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A severe edema is a result of the liquid retention in the body. Due to the excessive amount of the liquid in the body, the blood pressure can be high, the body weight may be increased, and metabolism is disordered. During this syndrome, it is recommended to take Lasix which will quickly excrete the excessive liquid from the body and regulate the work of all organs.

Product description

Lasix is one of the best loop diuretics on the pharmaceutical market. It contains an ingredient Furosemide which stimulates the excretion of the excessive liquid from the body naturally.

The pharmacological action of Lasix occurs in 20 minutes after the peroral administration. The surplus liquid is excreted with urine, so that a patient has a regulated water balance, the blood pressure and edemas are reduced.

The mechanism of the action of Lasix occurs by means of blocking the reverse uptake of sodium and chloride in the blood. These ingredients retain the liquid in the body and the body gets rid of the excessive liquid by reducing their concentration in the blood plasma.


Lasix is produced in the tablets of white color for the oral use. The form of Lasix tablet depends on the concentration of the active ingredient (a dose of Furosemide):

– Lasix 20 mg tablets are oval

– Lasix 40 mg tablets are round

– Lasix 80 mg tablets are eight-square

Who is prescribed Lasix?

Lasix is prescribed patients over 18 years old who have excessive amount of liquid in the body and severe edema or high blood pressure. The indications for the use of Lasix may be:

– Hypertensive crisis

– edema syndrome in patients with chronic heart failure

– Edema during liver cirrhosis

– Disorder of the water balance due to low renal function

– Pulmonary/brain edema

How to take Lasix?

In case of the edema syndrome of the middle severity, the optimal daily dose for a human is a tablet of Lasix 40 mg. The daily dose should be used in the morning, before breakfast, with enough water.

If weak diuretic effect, the dose should be increased and divided into 2-3 times. The optimal scheme of the treatment of severe edema syndrome: 1 tablet of Lasix 40 mg every 6-8 hours.

To arrest the hypertonic crisis, 1 tablet of Lasix 40 mg is recommended.

Special recommendations

– Lasixistaken 4 timesperweek, notmore. In case of the prolonged treatment, there is an intense excretion of vitamins and minerals from the body (especially calcium), and therefore it is necessary to control and take additional vitamin and mineral complexes

– Lasix is not prescribed during acute renal failure, hepatic coma, dysfunction of the urinary tract, obstruction of the urinary tracts, gout, hypotension, and myocardial infarction

– Do not take Lasix during pregnancy except cases when a severe edema threatens life or/and health of a mother

Side effect

ThesideeffectofLasixcanbeavoidedifthedoseiscorrect. Mainly, the side effects tell about the high daily dose, and they pass if the dose is reduced. Patients often experience the following side effects: dizziness, mild headache, nausea, muscle cramps, dry mouth, and allergic skin reactions.

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