it is here. So what I’m saying IF that’s true it would be very very possible that this came from there. I would like to add its known that animal testing goes on at plum island by long islanders and others alike.

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