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A human may have diarrhea during the intestinal distress. Diarrhea is often accompanied by such symptoms as stomachache, high temperature and nausea. In order to stop diarrhea and begin the treatment of the intestinal distress, doctors recommend to take Imodium.

Product description

Imodium has been approved by FDA for the treatment of diarrhea. This medicine restores a normal work of the intestine and a normal process of defecation. Imodium contains Loperamide, an ingredient binds to opioid receptors in the all of the intestine and lowers gastric peristalsis.

Using Imodium increases transit time through the intestine, desires for stool disappear, and the tone of constrictor muscle is increased. At the same time, the production of prostaglandins is decreased which also take part in the active defecation.

The therapeutic effect of Imodium occurs quickly within 30-40 minutes after the use of the single dose. The effect is kept within 5-6 hours. The medicine may be used until the normal functioning of the intestine is restored and diarrhea disappears.

Pharmaceutical form

Imodium is produced in capsules for the oral use. One side of a capsule is dark green, and another one is light green.

Imodium is also produced in the form of suspension for children.

Who is prescribed Imodium?

Imodium is prescribed patients over 6 years old who have acute diarrhea as a result of the digestion disorder.

How to take Imodium?

– To treat acute diarrhea, adults are recommended to take 1-2 capsules of Imodium after every defecation

– Children over 6 years old are recommended to take 1 capsule of Imodium after every defecation

– The maximal daily dose of Imodium is 6 capsules (16 mg) during acute/chronic diarrhea

– Capsules are taken entirely, with a full glass of water

– The treatment is stopped if diarrhea is absent within 12 hours

Special recommendations

– Despite no information about a negative influence of Imodium on fetus, this medicine should be used only by doctor’s recommendation and in the minimal dose during the pregnancy

– Children under 6 years old are not recommended to use this medicine

– If a patient has flatulency or constipation, the treatment is stopped

– If there are not results within 48 hours after the use of Imodium, it is necessary to stop the administration and have an additional examination

– Imodium is not prescribed patients with bowel obstruction

Side effect

Using Imodium, the following negative symptoms often appear: dry mouth, dizziness, light nausea, and intestinal colic.

In case of the overdose or prolonged use of Imodium in high doses, hypertonia of intestine and constrictor muscle may occur, so that constipation, flatulency, stomachache, urine retention may happen. The use of the pills should be stopped during these side effects.

If you noticed an allergic reaction, it is necessary to stop the treatment and seek for a medical aid.

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