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In case of the excessive secretion of the gastric juice, the mucous membrane of the GIT organs is actively destructed. It is necessary to lower the secretion of the gastric juice for the successful treatment of the gastric and duodenum ulcer. Aciphex bet terworks for that.

Where to buy Aciphex (Rabeprazole Sodium) without a prescription

Drug Name: Aciphex (Rabeprazole Sodium)
Tablet Strength: 10mg × 30 tablet
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Where to buy Aciphex?

Product description

Aciphex is an antisecretory medicine which contains Rabeprazole. This ingredient has been approved by FDA to treat the gastric ulcer. The mechanism of the action of Aciphex consists in the proton pump inhibition which takes part in the secretion of the hydrochloric acid. The therapeutic effect depends on the dose, and therefore it is possible to control the symptoms of the gastric ulcer by means of changing a dosage regimen.

Aciphex inhibits a production of the stimulated and basal secretion of the gastric juice. The use of the pills reduces pain during the gastric ulcer, accelerates healing of ulcers and reduces the bleeding.

According to the results of the medical studies, the efficiency of Aciphex is 90%. In 8-10% of cases, the therapeutic action of Aciphex does not help to reduce the secretion of the gastric juice. This is explained by the genetic peculiarities of people.

Pharmaceutical form

Aciphex is produced in enteric-coated pills. The pills are round and yellow and contain 20 mg of Rabeprazole.

Who is prescribed Aciphex?

Aciphex is prescribed during hypersecretion of the gastric juice that may lead to ulcers and erosions of the gastro-intestinal tract:

– Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome

– Reflux esophagitis

– Gastric and duodenal ulcers

– Prevention of gastric ulcers when taking NSAIDs

How to take Aciphex?

Aciphex pills are taken once per day, in the morning, on an empty stomach. A single dose of Aciphex is 20 mg. Aciphex 20 mg is taken within 4 weeks, and then another medical examination is needed to detect the results of the treatment. The treatment is prolonged for 4 weeks if the ulcer healing is poor.

Using NSAIDs, Aciphex is used in the dose of 20 mg within entire course of the treatment. Aciphex is ceased after the end of the therapy.

Special recommendations

– Before taking Aciphex, it is necessary to have an examination of the GIT and exclude the malignant tumor. The use of Aciphex hides the symptoms of the

cancerous tumors

– In case of the sleepiness, it is necessary to restrict from driving

– Pain and other symptoms of the gastric ulcer pass not at once. According to statistics, in 90% of cases, the disease symptoms are reduced within 5-7 days

– If severe hepatic failure, Aciphex is contraindicated

– Patients should be warned that the pills should not be chewed or broken, they should be entirely swallowed

Side effects

Most side effects which appear during the use of Aciphex are temporal and pass easily. The use of Aciphex often causes insomnia headache, dizziness, cough, diarrhea, nausea, bloating, and pain in back. If the side effects do not bring discomfort, the treatment is continued strictly according to the instruction.

If allergy appeared or side effects bother, the administration of Aciphex is stopped.

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