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“The Ugly One” – Canadian Monster Stirs a Buzz

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

This creature was found by a pair of “dog walkers” in a Northern Ontario creek last week. As I’ve been following the story closely and gathering the facts, a few questions still remained unanswered:

1) Why have the “First Nations” (Canadian community) taken an active role in learning more about the creature as US citizens have let the Montauk Monster remain a “mystery”?

2) The creature was found by “two nurses” who work for the Canadian Federal Government. They posted the picture on their community website where it later went viral. Why put your job on the line?

3) If this creature was never meant to be discovered, (especially by government officials!) shouldn’t this have been swept under the rug?

4) Where is the animal carcass? Once again, “the monster” has disappeared.

Members of the Canadian community claim: “No one knows what it is, but our ancestors used to call it the Ugly One,” the Kitchenuhmaykoosib website says. “Rarely seen, but when seen, it’s a bad omen. Something bad will happen, according to our ancestors.”

More importantly: Monster Season Has Officially Started