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Hair loss in men can be related to the infectious diseases of the head skin, stress, or other pathologies. But if you have noticed the intense hair loss on temporal regions and back of the head, this is probably related to the hormone disorders. Propecia will be the most effective during this type of alopecia.

Product description

PropeciaisabrandnameofFinasteride. This medicine has broad pharmacological characteristics but FDA has regarded it as the most effective medicine for the androgenic alopecia.

This type of alopecia is related to changes in the level of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone. As soon as the active increase of androgen dihydrotestosterone happens, hair is lost. It has a negative effect to the hair follicles, so that a man has a disorder of the normal hair growth.

Propecia inhibits 5-alpha-reductase type II which turns testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. There is a recovery of the hair follicles during the reduction of the active androgen, and hair growth is regulated.

The process of the recovery of the hair follicles begins after the first use of Propecia but the result is noticed in 1,5-2 months. If the treatment is started as early as possible, the hair growth should be restored within 3-4 months after the beginning of the treatment.

Pharmaceutical form

Propecia is released in tablets of orange color. One side has Propecia and another side has a logo. The tablets have eight-square shape and contain 1 mg or 5 mg of Finasteride.

Who is prescribed Propecia?

Propecia is prescribed only men over 18 years old who have diagnosed an androgenic alopecia caused by the excessive amount of dihydrotestosterone. Propecia is not recommended during other types of alopecia.

How touse Propecia?

– If androgenic alopecia is proved, Propecia is used in the dose of 1 mg per day

– Propecia 1 mg is used once per day at any time, between meals

– If there is no significant result within 3-4 weeks, Propecia dose is increased up to 5 mg per day

– Propecia 5 mg is taken until the growth of the new hair begins

– If the alopecia symptoms are improved, the dose is reduced up to 1 mg per day again, and used within 6-9 months to improve the result.

Special recommendations

– WomenarenotprescribedPropeciaforthealopeciatreatment. This medicine is strictly prohibited for women because it can cause irreversible hormone changes

– After the end of taking Propecia, the hair loss can be restored within 6-12 months. In this case, the treatment is repeated

If there is not medical effect within 3 months of taking Propecia 5 mg, the treatment is stopped and an additional examination is conducted.

Side effect

IfyouhavestartedtakingPropecia, youshouldbereadyforsomesideeffects. Men often experience low libido, temporal worsening of the erection and light pain/itching in the breast during the use of Propecia. These side effects are reversible and will completely disappear as soon as the treatment will be finished.

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